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@Kuma_From_Argentina: the difference being?

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Scottish & Irish

  • First of all Different Countries
  • Scottish wear kilts, Irish dont.
  • Scottish Whiskey is usually Blend, except in the north, while Irish Whiskey is usually of Single Malt.
  • Scotland is part of the United Kingdoms, Ireland isnt
  • IRA Comes from Ireland, so Lobos del Rayo was surely asking for a same nationality group
  • There are more differences but it would take long to name them all
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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I meant it as a joke don't be all serious captain literal

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@Masterofdeath: The Irish are the kind of badasses to jump into a bar fulla protestant heretics and fill them with led, then plant bombs in the cars all around the bar, then call the police to tell them about it, so they get blown up by the car bombs. The Scots, on the other hand, will smash your head in and gut you like a wee fish with their pocket knife.

Do I fix Brazilians with Mexicans? How about Kenyan with Egyptian cultures? Better yet, French with the Spanish, or Italian with Turkish. Neighbouring countries are very different from one another.

ALSO! Irish were treated like crap during the fifties, sixties? At least in England they were. You'd walk into a shop And there'd be a sign on the door.


No blacks.

No Dogs.

No Irish.

Yep, The Irish were considered lower than the dogs. That all changed when the IRA came about, and they were taken more seriously than the Taliban as a terrorist organisation.

Whegh. Alright, crash course in Irish terrorist history. I need breakfast.

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