The Longest Christmas

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The horde was estatic, their picket signs raised high with "Scott Abrams for Life" or something like that written on them. The mass broke into a chant as Scott took to the stage, his suit tucked and folded neatly around his torso, his hands gloved, pants pressed and creased in all the right places, but his head contained an interesting clue that seemed invisible to the crowd he commanded with such mastery; he possessed no visible skin or flesh upon his face, and instead there was a ghastly skull that was almost considered normal by Scott's followers.

Police officers nodded, rifles in hand, as he came to the microphones. Scott looked on as the crowd grew silent, waiting for his words that decided how their city was to be controlled. Indeed, this horrific person was the mayor of Gotham, the city made legendary by heroes such as Batman and villains like Joker. His face would have contained a smile as he began, his words cold and surprisingly homely at first.

"Friends and families of Gotham; my neighbors. I welcomed this city into my life with utter joy and I hope you all feel the same way about me," a pause and the people chanted the slogan plastered on signs as far as the eye could see. He continued, "The police have been given funds to leave this city safer than ever. Arkham has never been so full of the lunatics Batman had left to their business and the thugs he used to ignore because of those psychos are all but gone. Under me, Gotham is to be a haven unlike no other! Under me, this city will finally be put alongside New York on the list of 'Most Recognized Cities'!"

The people yelled again, but they were forced into silence by Scott's voice.

"But before that can happen, there is something I want from you, the people. You see, this city is still full of error and imperfection and we as humans want those blemishes gone. I am speaking of the invisible menace that hides in plain sight: superhumans. They have committed property damages, criminal acts of murder and genocide, they have caused families to be without mothers, fathers, or children for generations. They have caused these scars on my face and the scars underneath countless other faces. To become a utopia, Gotham must be rid of these freaks. To become a utopia for you, the people, of Gotham and beyond, the things of comic books, heroes, all freaks with superpowers...must DIE!!"

At first, the crowd was silent, but they all began to clap and chant the slogan over and over. Scott put his Anti-Superhuman Act into reality, instituting that all people with superpowers within Gotham must assimilate into normalcy or be killed. Those who tried to escape would be hunted down and executed. All of this was written and carried out just fourteen days before Christmas Eve.
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A boy, his little brother, and their grandfather watched the latest GCN special. "...And there you have it. Governor Scott Adams has put his Anti-Superhuman Act into action a few days before the happiest day of the year." the news anchor reiterates. "Yah know... I still don’t see how we as a city elected a man with a skull face as Governor… Don’t make any sense.” The old man says. “Why he wanna kill da supers? Da Batman’s a straight G. You know he saved Phil from the Scarface’s boys?” The youngest boy says then the grandfather asks, “Phil from ?” “Yup-- where you goin', Matt?” Monte asked noticing his older brother getting up and leaving the family room. “I can’t deal with the news right now…” the boy with the afro answers before going up to his room.

Sitting on his bed, Matthew thinks, “I could easily pass as a human, but sooner or later I’m gonna need to let Kashisho surface. H*ll, even he could pass as human. No! This is genocide. I can’t just sit aside and let people die cause of this whack job. I always had this feeling I was needed for more. I guess this is what I was destined to do. I could go after him myself or I could start a rebellion, but ether way this guy is goin’ down!” The teenager gets up and gathers his homemade and stolen weapons.

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