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"Well I have a secret .. I'm kind of an alien myself."

She almost reacted, that calm exterior wasn't just icy, it was Rick Stein chocolate cake cold.

"I'm not actually a born New Yorker, I started out in rural Wiltshire, which if you don't know, is about as far away from modern civilisations as you can. I hadn't even seen a corndog until my twentieth birthday. So yeah .. what was the question?"

He put his hand up to stop her answering.

"I think I have to be honest here, little green men, no, I don't. Technology and abilities beyond the realm of common understanding, I just don't believe in it, I know its possible."

Damn it, caught smiling again.

"You're not gonna' anal probe me are you?"

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"Not exactly what I was aiming for, but at least I'm learning more about him."Kimiko thought and waited for him to stop speaking. "That 'little green men' stereotype, heh, we aliens don't take to kindly to that, but we usually just shrug it off and laugh." She replied once he finished. "What?Bloody hell no,no, no. That's for daft, metal, and sadist aliens wankers, in fact that it's illegal." She gave off some small hints that she herself was an alien, she didn't care really, but was still being serious. "Well let me treat you to some alien technology, hey Mercury mind showing yourself." She looked at the collar of her shirt when she asked for Mercury and the next second a small metal triangle head with a single retinal-red eye popped out and looked around a bit and noticed Misaki, and gave a friendly wave with his metal mantis-like claws, before fully coming out. His body consisted of various shapes of razor-thin metal, with various ancient alien texts writing all over his body, and he was no bigger than a house cat. "And this is Mercury, little alien robot and really friendly." Kimiko chuckled as Mercury waved again at Misaki, even made some of the metal plates near his eye form a smile, as he wrapped around her neck.
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Terror gripped 'Misaki', for some reason he had expected something more organic.

"Well hey", he said, sort of addressing it like a dog and hunkering down to a squat, "Sorry if I was aloof earlier. My name isn't really Misaki."

The little thing didn't come to him so he walked over to the now couple, a little er, scared, to be honest then offered his hand.

"It's Delaney, Delaney Cyrus-Morouni, most people who know me call me Lain or Lainey. Misaki was my Father's middle name, it's just, a defense mechanism I guess". Amazingly he found himself awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

"Sorry if I'm talking over you .. that .. thing .."

Calmed down.

"He's really cool, does he say Hello?"

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Mercury let out a few beeps and chirps to say hey back, it was his way of communicating even though only Kimiko and a few others could truly understand him. "Delaney? Interesting name. I can understand the whole defense mechanism thing, with my line of work I can't use my real name." She toke a pause. "My real name is Kimiko Cronos." Then shoke his hand and noticed him scratching the back of Mercury's head and oddly enough Mercury was enjoying it and chirping. "It's fine, kinda use to it, funny thing is he use to be extremely shy." She laughed. "Hey can't really speak, except the few beeps and chirps he did early and right now. Seems he's taking a liking to ya." She noticed Mercury scurrying over to Delaney's arm, practically hugging it. "He's kinda 'touchy feely'."
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Totally engrossed, he couldn't stop staring at the little 'bot. Obviously he'd never seen anything like it.

"He's sort of .. human?", he was struggling here to not just forget his situation and play with the 'alien. When he did take a split second to look up Trish was surveying him pretty closely, part of his mind was engaged worrying about the fact it might try and kill him at any moment. Mentions of death squads and assassins made him uncomfortable, almost as uncomfortable as Science. In it's entirety.

It looked as though she was smiling though, I suppose she was surprised but this wasn't strange, most living things seemed to have some sort of affinity with him. In his 26 years he had failed to understand why.

"I'm confused Trish, you said that this was an Alien, but I might have a place here as a scientist? Surely this kind of thing totally precludes most of what the modern world knows as science", he smiled back, "And besides that, I don't think even I could design something that acted as organically as Mercury here."

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"Somewhat, and yes I did say he was alien 'tech', and yes to that also." She nodded and noticed Mercury perch himself on Delaney's should like a bird. "Well yes and and no in a sense, can't truly explain it to you, but most to almost all of the technology this organization uses isn't from Earth." She chuckled, she couldn't tell him anything yet unless she wanted to explain things to her boss. "Actually you could if you put your mind to it."
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"Sorry if I seem like I'm talking to myself", he said bashfully.

"I'm certainly interested in learning more, so what is there, some sort of entry exam?"

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"It's alright lad." Kimiko chuckled. "Not at all, just clip this on, and stick close to me." She said with a smile and pulled out a holographic 'guest' id tag from her pocket and handed it to him. "And just don't touch anything unless given permission to." Kimiko then teleported them to one of the science wings, as usual it was busy with various devices and experiments being moved back and forth. "Anything you wish to see first?"
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"Is there anything that grows?"

He said dribbling some vinaigrette onto his nice tan overcoat which was, by then, hanging half off his left shoulder.

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"Yes there are some things that we grow here, but we have another specially made for that.." She said with a smile and lead him towards the section that they grew all sorts of plants. The section was quite large, many scientist were tended to the various plants, and there were some animals too living there. "Watch your step some of the plants drip sap and there are some 'meat-eating' plants, they won't harm you unless agitated or extremely hunger."
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Delaney looked at Mercury, who stared back with imperceptible emotion. Weird little thing, he thought. At these times it's hard to even know what thoughts are your own. Still eating he walked over to look at some of the Fauna; great blue veins pumped chrysalis coloured liquids into various pores of one specimen with leaf-span of maybe a metre five. Give or take. Luscious pinks and rare blues sprouted and drew the gaze around, in all manner of ways that seemed roughly inhumane to Lain. Well, im-plant-mane maybe.

"Other than the being cooped up in here forever, I kind of like this place", he was now openly fondling the leaf tracing back thoughts of carniverous fern, "I take these guys aren't for me to take back to show and tell?"

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Mesa casually sneaks into the Teku kitchen to raid teh fridge:P
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@Mesamia: Only food in there is spoiled or alien. :P
@DCypher: "Well you won't stay cooped in here forever, you can come and go as you please." She smiled. "Heh, no, they stay here. You can't even tell anyone of what we do here."
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@Kimiko_Cronos: Umm Alien food, its not bad with some good ol' hot sauceXD
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