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Ariana Harper:

God and Guardian
God and Guardian

Species: Human.

Place of origin: Unknown.

Age: 6, 9 after stay on Nassau and birthday.

Birthday: October 14

Height: 4'7"

Orientation: NA

Alignment: Chaotic neutral.

Appearance: Short, curly black hair, large brown eyes. Tall for her age. Tends to dress simply with a leashed backpack, a blouse, and jeans or other simple leggings. While hard to distinguish at her age and lesser than her sister Eve, her accent is an odd blend of many from around the world.

Occupation: None.

Location: Anywhere.

Personality: Optimistic and cheerful(usually), even for her age, although she knows more of the darker aspects of the world than most her age. She often pushes her guardian to save people like his allies do. She has a love of the strange and adventure, although she has poor judgement when it comes to risk.

Powers: Unknown, except for massively powerful mental shields, although they were likely implanted from outside. Does, however, speak many languages.

Shepherd, aka Warden Harper:

Species: Unknown, possibly a demon.

Place of origin: Unknown.

Age: Unknown, at least the age of his charge.

Birthday: Unknown.

Height: Varies, usually 5'9"

Orientation: Asexual.

Alignment: True neutral.

Appearance: Normally looks like he could be Ariana's father- short black hair, brown eyes, 6'5". However, he can take the form of any living being of roughly equal mass, although he can gain mass from others or lose it with some effort. He prefers not to stand out. This extends to his voice, always the median of the males present and accent mimicking the most common around.

Occupation: Has seemingly limitless money always on hand. Uncertain where he gets it.

Location: Anywhere.

Personality: Single-minded and overprotective of Ariana. Brutal and precise fighter. All of his decisions revolve around protecting Ariana, and he is capable of truly horrible things to further this goal.


Body manipulation- Shepherd can rearrange and grow his flesh and bone, often to make tentacles or bone spikes, and even skin flaps for gliding. He can also change color.

Regeneration- Regenerates extremely quickly. Can regather parts as long as cells are intact, but for more major injuries he has to gather mass from others. This on top of his durability makes him very hard to put down. He can also operate with very little of his body intact.

Mental shields- As with Ariana, he has extensively powerful mental shields.

Multilingual- Speaks many languages.


Cold- Stiffens his joints and overall lowers his flexibility.

Acid, fire, energy attacks, etc.- Any attack that destroys cells causes him actual harm.


Father of the year.
Father of the year.

At first glance, they seem ordinary. Just a son and his daughter, usually seen in airports or bus stops, never in one place for long. Those who take interest in conspiracies and the occult may notice pictures of them all over the world, clips of security footage and satellite images. Sometimes the man looks different, sometimes he's even a woman, but the girl is always the same. She is the avatar of an unknown god, needed for unknown purposes. Her guardian defends her until an appointed time, defending her from those who want to use her potential powers or fear what her god will bring. Many have tried to take her. All have failed, and the pair disappears before many especially grisly murders end up found. Even now they travel the world, trailed by the remainder of those who hunt them. Unfortunately, people are beginning to take notice of the odd killings of cult members and law enforcement, and they can stay hidden no longer...

In Underground Fighting in Osaka, Shepherd battled Gen Shishioh, a powerful young spirit boxer. Although he managed to cause him no small injury, he was eventually damaged too much to fight and lost. He left Osaka with Ariana without the prize money he sought. After failing to take up a more permanent residence in England in the events of Bunkbeds, the pair followed Jardsam and Haruko to the pirate island of Nassau(1715) in the events of Day Seized.

After a raptor race, Warden chose to stay in the past with Ariana to keep her away from modern forces that sought to harm her and cause her to fully manifest before the other avatars were even born. In Another Roll of the Dice, they were brought back to protect the timeline from further interference after the Master of Games, Jardsam, and a group of actual heroes defeated Demon Gods threatening the world. Here Eve, another spawn of Warden, struck out on her own, disgusted by Warden's actions.

Not long after, Warden and Ariana went with Arthur's daughter Loveline too a flower festival in Japan, events there granting the girls new powers. Shortly after, Warden came to Egypt in search of an artifact he was in need of. Finding it, Warden sought to settle down in London to be near Arthur, now a trusted ally, but these plans were ruined by a Taylor-led panic.


Warden and Ariana have made a number of friends, due to Warden's practicality in picking allies and Ariana's general adorableness and friendliness. Among these are Arthur Crowmwell and Haruko Miyata, trusted enough to watch over Ariana for brief periods of time. More tenuous are Leora Clair, whom Warden distrusts for her calming aura, and Jardsam, far too unpredictable to be trusted, but too powerful to remove.

Always at risk.
Always at risk.

Warden has also made a number of enemies, some an inevitable result of guarding an avatar, some due to his personal mistakes. Huntsman and Eve, spawned from his own flesh, came to hate him for his callous use of them. He personally hates the Master of Games, even if he promised to not harm Ariana.

In Battle:

Warden constantly shifts his body in combat, moving like liquid. Although he can create wings, he usually stays on the ground to protect Ariana, acting as a wall until he can escape. As a result, he battles extremely defensively if he can't end the battle in a single blow, wearing opponents down with his defense and regeneration if forced to fight directly. Be warned-he is not known for his mercy.

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@Justalittlegirl: Awesome character :)!!!!!!!!!

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Oooooh, interesting.

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She might be one of the youngest characters I've seen on here.

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@Sonata: didn't Nerx have a baby character at one point?

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@Shadowchaos: I think he did LOL

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@Sonata: yeah I remember it from my week of fail from years back.

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@Shadowchaos: Week of fail?

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@Justalittlegirl: I had made a account a while back and only stayed around for about a week. Then I came back later with this current account. My old account had some weird glitch on it so that I couldn't see what I typed and so my grammar and spelling was horrible plus my character bio sucked since I made a short bio cause I couldn't right out the full bio I had made since I couldn't see what I wrote.

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@Shadowchaos: Oh, okay.

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@Justalittlegirl: yeah also I should have the rpg up today hopefully.

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