The Bounty Hunter Association: BHA

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Bounty Hunter Association: BHA

About the BHA

"We are Bounty Hunters sweeping criminals away like trash"
"We are Bounty Hunters sweeping criminals away like trash"

The Bounty Hunter Association is a global organization that employ Bounty Hunters, individuals who hunt and capture criminals for a reward, who single goal is to sweep away the criminals of the world like trash on the street. The BHA exist outside of any normal law enforcement agency or government organization so that our Bounty Hunters can work outside the law when the case calls for it, and take care of a problem that these agencies failed to deal with successfully. Because of this Bounty Hunters and the BHA are usually looked down upon by members of F.A.B.L.E, JHWAB, and MI13 usually refer them to greedy, chaotic, mercenaries with a badge or lawless dogs. All the Bounty Hunters employed by the BHA follow a set of codes which are created and enforce by the higher up of the BHA. While the BHA is a global organization there exist 3 main branches located in the U.S., Japan, and Germany with a main headquarters in these countries and several smaller locations across the globe. There is also a fourth branch that governs over the three. The BHA is over seen by the collective group of group a President and below him are 7 chairmen who govern certain aspects of the BHA. All Bounty Hunter are licensed and have at least some amount of training to be a bounty hunter to prevent casualties and follow the Star Ranking system to keep everyone safe and ensure the best possible scenario. Bounty can be submitted by anyone and then are processed through the BHA's logistic division who assign star rank, reward money, and divide it between the 3 branches.

Branches of the BHA

There are currently 3 major branches of the BHA that exist in Japan, London, and the U.S., each headed by a chairman elected by the bounty hunters of that branch. The Branches also have a unique code name associated with them.

  • The United States Branch: Artemis
  • The European Branch: Fernir
  • The Japanese Branch: Yatagarasu

Each branch is unique having its own personality, flavor, and, methods however they all follow the official BHA rules and code set and enforced by the BHA president as well as their Branch Head. While the bounty hunters are associated with each branch depending on where they live by they are not restricted to hunt in that one place and can travel to other countries outside their branch with permission from that branch. There are also certain places that forbid the involvement of the BHA and ban them from their country, this is a result of the often negative view that BHs are labeled with, and while a bounty hunter may hunt a criminal there they do so at their own risk.

Along with these branches smaller branches have also popped up every once in a while some last longer than others and some disappear as fast as the win. They are usually labeled as Sub Branches under the current main 3 with their own Sub Branch Head however they still most obey the same rules that the other do.

Bounty Hunters

Most Bounty Hunters or (BHs) are have a bad representation and there is a good reason for this, because of the lack of a government authority on them and their BH licenses working as a get out of jail free card for all expect the most heinous actions, Bounty Hunters are usually a bit carefree when it comes to collateral damage. BHs are usually brash, loud, blunt, and have a generally disregard for any and all government agencies and officials while searching for their bounties they work with the care and caution of a raging F-5 tornado never afraid to lay waste to blocks of cities to catch one target. There is a bit of variation between the three branches for example the American Branch is usually the most destructive while there seems to be some discipline among the Japanese and European branches (this is most likely a result of their Branch Presidents.) BHs are usually extreme competitive when it comes to catching bounties because of the money involved they are not above one upping or sabotaging another Bounty Hunter so that they can get the bounty for themselves. For this reason they are usually loners or work alone rarely ever partnering up however despite the competitive not only amongst each other (and especially other branches) BHs usually stick together in time of crisis and have one another back.

Bounty Hunters come in all shapes and sizes in the BHA, but each one must be licensed by the BHA and their Branch if they want to legally hunt down criminals and receive bounties. In order to become a bounty hunter and receive their license one must meet several requirements:

  1. Pass their BH Exam
  2. Have a certain amount physical training and skill to defend themselves
  3. Be 18 years of Age
  4. Not be affiliated with any gang, syndicate, or criminal organization.

Only if all these requirements are met then is one allowed to receive their license.

BH Exam

The BH exam is the most important requirement for an inspiring bounty hunter, the exam is held only once every year during the first week of January the place of the exam changes every year, but is usually held within one of the 3 main branches, and examinees only learn of the location of the exam Christmas day. This is not the only thing that changes about the exam because also the type of exam changes every year as well as the proctors of the exam this is all to ensure safety and to prevent cheating, a constant of the exam is that it is over seen by the 3 Main Branch Leaders, and the 7 President Chairmen, who can and have expelled people from the exam or overruled a proctor's ruling at any time during the week of the examine. The president of the BHA also observes the exams but he never makes any interference in the exams merely observing for the purpose of entertainment and anticipation of new BHs. A person can take the examine as many times as they need to pass but if they fail they must wait a year till the next examine, once passing the examine a bounty hunter no longer needs to take the exam again and are not required to take any renewal test. Once passing the exam they are issued their Bounty Hunter license and registered in the BHA database.

BH License

BH License
BH License

Every bounty hunter in the BHA must have a license that registers them as an official bounty hunter in their branch, every license displays the bounty hunter’s name, epithet, branch, age, star rank, along with other important information. A BH license cannot be revoked unless in the extreme circumstance in which the President of the BHA himself orders one to be revoked (something so rare its unheard).However a license can be suspended by a Branch Leader or one of the 7 President’s Chairmen for a length of time they fine appropriate. Under no circumstance will a bounty hunter be issued a second license at which one they must take the BH Exam again and start from the bottom of the ranking system. The license grants special privileges to a bounty hunter for example acting like a passport, ID, social security card, etc. all in one, along with:

  • Grants Access to BHA database
  • Prevents bounty hunters from being arrested for committing crimes during a hunt
  • Grants access to a BHA building expect for the main BHA HQ building (one needs a special President or Branch Leader card for that)
  • and more

The BH license also contains a tiny tracking chip that allows the BHA to track the location of all current bounty hunters.

Star Ranking System

To keep all our bounty hunters safe and prevent casualties the BHA develop the star ranking system, bounty hunters are divided by 3 levels Bronze, Silver, and Gold. With Gold being the highest and bronze being the lowest. There are also a no star level for rookie BHs just starting out as well as Platinum level which is given to the Branch Leader and Diamond which is given to the BHA President and his chairmen. The level of the bounties also corresponds with the bounty level so therefore the level of bounty a bounty hunter can chase is determined by their own level. In order for a BH to increase in ranks they must pass the Ranking Trial, by first applying to Logistic Division who then pass the application onto the respective Branch Leader who ultimately determines if a BH is ready to move up in ranks. At which point the Branch Leader deems the BH ready they begin the Trial Period where the Branch Leader assigns them a Bounty and Proctor of a higher rank, the BH then captures the bounty by any methods necessary while being supervised by the Proctor. The Proctor then determines if the Bounty Hunter passed. While a BH can apply for an ranking increase as many times as they want they can only take the Trial once a year and they can only increase their ranking by one level at a time. The other to raise your ranking is to initially place high during your BH Exam.

Branch Leaders and President

All three major branches have a Brach leader, to be elected as a Branch leader a BH must meet two requirements; the first they must be a Gold star BH and the second they must be elected by a majority of the bounty hunters in that branch. An election only occurs when a chairmen leaves their position, dies, or the majority of the bounty hunters of that area are against the current chairman. There is also the extreme case of the BHA President forcibly expelling a Branch Leader from their position however this is something nearly unheard of. Chairmen determine the whether a BH moves up in the star ranking, commands all the BHs of their branch, and deals discipline to BH who break rules.

The Current Branch Leaders:

  • The United States Branch: ????
  • The European Branch: ???
  • The Japanese Branch: Masaru Kobayashi

Above the Branch Leaders there is the BHA President, the BHA president must also meet similar conditions as the Branch Leaders in order to be elected. They must hold a rank of Branch Leader (Platinum Star) and be elected by the majority of all the bounty hunters from all three branches. Upon being elected the BHA President then select 7 individuals to fill in the 7 Division heads that help run the majority of BHA relations. The BHA president has the final say on all issues related to the BHA they are also considered to be one the strongest bounty hunters in the world in one way or another along with their Chairmen they are a force to be reckon with. The current President of the BHA is Issac Muerte.

BHA President: Issac Muerte
BHA President: Issac Muerte

Division Chairmen:

  • ???
  • ???
  • Logistics Division:
  • Finical Division:
  • Information Division:
  • ???
  • ???

BHAUS: Artemis Branch

coming soon...

BHAE: Balmung Branch

coming soon..

BHAJ: Yatagarsu Branch

coming soon


A bounty can be submitted by a single person, organization, law enforcement agency, government, or anyone this bounty is then processed by the BHA logistic division who assigned it a star rank, reward amount, and divide it among the branches depending on where was the criminal was last seen or who submitted it. The reward money usually comes paid from the organization, government, etc. who submitted that person can also determine if they want a target dead, alive, or by choice (as in the bounty hunter choices) once a bounty is captured and turned over the BHA usually takes a fee off the reward, this fee is determine by the chairmen of each branch, along with any expense the BH caused during the hunt. If a bounty hunter was working with another BH or group then that money MUST be split equally among the group no matter who did what or who didn't do what.

Black Star Bounties

There are cases where a criminal is deemed so dangerous and powerful that almost all BHs are prohibited from going after them normally. These cases are referred to as Black Star Bounties there rewards are astonishingly high yet the risk of going after one of them is equally dangerous. In order for a bounty hunter to go after a Black Star Bounty they must first be a Gold star then they must put in application to take in on from their Branch Leader and ultimately only he determines if they are allow to take on the Black Star Bounty.

Logistic Division

The Logistic Division of the BHA serve as an important part of the organization despite the fact that they rarely if ever take part in any combat situations. They serve as a vital tool to all BHs searching for criminals, they take in bounties, process them, divide them among the branches, they track where all BHs are, they file diplomatic paper and many more duties that the BHA need if they want to even function. They are located in the various small offices across the globe and the main BHA building. All bounties hunters are assigned a Logistic member who they can contact for important information, request help, medical attention, sometimes manage accounts, and more. The Logistic Division head is Catherine Clearwater she was appointed to this position by current BHA President Issac.

The Bounty Hunter Show

The bounty hunter show, called Bull’s Eye Bounties is a television show that nearly every single Bounty Hunter pays attention to, it is a simple program that diverges the latest information on bounties of all kinds (expect of course Black Star Bounties). The talk about tips, leads, current whereabouts, bounty rankings and more. Other features of the show include the Bombshell of the Month (Where they have a female bounty hunter voted the most attractive that month. These interviews also feature a photo shoot with the winner in some sort of fan service attire.) Another feature of the show is the Bounty Hunter of the month (similar to the bombshell of the month expect it focuses on a bounty hunter that has been particular noteworthy in the month.) The show is produced by the current head of the Information Division “Teddy Bonkers” as he was the one who came up with the show.

Crow CementerioThe Rail-gun, The Last GunslingerBronze StarArtemis
Yuki ToragariDancing PetalBronze StarYatagarasu
Mira SearsSparkyBronze StarFernir
Jericho StrifeGod HandSilver StarBalmung
Toni SociereCat Eye WitchBronze StarArtemis
Gatson Rousseau,Silver Star ChefSilver StarFernir

Hiryō Katto

Dragon CutterBronze StarYatagarasu
Felicia FaradayThe White RabbitBronze StarArtemis
Owen SoleilThe Glorious LightBronze StarFernir
Wendigo Wilson (JLG)The Storm SoulSilver StarArtemis
Jose Hernadez (Waybig)(Hasn't Earned One Yet)Bronze StarArtemis
Callis Nomene (Kuma)Beast KnightInterim Star (not official yet)Yatagarasu
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Looks good. Who would qualify for a Black Star ranking?

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@SamJaz: Him.

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@ownagepants: Groan.

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@SamJaz: The worst and most dangerous criminals people who are just crazy powerful. Some of them are former Bounty Hunters themselves.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Gathered that. Anyone we know on the vice, or do we still need more villains?

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@SamJaz: I would have to look at the villains on the Vice first but probably. Most likely some of the Numbers would qualify if they were known. However some of our top villains would be most likely Gold Stars not Black.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Hm. I should get Jardsam to run for president...

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@SamJaz: You asked for it.

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@SamJaz: That's a good idea expect you need to be a Branch leader to run for President. ;)

I'll have a list of noticable Bounty Hunters and the 3 Branches up as soon as I'm done with my post for OSWAT.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I was actually talking about the president of the United States Lol.

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@SamJaz: win this round Samjaz you win this round.

That would be a good idea. DO IT!

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: When's the next US election? Alternatively, would they hold an emergency election if a man came in and wrote up a state budget that would get the United States out of debt in the space of a month?

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@SamJaz: He could be like the President of Metal Wolf Chaos!

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@SamJaz said:


Ted reference XD I love that line so much Patrick Stewart as the narrator was hilarious

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@SamJaz: METAL WOLF CHAOS IS STRONGER... he is the Chuck Norris of Mechas

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: All seriousness though. If a guy came from nowhere and was able to get the US out of debt in the space of a month, would they impeach the current president and allow the miracle accountant to run for the vice?

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@SamJaz: I guess technically in terms of the Vice it would work. The real life scenario wouldn;t work out one you have to be an american citizen, be a certain age, etc. Not to mention the next US election isn;t for another few years.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Yeah, thought as much. Guess I won't be doing the RP then.

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