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Kansas City, USA

June 1st, 2013, the Earth was invaded. The city was evacuated, fought over, and won by the Empire. Now, Kansas city is a hill, with a grand embassy of the Exalted Empire standing at the peak.

This is that Embassy.

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@HE_IS: Jason drove up to the embassy and pulled into a parking space. He activated the security system and checked to see if the linkup system was still working on the bike.and that his gun was in the hidden compartment. With those safety measures done he walked into the embassy with his guard up not giving any openings to be attacked. Inside he saw a board on the wall with all the places that the marines had taken over. That list made him sick to his stomach with hatred for the marines due to the fact he hated people like that. The kind that thought they could control people just because they were stronger or more advanced. That was one of the reasons he was fighting BLOOD it was to create a world free of suppression from such evil. He made sure the planet he wanted to visit was on the list then walked up to the main desk to ask for assistance. "Excuse me could you please help me," he asked to the person as at the desk barely able to control his contempt at the entire race.

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@Shadowchaos: Checking Jason's paperwork, the marine behind the counter smiled politely. "Welcome to the Exalted Empire, Jason." He said politely.

Out of the armour, the Marine looked weird and out of place. Roughly twice Jason's height, triple his shoulder height, his red hair and beard framed a kind face that seemed wise and caring, but he wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans to work.

It wasn't hard to imagine him in the armour, tearing through thanks and reshaping the landmarks.

For now, how he simply smiled. "So, you wanna go to Mars, huh?"

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@SamJaz: "Yeah, I need to get some materials for something I'm working on," Jason replied with a hint of disgust that was just barely there. Jason calmed himself down for a few minutes then looked at the giant. "Anything else needed or am I good to go?" he asked calmly or as calmly as he can. "I have my own mode of transportation if you have no rules about me bringing along a weapon," Jason said then placed a small file on the desk that had just small information of Phoenix which wasn't enough to tell what kind of thing it was exactly or what it was capable of all it was able to tell was how powerful of a weapon it was. He then waited for what ever answer he got in return.

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@Shadowchaos: "Weapon and transportation is fine, but why Mars?" The Marine asked, opening up a holographic map of Mars and pointing out several ore-rich points that weren't occupied with Factory. "Where to you intend to dig and land? For what materials?"

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@SamJaz: "Well I need the ores at these locations for some upgrades," Jason indicated several mines on the map and one that wasn't on the map, but he knew of it due to his ability of tactical information. It was buried deep underground in a area where any kind of radar didn't work. "So are we all go," he asked casually not at all like he had just dropped such a big bomb shell about a hidden mine that they may not have known the location of or at least if they were aware of it they were keeping it secret. "He grabbed the files and placed them in a bag and waited for a answer.

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@Shadowchaos: "That's ridiculous." The Marine replied, pointing at one of the mines provided by Jason. "That's on a fault line, one wrong step and you'll cause fissures all over the continent. Those three have already been stripped dry, and that one's still being fertilised for maximum productivity."

The marine scratched his head. "I can give you a workers visa if you want to work under the tech priest's supervision so you can get your ores, but you'll have to pay VAT to the United States of America before bringing anything back to Earth."

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@SamJaz: "I guess, but I don't really need to worry about the fee since I'm not a citizen of any country, nor do I exist," Jason replied hinting to the fact that if you tried to look him up in any registry you would get nothing. "So when will I be good to leave?" he asked then closed his mind to activate the linkup system connected to his bike. He then had it drive its self to right in front of the door and wait for him there ready for when he came out.

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@Shadowchaos: "That's really not how imports work, but whatever." The marine shrugged, printing off a document that covered over fourteen pages of text. "Sign your name here, here here, initials here, sign here, print your name in all capitals of anglicised alphabet here, and your passport details on this page." He explained, handing the documents to Jason with a pen.

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@SamJaz:Jason signed all the forms quickly using a writing style you would find in a computer. This was how he was taught to write so that he couldn't be tracked by his hand writing. He handed over his passport which he had just gotten made right before coming. "Any problems?" he asked as he waited for everything to be processed. "Also who ever said anything about import?" the mobile suit pilot mocked with a teasing look in his eye enjoying the chance to mess with these giants who had thought they had the right to take over the world.

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@Shadowchaos: "You do realise that I can read minds, right?" The marine asked with a sigh, checking the paperwork. "And frankly, I'm insulted. Haven't we proved out peaceful intentions enough in the past six months?"

He stamped the forms and handed them back to Jason. "I'm sure you can see yourself out." he said, pointing towards the entrance. "You'll find your fascist badge right next to the basket of free klansman hoods we hand out to people who might fit in with them."

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@SamJaz: "I have nothing against you or your race I just don't like those that take things by force. I risk my life everyday to get rid of people who think that since they are stronger or smarter they have the right to walk all over people. I don't care what you claim to be you still came and took over this city and ruined the lives of all those that lived here," Jason said as a reddish orange aura surrounded his body. Small pieces or dirt lifted off the ground and floated into the air due to the pressure he was giving off. Usually when he went like this it would be funneled out through his suit but right now the full might was being released due to the influx of his emotions. "Do you understand there are better ways to go about doing things then by force?" He asked with his aura flaring around and started to fill the room with hot air. "Do you understand what I am getting at?" he asked then grabbed his passport and the forms then walked out as his aura faded.

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@Shadowchaos: The marine sighed, then looked at the Sergeant on duty, who shrugged. It had been a slow morning.

"I'm off for some donuts." He said, getting from his chair. "Anyone want me to grab anything?"

Memorising a quick list of ordered, the redheaded marine stepped out into the winter city of Kansas.

Crime had plummeted here. With the alien empire knocking on the door, people seemed to behave themselves more, especially with those monsters roaming the streets.

But, the marine took the hate. The humans didn't understand. Well, some did. Most didn't. Most were to afraid or too offended to even try.

But pretty soon, the marine found his favourite shop.

"Morning Dave." The blonde barista behind the counter said with a smile.

"And to you too Amy." The marine replied. "A barrel of your finest and four dozen donuts please."

"Forty-seven dollars and sixty-three cents." Amy replied, typing the usual figure into the register as one of the new kids went back into the kitchen. "You really should get some variety in your diet though."

Dave smirked, sitting his humongous frame as he started asking Amy about her thoughts on health. It was a pleasant conversation, but, as always, was that little bit too short. Still, the marine paid with an even $50, and headed back out to the Embassy with a promise to see her tomorrow.

She waved as he left, smiling as he went.

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