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 Welcome to the Magic Association! We're a global organization of Earth's mages. Our purpose is to gather all sorcerers, conceal the presence of magic and lastly to develop new magecrafts every day. The Association's foremost role to hide any signs of magic activity and preserve the mages' secret identity. We manage more than 90% of Earth's magic flow each year and have influence all over the world.





Organization Branches:


Procedure of enlistment:

Magicians can either visit the Association's official institutes or personally get an invitation to enter our ranks.

Perquisites to join:

  • You must be a practitioner of magic or magical in nature
  • You must be either good or neutral.
  • Evil characters are tolerated but must be watchful of the rules.

Consequences of NOT joining:

  •  Gods and demigods are by their nature above the Association's authority, unless they willingly join our ranks.
  • All magic users on Earth that stay outside the rule of the Association are considered heretics.
  • Members not abiding the Association's rules are to be excommunicated and labeled as heretics.
  • Heretics are eventually to be dealt with via the Executional Office.
  • The price of heresy is DEATH
  • There are no exceptions to the rule.

Rules of the Association:

  • All members must conceal the existence of magic
  • Public use of magecraft is strictly regulated
  • Although casting of spells isn't forbidden against the so-called "super powered beings"
  • Exposing the magic or sharing the knowledge with people outside the Association are regarded as treachery and mark the individual as heretic.
  • Members of the Association must report every month of their progress and development on magic powers.

Rights of the Association members:

  • All members are free to visit our organization's vast libraries and improve their skill at magecraft.
  • You've granted a free pass to Mundus Magicus to live separately from the non-magical world.
  • Members are allowed to enter other teams or organizations.
  • Although they cannot share their magic knowledge with their team-mates unless they are also part of the Association.
  • Members are free to conduct any kind of magic experiment (even if it's utterly inhumane) as long as their deeds aren't publicly exposed. The Association can also offer aid to conceal them from the local authorities.

To be finally registered at the Association, you have to fill in the following form:
Name: (Your full name)
Gender: (your gender)
Classification: (human magus, elf sorcerer, magical golem etc...)
Nationality: (Your country of origin, if applicable)
License: (keep it in blank, after a short test our specialists will determine your rank)
Elemental Attribute: (elements your magic is aligned with like air,fire,earth,water or something else)
Mystic Code: (Latin noun followed by a three-digit number, your official name of identification amongst the mages)
Sorcery Traits: (common features of your magic)

For any questions, please ask our advisory office. Our employees are glad to answer any questions for the future Association members.

Members of the Association:

  • List pending...
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Willyvereb I am looking at you
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@Association: So i am heretic cause i have potential to use magic and still not use it?
Thats cruel
Well not cruel but rather dumb
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I think Callis would Join, if this organization works in the reboot
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Obviously Willyvereb's work. Looks pretty good though.
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@Nerx: @Raseri: Yes, it's me.
You're welcome. I specifically made this organization for the reboot.
Magic-user that doesn't use magic? Well, if the Association isn't aware of it then you have nothing to worry. Also you pretty much misunderstood something. The Association's prime directive to keep the existence of magic secret from the commoners (also to advance magecraft of course). So it's comletely fine. Although if Heiz happen to use magic it's better to report that to the Association.:p
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@Association: Strakhov is...... running away from this
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@cfatalis: Who?
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@Association: my other account, the only account that is not in some way god or god beater before the reboot(might or might not change after reboot)
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@Association: Do you have spells to calm beasts?
Post by Raseri (2,534 posts) See mini bio Level 12
@Association: Hmm I might bring up Him just to piss this organization off :P
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Can I learn some magic here?
Post by Sonata (36,370 posts) See mini bio Level 20
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@Association:  Should be interesting good luck with this:)
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Sure you can. The problem is that the people who entered the Association cannot ever leave it...alive. So only join us if you are serious about following the secrecy rules...which in turn would extend to your wolf army for example.:p
We'll see. The S class mages of the Association are complete monsters in magic. Monsters in comparison to Vincent for example.:p
Thanks. Oh, did you finish watching Canaan? Or were you just goosed for Alphard?:)
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@Association: Good :P we'll see how Him will turn out when he takes over Hell XD
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@Raseri: Well, just be quick or someone from the Association would pull a fast one on you.
Him isn't the only one aiming to rule Hell.:p
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@Association: can I join this group and another group?
Post by Raseri (2,534 posts) See mini bio Level 12
@Association: True, but he's the only one who'll succeed :P
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@Nerx: That's the basic premise of the whole thing.
Usually being part of the Association is like a secondary job. As long as you keep the rules your character can join any team. Of course if you are deep in the organization's secrets then it becomes a primary team and it's best not to join any other.
But I guess unlike Vincent you're going to be a normal member. You join just for the sake of learning magic and fun. Am I right?
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What is excatly classified as magic becuase Crow doesn't use magic to control lightning he is more science based using electrons to generate and manipulate electricty.


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