The Lawless Seven

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The Lawless Seven

Captain Rio
Captain Rio
Marina Caerulea
Marina Caerulea

Though the outlaw, Captain Rio Fukamachi, is quite capable of holding his own against a daunting number of adversaries and mortal enemies, the modern-day pirate prefers to travel with an entourage of "on-the-run" vigilantes. Together, with the help of his cousin--Marina Caerulea-- they have assembled an unlikely crew. Their mission: to rid the world of injustice. They call themselves...The Lawless Seven.

The Crew

The Lawless Seven Logo
The Lawless Seven Logo

The crew of The Lawless Seven....

Lawless One

Name: Rio Fukamachi

Alias: Captain Rio

Gender: Male

Origin: Tokyo, Japan

Race: Human(Japanese) & Aquarian

Profession: Vigilante, Explorer, Philosopher & Author

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue(changes to different shades of blue, depending on mood)

Height: 5’ 11”

Age: 21

Role: Leader


Lawless Two

Name: Marina Caerulea

Alias: Princess of Tides

Gender: Female

Origin: Aquarii

Race: Aquarian

Profession: Aquarian Knight

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue(changes to different shades of blue, depending on mood)

Height: 5’ 7"

Age: 19

Role: Co-Leader


The Princess of Tides
The Princess of Tides

Marina Is the king of Aedre's great-niece. She was born an only daughter to noblemen-- both being political artists. Having spent most of her childhood playing with her older cousin, Rio Fukamachi, Marina would grow to see him as the brother she never had and a role model, going as far as to imitate Rio's body gestures; like the "crossing-of-the-arms" pose, that appears runs in the Fukamachi bloodline. The two would enlist in Aquarian Knight training together, as well as other academic courses. Though Rio perceded his younger relative in just about every category for combat training, Marina excelled in the mastery of water-bending. Possessing mighty hydrokinesis, her mentor insisted that she join the annual water-bending tournament. She sweeped through the rounds flawless into the finals, where as Rio Fukamachi lost in his opening match. Though having to face a more experienced opponent in the championship round, Caerulea displayed a stunning performance of water-bending never before seen, knocking her rival off the ring and claiming the title as the champion. Her amazing display in the tournament coined her the name "Princess of Tides."

"Following the competitive event, an envious Rio would begin to isolate himself from Marina, out of pride and embarrassment. Marina took it hard and sought to appease the feeling of indifference towards her. To do this, she offered to help Rio with polishing his hydrokinetic abilites, in return that he teaches her how to write in English. Appealing to his greater ego, Fukamachi agreed to the terms. Within a year, Rio achieved a higher mastery in the art of water-combat. And in that same year, both Marina and Rio ascended to the status of Aquarian Knight, making Marina the second female, after her aunt Rain, to attain such a prestigious rank.

The celebration was short-lived, when Rio informed his cousin that he would be leaving for Earth, since the persecution of masked heroes had lost steam and it was now safe to return home. Marina was left saddened by the Fukamachi family's departure. She would spend her next years fulfilling knightly duties and taking extra classes, during her off-time. However, it wasn't long before the desire to visit her relatives on Earth got the better of Marina-- that, and the need for adventure-seeking. With the permission of her superiors, Marina left for Earth on an Aqarian knight-sanctioned mission: to ensure the protection of Princess Lillian and her family.

Once on the human homeworld, Marina immediately seeked out for her relatives. She would eventually find them, only to be given the news of her cousin's disappearance, after an ugly confrontation with Sho. They knew not of his whereabouts. Only that he taken the name of "Captain Rio" and had begun a cleansing of injustice on a hovering pirate ship. Adamantly believing that their son would not return to them, Sho and Rain pleaded to Marina that she find Rio and promise to keep him safe. Marina willingly accepted their plea, and went on to search for Rio, who was know a wanted vigilante.

It wasn't long before she found him in Inazuma City. They crossed paths there and enganged in a small battle, before being forced to evade police forces in the air. In the aftematch of the chase, Captain Rio informed Marina that he would not be returning to his family and that he had an obligation to serve the good people of the Earth. Already seeing this response coming, Marina advised him that she merely only came looking for him on his parent's behalf, to watch over him. Rio unenthusiastically welcomed her on-board The Judge, because he knew he desperately needed a new crew, since his previous members either abandoned his cause or were marooned by him. And with Marina, they sought out new members to recruit and so commenced the voyage of "Captain Rio and The Lawless"-- later to be called "The Lawless Seven."

Appearance/ Personality

  • Skin tone is olive-colored.
  • Has Blue eyes.
  • Strong-built physique.
  • Dark brown hair is usually worn with a high-top ponytail and two spiral-shaped hair pieces, that dangle beside her cheeks on each side.
  • Despite her strong build, she also appears to be nimble.
  • Typically wears a sleeveless, blue-cottoned tunic and brown wool pants.
  • Wears a blue armband on each arm.
  • Occasionally dons her Aquarian Knight armor.
Ready for anything!
Ready for anything!
  • Strong-willed.
  • Tough.
  • Independent.
  • Ambitious.
  • Adventurous.
  • Intelligent.
  • Loyal.
  • Caring.
  • Loud.
  • Charming.
  • Playful.
  • Natural leader.
  • Strongly believes in justice and is against oppression.
  • Tries to maintain a strong relationship with the Lawless Seven.
  • Peacemaker within the crew.
  • Captain Rio's conscience.
  • Has an immature side.
  • Can be stubborn.
  • Can be reckless.
  • Possibly exhibits romantic feelings for another crew member.
Showing her childish side
Showing her childish side


  • Able to manipulate the shape and density of liquids through the use of hydrokinesis.
  • Able to animate water constructs.
  • Able to create water clones.
  • Can breathe and visibly see underwater.
  • Can communicate with marine animals.
  • Excellent coordinator at sea.
  • Can heal wounds and recover from fatigue by absorbing water.
  • Sonar-like ability underwater.
  • Stronger and faster than the normal human.
  • Though Marina doesn't use swords or other weapons, she heavily relies on water-bending and hand-to-hand fighting.
  • A great warfare strategist.
  • An excellent ambassador or diplomat.
  • Can read and write in Aquarii and English.
  • Understands and speaks some Japanese(taught by Rio and Sho), but does not write in Japanese.
  • One of her most overlooked talents is her dancing. Taught by her mother at a young age, Marina uses her dancing skills(resembling Middle Eastern dances) as a helpful ritual when water-bending. With a peaceful mindset, The Princess of Tides can mold beautiful water constructs, through her graceful movements in dancing.

Lawless Three

Name: Henri Barclay

Alias: Deviant Son

Gender: Male

Origin: Caribbean Sea

Race: Human(French)

Profession: Swashbuckler

Hair: Teal

Eyes: Black

Height: 6' 1"

Age: 25

Role: Swordsman


Deviant Son
Deviant Son

The Barclays belong to an ancient line of rogue swashbucklers, who voyage the sea not to plunder, but to compete with other pirate kings in vainful sword-fights and naval warfare battles. One stormy night, the pirate lord's--Locke Barclay-- mistress gave birth to a son, while sailing towards Caracol Island in the Caribbean Ocean. Soon after, the mistress stabbed Locke in the heart with a crude dagger. During the captain's final moments, his lover revealed to Barclay that his previous ancestors had destroyed her people, making her the last kin belonging to a cult of seafaring sorcerers and witches known as "De Almas." As her revenge, the witch gave the pirate lord a cursed heir; one who would be destined to destroy the Barclay legacy. The boy would forever live a life of bad luck. Misfortune, misery and death would surround him. He would possess a nasty temper.

Before the sea witch could escape the ship, the dying Barclay slayed her with his cutlass. Bleeding, he held his son and named him after his grandfather, Henri Barclay. And as he stared into Henri's pitch black eyes, the captain asked his crew to keep his son safe. Curse or no curse, he was a Barclay. Piracy flowed through his veins. Regardless of his condition, it was Henri's birthright to continue the family tradition. So, the remnants of Locke's loyal crew sought to train and prepare the boy to become the new pirate lord. But as fate had it, deadly plagues would begin to hit the crew members, as a part of Henri's malediction. In one case, the ship was nearly submerged underwater by a powerful whirlpool. Disease would strike and kill most of the men--yet another testament of the boy's damnation.

In spite of the recent tragedies, the pirates near-unanimously agreed to execute the "Deviant Son", in fear of the threatening evil that he brings to the ship and their safety. Fortunately for Henri, Locke's old advisor, Sid Eagle, volunteered to take the 10-year-old as his apprentice and leave his father's ship, still feeling the desire to fulfill his late-captain's wishes. The two took a small boat and docked at Caracol Island, where Mr. Eagle would continue Barclay's training, until the age of 21. Sid would pass away from old age. Despite this truth, Henri nevertheless blamed himself for his death. Following the mourning of his mentor, Henri took control of a ship and his crew, optimistic that he could overcome his wretched past. For a while, everything went according to plan. Barclay was successful in countless naval battles and duels; even taking a maid as his fiance, as spoils over a victory against a pirate lord. However, shortly afterwards, Henri released her from the original agreement, not wanting to force her into marriage. Still, the young woman accepted to be his future wife.

The arrangement would never see the light of day-- Henri's past would catch up to him, yet again. Barclay's ship,The Sarambossa, would be hijacked by ruthless, Spanish bandits. Their leader challenged the Deviant Son to a duel, which resulted in Barclay's defeat. His entire crew was executed before his eyes, including his fiance. A wounded Henri was left behind, prepared to go down with his sinking ship. If it was not for the memory of his mentor and the Barclay name, the defeated captain would of chosen to drown in the watery depths. He found refuge on a large piece of debris from the shipwreck, and drifted for weeks, until finding a safe haven on a deserted island.

As he waited to die from hunger or extreme heat, Captain Rio and Marina approached the weak ex-captain. Rio was traveling the world, along with his cousin, in search of worthy warriors to recruit, in their quest to fight injustice. Henri showed little interest in their resolution, explaining the danger he could pose to the crew. The charismatic captain quickly retorted: "I do not fear death. I only despair over what fear begets-- how it will hinder me from my path. Let me help defeat your fear, and we shall make your fathers proud." Barclay would eventually agree, but on one term: Rio would have to prove himself in combat. Flying solo, Fukamachi tracked down the bandits that killed Henri's friends, and easily made an example of them. And to prove his worthiness, he returned with their leader's severed hand. This was enough to convince Barclay to join the effort, making him the Lawless Three.

Appearance/ Personality

Triple-sword Master
Triple-sword Master
  • Has short, spiky teal hair.
  • Lanky-bodied.
  • Wears a black bandana during battle.
  • Light-skinned.
  • Wears a plain, white shirt and black cargo pants.
  • Occasionally wears black goggles.
  • Has three earring piercings on his left ear.
  • Has a scar on his right eye and numerous others on his chest.
  • Normally seen carrying three cutlasses; one on both hands and one on his mouth.
  • Brave.
  • Strong.
  • Hot-tempered.
  • Aggressive.
  • Arrogant.
  • Pessimistic.
  • Sarcastic.
  • Rude.
  • Stern.
  • "No-nonsense" attitude.
  • Out-spoken.
  • Criticial of things.
  • Can be reckless.
  • Natural leader.
  • Street smart.
  • Has a grainy voice.
  • Usually the loner of the group, often seen pouting and gnawing on the steel blade of his cutlass onboard The Judgement. Marina teases him for this.
  • On occasion, will debate or argue with Captain Rio, in regards to leadership and combat strategies.


Deviant Form
Deviant Form
  • Skilled Swordsman.
  • Wields three, steel-bladed cutlasses. One in each hand are held backwards, and the third is held with his mouth. giving him an unorthodox fencing style.
  • Exhibits photographic reflexes, giving him the ability to instantly memorize various motion patterns, just by merely looking at them once. Over the course of his lifetime, Henri has subconsciously recorded and mirrored dozens of combat styles.
  • Human peak speed and reflexes.
  • Experienced navigator.
  • Experienced warfare strategist.
  • Fluent in French and English.
  • Possesses the "Deviant Form." When Barclay reaches a boiling point or succumbs to severe sorrow, a feature of his curse is triggered--causing his eyes to darken completely. A rampant Henri will seek out to kill anything in sight, even his close ones. His strength and speed triples in power, and is highly-resistant to pain, due to being fueled by pure rage and hatred. The only way to subdue the Deviant Form without harming Barclay, is to securely trap him and give him time to begin a cool-down.

Lawless Four

Name: Rocky

Alias: Rocky the Raccoon, Master Stealth

Gender: Male

Origin: Area 49

Race: Mutant Raccoon

Profession: Thief

Hair: Brown and black coat

Eyes: Black

Height: 4' 11"

Age: 3

Role: Weapons Specialist


Rocky the Raccoon
Rocky the Raccoon

A secret science subdivision in the mountainous outskirts of a Colorado city-- known as Area 49-- were responsible for studying animal physiology. Their specific focus was in neuroscience. By understanding animal behavior, humans will have the chance to understand themselves better, was the belief. So, various experiments were conducted within the covert facility. One of the most notorious of these experiment stories was that of Rocky's-- the brown raccoon. Rocky was born in a lab cage, soon after his wounded mother was brought into Area 49 for breeding purposes. She would later pass away from infection.

The North American critter would be admitted to the "Neuro-Jump Project", along with other mammals. Seen as expendable, hundreds of critters were tested upon without rest-- many died. The mission was to delicately implant an amp surgically into the host's brain, in hopes of stimulating the nervous system and gaining the resembling qualities of a human-like mind. While the surgery procedures were generally successful in embedding the sophisticated enhancer, all of the subjects rejected the amp and died primarly from seizures. That was until Rocky came long, and ended the failure streak.

The raccoon's unique biology endured and survived the post-effects of the implantion. And in his recovery, he began to show signs of an alarming increase in intelligence, due the neuro-enhancing amplification of the device. The chip was meant to radically manipulate and mold the user's nervous system, so that it perfecty imitates that of a Homo sapien. It did just this, and more. Scientists were astonish to discover that not only did Rocky's intelligence, motor skills and cognitive skills increase, but that he could also walk upright and speak. However, with success, came some drawbacks. Rocky's behavior would take a sharp turn, becoming mischievous and overly-hyper. He would also develop a mild case of kleptomania-- the urge to steal. Rocky was administered to a series of different tests, to evaluate the contrasts between beast and man.

Tests would uncover two simple realities: Rocky's brain growth will never cease to mature; and that the raccoon has a fragile mortality. The Neuro-Jump Project had sliced his life expectancy by a half as a side-effect, causing him to age rapidly. The raccoon was fully aware of this fact. Not knowing where his end falls and wanting more than a life behind a cage, Rocky escaped Area 49, in search of excitement before his imminent demise. He would join a band of thieves, encouraging his thieving ways. It was during this period, when Rocky picked up and used a weapon-- a handgun-- for the very first time. The attraction he found by firing it cemented a deep fascination for weaponology, that would live on forever. The woodland critter's shrewd intellect in sciences and mathematics, and his boundless creativity has allowed him to develop a vast variety of weapons from scratch, giving him the title of "weaponsmith."

On one particular raid, Rocky cunningly infiltrated The Judge, to steal goods and vital resources from Captain Rio's estate. The crew would eventually foil the thief's plot. Rather than punish the masked bandit, Rio offered to spare him of pain, only if he joins the group against his own will and under his terms-- no more stealing-- as repentance. To the pirate's surprise, Rocky the Raccoon met the agreement with unusual enthusiasm. It's not that he believes in the captain's ideals; it's more that he's emotionally invested in the thrills that come with swashbuckling. Fukamachi did not care. In his eyes, Rocky's skill sets could serve as valuable assets to the cause, despite his annoying banters with other crew members.

Appearance/ Personality

  • Brown coat; black mask around the face and black and white-striped tail.
  • Bipedal.
  • Wears blue or red continental army coats and pants.
  • Small-sized.
  • Wears firearms and combat knives.
  • Hyper.
  • Mischievous.
  • Curious.
  • Loudmouth.
  • Trash-talker.
  • Jokester.
  • Prankster
  • Talkative.
  • Cheeky.
  • Annoying.
  • Adrenaline junky.
  • Intelligent.


  • Human intelligence.
  • Nocturnal vision.
  • Keen smell.
  • Super-hearing
  • Quick speed.
  • Sharp claws allow him to climb and scale many surfaces.
  • Uses sharp fangs to bite opponents.
  • Parkour.
  • Stealthy.
  • Escape Artist.
  • Can verbally speak English.
  • Walks like a biped.
  • Is a Weaponsmith.
  • Creates and carries a wide array of weapons: Machines guns, pistols, shotguns, bazookas, bows, grenades, and knives.

Lawless Five

Name: Bree Glasroot

Alias: Wildflower; Guardian of Beauty

Gender: Female

Origin: Gaela

Race: Human

Profession: Priestess

Hair: Salmon-Pink

Eyes: Green

Height: 5' 4"

Age: 17

Role: Healer


The Wildflower
The Wildflower

The elusive realm of Gaela is quaintly wedged in-between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, in northwestern Europe. It is home to an ancient and mysterious people, known as "The Droods." This Celtic civilization is ruled under a strict matriarchal government, headed by the "Womb of the Willows"-- a council of female priestesses. Council members are selected for their beauty and their "Gaia" powers; a term given to female children who have inherited the supernatural gifts of healing and earthcraft. It is noted, that mothers giving birth to a priestess never survive the delivery process. Once inducted into the society, the orphans undergo rigirous training to control their powers, lead by "High Mothers", former priestesses themselves. The most beautiful of all the priestesses was the young Bree Glasroot, the Guardian of Beauty.

Well-received by her community, she is not only revered for her fairness, but also her modesty. Glasroot preserves her physical appearance behind a chastity cloak, only able to reveal her features to members of the Womb of Willows. The council had instructed her prestigious role to be heavily involved in the safeguard of earthly wildlife: fauna, flora, and the geology. Using her magnificent powers, the Wildflower can heal dying critters; or, even mend uprooted trees. She is also very capable of stopping natural disasters, such as forest fires and floods. The subscription of using earthcraft, however, comes at a price. Overexertion can cause plant veins to appear throughout Bree's soft complexion.


Despite her small size and pacifist personality, the pink-haired lass isn't shy to turn away from a comfrontation, if her duty demands retaliation. The healer carries an elongated rod, with antler hooks at the tip to grapple and swing at enemies; and if needed, to get out of a sticky situation. However, Bree prefers to rely on the help of her "Spirit Brother", Lex, the white wolf. Spirit Brothers are given to every priestess in the form of mystical seeds. Once the seeds are planted and watered by the user, the fierce beasts-- typically mammals-- rise from the soil, ready to defend their master to the death. After their aid is no longer needed, the loyal creatures will revert to their original form, until called upon, again.

Wildflower would stumble upon The Lawless Seven-- who happen to of been treking throughout Europe-- requiring assistance in slaying a moose-dragon, that had abducted her High Mother. Rio Fukamachi took a liking to Bree's healing ability, empathising the desire to recruit some with her skill set. The Sky Captain made a bargain with the priestess: the rag-tag crew of pirates would agree to rescue the High Mother, if she agreed to joining The Lawless Seven. Though initially discouraged by the offer, Bree agreed to Fukamachi's terms. Having that settled, The Judgement soared to a tall mountain, where Bree's lifelong surrogate mother was being held. Battling tirelessly, the antlered-monster would eventually go down, suffering a mortal blow to the heart at the hands of Oceanus-- the Captain's sword.

All said and done, the Guardian of Beauty departed from Gaela aboard The Judgement-- but not without attending a special farewell ceremony. Its people wept a thousand tears that day for the Wildflower. Discontent by the arrangement, the Womb of Willows had no choice but to swallow the pride, down their throats. In the end, Bree made the promise and in their eyes, a promise must never be broken. Rio, too, promised Bree: that her safeguarding days are not ever. The world beyond the borders of Gaela was in dire need of her gifts.

Appearance/ Personality

  • Salmon hair.
  • Has striking green eyes.
  • Has a side-swept bang and pigtails.
  • Light-skinned.
  • Thin.
  • Short in stature.
  • Wears a silver, hooded cloak.
  • Underneath the cloak, she wears a pink top and an orange skirt.
  • Is barefoot.
  • Exhibits plant-like veins on skin, when using earthcraft powers.
Bree, after using too much earthcraft
Bree, after using too much earthcraft
  • Sincere.
  • Charming.
  • Kind-hearted.
  • Gentle.
  • Soft-spoken.
  • Shy.
  • Fair.
  • Compassionate.
  • Responsible.
  • Caring.
  • Modest.
  • Naive.
  • Sensitive.
  • Optimistic.


  • Possesses healing power.
  • Possesses plant-like powers: can summon, alter, and control plants.
  • Can cause poisoning or paralysis through physical contact.
  • Can summon her Spirit Brother, Lex, the white wolf. Lex is twice the size of a mature wolf, and is twice as strong and twice as fast.
  • Carries a long rod, with two antler hooks at the tip.
  • Plays the lute, which helps in relieving the nerves of the crew.
  • Has superior understanding in natural and physical sciences.
  • Is an amateur psychologist.

(This is a teaser. The page is under construction :P)

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@Guyver: Nice name the Lawless 7 :D Lol ironically Crow will have a team as well it won't be a long term team they may get together once and while to fight some bigger threat but they will also be 7 including Crow. Think along the lines of Samurai Seven but with Gunslingers.

Am I the only one who notices 7 has become a important number recently?

Post by Guyver (3,440 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Sweet idea, dude! Lol Seven is a lucky number. I don't know haha. I didn't want the crew to be too big, so I thought 7 would be a good number.
Post by Tiferet (149 posts) See mini bio Level 6
Seven represents completion. It's Biblical.
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@Guyver: Very nice can't wait to see the other 5XD
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The Seven Heavens.
Post by Guyver (3,440 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Thanks, Sonata!
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@Guyver: Cool

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@Guyver: 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Heavenly Virtues, 7 Arch Angels, it is just a perfect number not too many people for a team but just enough to make it well rounded.

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7-11 :P

I agree. I like the number.

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Okay, Lawless Two is pretty much done. I will continue updating the crew, as they progress through RPG's.

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@Guyver: Very very niceXD
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@Guyver: Awesome I can't wait to see who will join you in the Lawless Seven; Korra, Zolo, this is shaping up to be a power house of a crew.

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This is really cool! :D I really like Marina! :D

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Thanks, Lobos and Usachan! :)
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@Guyver: Awesome name for the crew

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Thank you, man! :D
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Almost done with Henri's bio. Will probably finish the rest tomorrow, hopefully.

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@Guyver: "Rogue Pirates scum you will be put down in the name of Union of 7 and Justice!"

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