The Actual Vice Halloween Party

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The song Monster Mash filled the ballroom of the hotel that was not filled with a Halloween party for the heroes, villains, and neutrals of the Vice. All the characters were dressed in various costumes sitting at tables with different symbols on them. The symbols separated the tables and made it so everything was random. This was truly a festive time the entire room was down in a Halloween theme with ghost and witches, jack-o-lanterns and black cats everywhere. Everything was made so everyone had a good time no matter who they were they age related activities and refreshments and a band. The Last Gunslinger, Crow Cementerio had arrived a few minutes ago with his girlfriend/partner Toni Leone d’argento both of whom were dressed for the costume party. Crow was the Lone Ranger a throw back to his childhood this was his favorite tv show at the time, he also had on his prized cowboy hat and Toni’s gift, his girlfriend was a sexy black cat, originally wanting to be a partner costume to Crow’s lone ranger she wanted to be Ton-Toni, wearing a fur lined top and skirt with a tail along with a cowl/hood that had cat ears on them hare face was also painted to look like a cant and she had furry fingerless gloves with black nail polish to look like cat claws. The gunslinger enjoyed Halloween it wasn’t his favorite holiday but he certainly loved it for one reason…FREE CANDY…the gun toting hero had an unquenchable sweet tooth and the idea of a unlimited amount of free sweets was heaven for the gunslinger. In fact the moment he got here he saw the candy table in the back grabbed both his and Toni’s free jack-o-lantern baskets began filling them with as much candy as possible now he had two heavy baskets of candy.

Crow looked around as his girlfriend wrapped herself around his arm, her normal habit, “Hmmm where were we sitting again Toni?” The Ignition Witch sighed to herself a little “Well Crow you got so hyper after seeing the table I didn’t have time to look at the symbol on the table and see who we are sitting with. But that is okay my dear I can stand here with you forever and forever.” The gunslinger’s girl reached up puckering her lips to kiss her boyfriend but the Rail-gun merely blocked the kiss with one of the basket so her lips met the plastic jack-o-lantern. “Pew. Pew. Pew. What did you do that I just wanted a kiss?” Crow looked around as he sit the basket on his girlfriend head “I know why do you think I did it you know I don’t look that kinda kissy huggy stuff.” Toni merely wiped her mouth and takes the basket off her head. “I’m just happy you got me an invite to this party it means you do care about me my love.” Crow took out a piece of paper that contain their symbol for where they were sitting “Actually I brought you because you wouldn’t let me hear the end of it if I didn’t and you probably make me go to one of those stupid fancy French places.” Toni just sighed again but still smiling look normal “Aw Crow what do you have to say it like that it sounds so mean.” Crow just smiled a little as he look at the paper, “It seems we are at the Black Cat table.” Toni smiled as they began to head to their table holding the gunslinger’s arm. “Black Cat wasn’t that an anime.” Crow just replied “Yeah it was pretty good I don’t remember what it was about though.” As they walked the gunslinger smiled in his Lone Ranger costume hoping the domino mask he was wearing would conceal his identity as he wondered. I wonder who we are sitting with.

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Callis, entered the room walking with a slow pace, he really didnt liked any kind of party, since it always brought up bad memories of his times as a Knight. He was invited to the celebrations after tournaments or wars, and only assisted out of being Honor bounded to the Knight order, and rejecting invitations without proper excuse could bring dishonour to the Eques Orbis. In the parties nobody dared to speak with him, as he had reputation of being dangerous, rumours that shouldnt had left the Knight Order, rumour abouts his fits of Saevus Ira, something he was unable to control, made the people terrified of him, and nobody ever spoke to him. The only times somebody spoke to him were to order him, or try to mock him with "intellgent" and "clever" words, thinking that he was as beastial as his appearence was. The Beast Knight walked towards the nearest table, hoping to get some water, and to hope he was hiding in plain sight, praying for remaining indetectable by the others, as he didnt knew the protocols and manners for this world parties.

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Harumi happily entered the room. Her face paint and costume was a perfect recreation of the Kyoshi warrior, Suki, from Avatar the Last Airbender. Since the show made it's debut, Harumi had always loved Suki. The two had a lot in common. Surprisingly, the costume was fairly comfortable as it was similar to a hakama. Harumi grabbed a glass of punch and looked at her invite. She was siting at the Ghost table. The geisha happily strode her way to her seat and gracefully fell to the chair. She brushed her hair away from her painted face and took a delicate sip of the punch. Harumi always loved parties, but as a geisha she learned to be approached rather than initiate a conversation. Otherwise, she was a walking piece of art to be admired. "I wonder who will be at my table..." She whispered to herself in Japanese.
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Chastised. That was the word to describe Caius Weaver. It was only recently he lost use of his legs. A bastard who shall remain unnamed cast him into his current state. But Caius did she it as an advantage for Halloween. Charles Xavier from X-Men seemed like an ironically awesome choice for a Halloween costume. The Weaver heir rolled along in his wheel chair and into the party room. His plan 40's styled grey suit was surprisingly conservative, but it made for a good "Young Professor X" costume. The Velikaia rolled as fast as he could, bumping into Crow and a woman he had never met.
"Darling!" He cried from his wheelchair perch. "I would recognize that little tush from the Weaver mansion." He laughed. "I haven't seen you since that Dream World. My my! Who's this dazzling you lady upon your arm?" He asked, smiling up at Toni.
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Lebreus loves parties, and besides all loves halloween's parties; sweets, candys, drinks, costumes, jokes all adjust to his like; even if he is a 20 years old man, his heart is of a 15 years old boy, this may be due to the memory loss, however it also a natural part of his behaviour. Lebreus simply took of his brown jacket, and over the same red t-shirt that he always uses he placed a superb blue cape writed by gold draws of magical scripture, and decorated with gold and silver jewelry; he kept also the same brown trouser, however he changed his black shoes to a blue ones that matched the cape, not only in color, but also in the magical desing; As a final touch, he retrieved from Pandora's box an old book, that he used to read in his childhood, the tematic was magic, thus the book had a magic appareance. He dressed as a sorcerer as a contradiction of his self, due to his Magic of Logic, the fantastic magic doesn't surround him like other beings, however this didn't mean that he wasn't able to enjoy it.

He reached to the hotel where the party was held, it seemed that he had to draw a paper from a counter that will designate his seat; the probability was random between five tables. Without a doubt he quickly draw a paper; the texture and look of the paper was the same of an old papyrus, giving to this night a magical enchantment. In the paper two words were writed with some gothic letters; Witches's table. This couldn't be better thought Lebreus, he was now a sorcerer, and a good place to him, was indeed the one reserved to those humans whose abilities surpased human's imagination and wavers into the magical terrain; the witches, mages, magicians, sorcerers, sages, etc.. He slowly walked to the table observing all the kind of people that were arriving to the place, like some kind of native warrior, or a very elegant young men in a wheelchair. He was about to reach the table when some diabolical charm trapped him. Sweets and candies, nice!!, a round table with dark decorations with a lot of sweets and candies that where distributed in a devilish way over the table; Lebreus couldn't hold his appetite and started to ate one after other; only after that he reached his desiganted seat.

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This party reminded Raseri of the parties he used to attend in Asgard and Olympus, although he had to admit, the Greek Gods always were better at partying, but they never could defeat an Asgardian in a drinking contest. Walking in wearing a black leather coat, a pair of dark sunglasses, black leather gloves and a plethora of guns attached to him, Raseri was costumed as The Terminator. "Looks like I got here early", the Nordic Tiger smiled, noticing some familiar faces at the party. Looking around, Raseri spotted Crow who was soon approached by a mysterious boy dressed as Professor X, "Isn't that kid a little too young to be rolling with Crow? Ah who cares anyway", he shrugged, walking over to his table, the Jack-O-Lantern table. As he took a seat, Raseri looked around to see if anyone else had arrived. He managed to spot Lebreus his new teammate and he barely noticed Harumi, her costume was a little too convincing. "I wonder who's gonna be sitting at my table. Probably gonna be some interesting people", Raseri said just above a whisper as he took a sip from his punch filled cup.

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Roxanne fixed her rainbow wig and little rainbow tail before slipping into the room. She was dressed as a human version of Rainbow Dash, from My Little Pony. While Roxy didn't broadcast her obsession for the adorable cartoon, she was a brony to the core. Her favourite was Rainbow Dash-- mainly because she was convinced RD was a Pride supporter. The cyborg made her way happily into the still small crowd of relatively unfamiliar people. Since she didn't really know anyone, yet, Roxy decided to find her table and meet the people there first. But as she made her way to the table, she noticed there was only once occupant who had arrived. "Ras!" Roxy called, waving her arm about and dashing to the man dressed as the Terminator. "¿Como estas?" She asked, giving him an awkward, yet friendly hug while he was still sitting down. "You look awesome~! Hasta la vista... baby!" She chuckled and took a seat next to the Nordic Tiger.
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Manami entered the Halloween party ballroom holding the hand of her young daughter Bobbi Lee.Bobbi Lee's eyes grew wider and wider seeing all the candies, food, and spooky decorations. " Mommy Mommy!! look look!! all the tasty candies!!" Young Bobbi Lee said jumping around in excitement. She was dressed as the adorable Rainbow Brite, Manami made Bobbi Lee's costume and make up designs herself. A near perfect replica, Manami was dressed in as Black Swan a dark contrast to her daughter. Looking quite gothic with her pale white makeup covering her face with eye popping and luscious red and black lips. Finishing off the costume Manami wore the trademark black ballerina tutu complete with black and red floral design tights and ballerina shoes. One of the main pains of the costume was getting the black wing eye shadows right. It took Manami over an hour to do, but it was worth it to complete the look. "Yes Bobbi Lee there are tons of candies, but first let us find our seats." Manami answered her excited daughter with a smile. Manami was happy to actually spend some time with her daughter. She would always be busy with her work, both of her demanding jobs. "OK mommy, hey look over there isn't that Mr. Raseri" Bobbi Lee pointed out. "Now Now Bobbi Lee it is not nice to point at people. Manami then glanced over to where Bobbi Lee was pointing "You are right sweetie it is him, we shall talk to him in a bit. But for now lets get to our seats".

Manami remembered that she and her daughter were assigned to sit at the Black Cat table. Both Bobbi Lee and herself headed towards the table, with Bobbi Lee rubbernecking the entire way in awe of the decorations. When the two of them got there, Manami immediately spotted Crow with his girlfriend Toni, and young Caius Weaver. Crow and Caius most likely wouldn't recognize her out of her Tavi costume, so she introduced herself and her young daughter in her usual calm and polite demeanor. "Hello there, it appears we will be sitting together tonight. My name is Manami Saito, and is my one and only treasure Bobbi Lee." Bobbi then soon spoke with a bright smile to the group, "WOW you guys have great costumes."

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Without any kind of manners or protocol Masako walked, with his sole loudly tapping the floor. The Reitter didnt even bothered to watch any of the other guests, he only moved to the table he was assigned and sat down with a smug smile and his feet over the table, ignoring any complain or order. The cloak of his costume flapped behind him and to avoid entagling in it when he sat down he levitated telekinetically just when he was about to sit down. The Young Delinquent moved food from the table directly to his mouth, even from other people plates and eated with enthusiasm. He only came here for the free food

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Jack, Carmilla and Lan Fan entered in together, Lan Fan was feeling quite embarrassed.  Anyone that had passed them had assumed that she was the child of her adult companions, and Carmilla had decided to act drunk.  There was no reason for her to act drunk, vampires didn't get drunk but she was certainly acting that way, tottering left and right, saying the strangest things.  And Jack was doing nothing to stop her.  "Whats wrong Lan Fan?" Carmilla asked, "Don't like your mother?"  Carmilla pinched Lan Fan's cheeks, Lan Fan swatted her off and put up her purple hood.
"Carmilla, stop it."  Jack ordered.  
Carmilla went from Lan Fan to Jack and grabbed a knife from his belt.  It was of course sharpened, just because he was dressed in costume it did not mean he was unprepared.  "Depends on what we do afterwards.'
"Nothing good comes from a schoolgirl with a knife," Lan Fan commented from under her costume.  For some reason when ever she dressed as Raven she acted more sarcastic.  "And I'm not fixing the costume again."  She had spent hours working on the black schoolgirl costume, she really wished Carmilla hadn't 'borrowed' it.
Jack took the knife back and put it along side his other weapons.  Dressing as Ezio was rather convenient, he could carry a whole arsenal while still in costume.  "We're here, you two are on the witches hat table, I'll be on the Black Cat Table."  He saw Caius and Crow, he wondered if they would recognize him outside of the dream world.   Lan Fan was resigned to being Carmilla's care taker, she went for a drink, leaving the immortals alone.  "By the way Carmilla, make sure Zella doesn't hurt Lan Fan or anyone else."
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The villainous viper had finally arrived at the Halloween party. Her superb sense could smell the different varieties of candies desserts, as well as the sweet of young flesh all around her. "A spooky atomsphere, and people and costumes, It almost reminds me of home" She thought while receiving he card telling her where to sit. Zella was wearing a pretty revealing version of the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz. typical as she doesn't like to be bound by too much clothing. "It seems all of my favorite people are here, there's Raseri, and Callis, and Caius. Oooh and especially Crow She licked her lips. I wonder has anybody spiked the punch yet, guess i'll do the honors later. So much sweet candy around me, I cant help it if I have an urge to gorge". Seeing that she was assigned at the Witch's Hat table, she casually walked over there. A few of the faces at the table she has never met in person and only heard about. However this was good for Zella, she liked picking at the brains of new people.

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@DreamWeaver: @Manami: One of the reason Crow had choice the Lone Ranger costume was because of the mask he had hoped that the domino mask would provide enough disguise that no one would recognize him unfortunately that plan didn’t work out as he wanted. As the Last Gunslinger made his way to his table with his girlfriend a all too familiar voice came from behind him. “Darling!” The Lightning Shooter froze in his tracks, oh god it can’t be….HIM. “I would recognize that little tush from the Weaver mansion.” The voice laughed as Toni eyes flared up her love for the gunslinger made of her jealous of anyone woman who dared to look at him with lustful eyes. The gunslinger’s girl spun around pulling her boyfriend with her leaving them face to face (well more like face to waist) with young Caius Weaver dressed as Professor X for the party, ‘I haven’t seen you since that Dream World. My my! Who is this dazzling young lady upon your arm? Caius asked smiling at Toni who was a little confuse expecting to see a woman commenting on her future husband’s butt instead saw a small child in a wheel chair. The gunslinger face was as red as the punch that people were drinking. Why…Why him of all people? Crow wanted to palm slap himself but couldn’t he cleared his thoart as he made introduction. “Caius nice to see you….again. Toni this is Caius, the Caius I told you about and Caius this is my girlfriend…” he made sure to empahize the word girlfriend to Caius “…Toni Leone d’argento. Be on your best behavior you two.” As Crow looked at Weaver’s heir and wheel chair regret gripped at the Thundering Cowboy’s heart and gut remembering the events that point him there and the person as well he swore that he would kill Kaine Weaver if he ever got his hands on him again. Toni soon realized who Caius was and suddenly shouted in glee letting go of Crow and getting down to Caius level hugging him. “Oh my god this is Caius Crow. You told me a lot about him but you never said he was so cute. He is a like an adorable fan boy that is so awesome! Finally someone who can plot with me to get you to be a better boyfriend.”

Crow just stood there stunned thinking that his girlfriend would flip out when she realized that another person liked Crow and worst yet a 12 year old but instead his girl had taken it surprisingly alright and was not plotting with the physic brat. As Toni plotted with Caius and Crow stood stunned a third voice joined in on the conversation. “Hello there it appears we will be sitting together tonight.” Crow turned to see a woman talking to them sitting at the black cat table, the woman was dressed as Black Swan from the movie Black Swan but for some reason the gunslinger felt that a costume of Black Widow or some spy would fit better. Strange I never seen that woman before but she looks really familiar I have a feeling we meet before. The woman continued “My name is Manami Saito, and this is my one and only treasure Bobbi Lee.” A little girl popped up dressed as an adorable Rainbow Brite, the young girl spoke with a bright smile “WOW you guys have great costumes.” Toni stood next to Crow as the gunslinger realized what Manami just said; we will be sitting together….that means…I’m sitting with Caius…CRAP!!! The gunslinger sighed wanting to change tables but knowing it wouldn’t happen he sat with Manami and her daughter placing his bucket of candy down and smiling at Bobbi Lee. “Wow that a great costume Bobbi, did your mommy make that for you? Or did you pick it out all by yourself?” Crow turned to Manami offering his hand with a smile, “Nice to meet you Manami please to meet you. I’m Crow Cementerio, estas?” Toni introduce herself next “I’m Crow’s girlfriend Antonia Leone d’argento but you can call me Toni for short.”

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@Superevil225: As Harumi got near to his table Callis grew silent and rised his hood, with the unrealistic hope of not being detected by a trained stealth fighter. The Knight was not only starting to feel uncomfortable by his feelings about Harumi, he was growing scared of what his Beast side whispered in his mind, while his Knightly side wanted him to remain tied by the promise he made to Raseri, his primal side wanted to shout his feelings to everyone in the room, speciall to Harumi. The Beast Warrior blushed deepl as this thoughts crossed his mind, and lost focus, taking a different glass that the one he was drinking from, and as he took a sip he realized to late about it. The sweet beverage, called Cola by others was like a sudden stab to his tongue, and Callis let out the liquid as a high pressure spray as the shock made him fall backwards, with the chair included towards the floor. He made an awful lot of sound and his hood was down again and he was just under a light. His hope of passing the evening undetected was shattered into pieces

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@Raseri: Masako saw Raseri and recognized him in the moment, when he wasnt in battle during the Blood Donation from Hell, he and his crew watched a lot of TV and they liked the tournaments that Raseri tended to destroy, they even made a tournament between the whole army of school delinquents, but Masako won as easy as Raseri wons those competitions. The Renegade Reitter lowered his feet from the table and walked towards Raseri taking a piece of paper and a pen from a nearby office and brining them towards his location. Mr. Rudd could you give me your autograph? Asked Masako making the most innocent voice he could

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@xDouble_Tapx: As he drank some punch and wondered who else would sit at his table, Raseri heard a familiar voice call his name. Turning round to see who it was that caught his attention, he was surprised to see that it was Roxy, one of his teammates and friends. Before he could even reply, Roxy had hugged him, making him almost spill his punch. "Hey Roxy!", he said with a smile. "It's all good here girl. Thanks by the way. You look awesome as well, even though I'm not completely sure what you came as", he chuckled. "So how're you doing? Haven't seen you in a while?", Raseri asked.

@Masako_Hihashi: While he spoke to Roxy, Raseri was approached by a young man dressed in a Tetsuo costume. "Mr. Ruud could you give me your autograph?", the man asked in a rather polite and innocent tone. "Hey man, nice Tetsuo costume!", Raseri smiled, "And sure you can", Raseri said, gladly signing an autograph for the man. "You look pretty tough guy, do you fight? So what's your name?", he asked.

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@Raseri: My name is Masako sir, Masako Hihashi, and yes I have been in a fight or two, nothing as great as your exploits, Masako spoke with a well faked admiration, since his real objective with this chat, even if he truly admired Raseri's Martial Prowess, was to get and appointment to a fight with him or a spar with the Nordic God to learn about his legendary techniques and fighting skills. I cant consider myself in your league, not without a hundred years of training or even more. The Renegade Reitter hoped for an offer to train, so he could get some good moves from Raseri's memory

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@Masako_Hihashi: "That little huh? Well Masako, how about we spar someday?", Raseri said, genuinely wanting to spar with his new acquaintance.

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@Raseri: Really? Thank you very much Mr.Rudd! I'll try not to disappoint you, we should meet 1 week from now, Just name the place, Masako said with his faked voice of a fanboy, as his mind was now starting to hope to taste the knowledge of Raseri skills

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@Masako_Hihashi: "I'm sure you won't buddy. One week from now sounds great. The place? Just meet me at Jewel's Bar and I'll take you to the place myself", Raseri smiled, intending on taking Masako to spar in a remote island where the environment is ridiculously suitable for fighting.

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