Team of Six Pokemon for your characters

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Supposing that your RP Character is a Pokemon Trainer, whose whoul be his/her/it Pokemons?

Rules: 1) Maximum 1 Legendary per team (not obligatory), 2)Pokemons must have some similitudes in alignment, personality or powers

Still thinking mine, but here is a show of three


  • Slowbro (Due to his lazy personality)
  • Alakazam
  • Rapidash
  • Delibird (Because it can draw a lot of things from its bag, similar to Lebreus and Pandora)


  • Scyzor
  • Porygon (The particularity to change according to the oponent)
  • Giratina (This due to the ability of Giratina to change the world to antimatter, similar to the power of Gerad to enter into the conceptual domain)


  • Groudon (A being that can shake all the lands, it was between Kyogre and Groudon, but Groudon is best for the job)
  • Gyarados
  • Gengar
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Although I don't have an RPG character. Would it be fine for me to take part in this thread?

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@Supreme Marvel: as you wish, after all the thread didn't even shine xD

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Supremous Marvellous

  • Electiver: He is tenacious, extremely loyal (being his master first Pokémon from hatching as an Elekid) and very driven.
  • Golduck: Like his master, he his brave although can have the tendency to show boat which his master says he does not do (but he does). Perhaps, out of all, Golduck resembles his master in personality more than the rest.
  • Houndoom: She is also extremely loyal, but unlike the rest of her master's Pokémon she shares some of his aggression which only surfaces when trying to protect her master.
  • Lucario: Exhibits more of his master's pride than any of the others. Like the other he is extremely loyal.
  • Venasaur: She is very calm and collective as well as loyal.
  • Alakazam: Shares a psychic link with his master, when in battle his master never has to call out orders because he knowns what he wants. Due to this, he could be regarded as the closest Pokémon to him.
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