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An organization, whose mission is to establish peace between the human world and the outer-worlds. The outer-worlds are worlds link to the human world, by spacial distortions located in various places in Europe and Asia.

However this mission is a front to hide Edens true goal, which has yet to be revealed. All that is known is that with the appearance of the future demon lord of the outer world, their plans have been set into motion as creatures of the outer world have begun invading the human world.

The Founders

Little is known about the founder of the Ministry, other than they are very powerful and that they may be planning something that will not only be bad for the human world, but for the outer-worlds as well.

Also when they appear during meetings, it is through some kind of astral projection that keeps their identities hidden.

Eden HQ

Eden has many different bases of operation within the key states where the spacial distortions appear.

However the main headquarters is located between Europe and Asia, somewhere completely hidden from the rest of the world.

Eden's HQ in South Korea is a mansion.

Top members of the Organization

Abel KuroKami:

One of the most deadly Vector users alive.

Age: 24

Height 5'9


Occupation: senior member at The Ministry of Eden.

Abel has been a member of Eden in Korea for the past six years and had claimed to the top of the ranks in three years. Now he is one of the five board of directors.

He is Ryūdo's elder brother, who had been taken care of him since their parents had passed away.

He is known and feared as one of the most powerful Vector manipulators in the world.

Abel is very protective of his little brother and seems to be interested in Ryūdo and Lucy's relationship.

Genji Gozaburo:

Souichiro Takagi
Souichiro Takagi

Known as the Iron Bane, Genji is a ex-military general with the ability to manipulate ki through a conduit, which is a sword. he is known as the Genji of the force blade, a name given to him when he earned during the outer-world wars after slaying an small army of soldiers.

Since then he has retired from battle and has resided himself to teaching his eldest son and young daughter how to use their abilities.

He is one of the oldest in the company although he doesn't look it, sense he trains constantly using Ki which helps to retain his youthful appearance.

He has a very serious personality. rarely ever cracking a smile, although he will occasionally smart when he sees something he finds amusing.

The only time he is not serious is when his wife is around.

He has a Granddaughter about the same age as Ryūdo, who also has a unique ability of her own.

Charlette Minamoto: future playable character

The granddaughter of Genji Gozaburo.

Age: 18

Sorceress of Grandia

Charlotte is a prodigy sorceress, who unlocked her powers at the age of 5 after being spirited away by the spirits of the Grandia. Charolette lost her parents at the age for four and has been living with her grandfather for most of her life.


Charlette has multiple layers to her personality. At face value she seems like the tip rich girl, who has this aura of nobility. Personality wise, Charolette is a confident and hold herself with an air of authority, yet is kind and friendly to people who she considers to be her friends.

Charlette is also slightly shy and easily embarrassed when her closest friends compliment her. because of this, she will revert to using what others dubbed the embarrassed rich girl forte.

Powers and ability

Guiding light of Grandia: This ability awakened on the day Charlotte was spirited away to the outer-world Grandia at the age of five. It gives her the ability to wield the spirits guides of grandia.

Spirit manipulation: The ability to wield the souls that govern the world of grandia, yet they are also the spirits that created, Yokai and Demons.

The spirits are what has been causing children to be spirited away, and it is all random as they lack a separate conscious of their own, but instead react to emotions or the presences of children with powerful souls.

Charlotte can manipulate these spirits in their purest form as she was bestowed the title of Sorceress of Grandia. Charlotte's main use for these spirits in spirit construct. She wears an enchanted dress that she had created by weaving the spirits together.

The dress works much like enhanced battle armor as it is strong enough to tank a small nuke-like blasts, and absorb most of the impact so that the force doesn't mutilate her body.

Charlotte's heels help increase her speed and reaction to mach 5 and she can use the spirits to fly. Charlotte created a sword from the spirits that she named the holy sword of Grandia.

Her sword is literally the strongest in creation, as it can't be destroyed by anything short of spirit destruction. Her sword can also cut right through a persons soul, destroying it without ever physically touching the body, however doing so takes precise precession and those with powerful souls can evade, or take more than one or two blows.

Charlotte final ability is that she can revitalize others by merging the spirits into a persons body. the more serious the wound, the more spirits if may take and it is impossible to bring the dead back to life, but she still has a chance to save someone who is knocking on deaths door.

She has an unmatched spiritual awareness and can communicate the spirit off all worlds. She is very flexible as she has been in gymnastics for most of her life in school, meaning that she can bend her body in very "interesting ways"

Charlotte's abilities in a nutshell.

  • Spiritual world manipulation.
  • Spiritual healing
  • Spiritual sword construct
  • enhanced speed and reflexes
  • enhanced spiritual awareness.

Issac Von Leonheart the third:

A master martial artist and the son of a high ranking government official. He has worked for the organization for three years now, and is now 25. His unique ability is a sword that can absorb any energy based attack and he has the sword that can cut through almost anything.

He has master the art of light wind manipulations and Dark wind manipulation.

He is a cheerful and easy going person. He has a slight sister complex. he loves to fight, but he hates wars. he is currently dating a succubus demon.

He has a little sister who was also sent to the outer-world and had only been missing for half a day.

Yukine LeonHeart: future playable character

Age: 18

Eye color: brown

Hair color: Light brown

Occupation: College student

Ability: Gaia

Yukine is the younger sister of Issac Leonheart and is also a college student. She was spirited away to the outer-world eight years prior, while she was at school and she had been missing for the rest of day.

She had appeared at the heart of a forest full of yokai. She had wondered the through forest, until she had come across a little cat yokai getting chased by a demon.

Yukine jumped in to protect the cat yokai from the demon, but it didin't take long for the demon to gain the advantage and was just about to kill her, when her ability had awakened and she ripped the demon apart in an instant.

Yukine then started to tend to the cat yokai's injuries and had chosen to bring it home with her.

When she had returned, her brother and father started training her in using her powers.


Yukine is a slightly shy young woman, who has trouble talking to people and usually won't unless spoken to first. This however does not stop her from making friends, as she is fully capable of making friends. She is gentle by nature, rarely ever getting upset, unless someone hurts her friends and it takes a lot to provoke her.

She loves animals and nature and they seem to respond well to her, which made her calm when she was taken to the yokai forest. she also has a habit of picking up the characteristics of any yokai that she has bonded with, like licking the back of her hand when board and purring when she gets petted on the head.


Gaia the essence of Nature: The ability to mimic the abilities of yokai that she has become friends with. it also gives her the ability to feel the essence of life within nature. limit to this is that she can't copy normal animals because they don't have any type of powers.

Yukine has gain a high spiritual awareness to the point, where she can sense the presence of the yokai from three city blocks away.

Bakeneko: Yukine has gained the powers and characteristics of a monster cat, a yokai.

Nine lives: the ability to revive nine times. the limit to the is that it only restarts after once a month.

Yukine's agility, balance, and sense are 5x that of a normal cats. She can slip through tight spots pretty easily, even a few places that would be impossible for a normal human. her strength is pretty good, as she can lift a house and she is mach 5 in speed.

Races and species:

Yokai are spirits of nature that have taken form in the outer-worlds. Yokai are similar and yet vastly different from demons and devils. All humaniod Yokai have a very high compatibility with humans and can bare offspring. Yokai's aura feels like the very essence of nature, wild and untamed. (Life)

Demons are creatures born from the negative emotions of dead mortals, whose souls are merging with yokai spirits. Yokai feel like the dark-side of nature, the power to wither and die. (Void of suffering)

Devils are creatures that are born from hell itself. Devils can only mate with humans after they have turned them into half-devils through sex. A devils heart beats in a way that is different from a humans and so they are like the dead-like in a sense and have an aura that would kill. (Death)

Divine beasts: Yokai that have transcended into celestial spirits, through an unknown process.

Angels: Servants of God who were once human.

Crusnik: A vampire that has transcended into a devilish creature through the taboo of drinking the blood of a vampire lord.



There have been many wars waged within the world of Grandia, the most recent one was the Great World Wars that lasted one hundred years. It was a four sided war, between the Yokai, the humans, the Demons and the Devils.

Map of Grandia:

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Crap I'm wasn't finished and messed up. oh well it's not that bad.

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@LHWKnight: Interesting, though I have some questions. If Isaac has a slight sister complex, how does this affect his relationship with his girlfriend? Also, Fehafare has set up a pretty solid Succubus concept for the vice, it might be worth PMing him and having a chat about how to integrate your ideas.

For Kurokami, you'll have to explain what a Vector is, unless you're just going for the Elfen Lied definition of a vector, but I'm pretty sure those were gender restricted.

These spacial distortions though, can you give us some examples of previous events that MoE would have been involved in?

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I like this so far = )

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@SamJaz: Right thanks for the heads up.

I am not going to use Abel as a playable character, so I just thought up the ability just for the sake of it.

Vector as in the same ones, Medusa from soul eater, Midnight from fairy tail and Accelerator from A certain magical index can manipulate.

Lmao the vectors that the girls from elfen lied use are just hands that vibrate a a super high velocity to the point where they can pretty much cut through anything.

Yes I can give a specific event.

@waybig1010101: Thanks man :)

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@LHWKnight: Indeed it's good

I like the new race of devils lol

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@SekiryuuteiDxD: Ah thank you.

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@LHWKnight: Interesting start:)

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