The Gekido Sunrise

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 Sonata's Personal Journal

 "The Dragon will soar above the clouds, and burn the heavens with the flames of fury". Those words may not mean much to most people, but to the Gekido organization for centuries those words were a family motto, to me it those words means more than life itself. When I defeated Manami nearly four years ago I felt my purpose was over in this life I finally got my long sought revenge. Under the glow of the full red moon I got on my knees, and slowly began to move the black blade to my throat. I was approach by my old friend Jacks, and he picked me up off the ground and told me to look behind your shoulder. When I looked I saw many Gekido soldiers standing behind in salute, Jacks then say to me Maybe you still have one purpose left. I asked the soldiers Will you all fight with me?, they all lifted their fists in unison and gave a loud roar. I slowly lifted my black sword to the sky though battered and bloody, and the roar was even louder. Four long bloody years since that night, and now the time has come for me to finally fulfill the promise I made, It is time for the Dragon to Soar.
End of log

The Cities of the World

Panic, Despair, Chaos have spread like wildfire across the entire globe. Stocks are crashing far faster than anything that has happened in a life time. Riots have broken out as well as water and other resources have been completely shut down, forcing people to steal and kill in order to survive. Many people of the world believe that the end is drawing near, and have hidden themselves behind their faiths to stay alive.

Jacks Underground Operation Center in Southern Europe 10:45 P.M

The smell of electricity and circuits filled air, as a large room painted with the Gekido colors of red and black covered every inch of the area.Technology that was in the room was highly advanced A large group of around 30 workers were inside a large circular room, watching Computer monitors seeing the chaos that was taking place on the surface. Jacks was in the center of the room guiding all the workers making sure everything was in perfect working order. His real name is Artemis Jackson, Computer hacker extraordinaire,and highly smart he has been a member of Gekido for over twenty years." What is the status report on the Dragon Totems so far" Jacks asked a few of the workers, "One of them replied "All ten are still in perfect condition, and are currently being erected to the surface at their planned positions". Jacks had a grin on his face " Excellent seems as things are going according to plan." Suddenly footsteps could be heard in the corridor approaching the large  Operation center, when the door opened all the workers slowly rose from their chairs. "Well Hello everyone are we ready to create a whole new world" Sonata said with a smile on her face. Jacks walked up to her, "We were born ready Miss Boss, all we need is your signal" Sonata walked around the room looking at all the workers as they stood at attention. "At ease" Sonata told them, They all quickly sat back down at their stations. She looked over at Jacks "Jacks,it is time to start the show,the other members of Gekido are on their way to their designated posts.Soon I will head to mine, but I need to give the world a little message." Jacks put his Hand on his chin, "Hmm I see you want to send out a Ultimatum, to see if the planet forfeits". "Heh Very good Jacks, I am not a total monster I want them to give the planet a chance to save as many lives as it can. If the leaders of the world don't surrender to me, well it will mean certain doom to thus planet".

Minutes later using the Gekido's vast array of technology Jacks was able to hack into the orbital Satellites around the planet, Sonata was able to give Live message across the entire globe "People of the Planet Earth your time is running out. My name is of no importance but you all can call me Devil Diamond,and I am here to tell you all of your lives are hanging by a mere thread. I have seized control of your resources Water, Fuel, and your economic stability, and I have placed powerful agents of destruction to reduce the areas around you into rubble. If any of you have any hope survival the leaders of the World must all surrender and place me as Supreme Ruler of the Planet. The Planet has 72 Hours to surrender if not, I will unleash a horror unlike anything imaginable to destroy you all. In 72 Hours this planet will Submit...or Die!". Jacks then proceeded to cut the transmission. "Very bone chilling stuff Sonata, are you really going to annihilate the entire human race?" Jacks asked her. Sonata looked at Jacks and laughed " HAHAHA Jacks have you ever known me to lie"? Sonata looked at everyone else in the room, "Listen all of you if you want to live,as soon as I leave this building all of you better head Toward the Gekido Home base, and be sure to erase all these records before you go...that is all" Sonata looked at Jacks as she headed towards the exit, " I am heading to Egypt to begin the final phase, you stay safe out there" Jacks looked back at her and said "I will and we will follow your command...You be care out there as well,Devil Diamond.

Northern Egypt 11:30 p.m. 71 hours till Sunrise

A full moon stood out like a fine pearl in clear Night, as Sonata appeared high above the sands, as she lowered herself closer to the sands began open up a large hole for to enter into. She flew down two miles into the dark well, Her own bio energy began to light up strange Glyphs along the walls and floor. Sonata began to follow the trail into a massive area of the Catacombs, once she entered A massive glow of red light brighten the entire area revealing a Massive underground city, "Ah my second Home it is great to be back, All i need is the Citadel which is in the center" The City the Ancient Egyptians created for their first Queen Tatayuma and also the First Leader of Gekido. Sonata once again took flight over the city, and located the Citadel Sonata emitted a Purple Aura from her hands creating 4 Darka around the Citadel. She then used her mind to concentrate the hands into Buzz saws and began to carve a large trench around the building, Once finished she began to use the hands again to slowly lift the building from the ground. The area began to shake bit bit, but as heavy was Sonata seemed she wasn't straining in the slightest.As a hole began to open up above Sonata to the midnight sky, she continued to lift it above the sands of Egypt. Higher and Higher she lifted till she got up to 25,000 ft in the air appearing over the clouds," Now Absoul come forth!! A large Black liquid shot out from Sonata's left arm, Molding itself in the sky forming the huge Monster known as Absoul the Defender. Sonata then place the Citadel on Absoul's back and Absoul with his four arms held the Citadel in place. " Oh..Oh My back, this thing is killing me so!" Absoul said to Sonata in a Sarcastic tone. Sonata replied to him as she landed on the Citadel " I know you are faking it Absoul with the abilities you possess. Absoul began to laugh at Sonata remark as Sonata began to set the last part of her plan into action. She took a small dagger and slashed her right hand causing it to bleed, she folded her hands together and concentrated her inner energy to the surface, then she performed several hand signs,"Rin Pyo Toh Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zai Zen". After the chant Sonata  raised her Right hand to the sky as a large blood Red Dragon appeared then shot off in different directions across globe Activating the Dragon Totems. The Totems then began to absorb the Chaos and panic energies generated from the confusion of the planet, then sending them in the atmosphere.With the Citadel at the proper altitude it redirect the energy into itself feeding it into Sonata. " Soon my real potential will be reached only 75% to go."       
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Deep In The Gekido HQ 
In the Gekido Island, a thick and terrifying atmosphere arises as chaos and destruction ensue on the unsuspecting public around the world. Deep within the island's headquarters lies an impenetrable room of unbelievable defenses, inside is the most mysterious Gekido member: Newdeath, this dark and highly protected room houses all of Newdeath's chi-enhanced weapons and armors, whilst in this silent and eerie room Newdeath makes his way passed his weapons and simply walks up to a black hooded cloak. After taking some brief minutes as thoughts rush through his beautiful mind "This is going to be far too easy without any resistance. I certainly hope someone will try to stop us.. that way it will be more interesting" thought Newdeath with a cool and collected demeanor, he calmly reaches for the cloak and within the next few seconds puts it on and tightens his mask that covers the lower half of his face, after putting on the mysterious cloak Newdeath activates his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes as his empty grey eyes slowly turn into a black background with a red six sided star resembling the atom symbol, his new penetrating and sinister eyes begin to create an aura that possesses an eerie and freezing effect. Prepared to leave the Gekido Island to put his own plan in The Gekido Sunrise to motion, Newdeath dissolves into black crows that reappear far off in the forests of the island where they begin to spiral rapidly as they come together and Newdeath reappears. Now on the outdoors of the island Newdeath notices how the birds have ceased to sing, how only wind is blowing and how the Sun refuses to shine "Even nature itself is frightened at what will transpire soon" Newdeath says to himself in a relaxed and aloof manner as he raises his arms summoning powerful winds that carry him off to a new destination. 
In The Tsukasa Island 
Powerful winds blow across the vast landscape of the Tsukasa Island as Newdeath suddenly appears ready to assemble his army for his planned invasion. Newdeath's presence is felt throughout the island as a terrifying darkness looms over the island creating a thick and dark mist slowly makes its way around the island. Now that his feet are touching the country he rules over, Newdeath makes his way to the Tamakitono Palace in the island where he encountered his brothers Mishimo Tsukasa and Kuro Tsukasa who surprisingly happen to be the leaders of the Tsukasa army and the Tsukasa special forces. Upon approaching them, Kuro and Mishimo immediately inform Newdeath that the T.S.U.K.A.S.A squad is ready for the invasion as well as the Tsukasa army. "Very good work both of you but now as I leave with my warriors I am entrusting my kingdom's safety to you two and as I have told you days ago, there are five invisible force field barriers ready to be automatically activated if there is even the slightest chance of an attack" said Newdeath with a calm and cool voice. After gathering half of the Tsukasa Army and the entire T.S.U.K.A.S.A special squad he looks at them with his usual cold and calm facial expression "Remember this day men. This is the day that we expand the Tsukasa empire and the day that we get closer to my ultimate goal" said Newdeath with his cool and calm voice. After telling his warriors that they will achieve glory he then informs them that there is no room for mistakes clearly informing them of the seriousness of the current situation. "We will invade the most powerful country in the world aside from us, the United States of America".  
Afterwards Newdeath physically prepares his warriors with brief training and specific meditation. After Newdeath's warriors are prepared he lets out a quick wave with his arm as a black mist lowers itself on them as they begin to slowly vanish from the Tsukasa Island. During their last moments on the island Newdeath vows to succeed in his invasion
"I will not fail. I never do, the United States of America will be mine. Its just a matter of time" said Newdeath with his usual calm and cool voice however one could hear a hint of seriousness in his voice. The Tsukasa soldiers and T.S.U.K.A.S.A squad members along with Newdeath finally leave their homeland and set course for the United States of America ready to start their chaotic invasion.  
Washington, D.C.
A vast group of black crows hover over a tall building in the capital of the United States: Washington, D.C. as they spiral in mid air creating a black whirling vortex, as the speed of the whirling vortex decreases the black crows dissolve as Newdeath and his warriors stand on the tall building firmly and to their full height with Newdeath being the tallest at 6 foot 5. Finally in the location required for the invasion to begin Newdeath crosses his arms as a gust of wind blows from behind Newdeath placing the hood of Newdeath's cloak on his head. As the time for the invasion has come Newdeath looks on at the city of Washington, D.C. with his usual calm and cold facial expression with a slight hint of seriousness as he orders his Tsukasa Army to begin causing chaos and destruction but makes it clear that they leave as many people alive as possible, he then proceeds to have the T.S.U.K.A.S.A squad members fight the arriving special forces of the United States. With his warriors causing chaos and destruction Newdeath's medium length silver hair flows as the wind blows across his face.  
While his warriors cause buildings to collapse and cause fires to ignite he watches as the prisoners he had released from the world's prisons cause riots and fires, screams of dying people could be heard as others began to resort to suiciding as a means of escape, the prisoners Newdeath released ranging from psychopaths to lunatics to anything as they killed innocents and others raped defenseless bystanders and civilians. True chaos began to ensue as it seemed as though a post-apocalyptic world was to come. Though the United States of America called in their soldiers and armed forces they were not enough to stop the sheer power of Newdeath's warriors, Newdeath himself decided to add his own touch to chaos as he summoned his 80 foot rhino Armor and his gigantic dragon Inari and has them create fires and destroy everything in sight.
"Now it is time to take this country. This is supposed to be their capital city hmph" Newdeath thought as he watched on with his usual cold and emotionless facial expression, he then decides to have the president of the United States surrender the country to him as he uses his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes to manifest his Izanagi Level 3 as he is suddenly surrounded by a massively gigantic ethereal red glowing spirit wielding the legendary and colossal "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword and the "Yata no kagami"  shield, Newdeath then makes his way to the president's residency The White House. Upon arriving on the gates of The White House, Newdeath easily blows them into the sky as he then has one of his Izanagi's massive glowing red demonic arms break into the White House and grab the president as he then faces him and says with a cold and calm tone to his voice "This country is now mine. You will surrender it to me or I will have eternal chaos ensue"
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Planet Earth Nov. 4, 2010

Haseo’s flagship, captains quarters



After having a good night of sleep Haseo gets out of bed ready for another day of evil intentions. Haseo gets out of his bed without waking Ayana, looks around the room, it being extremely quiet, with the lights off, he walks over to the closet to get dressed after getting dressed he washes up and give a genital kiss to Ayana who is still asleep, then opens the sliding door of the captains quarters he walks out to be greeted by his first officer Mia, she then said to Haseo, “well today is the day, Gekido is on its campaign of world dominance, and liked prommest you got Italy”. Haseo smiles and said to here,” make shear everyone’s on board and ready to go were saiding off ", his little brother, Max yells over the ship wide com, “lets have a good mission everyone, now here’s some toons”!! he then plays over the com for everyone on the ship to here the song-”all the right moves” by One Republic. Haseo smirks again and said to Mia,” im off to the bridge. Mia replies, “yes sir” has Haseo walks through hall after white hall ways, seeing crew members doing the same, he then gets on to the bridge that is two decks high, he then sits in the captains chair and said to the pilot, “begin takeoff, location Rome, Italy. The pilot replies,” yes sir " the Prophecy takes off to Italy.

Two hours later they arrive in Italy, were they see everyone on the ground start to panic! Pilot starts laughting and then said,” I cant believe there that afraid”! communications officer then yells out,” CONTACT, 7 inbound enemy fighters barring 8-22-0 south by southwest”! Haseo then yells out to the pilot, “all hands code red sound genarel quarters power up anti-fighter weapons! Piolet yells out, “yes sir”!


At the same time Haseo orders to start sending the ground forces in. the Italian fighters all fire at Haseo’s ship were the Anti-air rail guns just shoot them down, meanwile dropships appear under the ship and spread out accosed Rome, landing eney place there’s room for them to land, the locaile police start fireing at them when they start all funning out of the dropships, APC’s, tanks and mechs also come out of the dropships firing at them, the cops standing no chance they focus on evacuating the population. As Haseo’s troops spread throughout the city killing anyone with a weapon in there hands, Haseo sits in the captains chair cracking a grin at his acompleshment.

Three days later Italy was now under the control of Haseo Yashimora and he now awaits the arrival of Teku.    

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The White House.

A dark figure hides in some bushes near the White House, he looks at his watch "I have less than an hour before Gekido's operation begins. I'd better hurry up." Stealthily he avoids detection and heads into the White House.  Security was tight, everybody would suspect that, but somehow it was less than OmegaMekix expected, he make quick work evading the guards detection. Searching around the area he finally finds what he was looking for, the president. Now the tricky part; he casts a strong illusion on the president, his pupils dilate, getting the United State's defense plan would be easy.
Minutes later he sneaks away from the president's location, everything is still going smoothly, now he needs to find a certain room. Found it! The door creaked as it opened but nobody noticed, the room is full of computers but no one was inside. Heading towards the main computer Mekix begins casting another illusion, this one was to make sure nobody would suspect he was in the room, couldn't be too cautious. Plugging a black gadget to the main computer it starts making a humming noise and unlocks all the computer's secrets. Mekix starts printing a copy of all the information, Gekido would be expecting these. Afterwords the gadget starts to buzz, corrupting all data. 
Pulling out a disposable cell phone Mekix makes a call "Alright Gekido my job is almost completed. All the defense plans have been corrupted and I got the information out of the president. I expect someone to meet me so they may pick up the documents. Remember to keep your end of the bargain." The gadget is unplugged and Mekix hears NewDeath begin his invasion of the White House, the computers in the room activate and start sending out defense plans to all protection  forces, unknown that all documents have been altered. Heading out OmegaMekix hopes mission ends on smooth waters. 

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Canberra, Australia. 7:48 PM

"Well, well. It has gone better than I expected." 

Keith Mackenzie is looking at the mirror image of himself.  He has his everpresent satisfied and confident expression.

"Excuse me, his excellence.  It's time! " 

His aide, Lewis Geralds walks in to warn Keith of his coming appointment. Of course Keith has no need for it.

"Thank you, Lewis. I will." 

Not even taking a glance at him, Keith is saying this. He kept much of the former leadership for various reasons which includes his aide. As usual Keith chooses the smoothest method. Only a simple ceremony is remaining for the competition of his plan. The media is waiting for him already. He walks in the middle of the intense series of  photoflashes without taking a single blink. Of course for Keith it would be the same even if all those flashes were a swarm of dangerous gunfire. Nothing can break his confidence. His objective is clear, his methods are sure and the outcome can only be the best. He steps up on the podium, facing dozens of cameras and more than hundred people. 

"Dear people of Australia! We're facing grave times! As you all probably know by now the previous Prime Minister,  the honourable Lloyd Mendelson and the Governor General, Charles Owl have been proven guilty of severe bribery, embezzlement and selling out national secrets. Such deeds are unfitting for anyone working to serve our citizen, especially for people at high status like they were."

Keith took a little pause. The thing happened a week ago can be called Australia's biggest scandal in 20 years. Of course Keith had a bit of hand of it, but he really didn't have much to do. All he did is to reveal the Prime Minister's secret dealings in an instant. Perhaps he also spiced those up a little for quicker effect.
"Yesterday her majesty the Queen officially deprived him of the title and after a unexpectedly quick decision she appointed Keith Mackenzie, myself as the 26th Governor General of Australia and the Queen." 

 Huge surprise has drawn over the faces of the people. Even if there's no certain set of protocols for appointing the Governor General, but a situation where the new Governor General's position has taken before the Prime Minister's is totally unheard of.  Usually the Prime Minister himself nominates a candidate whom the Queen usually accepts.

 "Of course to avoid the confusion and further chaos just a hour ago I have got the e-mail permission with every senate member's electronic signature as an approval of commission to practice the powers and rights of the prime Minister for the time until a legitimate successor is chosen." 

The crowd is in almost literal rage now. Disbelief and surprise flows in the air. Keith had to make a pause again. 

"Everyone please calm down!" 

Keith raises his voice a little. It's unknown whether he used magic or it only was his charisma and suggestive force but he managed to silence the crowd in an instant. 

"As I mentioned we're facing grave times. This time the disaster has a definite form. In a form of an immense organization called as Gekido. I believe everyone heard of the recent cataclysmal scale of atrocities caused by their actions." 

Cold chilling silence. Everyone present knows the terror that organization represents.  At least by now. The burning capital of the United States were a fairly grand warning.

"The Parliament has decided yesterday. Refusing Gekido's offer was a mistake on our part.  We initiated a secret negotiation between the leadership of the Australian Government and the representatives of Gekido. We came to an agreement. In addition to the previous demands they want to house a part of their army in our country to enforce the conditions without fail. We may expect further demands. Their conditions are much harsher but this is only a little sacrifice compared to the safety of our nation."  

Of course that "part of their army" was actually Keith's own army of Homonculi. For the starters, Gekido has no specific army, at least the kind of which is revealed. In contrast Kieth's homunculous army is widely believed as the true core army of Gekido. While it's absolutely not the case, Keith took a great advantage of this fact. The wolf presenting himself as a sheep. Classical but almost always working and safe method. With that Keith took over a whole continent and it's nation without doing much and he can focus his powers elsewhere.
This fleeting event promises great chaos with wide diversity of people. If anywhere then there's a perfect time for Keith to further his knowledge of the world. He can't wait to see the mess happening there and until then he takes his time unlocking the secrets of the mysterious Dragon Totems and Chaos Energy.
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Facing The President 
As Newdeath hoists the President of the United States of America in the air with his Izanagi Level 3's gigantic demon-like hand as he slowly increases the pressure as a crushing sensation spreads throughout the president's body as the pain being instilled in him is beyond unbearable however Newdeath makes sure the physical trauma does not kill him. As he fully manifests the Izanagi Level 3 spirit around him, it glows a dark red color as its energy radiates throughout the environment creating catastrophic results as a crater forms around him from the resulting energy and the trees are torn from their very foundations and blown into the air by massive bursts of energy from the Izanagi. As the president grows more and more terrified of Newdeath after getting a glimpse of what his power can do he says with a rather alarmed and worried tone "You want me to surrender my country? To the likes of you? N-never! I've come too far to give it all up and I will never leave the lives of millions of people into your hands! Not to the likes of you! I may die but my spirit will live on in the heart of..."  however before the president could finish his determined speech he was interrupted by Newdeath "Oh shut up with that ridiculous speech. Whatever you say will not change the outcome of this event. Since you will not surrender, I have other ways of forcing you to surrender than harming you physically. Maybe harming your loved ones will help you decide"  said Newdeath coldly and emotionlessly to the president as he suddenly froze him with an intense yet extremely calm stare using his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes to search through the president's mind and ultimately cast an illusion of his family and friends being brutally and painfully crucified without mercy as he began to scream not being able to bear the sight that is illusionary to him.  
With the illusion putting a large tole on the president's mind, it nearly drives him insane as he could not bear the thought of watching his loved ones brutally and mercilessly executed through the painful method of cruxifixction and being helpless and the only thing he could do is watch. As the president begins to shed tears from watching his loved ones killed in such a manner only practiced by one of the most ruthless people in ancient times. Although the pain of watching the event was excruciating, the president relish at the fact that the horrible experience was over however Newdeath made the situation worse for the president by coldly and calmly saying "Its not over. You've obviously noticed my unique eyes correct? See with these eyes I can do so many things including screwing with your mind so I can make you see that event any time I wish. I can cast that illusion again and again and again, even though it isn't real, your pain is. Surrender or watch your loved ones die over and over again"
 and as soon those words were said Newdeath used his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes to cast the same illusion again and again causing the president even more pain however as he did so he added his own special inclusion and in the illusion had the president's wife while being crucified desperately and tearfully tell him how scared she is and pleading him to save her from her fate. This was undoubtedly the turning point as the president immediately surrendered his country to Newdeath and proclaimed him its president however Newdeath replied "No. I am not president, I am this country's monarch. Enough with this democratic nonsense"
The Kill, More Destruction 
After the country was given to Newdeath by the president he decided to further increase the president's discomfort by humiliating him as he dragged him across the ground with his Izanagi Level 3 and had the massive ethereal red spirit around him hold the president high in the air forcing him to publicly shout out how he has given the country to a stronger leader and that he has lost faith in the country itself, upon doing this the president tearfully pleaded Newdeath release him so he may end his life there feeling that he has lost his will to live as Newdeath visibly saw the results of his mental attacks on the president however with a rather aloof and relaxed voice Newdeath said "There's no need for that. I'll do it myself" and with that said Newdeath crushed the president to death with his Izanagi's colossal demonic hand as a fountain of blood poured from the Izanagi's hand due to crushing the president to death, Newdeath then proceeded to burn the president's remains to ashes by casting the jet black "Kagutsuchi" flames with his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes, he then sealed the flames away with his unique eyes. After killing the president of the United States of America, Newdeath looked at the White House with a cool and collected facial expression and has the Izanagi Level 3 slash its "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword in the air releasing a massive sword-shaped energy construct and sent it at the White House easily destroying it as a large explosion occurred. It was then stated by Newdeath that a new empire will be established on that very land and that a new house for the country's leader will be built on the same area that the White House once stood upon. However as he made this declaration of a new era he was interrupted by army forces of the United States as a tank shot a missile at him only for Newdeath's Izanagi to use its "Yata no kagami" shield to block the attack and absorb its energy, Newdeath then shifted his eyes to the army noticing a vast amount of soldiers wielding several weapons and tanks as they declared that they will take their country back however their heroic declaration became even more impossible as Newdeath used his "Summoning Technique" to summon his various summons including his Phoenix Light and his one hundred foot Tiger Panthera, he proceeded to gather all of his summons: Armor the eighty foot Rhino and his massive dragon Inari, he then placed his hands together and performed two hand signs as a bright flash of white light appeared on the horizon blinding all but Newdeath and as the white light faded away a gigantic beast bigger than all of Newdeath's summons combined appeared as Newdeath thought to himself in a rather relaxed and calm manner "Yes this is the "Fusion Technique". Now Let us see how Ribasu handles these pathetic insects"
As Ribasu The Fusion was created, Newdeath had it completely destroy the entire army and devastate the rest of the environment ordering it to destroy countless infrastructures but specifically telling it that it should leave as many people alive as possible stating that he does not wish to rule his new kingdom with no people in it. As Ribasu devastates the land, Newdeath simply watches with his Izanagi Level 3 still manifested as he suddenly hears a loud sonic boom from the sky, he calmly looks at the sky and spots large groups of fighter jets as well as other planes from the United States Air Force visibly launching missiles at him only for him to easily dispatch the missiles by absorbing their energy and power with his "Yata no kagami" shield
"Idiots. They do not know that physical attacks do not work on me when I am using my Izanagi ability, this is an absolute defense". Newdeath observes the feeble attempts of the United States Air Force with his usual cold and calm facial expression but ultimately decides to completely destroy them as he has his Izanagi Level 3's "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword discharge a powerful energy wave that quickly disintegrates the airborne forces into nothingness. 
The destruction being caused by Newdeath gains world wide attention as its events are being covered on the news. Newdeath watches the chaos and catastrophes being caused with the calm and cold facial expression he has that has grown to become his trademark, his Izanagi Level 3's energy radiating with great intensity causing destruction upon the land, a strong gust of wind blows across his the Izanagi as Newdeath plants its colossal "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword into the ground as more armed forces arrive with a new unique machine that scans the amount of energy in energy sources so that they may be aware of how much firepower they will need to stop Newdeath however as the machine gives them the results, one of the soldiers states that they are doomed as he cries out with a terrified voice and facial expression
"W-We can't win... th-the machine says he has enough power to destroy the planet... w-we're doomed" and soon afterwards Newdeath kills all of the soldiers and destroys the armed forces in the area with a simple wave of the "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword as he coldly says to himself while looking on at the horizon "This country is mine. Nobody can stop me"
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 Barely outside of the Washington D.C. city limit OmegaMekix walks to his destination. Turning around for a small glimpse he witnesses the destruction being caused, chills were sent down his spine in a constant manner he had to calm himself "There was nothing else you can do, you did your best and two-thousand children are sparred. That's worth it." Somehow it didn't help.
His attention shifts to the briefcase holding all the documents Gekido wanted, all that was left now was to deliver it to another agent. He gets to the meeting location, nobody is there, looking at his watch he notices he was perfectly on time. "How much longer? I don't want to keep waiting to leave." Obviously Mekix is growing impatient.     
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Red dyed oil filled the grooves between his fingers, as he rubbed them together. Grabbing a stained rag, he wiped off his fingers, and took in a deep breath of cold air. Above the man, dangled an incandescent light bulb, which was fixed in a cone shaped shade. The light flickered on and off now and then, and had a few insects flying around it. Standing up to his feet, he removed a key from his pocket and set it in the ignition. "Here goes nothing." He turned the key to the on position, and kicked down on the starting pedal. The high performance four cylinder engine before him roared to life.

Creak! Un-oiled hinges squeaked as a door swung open, a man in his early thirties emerging. Laughing as he saw his motorcycle running, he spoke to the mechanic. "I see you were able to get her to run." The mechanic nodded his head. The man reached up and grabbed a motorcycle helmet, and dusted it off with his hand. "I remember the day when people lived care free. When the global economy was stable, at least for the most part, and resources were abundant in most places." His tone changed to one in despair. "Now, people live in fear. Attacking each other, trying to survive this economic breakdown, and..." He stopped, looking toward the mechanic, who was in his late teens. "...when they called you a Hero."

The mechanic's eyes left the eyes of his friend, and looked toward the flickering light. "A Hero? Those were the days. The days before people blamed Heroes for their problems." He shot his hand up from his side faster than the blink of an eye, and held a fly between two of his fingernails ever so slightly, saving it from getting too close the hot bulb. "People are always drawn towards danger, no matter how they avoid it." He moved it out of harms way, and let it go. The man with the helmet smiled. "I see you haven't lost your touch." The mechanic smiled back. The older man then said, "You'll always be a hero to me, Cly."

Toss! Moving in an arc through the air, the helmet was grabbed by Cly. "What's this?" The man grinned. "You fixed her up, why not take her out for a spin?" The mechanic answered, "Thank you, but I have my own girl waiting for me, and she's the kind that doesn't like to be kept waiting." At the moment he finished his sentence, a telepathic voice spoke in his head. The feminine voice, said, >>Finally finished? Let's head out.<< He smiled. Okay, hang on a second. He shook hands with the man, then exited out of the front door. The man stood in his doorway, and watched him walk into the open area.

Coming to a stop, the rider extended his arms up towards the sky, and closed his eyes. Snatch! A fraction of a second later, he was gone. Carried into the air by a speeding, emerald scaled dragon, the sudden change from zero air resistance to much air resistance caused his clothes to beat wildly and rip in a few places.  

Vibrate! His telepathic Teku communicator went off, and sent him a transmission. What is this? The words of Sonata of Gekido filled his mind, her threat to destroy all life on Earth, if she wasn't made ruler of this planet. The transmission ended. The knight closed his eyes, to think about what he had just heard. Seconds later, he was interrupted by Esmeralda. >>What's the plan swordsman?<< He thought about the question. We stop them. He selected the number of Kimiko Cronos, the team leader, and called her with his communicator. No answer. Hmmm...I wonder where she could be. >>Time is of the essence, and if we are going to act, we need to act now.<< He replied, Let's do this. To Teku! Esmeralda extended her wings out, and beat them fast and hard. Whoosh! Like a rocket taking off, the two were headed toward their base, to embark on what would later seem to be, an impossible mission.
Grabbing hold of many items that could prove to be useful, he put them in his pack. Satisfied, he logged into the Teku main network, and saw live information popping up on the screen. "Crimson red dragon sighted in Egypt." "Giant ship and small army invade Italy." "New Governor General of Australia, Keith Mackenzie." "President of the United States of America held hostage in D.C." Those four happenings stood out to him, and he thought that they all could be possibly linked to Gekido's death threat, but he wasn't sure.
Sinking her claws into the top of his pack, and lifting him off the ground, Esmeralda looked straight into his eyes with her glowing yellow, piercing eyes, and said in a sweet tone, >>Ready to fly?<< Cly smiled. In a moment. First we need to decide where we are going to go. He put his hand to his chin, and nodded his head. Italy could result in the most fatalities in a short time, so that is where we will travel to first. After we make a short scene there, we will head to Washington D.C., and continue from there.

He activated a teleportation unit , which would allow him to get there faster than anything else. Standing in front of a large mirror, he watched as his body de-materialized. 


His feet, legs, torso, arms, and head re-materialized, quickly followed by Esmeralda. Cly clenched his arms around his stomach, and fell to the ground.  "I get...teleportation sickness." She rolled her eyes, grabbed him by the pack, and threw him on her back. >>Remember what we came here for?<< He quickly snapped out of his sick feeling, and looked outside. Far off in the distance, he could see a giant ship, with many aerial fighters swarming around it, gunning down any opposition. He felt the wind push him back as she extended her wings, and crouched down, ready for takeoff. High or low? She took off from the large room, crashing through a wall, and rising up vertically with awesome speed. >>We strike from above!<< 
Flying in the clouds, so as not to give away her position, Esmeralda approached the large ship. Wait outside here, I'm going in solo. Esmeralda said in a slightly serious tone, >>Don't get caught.<< He smiled, and replied, I've got the whole stealth thing down. I've read a lot of novels about... >>Novels aren't real rider.<< He thought about it a moment, then agreed. Right. They were fifty meters away, and Cly stood up on her back, planted his feet, pushed off, ran forward, and jumped off. >>Be careful.<< He flashed her a double thumbs up as he neared the ship. >>One of these days your carefree ways will catch up with you.<< It's a good thing that day isn't today. He saw the side of ship, five meters away, and reached for his sword. 
Cut! A perfectly circular piece of the outer wall, three feet in diameter was pushed, as the rider came in contact with it. He used a groove in the design as a handle, and held it, before it hit the walkway inside. Land! His feet came in contact with the spotless floor, and almost slipped, except the knight had near perfect balance, and easily adjusted himself in an instant. He placed the cut piece of wall back, as if nothing had ever happened. Looking around, he saw no one in sight, then closed his eyes. Activating his telepathy, his mind drifted around, looking for anyone that could catch him. Nothing close. Removing a small device from his pocket, he held it up, and pressed the blue button on it. 
A low level electro-magnetic pulse radiated from it, disabling any cameras that could be within range of picking him up. He slipped the device in his pocket, still active, and darted along the halls, looking for the main control room. Slowly to a halt, he crouched down, and hid in a dark corner. A man, one of the workers most likely came walking around the corner. After he had passed, Cly stood up, now with a mental map of the location of the main control room. 
Quickly making his way there, he stopped, and looked at the advanced technology. He sighed. Come on, this is way too advanced for me. His sigh quickly changed to a smiled. But nothing for a Teku gadget. He removed a small, spider-like drone from his backpack, and set it down, near the control panels. It went to work, and Cly turned to make his escape. Running back the way he came, he came to the spot that he had cut the hole. The knight waited for the drone to successfully hack the system. A robotic voice came over his Teku communicator, and said, "Hack successful. Activate the ship's self destruct sequence?" Cly responded, Affirmative. Set the timer to five minutes, so they have enough time to escape.  He pulled the cut circular section towards him. He joked, Hope this doesn't cost them too much for their heating bill. He jumped out of the hole, and was caught in moments by razor sharp, black claws. >>Still in one piece I see.<< He smiled. 
On the ship, a loud voice rang through the entire craft. "SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE ACTIVATED. SHIP WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN T-MINUS 5 MINUTES." Cly looked down through the clouds, and didn't see any of the ships below. What happened to those ships? She bared her teeth playfully, >>Oh those? I had to busy myself with something while I was waiting for you.<< He smiled. And what of the pilots? >>Unconscious down below, on the ground.<< Great. She descended down to the ground, once they were a good distance away. There are still many people in danger from the army below, but time is of the essence. His eyes lit up with an idea. I know what we can do. Fly over to that house. He pointed toward a house, with windows broken out. Esmeralda took off into the air, and landed in front of it. He's an old friend. It will only take but a moment.
Enter! Cly stepped inside the house. Bang! Bang! Two gunshots went off, fired from an M4 rifle. Surprised, but not caught off guard, he reached for his sword, withdrew it in an instant, and blocked both bullets. He then re-sheathed it, and said, "Dante? Hello? This is Cly. You remember me?" A man emerged from the living room, rifle in hand. He lowered it, and felt a sense of relief as he saw his old pal. "Buddy! Haven't seen you for a few years. Sorry, I mistook you for one of the invaders." He motioned for the rider to come towards him. There, hidden behind a couch, was the man's family. His wife, three kids, and a whole lot of ammunition. Cly greeted them, then asked Dante if he could speak to him in private. They left the room. 
"This country is in need of a hero, and I would gladly help, but I need to be elsewhere." He handed the man a small, metallic object. "This is a suit that bonds with the user, and grants them enhanced speed, durability, and firepower." Cly pulled out four more similar devices. "I'm asking you to protect your country, and find four others that will help you overcome this threat." Dante nodded his head. "I trust you Cly, and I will take up this task." The rider smiled. "Glad to hear it." He paused, then said, "Oh, and those four others are not for your family. A strong will, a brave heart, and a warrior's spirit is needed to handle those suits." He then turned towards the door. "I must now leave this to you." Dante looked over the small object in his hand. "Wait, how do I...?" The metallic object melted into a semi liquid state, and crawled up along his arm, covering his whole body in moments. A heads up display screen walked him through what he had at his disposal. Light machine gun, sub machine gun, flamethrower, grenade launcher, electrical disruptor, and more. 
Outside, Esmeralda carried Cly away, headed back towards the teleportation device.

Washington D.C.

Emerging from a teleportation unit, he saw the White House, and the area around it, in a complete state of ruin. There were bodies everywhere, some badly injured, many dead. He stomach cringed at the thought that he could have had a chance to stop this if he had chosen to come here first. Tightening his fist, Cly saw a giant beast, which resembled a rhino, phoenix, tiger, and dragon, all combined into one hideous monster. That is one big baddie. The knight saw a red aura that surrounded a man with white hair, causing mass mayhem. It looks to be like this could be the guy who caused this. He took in a deep breath. I've got dibs on the guy, you can take on that monstrosity. She growled with excitement. >>I've been wanting to go after some big game.<< The emerald scaled dragon pointed her tail down towards the ground. >>As opposed to before, we should strike below the ground.<< Cly nodded, and pushed off her back, flipping once in the air, and landed behind her. He grabbed hold of the end of her tail. >>Hang on!<< 
Dive! She plunged down into the ground, digging down at a forty five degree angle, then flattening out, headed straight towards where the action was happening. She was a creature who could travel through air, water, and earth, all with ease. She tunneled through the earth at speeds of over fifty miles per hour, the two approaching their foes quickly. Both dragon and rider were counting on this surprise attack to help them get the upper hand, and possibly end this battle all at once. Esmeralda came to a halt. >>He's right above you.<< Spitting a mouthful of dirt from his mouth, he nodded, and let go of her tail. She then left him, heading towards the monster. 
Emerge! Cly shot up out of the ground, and swung his double edged sword, Valor of Infinity, at the red demon like form surrounding the fiend. What would hopefully would be a surprise attack, would allow him to use the sharpest weapon in existence to cut through whatever defenses await him. The air, as a result of his powerful swing, cut, sending an invisible wave of splitting air twenty meters, in an arc, from the initial swing. This splitting air wasn't near the power of the actual blade cutting, but it was strong enough to cut through steel effortlessly. This is it!
Carving out a large space underneath the monster, Esmeralda knew that it was much bigger than herself, but she had full confidence that she could take this thing down. >>Let's see how well you handle in a pitfall.<< Esmeralda collapsed the cavern, attempting to cause the feet of the creature to fall down within her underground domain. If successful, the feet would plunge ten meters down, and she would try to take off both those legs. With her razor sharp, black claws, and pearl white, dagger long teeth, she would try to get to the bone of each leg, and snap it in half. >>Fear the power of a dragon!<<
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A Hero Strikes 
As Newdeath looks on at the horizon with his usual cold and calm facial expression, thoughts rush through his head "Hmm isn't there anyone foolish enough to at least try and stop me? Maybe someone will emerge in due time". As the silver haired warrior ponders many thoughts he begins feeling a strange energy of at least two creatures approaching as he clenches his fists and hopes that possibly it is an opponent who has come, the suspense of a possible battle begins to build up within Newdeath's warrior spirit as he coldly says to himself "This is going to be fun. Now I am certain that a fool is coming", Newdeath activates his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes granting him a complete 360 degree view. The odd energy signals get closer and closer as Newdeath's facial expression changes from calm and cold to aloof and relaxed as he thinks to himself in a cool and composed manner "Ah so it is him. The one who tried to fight me in Gekido, his energy level isn't high.. oh well at least I will get some form of entertainment from him and his pet. Does he actually think his sneaking around will let him succeed in his supposed surprise attack? Nothing gets passed my Immortal Tsukasa Eyes and that talking isn't helping him either.. does he think his attack will break my defense? Well lets see if he can unleash enough power to destroy entire continents then maybe we'll have some real fun. Whatever his name is he is rather troublesome or should I say annoying? I guess I'll just have to kill him" thought Newdeath as his Izanagi Level 3's energy continued to radiate intensely forming an extremely gigantic and deep crater from the resulting collateral damage caused by the radiating energy. 
Newdeath sent a telepathic message to his Ribasu summon via his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes
"Some pathetic dragon will try and attack you, so brace yourself and fight. Do me proud and use your power Ribasu, do not lose to this insect. Now it is the time to prove yourself to me" said Newdeath telepathically as he turned his attention to the approaching energy from underneath him. As an odd looking warrior burst from the ground and swung a double edged sword at Newdeath's Izanagi Level 3, Newdeath simply shifted his dark and penetrating eyes piercing through the young warrior's own eyes as he flashed him a rather cold and freezing stare however as Newdeath witnessed this act of bravery or rather foolishness he noticed the air cut by the powerful swing of the hero sending an invisible wave of splitting air twenty meters in an arc from the initial swing, Newdeath while observing the warrior's apparently heroic attempts he used his own Immortal Tsukasa Eyes to determine the amount of power in the attack eventually concluding that it is powerful enough to easily slice through steel "Hmm this kid could have been a good opponent during the time when I only possessed the base Tsukasa Eyes" said Newdeath coldly as he then turned his head watching his summon Ribasu do battle against the hero's dragon, as the dragon collapsed the cavern she was in attempting to cause Ribasu to fall into it, she however would not expect Ribasu to remain in place as it apparently stood in mid air as it said with a roaring and deep voice "I can fly fool. A dragon eh? This should be quite interesting, I think you could be a rather good match up for part of the beasts needed to create me, you could have fought the dragon Inari however I am neither Inari, Armor nor any of the beasts. I am the result of their rebirth into one powerful being, I am Ribasu" and after these meaningful words were said Ribasu lifted his arm high into the sky forming a fist as the sheer physical power flowing through his veins was unimaginable surpassing even Newdeath's physical strength. 
In a sign to show that the battle has truly begun, Ribasu channels his physical energy into his arm and swings for a punch in the air, the energy so tremendous and great enough to shatter mountains is discharged from Ribasu's fist and heads towards Esmeralda at under 0.2 seconds in the form of a force blast ready to hit her with its intense and massive power. 
As the hero's attack approaches Newdeath, the Izanagi spirit summoned for the manifestation calmly places its shield right in front of the attack defending Newdeath from the attack while Newdeath coldly stares at the hero with his dark and soulless eyes as his calm and cool demeanor allows him to make decisions properly without falling under the pressure and heat of battle.
"Impressive attack however with my Izanagi manifested physical attacks don't work on me. I can manifest four Izanagi levels, the level one which grants me enough energy to destroy entire islands and well I'm not going to describe them all to you but my level 4 is enough to affect the entire planet but in case your wondering which one I am using. It is the Izanagi Level 3. Your attack will be reflected by my Izanagi's shield. The "Yata no kagami" shield reflects all physical attacks and the Izanagi's "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword can seal anyone in an eternal illusionary world where one experiences their worst fears for all eternity. Of course this power comes with a heavy price" said Newdeath with a calm and aloof voice as he spoke with the hero, a Tsukasa soldier running from behind preparing to attack Cly shouts "You are a fool! With Izanagi, Tamakitono Ray Tsukasa has impenetrable defense and its sword is strong too. He is for all purposes while using Izanagi invincible!" now behind Cly, the Tsukasa warrior prepares to deliver a chi-enhanced needle-like strike aimed at Cly's spinal cord while Newdeath's Izanagi Level 3 uses its "Yata no kagami" shield to reflect Cly's sword attack right back at him as Newdeath watches with a detached and relaxed facial expression and says with his calm and cool voice "Lets how fast you are"
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Yggdrasil, Portal Room Berkanan 27:

"Sator Omnipotens,
defende nos in proelio,
tribue nos vires vel ante Abbyssae,
succure nos in mactus feculentia valde totus.
Nos territi nunquam,
nos inclini nunquam,
nos vendi officius sanctus ventri nunquam.
Sator Omnipotens,
incubo nos."
 It's the loud prayer of more than hundred knights of the Inquisition. A Special Executor, Gottfried Marx, the infamous PALADIN is leading their prayer. They're facing a battle soon on a world different than theirs. As fighters of the Inquisition it is their duty to challenge evil-doers threatening the stability of the world.  Their commander is a Special Executor - A knight with the highest status possible- showing the significance of their mission. Just a while ago an evil organization named Gekido made its move in an effort to take over the world of Berkanan 27.  Simultaneously with their actions a strange, highly unstable and practicuary unknown kind of energy has started to gather. This phenomenon bothers the leadership of the Inquisition greatly. That's why they dispatched such a strong force. As the knights end their prayers Gottfried stands and begins his speech: "Champions of the Sacred Order. Another grim time has come. We face an unknown enemy, with an unknown outcome. They can be anywhere in any form, lying in the shadows to assault us. But we will stand! We steel our souls, close our minds and brace ourselves! As the holy knights of the Ordo Novo Inquisitorum we won't show any weakness to the heretic! " Loud cheer greeted Gottfried in uniformity to his words. He continues: "Countless Explorati are working without a rest to unravel this mystery.  Their hard work have bore fruit finally. They've found the source of the disruption in the face of numerous heretical monuments. The very origin of this plague remained unknown but now it's finally our time to act, comrades!". A similar cheer welcomed Gottfried's speech again.
"We will crush those statues of falsehood! We scatter like the petals of pure rose and destroy everything impure! Let us depart! Depart for our Almighty Creator's glory!"
 The runes scribbled all over the room suddenly light up and circles containing runic sentences are appearing on the floor. Knights are walking inside those only to be disappeared in the next instant. Meanwhile Gottfried continues his speech:"We are the spear piercing through evil. We are the sword slaying the impure. We are the hammer crushing the heretic. We are the dutiful dogs of the Inquisition!"
And thus the holy Ordo Novo Inquisitorum of Yggdrasil made it's presence at the apocalyptic war against Gekido. 
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Cave in! The ground caved in, but as the dust cleared, the giant creature had not fallen into the trap. Beating two large wings, it stayed suspended within the air. Speaking with a deep voice, that had a growling tone to it, he said, "I can fly fool. A dragon eh? This should be quite interesting, I think you could be a rather good match up for part of the beasts needed to create me, you could have fought the dragon Inari however I am neither Inari, Armor nor any of the beasts. I am the result of their rebirth into one powerful being, I am Ribasu." Sending a telepathic message to the monster, Esmeralda said, >>My name is Esmeralda, and you are my prey.<< She looked up, and saw that the creature was raising one of his giant arms in the air. It looked as though he meant to crush her.

Slam! The fist came down through the air faster than the green dragon could have imagined. She couldn't dig, she couldn't hide, she couldn't stand her ground. Esmeralda beat her wings once, her lean, speed tuned muscles propelling her forward with enough speed to escape the initial blow. The resulting shock wave caused by the hit caused the ground to ripple, like a stone in a still lake, and flung earth and debri around the blast radius. Tucking her wings, and bracing her impact, she was hit by many tons of rubble, buried deep underneath the ground. As the dust cleared, two wings shot up, out of the ground. Tunneling underground with her wings exposed, like a shark with its fin, she rocketed out of the ground, beating her wings strong and fast.

Approaching Ribasu at hundreds of miles per hour, she curved her flight path into a spiral, starting low, and coming up, making loop after loop around the fusion beast. Inhaling fresh oxygen from the surrounding air, the air combusted in her lungs, gathering heat. Exhale! A stream of blazing white fire, in excess of fifteen hundred degrees celsius, sped toward the giant beast. In moments, a cloud made of white fire would hopefully surround Ribasu, exposing his entire body to the blazing hot flame.

Diving into the heat herself, Esmeralda located the target that could take this behemoth out in one hit. The throat. She attempted to land on the beast, cut into the front side of Ribasu's neck, and then bite onto his jugular vein with her bite. If successful, she would bite and thrash about until she tore it in half. >>You will fall under my jaws!<<


The earth shaking around him, Cly's eyes widened as he felt the powerful force radiating from this villain. The rider's eyes locked with the cold, dark stare of the silver haired man, he quickly averted his gaze. The knight's powerful cutting attack was stopped, up against what appeared to be a large shield. As if time had stopped, the attack stay still. The red eyed man began to speak, "Impressive attack however with my Izanagi manifested physical attacks don't work on me. I can manifest four Izanagi levels, the level one which grants me enough energy to destroy entire islands and well I'm not going to describe them all to you but my level 4 is enough to affect the entire planet but in case your wondering which one I am using. It is the Izanagi Level 3. Your attack will be reflected by my Izanagi's shield. The "Yata no kagami" shield reflects all physical attacks and the Izanagi's "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword can seal anyone in an eternal illusionary world where one experiences their worst fears for all eternity. Of course this power comes with a heavy price" Cly stood his ground, unmoving. One of the villain's henchmen came running up behind the rider, and yelled out, "You are a fool! With Izanagi, Tamakitono Ray Tsukasa has impenetrable defense and its sword is strong too. He is for all purposes while using Izanagi invincible!" The man behind the rider performed a quick, needle like strike towards his back. Simultaneously, the shield that had stopped the mighty blade of Valor, deflected the attack back towards him. He said, "Let's see how fast you are."

Slash! In a fraction of a second, the blade came swept through Cly at the waist, and through both hands of the man who had tried to attack him. A line of blood shown around his waist, and a trickle came down from his mouth. His upper half of his body began to slide off his lower half, when it came to a stop. Behind him, the henchman was on the ground, crying out in pain, as both his hands were spurting blood, and split from the skin between the middle finger and ring finger, all the way down to his wrist. Still standing, was the dark brown haired swordsman. His eyes were closed, activating his healing ability. His spine was the first to re-attach itself, followed by the bones, organs, muscle, nerves and finally skin. Blood that had flooded areas it wasn't suppose to be had been pushed out to the sides of his torso, and dripped down where he had been cut. Speaking back to Ray, he said, "Fast enough for you?"

Opening his eyes, he narrowed them, and wiped off his own blood from his double edged sword. "I must say, that was quite painful." He wiped the blood from his mouth, and sheathed his sword. Turning around, his back facing the red eyed demon, Cly looked toward the man who had tried to attack him from behind, and bent down. "Stop thrashing about, stay still." He closed his eyes. The severed skin between both of the henchman's hands stretched apart, the skin locating where the other skin it was suppose to be with. As if by pulleys, the destroyed hands were pulled together, the muscle tissue repairing itself, the bone coming back together, and the skin covering it all up. The man, healed, tried to get up, but felt light headed. "I'd rest for a while, you've lost a lot of blood." Not even looking back towards Ray, Cly unsheathed his sword a centimeter. He looked over his left shoulder, towards the man on the ground. "I recall you said something about Tsukasa having an impenetrable defense." He gathered the spit in his mouth, and spat a bloodied saliva out on the ground. "Your leader, does he exist in tangible space?" Five seconds had passed, and the rider smiled.

SPACIAL SLASH! So fast, considered to be instant, the attempted attack would have two angled cuts appear inside the demon cloak, cutting a large x-shaped design through Ray. The sword he had sheathed, the sharpest sword in existence, had the ability to cut anywhere in space, even if it was a distance away, or through an impenetrable object. Aside from reading the attack and knowing precisely where it will strike, so as to try and dodge it, the only way that one could escape this attack is not exist in space. All that was required was five seconds, of being sheathed, unmoving. The time it took for the blade to rule over space.
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Ribasu watched as the emerald green dragon Esmeralda listened to its words apparently aware of the disadvantage it is in however it quickly revealed a side of confidence and bravery telling Ribasu that she is a dragon called Esmeralda and proceeded to point out that Ribasu was its prey. The statement made from the opposing dragon drew no change in Ribasu's serious and intense demeanor as it observed the dragon flap its wings and generated the sufficient speed to escape the power of Ribasu's attack that clearly showed that the true battle had begun, the act in turn somewhat surprised Ribasu who was still not fazed by the resilience and fighting spirit of Esmeralda as Ribasu had seemingly adopted a trait from his summoner Newdeath. "Prey am I? You've got it all wrong, I am the alpha beast of this battle, nothing can stop me.. only master Ray Tsukasa. Allow me to elaborate while your speed is nothing to spit at, I am not impressed by your power yet. Show me what you can really do weakling!" said Ribasu with a rather intense and battle fulfilled tone carrying an excited facial expression apparently waiting for Esmeralda's attack. 
Suddenly in yet another act of impressive speed Esmeralda disappeared and within the next few seconds bursted from the ground and spiral round and round Ribasu gathering fresh and clean oxygen, her speed shifting every second and her flight path remaining spiral in nature, soon as Ribasu became irritated by the repetitive nature of Esmeralda's strategy and decided to attack however as his thoughts had not reached his entire body to turn into physical action he noticed a blazing hot white flame blow straight at him as his body was then exposed to the burning flame several hundred of degrees in heat however as it seemed as though Ribasu was finished he surprised all. 
As more and more minutes passed by the blazing hot flame would have incinerated any regular beast by now however not being able to spot Esmeralda due to the cloud of the intense hot white flame Ribasu decided to speak out and reveal his survival tactic
"Did you forget that part of me is a dragon as well? The dragon summoned to be a part of me is called Inari, he is one of the most powerful dragons in existence. His power is great and intense but even more so he is immune to heat of any kind and I possess all of the powers and abilities of the beasts required to form me as well as my own unique powers. I guess you should know now that your attack was useless and also I have the armored durability of a mystic giant Rhino, do you actually think a small little flame like this could have harmed me?" said Ribasu while yelling out to Esmeralda revealing why and how he survived the flame. 
In order to retaliate Ribasu would require vision however one should note that he does have the senses of other creatures, those senses being super powered. Ready to attack Esmeralda, Ribasu calmly stood still and silently became one with nature as he could hear the birds fleeing from the scene, the tiny cracks deep in the Earth forming and sound of the airborne Esmeralda. Ribasu in a state of hurry and irritation became driven and fueled by his desire to either kill or incapacitate Esmeralda as he unleashed his true power causing the ground beneath him to quake with intensity, the veins in his body began to bulge and pop out, his muscles grew bigger and swelled up and his eyes began to glow as Ribasu clenched his fists and let out an extremely loud roar that caused nearby building to blow apart, he had unleashed the power he normally restrains in battle however this time it is not due to a powerful enemy but intense irritation.  
Around Ribasu's body blue electrical arcs began to appear and become prominent as he silently waited for Esmeralda to approach. Soon enough he heard her dive into the heat heading towards Ribasu to attack him however Ribasu's full power was devastating and could it possibly be too much for Esmeralda to handle? As soon as she was in the perimeter Ribasu drew back both his arms and channeled immense physical energy into them feeling the flow of energy, its body surging with power enough to destroy even the largest mountains of the Earth, as Esmeralda was mere feet away from him he let out an extremely powerful thunderclap creating a very powerful shock-wave that tore the buildings of their very foundations and if the wave successfully hits Esmeralda it could possibly end the battle in seconds. 
Newdeath Vs. Cly  
As the sword slash previously launched by Cly was reflected by Newdeath's Izanagi Level 3 it struck Cly with all of its previous power and speed slicing through his waist as it slid off his body's lower half and unfortunately the attack continued on its rampage and seemingly injured one of Newdeath's Tsukasa Soldiers however a surprise struck Newdeath as he calmly witnessed Cly healing himself noting that the hero has an accelerated healing factor
"A healing factor huh? Not bad for a kid. Lets see how he'll handle being vaporized with a massive energy blast" said a calm and composed Newdeath who looked on with his usual aloof and detached facial expression, his Izanagi's power continuing to radiate as the spirit tempted Newdeath to unleash its full power only for him to continue restraining it "Please. Why would I use my full power against this kid? Izanagi Level 3 is already too much for him, if I used all of Izanagi level 3's power it would mean destruction for the Earth and I want to take over the planet not destroy it... well at least not yet" said Newdeath in a telepathic message via his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes to the Izanagi spirit. Newdeath looked on watching Cly attempt to heal his Tsukasa soldier however as Cly finished healing the soldier the warrior's body suddenly vanished in a flash of white light revealing it to be a Tsukasa Clone as the real soldier apparently possessing the Eternal Tsukasa Eyes leaped out from a building and yelled "Like my clone said you are a fool. We Tsukasas are masters of the mind, I could cast an illusion right now and you might not even be aware of it. Even more so you are fighting Monarch Ray Tsukasa, because he possesses the Immortal Tsukasa Eyes that nobody else has means you are in deep trouble. His illusions are nearly impossible to escape or withstand, now feel the rage of the Tsukasa Clan!" and suddenly from that single yell, the Tsukasa warrior vanished "Poof" a cloud of white smoke was the remnant of the Tsukasa soldier but could he truly be gone?  
As Cly used his powerful sword and skillful swordsmanship skills he let out two slashes releasing two powerful angled cuts that would hit Newdeath with immense intensity and power however this was no physical attack, this attack travelled through intangible space and could easily make its way into Newdeath's Izanagi Level 3, turn tangible and strike Newdeath and if the tactic succeeds would it harm Newdeath? Who has withstood many powerful attacks without using the Izanagi through his own durability surviving city destroying attacks without injury? One will have to wait and see the result of the battle. As Newdeath observed the attack with his Immortal Tsukasa Eyes it could reveal the attack's properties and tell him of its nature, within a millisecond he was aware of the attack and how it worked. His cold and calm facial expression did not fade away and was maintained throughout the entire situation as he proceeded to coldly say
"Tsukasa do not have an impenetrable defense. Tsukasas who possess the Immortal Tsukasa Eyes have an impenetrable defense"
Newdeath continued to elaborate on the matter at hand
"There have only been two Tsukasas in all of history to possess the Immortal Tsukasa Eyes, the legendary Sashima Tsukasa and me, I could not afford having competition as well as having an idiot who causes me nothing but trouble live, kind of like you only much much stronger than you. I killed him so I am the only one who possesses these eyes. These eyes grant me a vast array of abilities, I can cast illusions, see through them, trap you in illusionary worlds, screw with your mind, I have 360 degree view with a 10 mile radius, I can see through solid objects and even if you were to turn invisible I can still detect your life-force with these eyes and "See You" and much more. Aside from that I have 3 powerful main abilities that awoke on the fateful day that I gained these eyes: The Ame-no-Koyane, The Izanagi and The Kagutsuchi"  said a calm and relaxed Newdeath.
He proceeded to say with his cool and calm voice while staring into Cly's eyes
"It looks like you didn't listen to what I said earlier. The "Yata no kagami" shield grants me an impenetrable defense and reflects any attack that comes my way but if it passes through a different dimension that is something else, the attack must be physical so you listened a bit but you did forget about the "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword. It can seal things in an illusionary world be the thing physical, spiritual or in an entirely different dimension of space meaning I can simply seal your attack. That is why that Tsukasa Soldier who attacked you said that I am for all purposes invincible when using Izanagi and if you were to teleport inside of the Izanagi.. well it would burn the very flesh off of your skin, anything from outside the Izanagi will be destroyed once inside it except me, it gives me everything I need like oxygen. Now as I said before, I wanted to see how fast you are. Looks like you are barely faster than a human, thats a big disadvantage fighting someone who moves at Mach speeds don't you think but your fighting spirit is admirable well to the weak at least" 
As Cly's attack was mere seconds away from passing through the Izanagi, Newdeath used the "Totsuka no Tsurugi" sword and sealed the attack away as suddenly the Tsukasa soldier who had previously attacked Cly appeared on Cly's right as he rushed at him ready to ram him with the strength sufficient to collapse buildings while Newdeath had the Izanagi Level 3's gigantic arm break a cavern underground and had it stretch out into it and burst from the ground beneath Cly's feet as a powerful gust of wind was released, the Izanagi arm with its demonic-like sharp red glowing hand moved at over 900 mph preparing to grab Cly as Newdeath looked on with his usual cold and calm facial expression, he then proceeded to use one of the Immortal Tsukasa Eyes's most powerful abilities and cast the jet black Kagutsuchi flames hotter than even the core of the Earth in the form of a colossal wave of black flames moving at the speed of sound (770 mph) as Newdeath proceeded to coldly say "End of the line" . 
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USA, Washington D.C.:

"Executor Cassheiz, have you succeed pinpointing the source of the mysterious force located there?" Asked one of the young Inquisitional Knights in a polite way from his superior, Hans Cassheiz. He's an Executor tasked to investigate the heretical monument placed in the USA. He has to find a way to track the real origin of the unknown energy if possible. Even if he would fail to find any clues in a short time Cassheiz has the secondary duty to raze that evil structure. It can halt the generation of that unknown energy. He has about a dozen of knights for assistance. But as soon as he reached the borders of the country, he sensed an unusually strong power, a power he never felt before. After asking for permission he begun to chase for its source.
The Executor has been unusually silent ever since they reached this city. They are using Runic cloaking to keep their appearance hidden from the civilians. In the city even the knights themselves are able to sense the huge power coming from somewhere. It's overwhelming. Even if they can only feel it barely they're sure it's a power far surpassing their combined powers as knights. They're placing their hopes on the Executor leading them.  For them the gap between that power and their own was like the one between a knight and an Executor.
"Indeed. I am sure of the source now. Follow me." Cassheiz who can feel it's power much better has already have a clear suspicion. But he doesn't want to believe it. He needs to see it with his own eyes to be perfectly sure. He can't report properly to Gottfried, his superior and the commander of the mission with words based on suspicion. He needs a clear proof.
The thing emitting that ominous aura was almost on the opposite side of the city. As they are coming closer, they heard the sounds of an intense battle.
"Halt! Any further and we might find themselves in the fight happening there. This isn't our mission. We only need to investigate. Send out a Vigili". Ordered Cassheiz. "Understood. I do it right away."  The knight takes out a metal sphere engraved full of runes and throws it high in the air. The metal ball stops mid-air and starts to hover. An iris-like mechanical structure opens and it reveals a glowing aegis-blue member, like the ball has some short of eye. This is Vigili the short-distance magical surveillance machine. This is going to work as their eyes to detect possessor of that monstrous aura. Vigili flies quickly and soon they're getting the visuals on the source.
"What is that?" Says one of the knights."Impossible!" Says another. "That's a..." Says the third. "a Creator Being... Izanagi." Finishes the fourth knight. " That is incorrect." Says Cassheiz surprising the knights. "This isn't Izanagi itself. The power is identical, but far from the power of a real Creator Being. This is an avatar. An avatar of Izanagi itself. Such a disdainful thing. What kind of madman is he? Using the power that once tossed the world at the brink of disaster... We have to report this now! Call the commander, Special Executor #11 Marx now! This is bad news...terrible news!"
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Mexico City

   People can be seen scattering around like roaches that have just been hit with by light. People running in fear of the chaos and some running embracing of what the world is becoming. The escaped convicts Newdeath let free took no time fulfilling their desires of robbing stores, destroying building, killing innocent civilians or even just raping them in the middle of the street. Surely the end of the world was drawing near in this apocalyptic setting. Kao stood in the middle of the street with his normal black shirt and black pants as one foot was on his skate board and the other on the ground. Kao just sighed as the civilians of the city ran around screaming "Huh....This really sucks, I can't understand a word that’s being said in this place....Why did I pick a place that I didn't even understand the language for." 
Kao looks around and see's everything in slow motion as it happens. An old lady running from the chaos was stopped by a convict and brutally beaten then carried off by the man to an unknown place. Kao shifted his head to the right to see as people went mad as they started lighting up cocktail bombs, throwing them in a restaurant causing a huge explosion as people ran out of the burning building on fire while rolling around the floor trying to put them out.  Everywhere there was screaming, cries for help could be heard anywhere in the city.
The young boy scratched his head as he closed his eyes "Damn’s really getting irritating having to listen to all these screams and cries." Kao stood in his spot trying to think of a way he could stop everyone from being so noisy then all of a sudden he heard a demanding voice and was surprise he could understand what was being said to him "Give me your skateboard you little bitch" Kao just looked upon the man with a surprise look on his face "Wow you’re the first person that I heard who actually spoke English in this place. Well now, why don't you just leave me alone now while I think of a way to shut these people up around here. You’re getting noisy" Kao showed him away as he turned around and continued to think of his plan. The Man got furious and reached out for the kid "WHY YOU LITTLE, WHO THE FU..." the man’s hand nearly reached Kao but soon the world in his eyes was flipped around and he fell to the floor. "I told you, you were being too noisy. If you just ran along and shut up, I wouldn't have to have turned your face upside down." 
The screams became louder as the people running saw the man hit the floor. Civilians pointed at Kao screaming "ES LA HIGO DE LA DIABLO!!!!" Kao scratched his head again with his eyes closed becoming more irritated with the noise level, but the screams continued and were getting louder as all that could really be heard was "DIABLO!!" "DIABLO!!!" and the sounds of alarms going off added to the noise. Kao just couldn't stand it any longer as he rose up his hands and dropped them "EVERYBODY JUST SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!" A huge static discharged was released up to a half a mile radius, everybody that was hit with it got electrocuted in an instant causing death. The electronics were immediately cut off shutting off the alarms that were going off, and the glass in the buildings broke. 
"Awww man, I wasn't suppose to kill people in here, they told me to keep as much civilians alive as possible" Kao shrugged "Oh well, they were starting to get annoying anyways. Who wants people who continually scream in there world anyways." The child walked over to a radio that was tossed on the floor and picked it up and studied it "That’s amazing that this thing didn't break in all this chaos, I wonder what the other people are doing" Kao sent a surge of electric current through the radio, turning it on he was immediately introduced to an alarming man's voice that was out of breath "KILLED!! THAT’S RIGHT THE PRESIDENT HAS BEEN KILLED. IT...IT IS UNKNOWN RIGHT NOW WHO THE MAN IS BUT HE SEEMS TO BE WEARING....WEARING AN ODD OUTFIT. DRESSED AS...AS A SORT OF NINJA. I WILL TRY TO KEEP YOU INFORMED OF....OF WHATS. OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT, RUN FOR YOUR..." the radio scratches as it cuts off. "Guess newdeath already did he's job of taking over the U.S. hmm.....wonder how long will it be for a hero or somebody to come here to Mexico" Kao walks back to his skateboard and rolls down the road wondering when his fight would be.
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Tokio Roll

The totem in tokyo relayed plenty of energies to Sonata which is purely extracted from the raw suffering and fear of the humans around. Unlike other totems this one acts as a sapient offense/defense versatile unit, there are plenty of these scattered across asia and they serve also as monitors for Nerx to keep an eye for unwanted threats [such as incoming heroes]. His forces comprise of Kaijus [or giant monsters] which are mostly used to overwhelm military forces due to their variety both in numbers and abilities. the numerous kaiju's are lead by a select four group of elite kaijins [humanoid monsters] which will be situated in every major country. Each of the four elites are given enough power to forcefully coerce and abuse their underlings as they see fit. For the cannon fodder section of the horde there are the mutants which are basically the infected victims which turn against their own kind. The totem raised its hand as a meteor dropped from the sky and collapsed upon mount Fuji.   

" I love it when a things get a bit hectic in here.. ." - a young man in his cape sat down on top of a mound of colossal assault robots while gleefully overlooking the  chaos that has overrun the once peaceful streets of Japan's capital , while eating a packet of lightly salted potato crisps . " and I am disappointed at the security, damn expected better from the JSDF forces that are supposed to prevent shit like this from ever happening in the first place" as the lad takes his time enjoying the scenery his army of monsters continue to destroy. Armed forces are seen on the ground shooting back , on the seas providing support and on the high painting the once blue sky with a hail of ammunition. After Nerx finished his tasty bag of chips he slides down the scrap heap and landed on the ground " This form is convenient for playing murder games, I better thank the HQ later for this one" with his humanoid form he relayed a message to all his forces within the given territories. >>One out of every three individuals must be killed in the least of casualties, the cities are to be seventy percent leveled  , heroes must be killed upon sight<< The message has now been memorized by all monster types under his command. Rain started to pour down as the violence continues, rain that only gives an indication of the masses of horrors to come upon the people of Asia.
Nerx jumps into the action. His feet started moving on it own , adjusting them to the riot of blood and carnage surrounding his all his senses. With his current humanoid body he proceeds to dash straight to the heart of the city, to where the fun is. Every footstep getting him a moment closer to a killing field that is  actually like a playground to him. The projectile weaponry that they fired are ridiculously dodged with unrealistic flips and messy somersaults , he gets closer in with every shot that passes. The curtain of fire misses him regularly by a few millimeters. From his perspective he is like a child inside a slow moving monkey bar free to move and given the leisure to take his time. By the time he makes his way passed the gunsmoke the mechanized suits are ready to mobilize, less than practical but still enough time to wipe out the gunmen. Robots are  being deployed from orbital platforms to hold back the monsters , metallic figures rained from the clouds above landing on whatever is below. People can sometimes be seen crushed to death with the drop-pods , the fresh mash of human bodies only attracts more and more monsters. {BANG} A heavy artillery shell exploded behind him, the explosion gave off a mighty cloud of dust and debris. Inside the cloud flickers of bright flash are complimented by the outward flow of red slush. By the time the dust settled down one person stood up on a foundation built by human viscera, blood painted across his gear, eyes pointed straight towards the canned humans [mechs]. An awkward silence emanates in between , then the Iron men started to charge ahead.
The air forces are being annihilated by the aerial hunters that once preyed upon cities alone. Now banded together by a mad man they represent a power to be feared. The tide of beasts knocked back the humans with a volley of energy beams , weaponized creatures of nature united against their common enemy. The seas are already taken over by the dwellers of the deep, with ninety eight percent of the submarine vessels sunk along with their puny naval forces which cannot defend themselves from mythical beasts. The ground is where most of the resistance is fought , so far they have been trying to get to a standstill but their efforts needs more than the normal human is capable of. By the time the heroes fight the elites or aid against the large creatures the other armies are drowned by the infected massed which spreads faster than wildfire. "We are fucked!" is one of the voices that can be heard in the chaos, and it is one of the distinguished ones in the runners. Prior to the invasion he puts earplugs which played Louis Armstrong's 'What a wonderful world' on loop. This is just something to make Nerx happy , as he kills more people during the chorus , as the music overlaps the current imagery, as he laughs over their screams exchanging views. While he scatters metal suits flying across the city the central ESDF station is in panic due to the overall harm happening all across the world. Everybody knows that Nerx will have fun with the nukes at North Korea. 
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Canada, Yukon 8:36 PM

It is raining, Kurohige is walking along a empty road wearing a black hooded cloak covering his eyes thinking to himself ''It sure is quiet for this place even at night, heh the damn cowards must be scared of Gekido. Well I guess they should be because of Newdeath, tch! Funny because it's me they should be fearing, ah well in just a few hour they will be.'' Kurohige looks up towards a sign. ''I'm almost there, its was good while it lasted Newdeath enjoy your reign for soon you will crawl at my feet then Gekido and the world will be mine!'' Kurohige was head straight towards downtown Whitehorse when he got a call on his communicator: 
???: ''Kurohige where are you?! The meeting has already started...!''  

Kurohige: ''I was tied up with business I had to make sure everyone in Gekido left to take over their country.''  

???: ''Okay just...Just hurry up.''  

Kurohige: ''Watch who you're ordering around Thane! Newdeath is not the only one who can destroy the planet!''  
Thane: ''Okay, okay  it's just the rouge officers are getting antsy'' 
Kurohige: ''I thought we got men, not cowards.'' 
Thane: ''Can you really blame them? It's just you, me and five of the Canadian government's top 5 officers against Gekido and the world so can you really blame us for being just a LITTLE nervous?! I mean you should be more than any of us you know first hand the power of Gekido! That and the fact that both Newdeath and Sonato know your powers.'' 
Kurohige: ''You fool! My power and my plan will be more than enough all I need is Haseo's spaceship or any of his aircrafts for this to work, a little forced help from Keith, and you guys. And Ray is too high strung and pays no heed to what beneath him, that fool love struck by Sonata that is exactly why he is weak and speaking of lady Sonata...'' 
Thane: ''Kurohige you don't mean...'' 
Kurohige: ''Yes we are going to kidnap Sonata just for a while so I can get Newdeath to come out but only after we get the material.'' 
Thane:'' Kurohige what do you need with Sonata, what do you need with Newdeath or Haseo's ships or even the great mastermind Keith! How the hell can you outsmart him!?'' 
Kurohige: ''I'm right outside the base now, open up I will tell you the details once I'm inside tell everyone to make some cherrie pies and gather in the living room around the fire.'' 
Kurohige act 1: ''The plan'' END
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Canada , Downtown Whitehorse military base living room 9:00 PM

Kurohige Sits down ina king like chair and grabs a whole cherrie pie, everyone in the room looks angerly at him anxious as well 
Thane:Well?! What's the plan big man? 
Officer #1: Yes indeed my wife is starting to suspect something and I rally don't want to have to kill this one too. 
Kurohige: Calm down first of all we must change base this place is too dangerous we probably alerted a lot of people, Newdeath included. But before we set up a new base I need to destroy an old one, let's go. 
Everyone got all their food and gear nd followed Kurohige to a big boat and hopped on with him Kurohige used his reverse gravity to push the boat towards Gekido. 

Gekido Base

Thane: We are going to your old base?! Is anyone there? 
Kurohige: Unlikely zehahahaha! Everyone is out attempting to take over a country. 
The boat stops at an island Kurohige gets off and head towards Sonata's room. 
Kurohige: ''Well well well I never got the chance to see lady Sonata's personal room zehahahah!''~ Kurohige gets out a bag and puts everything from Sonata's room into it.~ 
~Kurohige looks towards Newdeath's room..~ 
Kurohige: He did say he made a fake room incase Kao got in but that was a while ago. Still he has nothing of use to me that is here. 
~Kurohige heads toward the boat and sees everyone else about to get off~ 
Kurohige: Stay there! 
Thane: Why I thought you were going to- 
~Kurohige gets on the boat, stands in front of the Island and puts his hand down on the edge of the island~ 
Kurohige: ''BLACK HOLE!'' 
~In less than a few seconds the entire Gekido island was sucked up as if it were never there~ 
Thane: Holy crap! 
~Everyone on the boat was in shock~ 
Kurohige: If you thought that was impressive you have a lot to learn you have not seen anything yet zehahahaha! 
~Kurohige cleches his fist~ 
Kurohige: LIBERATION! 
~The crushed remains of the Gekido were so small you could not tell it apart from the sand or dirt all the debris scatter all around the sea and other pieces of land~ 
Kurohige: Okay my work here is done, lets go zehahahah! 
~Kurohige and the stunned crew turn around and head in the opisite direction of what was Gekido~ 

A small bit of what was left of Gekido.
A small bit of what was left of Gekido.

Kurohige: Now lets go see what kind of toys Haseo has for us zehahahaahah!. 

 Kurohige, ACT 2: Unfinished busines: END 9:38 PM
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White fire enveloped the space around Ribasu. She could see with her infrared vision that although he was in the fire, he did not appear to be burned. Her observation was confirmed when she heard the loud booming of his voice. Telling her that he was beast formed by the fusion of many creatures, and that flame would not hurt him, she knew that more fire would not be of any use, this being some of her hottest flame. Saying that he was part dragon caught her interest a little, but soon left her mind, knowing that no real dragon would be a building block of a monster. Continuing to listen to him, and beating her wings, like a hummingbird in the air, she hovered with almost total silence. Seconds later, Ribasu stopped speaking, and with eyes she saw how he seemed to know her location, through the thick white flame, even though she could tell his eyes closed.

ROAR!!! An ear deafening roar shattered the air, causing a nearby building to collapse. A wave of power radiated from his being, so strong it nearly caused her to collapse by just being near it. >>What is this power? Why is it so...overwhelming?<< She managed to stay airborne, even with her discomfort. Thinking ahead of what he might try to pull off, she thought that with that much power revealed, he was sure to use a earth shattering attack soon. The quicker she made an attack, the higher the chance she could catch him before he could pull it off. >>This is it!<<

Approaching him with great speed, her eyes widened as she saw, only meters away, what could be her doom. Electricity. Arcing all over his enormous body, bolts of lightning jumped around. She saw, at the last moment, two hands came together. There was no turning around, there was no escape, there was only...

SHOCK! Raw electrical power hit her, and the air all around her, traveling outwards in a dome shape, destroying anything and everything in its path. Pulsating with electricity, she lost control of her flight, and fell, down to the ground.

Crash! Esmeralda landed upside down on freshly blown away earth. Still glowing with massive amounts of electrical energy, it appeared to be a miracle that she was still in one piece, after taking a hit from that caliber of power. >>What an attack. I thought I was a done for out there.<< Half of her scales glowed bright with electrical energy, then turned to pieces as small as dust. They had absorbed vast amounts of the electricity, reaching a critical point, and faded away. She was alive because of her scales, having the ability to absorb the energy. Beneath the scales that had crumbled away, was another layer of scales.

Esmeralda thought that the giant monster Ribasu may have thought that she had been killed by the blast. Seizing the opportunity, she made an attempt to change the voice of her telepathic message and feeling to that of Newdeath. She had a slight chance of success because the crafty dragon had managed to intercept one of his telepathic messages, only for a short period of less than a second, but adequate enough for her to come up with a plan that just might work.

Changing her telepathic voice to the cold, male voice of Ray, she said to the behemoth, making it appear that it was coming from Newdeath's direction instead of your own. >>Well done Ribasu! I knew that you would take care of that annoying dragon.<< She paused, then said. >>I know I summoned you here to cause some destruction, but we are trying to keep the casualties to a minimum, and the intimidation of your presence has shown many of these people what it means to have fear. Ribasu, you may return to your many un-fused forms, and leave this place at your choosing.<< She ended her forged telepathic message, keeping her cool the entire time, and making no mistakes. It all came down to whether or not it was believable enough for the monster to take the bait.

This game could be on the verge of shifting gears. If the creatures separated, she might have a chance to take one of them out, making the fusion form of Ribasu impossible to achieve. Now all the emerald dragon had to do was wait. She lay on the ground, upside down, staying as still as she possibly could. Her breathing slowed to a minimum, it would be very difficult to tell that the dragon was still alive, aside from being in one piece.


The mystical sword, wielded by Newdeath, sealed away the space traveling, cross slash. At precisely the same time, far off, in excess twenty kilometers, a small, spider-like drone hid, in dark shadows. A tiny telescopic eye looked toward the battle that was taking place between the swordsman and the cloaked demon. Click! A long range snapshot was taken, and fed into the internal memory banks. Moments later, the data file was coded, then sent to Cly via email. The file was coded with a nearly unstoppable virus, one that could completely take over a computer in less than ten seconds. His Teku communicator was resistant to the virus, and had the file uploaded to it. Linking his mind telepathically with the device, he saw, in his mind's eye, what could give him a better fighting chance at this battle.

While taking part in this secret task, he also had normal thought, occupying a normal capacity of his brain. To anyone who had enough skills to sneak past his high level mind barriers undetected, one would only be able to read the rider's normal thoughts. Picking apart the file that the spider-bot had sent him, he used as little as one quarter of a percent of his brain power, thinking in two different situations at the same time. A feat that most all high levels telepaths would deem impossible, and Cly wasn't even a high level one.

Newdeath ending his speech about his eyes, Cly's heart beat faster. As if given an overdose of caffeine, his body jumped to life, finally waking after a long slumber. Formulating a plan in his head, in his main mind, and purposely not holding up his mind's barriers to the max, he wanted there to be no chance that the silver haired man could find out about his plan. Coming up with a hypothesis about Ray's eyes, how they read attacks very fast, Cly was reminded of his good friend back in America, Uchiha NeVann.

Listening to Ray tell him all about what his Izanagi armor, the sword and shield were capable of, Cly hadn't said a word in response. Newdeath finishing his short speech, Cly said, "I have selective hearing." Cracking a thin smile, he said, "Impatience will be your downfall. My speed will be shown in due time." At the moment he finished his sentence, he saw movement in his peripheral vision.

Appearing in a puff of smoke just to the right of the rider, and charging at Cly, the man who had previously tried to attack him was coming at him again. The man threw the weight of his body at the knight with a single punch, with sufficient power to topple a building. Whispering under his breath, the rider said calmly, "This time, stay down." It happened instantaneously. Cly grabbed the handle of Valor, removed it from it's sheath, performed tens of light cuts, and four thin slashes, all, at what appeared to be, the same time. Extending his sword out, he watched as the henchman knew he never should have attempted such an attack. His clothes fell apart into tiny pieces, completely shredded by the absolute precise strikes performed by the rider, holding back enough not to cut his skin. The four thin slashes pierced the skin. Directed at the muscles in his shoulders and hips, the man felt as they had been severed, making it unable for him to use any of his limbs. He fell down to the ground, defeated.

Somewhat distracted from his main opponent, the rider felt the ground underneath him rumble, and saw out of the corner of his eye that Newdeath had thrust his arm underground. He had virtually no time to react, and sidestepped to the left at the last moment. Break! The gigantic arm burst out of the ground. Grab! Giant fingers held his right leg, just below the knee. Without a moments hesitation, Cly cut his own leg off, off at the knee, with a quick slash of his sword. Separated from his cut off leg, Cly pushed off backwards with his left leg, landing with near perfect balance on the one leg.

Newdeath immediately followed up his attack by straining one of his eyes, summoning black flames. Moving very fast towards the knight, Cly dropped down on all three of his limbs, and gripped the ground with toes and fingers. Dart! Moving on three limbs in the blink of an eye, Cly covered an adequate distance to dodge the speeding flames, but only barely. Some of his medium short dark brown hair was singed by the flame, but it did not get caught on fire. Coming to a stop, only on two of his fingers, balancing on the very tips of each pointer, he rolled on the ground, grabbed an item that was on the ground from the destruction, and came up to his feet.

Ray's attack having ended, Cly said, "Hang on a second." Rusty metal, half a meter in length, with a diameter of three centimeters, an old pipe that had been buried underground. Inside of it, water stains could be seen, caused from many years of use. Taking the pipe in his right hand, Cly reached down, and placed one end of the pipe into the exposed flesh, at the stump of his right leg. Closing his eyes, his healing abilities were activated. Tissue covered the pipe, the metal tube acting like the bone. Forming at the end of the pipe, were small bones. Muscles and nerves spread throughout, covered by skin. He opened his eyes. His right leg, knee down, was half as thin as his normal leg, but had a fully functional right foot. "I'm back."

The rider took in a deep breath, then exhaled. "It seems as though my attacks are useless against you." He stood, unmoving, appearing to be out of options. But appearances can be deceiving. In that small fraction of his mind, Cly had almost fully analyzed the email he had received. Speaking to the white haired man, he said, "You must be thinking to yourself, why does such a weak person fight something that he cannot beat?" He smiled. "Because I'm a Hero." Cly brought his left hand up, tucked his ring finger and pinky back, and moved three fingers toward his face.

Pluck! The darkness of an empty eye socket stared out at Newdeath. In his fingers, he held his left eyeball, dripping with blood. "The only force strong enough to fight against your eyes is..." He closed his right eye. In the empty socket, all the inner parts of an eye formed. His left eyelid covering his left eye, Cly smiled. His right eye opened, staring at Ray. Finishing his sentence, and simultaneously opening his left eye, he said, "...your eyes!"

Crimson red eyes, the knight had Newdeath's strongest weapon. The Immortal Tsukasa eye. Sweat forming on his brow, he said cooly, "You've never faced an opponent like me..."  Throb! His entire body collapsed in shock, the Tsukasa eye sucking all his energy, about to kill him. With little strength left, he grabbed the eye, pulled it out, and smashed it on the ground. Breathing heavily, he placed his eye that he had previously taken out, and put it back in.

"It seems as though I made a successful copy of your eyes, but the darkness and power required to fuel them is inhuman." He struggled to rise to his feet, his knees shaking as he barely managed to stand. Cough! Blood spewed out of his mouth, staining the ground in front of him. He managed to smile, even in such pain. He said weakly, "Somehow, I will defeat you." He lost his balance, and collapsed to the ground again.

In his barely conscious state, some words from a book he read came to his mind. "Because you have so little faith, I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."  Words from the great teacher, from the book of Matthew, chapter seventeen. Cly had been trying to do this all his own, his faith had dwindled, and he had fallen. With faith, nothing is impossible. Searching, the rider found it. Tears came down from his eyes.

Finding new strength, he stood up to his feet, and said to Newdeath, "Light up the darkness!" The blood that he had coughed up earlier evaporated into the air. Cly's body began to glow bright white, an aura of powerful spiritual energy surrouding him. Light spread out in a circle from him, overtaking anything and everything in its path. The henchman who had attacked Cly, and now was unable to move, cried out in pain as the light consumed him. Causing every ounce of darkness to flee from his body, he fell into an unconscous state. No darkness would prosper against a warrior of light. The stronger the darkness, the harder it would fall. The light approached Newdeath. The power divine power of purity would attempt to drive away the deep darkness of Ray. This was the end. 
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17

Australia, Great Victoria Desert, 00:00 AM:

"You did well, Keith Mackenzie.  Or should I say Model Series Gamma101-A90001 S.? Hahaha!...Well,I bet it's time to start my real work." 

Said so Model Series Delta-087-A89994 S, Keith Mackenzie. Neither of them were the "real" Keith. They're just mere Homunculous Ambassadors with Keith's personality integrated.  To rule out the possibility of the Counterforce interfering Keith has next to none direct influence in the happenings. His perfect plan can only be ruined by the Counterforce.

"The timing is the best. That monster of a Ninja, Newdeath fights in Washington, needlessly  spreading his energies thought the globe,. Nerx and his large scale freak-show are rampaging  on Japan,keeping those damned energy sensors stationing  there busy. The other Gekido members are doing well too. Surprisingly even that greedy Kurohige finally started his own agenda. Hahaha! Perfect!"   

 He watches the Dragon Totem standing next to him.  A huge sarcophagus covers the whole monument. Inside a wide array a devices and equipment is working to uncover the Dragon Totem's deepest secrets.  The interior is like some kind of underground base. No natural light can get inside it,  only the glows of magic devices and few strange light bulbs are the only sources of brightness.

  "What a hassle. Building a whole sarcophagus just to analyze you. But you are quite special, little Missy Dragon Totem. So you deserve my special treatment. Oh well..."
  "What a hassle. Building a whole sarcophagus just to analyze you. But you are quite special, little Missy Dragon Totem. So you deserve my special treatment. Oh well..."

The ground shakes as a huge amount of power gets released from the basement.
"But this Chaos Energy is really amazing. You're going to become my precious trump card, you know? It's such a pity I can't uncover all your secrets at once. I need time. Quite much time. " 

Keith is using a top class time acceleration chamber to hasten his research. But it isn't enough. He needs to take this Totem to one of his main laboratories . That' is his only chance. Perhaps the Dragon Totems have a strong and ancient protection binding them. Such a strong binding Keith would need to move the entire continent to remove the Totem from the ground. That's it! 
"Open Gates Gamma-Theta A100 through 327. Call suppression and crowd control fleets 223 through 230 Alpha immediately! Dimension Delta-23 Gates Delta-Psi A23 through 30." 
A collossal view. Countless large rifts open in the empty space just about 300 meters over the ground all over Australia. Just a few seconds later large fleet of smal hovering ships arrive with rather special equipment. They emit a special ultra sound, carrying a strong magic of sleep. This is the suppression fleet of Keith. With high saturations only people with exceptionally strong spiritual powers can resist this for even a second.  Of course Keith and his Homunculi have a special shielding against it. Thanks to the quick arrival of the suppression fleet, not a single man has a chance to observe the grandiose change occurring on the continent.
" Initiate telekinetic threads. Unload equipment Delta-087-QTD107A, Delta-087- QTD028A, Delta-087-QTD132A and Delta-087-QTD054A.  Unload mobile energy sources Gamma-32-QPES320 and Gamma-32-QPES100.  Unload control mechanisms Delta-087-CCT253E and Delta-087 CCT187E. Deploy construction drones as planned. " 
Building panels of incredible size and even whole structures appear out of the portals. They are slowly and steadily descending until they touch the ground. Then small disc-shaped hovering machines are coming like a limitless swarm. They're doing the ones fixing the transfered structures to the ground and making the final touches.

"Activate Inscribo Magni Primer at coordinates 123,38; 155,38; 123, 21;155,21 and 136,16. Activate the secondary Inscribo Magni. Draw Magic Circle, Pattern Delta 87 extension 27."
The magic activates. and countless lights emerge to draw a colossal magic circle all over Australia. They're working at extreme speeds. If someone observes our globe from space it's sure they could clearly see the magic formation appearing suddenly. It only take 10 minutes or less and the process is finished.
"Really Nice! Excellent! Activating Continent-scale Dimensional Transportation. Target: Delta-b12. Countdown...10...9....8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Now!"
An intense light covers the whole surface of the Earth. It only happens for a few seconds though. As the light gets cleared out the place where the continent of Australia is supposed to be stays empty with nothing but the waters of the oceans filling out the created void. The whole landmass of Australia has disappeared without a single trace.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
ah a huge chunk of land has just disappeared, i can't seem to put my hand on this matter , where have i see these structures before , elina do you remember any of these inscription?
although i don't think you did, you did failed the magic curiculum, the first queen to club people around he laughed, so so far mister ND has been figthing this person
with dragon, keith seems to be absorbed in his research and somehow the signal disappeared,and the base has disappeared? the worse thing that has been happening since morning, my stash is there
we need her to analyze this crap of a stone thing, or i could ask miss boss, hmmmmm, i should really leave something here though, from the wreckage of the russian army he destroyed he created golems out of clockwork cannons and such to serve as the guardian of the totem while he try to remember what is the function of the totem
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