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The Enchanted Story

Hundreds of years ago, there lived an old and unsuccessful author. Although he has created a vast number of stories, none of them appealed to the public’s interests. Just before abandoning his passionate job as a writer, he decided to create a final piece of work – a simple children’s storybook. In hopes that the book would sell, he visited a rumored enchantress that lived in the outskirts of London, hoping she would help him with his misfortune. The enchantress presented the man with a pen, paintbrush, and a stack of papers; telling him to use those items to create the storybook. The author followed her instructions, and created the book; not knowing that those items possessed a mysterious power. When the author wrote the last words of the story, something strange happened. His body slowly began to transform into leather, and the pages of his manuscript began to float around him. The author screamed in fear, but no voice had escaped him, since he was now transformed into the book cover which bound the pages of the story. Years passed, and the book was found, authorless and without a title. This intrigued the general public, labelling the piece of literature as an ancient antique.

Out of the Book and into the World

The book, alongside the pen and paintbrush, had been sold several times throughout the years, and in present time, it became the possession of an old Englishman. The man wasn’t aware of the book’s enchanted history, and so, he treated it as any other book. On a stormy night, a sound emerged from the man’s book collection. Afraid that he was being robbed, the bibliomaniac rushed to his prized collection only to find that the mysterious storybook was floating in mid-air. The pages of the book began to tear on their own, each page fluttering away like a flock of birds and leaving behind the cover of the empty storybook. Only one of the pages remained, and it was of a minor character of the story - a painter who painted the prince and princess's wedding portrait. Suddenly, the book cover in the man’s hand s began to wriggle, which forced him to let go of it. The book returned to its floating position, and the front and back of the book began to flap like lips; then the voice of the author began to speak, "Painter, it is time for you to rise." The Englishman's bewildered expression returned, as he watched the ink that formed the painter's image leak into the air, slowly taking her form in real-life. The character looked as surprised as the collector, and she stared at her hands and legs in astonishment. The masculine voice then boomed once more, "Current owner, please give her the pen and paintbrush that came with the storybook." The man agreed and handed the two utensils to the painter, whose expression was now filled with delight. "Painter, you're time has come. It is now up to you to save the story and collect the pages, since you're the only one left. “explained the author's voice through the book.

"You mean......I'm the main character now?!!!" exclaimed the young painter ecstatically, while leaping for joy.

".......I suppose...." said the voice, reluctantly. "You can use both my pen and paintbrush to help you on your quest." explained the author, "But be warned! You must collect the pages as soon as possible; for they contain mystical powers which can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Also, if you don't finish collecting the pages when the sand on this hourglass completely falls, you're ink will fade, and the story will be forever lost."The painter nodded her head, while forcing a serious expression since she was still in her happy mood now that she was promoted to main character position after just being a page-filler.

"So, what'll be my name, Mr. Author?" she asked, clearly going off-topic. She needed to know though, since she was always just referred to as "The Painter".

The book sighed heavily, and fell silent for several moments. The artist was getting excited, waiting for the brilliant-minded author to come up with an amazingly-heroic name for her. Suddenly the silence was broken, “You’re called, Paintress. Now good luck with your journey." With those final words, the book fell silent, and toppled onto the ground.

"What the....? That old guy couldn't come up with a more original name than that???" Paintress then picked up the empty book, and began to embark on her journey; leaving the dumbfounded bibliomaniac behind.

Early Morning City Search

Before the first morning birds began their melodic predawn singing, another song filled the sleeping city streets. A chirpy blonde teenager skipped through the quiet streets, whistling a happy and upbeat tune. The previously two-dimensional fictional and completely useless character had just been brought into the real world in search for the missing pages of her storybook home. Although she should be in a more serious mood, she couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that she’s now the main character and all hopes are being placed on her. “It’s my turn to play the hero!” were the only words that kept replaying in her head, and her thoughts were then voiced into words; “It’s my turn to play the hero!” At that moment, the girl stopped, and began to seriously think. It suddenly dawned on her, like the currently rising sun, that she had no idea whatsoever about anything that has to do with being a hero. The artist’s blonde eyebrows furrowed, and she began scratching her head, getting deep in thought (something she definitely wasn’t used to doing). After spending long minutes in her thinking pose, a brilliant idea crossed her head, “I’ll just have to look for a hero and have them teach me how the job’s done!” she said, blurting out her resolution. An impressed chuckle escaped Paintress’s lips, “Man, I’m so smart, it scares me.”

With that, a course of action has been set for the airheaded painter and she began creating flyers with her magical paintbrush and pen. The flyer read: Hero(es) Mentor(s) needed ASAP! Efforts will be rewarded handsomely. Noticing that the flyer was quite empty, the artist painted a tiny knightly character, with a fluttering cape and an extended sword. She liked how the flyer turned out and started posting them on random telephone poles, walls, windows, etc. “Now all I gotta do is wait.” said the painter, with small smudges of colorful paint on her fair-skinned face.

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The Hunger of a Hero

The crowded city was brimming with activity, everybody busy in their affairs. The sun shined and the birds singed. Everybody seemed nice and even if the way busy, they seem concerned for others. Almost everything was normal, common and quiet. But surprisingly something was off in this almost perfect picture. A tall figure, clothed in black and dark blue robes walked among the people, that surprised, shocked or just plainly scared opened a way for him to walk. The man was covered in black bandages with runic inscriptions, making him look like a mummy. He was a little bit taller than 2 mts and seemed to have a massive build. In the back of his waist he carried a short sword, at least short for him since to anybody else would seem at least like a broadsword. The dark robes were battle marked, with several cuts and holes, while the bandages were as good as new. The black hood he carried also covered his face, giving him a much sinister look. He walked with his head up high, with long and resolved strides, there was something royal in the air around him, as if he was some sort of nobility, the honor he exuded could be felt by anyone, but still his grim looks and clothing made him object of the fear of the people around him. Some policemen noticed the sword, but the were too scared to take action and arrest him, as he seemed the kind of guy that breaks your neck for only asking him the time. Everybody left a path open for him. The Hooded Man looked around, kind of dissapointed of the people being afraid of his looks, but even he didnt liked the fear in their eyes he was mature enough to understand their fear, in the end he was much older than them, and he knew how to ignore this situation, as he had been in it for years. The Mysterious Warrior noticed soemthing ahead. A little girl, of Hindu heritage, with caramel skin and brown hair, was crying near to a tall tree. Without doubting for a second he walked towards her and crouched. For a moment the girl didnt noticed him, but when she did she almost fainted. The Hooded Man looked inside his robes and took a notepad and a pen, something he bought weeks ago to facilitate comunication, as in his current situation he was mute. With a extremely fancy and archaic style he wrote "What troubles you child?" She stood silent for a second still scared, but she noticed the smile of the man, even under the bandages. My little kitty is stuck in that tree, a bad dog chased her and now she doesnt wants to come down. The Hooded man didnt wasted a second, and after patting the girl's head he unsheated his blade with a faint metallic sound. With speed unknown to man or beast alike he cutted the trunk with a flawless display of swordsmanship, slicing it into pieces that start to stack in a tidy way, just besides the tree. In matter of seconds the tree of 4 mts, turned into a 2 mts tree, and without any effort, while he held the whole tree with one hand, he caught the kitten and gave it to the little girl. She thanked him, while in a even more incredible display of skill, he placed the slices of trunk back into their proper place, and the tree was back in one piece. The Hooded Man managed this feat using a technique known as Reversible cut, that was so precise that he could reattach whatever organic manner he cutted down, it worked mostly in plants and trees, but he pulled it off with animals and humans once in a while.

The sudden activity, added to the lack of a proper meal for at least 2 weeks, made the Hooded Man stomach growl like a caged beast, a sound so powerful that the people around looked at him. The little girl opened her lunchbox and offered a tupperware to the hungry man, Thank you for saving my kitty, I was going to eat this food that my mommy made for my in the school lunchtime, but you can have it, you saved my little Apu. The Hooded Man took the notepad once again and wrote, "I feel honored by your offering young lady, but what kind of Hero would take such a treasure for a small feat as the one I just made" The little girl face got a bright smile after reading, and the Hooded Man smiled as well. Thank you very much Mr. Mummy! She shouted as she left running for school. The Hooded Warrior watched her leave and the feeling of a good deed was something that filled his heart with joy, but shamefully it didnt fill his aching stomach, that once again growled in protest for the lack of food. Whatever joy he felt got replaced by a deep depression, as his walk lacked that regal posture he had before. But thanks to lowering his head for a second he noticed one of the Paintress flyers, that got de-attached from a electricity pole. The Mysterious Warrior readed it and almost cheered out of hapiness, something impossible as he couldnt speak for the moment, but the intent was there. Now filled with energy, the Hooded Man decided to rush to the location indicated in the Flyer, and runned in the middle of the street, dodging the cars and moving with inhuman grace for a man his height and weight. The Warrior in Black hoped to get enough money to give himself a feast, and luckily finding a heroic quest to fullfill

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, the Eye of Europe once a tourist destination rich with vibrant history and glistening, like the jewels of the queen, with royalty was now darker image of its former glory. After the events of the war that the deadly, nefarious Newdeath unleashed on the war caused massive destruction around the world; many cities have been destroyed and entire countries are on the verge of collapsing. The world was now looking for a leader, people were uniting in hopes of finding redemption and rebuilding, the need for new heroes were at a all time high, and the current heroes of the world were being over worked not only helping the rebuild but also doing all they could to prevent something similar from happen. was in bad shape most of the historical buildings were now shells that vaguely resembled their previous form, they were not built to take the level of damage the war dealt. Sites like , The Eye of London, and Big Ben were now ruined; and in general were in a state similar to after WW2 and the Luftwaffe bombing during the battle of . People were depressed, entire was destroyed, and a new leader has yet to emerge. Despite the sad state of affairs the human spirit was showing it could prevail over the hate; in the city of people were beginning to rebuild the once proud capital they were banding together and finding hope in each other. London had begun to rebuild to prepare for a festival they would be holding soon to bring life back from the death of the war Called the Festival of Human Spirit many counties around the world were doing the same thing and it was really turning into a national holiday. Among the working people an ominous figure blended into the crowd seemingly harmless but he had much darker intentions the secret creator of the world leading search engine Book walked amongst the people, Noah Eibon or as his villain persona Enigma.

The 25 year old computer hacking genius sat at an outdoor restaurant a neon green cell phone in his one hand that he was currently playing with; the phone was his most prized possession the cell phone was linked to his search engine Book and was showing him who he had “Book Marked” was on the site. With just a few clicks from his cell phone Enigma could track, gain information, monitor the information, and even implant viruses into the their computer; along with these Noah was gaining and analyzing everything he was learning about who he was tracking adding to his immense amount of data he currently had. Enigma smirked as a well known politician and want to be presidential candidate was on Book right now looking for potential spots to hold a rally but the politician quick visit to the search engine open him up for Noah to gain more information including the politician peculiar sexual interest from peeking at some very adult websites the man likes to visit. Noah was saving this information for a certain seductive Viper who would love this kind of information along with anything about a certain young male gunslinger. As the Book continued to play with his cell phone he looks around at the city of observing how people were helping each other rebuild from the damage brought by Newdeath. Noah was in London for his own personal needs as well as running an “errand“ for his “wife” Professor Verde for one of her projects; Book was in the British capital because he was too meet with a few of his informants. One of these trusted informants worked in the Queen’s Royal guard giving Enigma a direct link to private information on the Royal Family; Noah was not in London alone he had brought a mercenary turned ally to the genius but the mercenary was currently no where to be found. Noah admired the people around him rebuilding the city a smirk coming over his face as he enjoyed the strength of the human spirit; My, my humans are strange things aren’t they? Despite what has been done to them they still insist rising above hatred and prove their determination only to be stomped down again. It so strange it is another riddle that needs to be solved. I love it so much, I love humans they are just one more thing I will solve and collect. I LOVE HUMANS SO MUCH!!! Noah insane mental laugh caused his to begin to laugh quite maniacally; “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Enigma laughter was filled strange and slight hint of madness that poisoned the air a few weak willed and minded people was slightly affected by it not enough to cause permanent damage but enough for a seed to be planted. Most of the people enjoying their lunch turned and stared at Noah’s random fit of laughter that came out of nowhere. “HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Noah calmed himself and got up not wanting to draw more attention to himself than his sudden burst of laughter caused; it seems a few more humans were affected by Insanity good it will be interesting to see how humans come back from something like Insanity. Knowing the humans I love so much they will be just fine after all that is why I love them. After all I could not live with if they hate me I don’t care if they don’t love me as long as they don’t hate me. The young genius got up grabbing his signature jacket and left leaving some money on the table his eyes glowed eyed as he passed under a tree casting a menacing shadow over his eyes an insane grimace on his face, I will collect them all.

Noah had gone to a smoothie shop just around the corner where he had manically broke out in laughter he exited the smoothie shop with a sour green apple flavored smoothie. He looks around observing the scene he had not had any contact with his “body guard” or his informants so instead he was casually enjoying London itself it was then that he notice a young girl in a particular outfit with what looked like paint smears on it; Enigma noticed a flyer flutter behind up behind the girl, apparently she dropped it, the Book Worm picked it up and read it apparently the innocent looking girl was a hero wanna-be who was looking for a mentor to teach her how to be a “hero”. An arrogant smirk slid formed on Noah’s face; interesting another example of the human spirit a young girl wanting to be a hero and looking for a mentor figure. I would love to see how this plays out after all my dear body guard isn’t here and I have a few hours before I am suppose to meet my informant. This could be very interesting teaching this girl some tricks and observing her progress. Enigma smiled as this thought observing this girl and her reactions to being a true “hero” it was then that he noticed several young men and a woman follow the would be hero. The group was all dressed in attire that resembled the sub culture genre called punk; a couple of the men had on leather jackets others had on suspenders they were all wearing combat boots and had piercings and tattoos all over their body. Their hair was done up in different colors and funky styles and the one in the front, who Noah assumed to be the leader, had his head completely bad expect for a row of 5 day glow orange spikes that were at least 10 inches tall. Using his vast amount of knowledge the Book immediately deducted that the group was part of small British gang known as Oy!!!, the gang was known for their usage of punk images they had a nasty reputation for being violent and they were known for selling woman in human trafficking Enigma actually had a few informants within the gang giving him information. The genius notice that the girl and the gang was heading towards an alley a smile on his face he continued to play with his phone as he headed in the direction of the gang and the hero trainee; what an excellent chance to prove how “heroic” I am.

As Enigma approached the alley way he saw that the gang of punks had cornered Paintress and the leader, who using his data base that was linked to his phone Enigma learned was Jack “Puke Bucket” Miller, was moving towards the girl rather menacing as he spoke. “Oy Girlie what a precious pup like you doing a dark and dangerous alley way like this. How about you come along with us I promise to look after you Girlie.” Enigma slipped his phone into his pocket and grabbed his signature weapons a switchblade as he quietly entered the alley while Jack continued to harass Paintress; “What’s wrong Girlie you got some white paint on your cheek maybe I could put a little more there for ya. What wrong do we look like an unsavory bunch I bet we are a bit rougher than your little boyfriend Girlie!” With this Enigma decided it was time to make his appearance; “Riddle me this why would a punch of hooligans risk their reputation to help a little girl? Hint if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.” The young street gang all turned to face the arrogant smirking Enigma immediately the group began to take aggressively poses because they perceived anyone interfering with their business as a threat; “Puke Bucket” began to question Noah, “Bollocks Mate! What the bloody hell do you think ya are? This is a private conservation between us and this girlie hero so unless you’re her boyfriend I suggest you piss off!” Book just continued to smile as he took a slight step forward his voice was a bit too cheerful as he carefully choice his words; “No I’m not her boyfriend she is a little too young for me I am just your average, everyday hero.” Noah choice of the word hero was purposely directed at the young girl he was an expert when it came to profiling and he could appeal to people with just certain phrases and words. The gang of punks looked confused until “Puke Bucket” began to laugh causing the others to join him, “Well Mates it looks like we got ourselves a hero how about we show this protector of society what we think. Gauge reward this “hero” for getting involved in Oy!!’s business.” Christian “Gauge” Luckfell was a large man wearing a tight white tank top black suspender black camo pants and combat boots, his arms was covered tattoos and his face had several piercings including large gauges in his ears, one half of Gauge’s head was shaved bald the other had a messy piece of purple dyed hair. Gauge was a former street fighter now gang member after he viciously beat an opponent to death and was banned for life by the “authority” Gauge was said to have the strength to break cinder blocks or block a hole though someone resembling a gauge earning his nickname for the gang. Noah knew all of this because of his extensive data base and information from his informants within the gang; the genius villain smirked as he provoked the fighter “I suggest you stop now before someone gets hurt and I don’t mean me.”

The group of punk gang members choice not to heed Noah’s words as they all, expect for Jack, charged forward to attack Enigma at once. All the gang made their move so did Book in a overly fluid and dancer life movement; he spun, duck, and dodge out of the way even though his body appeared to be moving at normal speeds his hands however were moving faster than a normal human eye could perceive. Within all the unnecessary movements Noah had drawn his signature switch blade and slice the gang members several times each. Enigma stopped on the other side of the punks smiling still as suddenly the group that had attack crash to the ground bleeding from several deep but non life threatening wounds all over their body; he continued forward his switch blade in hand approaching Gauge. “BOLLOCKS! What did you do to my mates?! When I down with you I’ll be able to see though your gut! 6 GAUGE FIST!” Gauges brought his fist back and threw it forward with all his might hoping to punch a hole though Noah but the enigmatic villain just smiled as he used surgical precision to slice up Gauge’s arm cutting several tendons making it useless and bleeding badly but still not life threatening all faster than a normal eye could perceive. Jack was speechless and wide eye as Enigma approached a smile on his face as Gauge fell to the ground clutching his now dead arm; “Bollocks mate! Just back off I promise to leave the girlie alone just leave me alone!” “Puke Bucket” continued to back up as he reaches in his pocket and pulled out a chain with a lock on the end he began to swing it menacingly, “Okay hero boy I am going to smash that smile in! I like to see ya smile with no teeth.” Jack ran at and passed Enigma as the enigmatic individual just said calmly; ‘I warned you that someone would get hurt.” Jack stopped suddenly as he ran passed Enigma he didn’t even realize that with lightning speed Noah had used his knife; the chain suddenly broke apart cut cleanly and the lock when flying in another direction the spikes on Jack’s hair slide apart cut clean though leaving him with only a few orange stubs on his head. Jack fell to his knees as his clothes and body gained several slashes all over. Noah just smiled as he put away his switch blade while the non wounded members carried away the ones that were running with their tail between their legs, he approached Paintress quite calmly and friendly offering his hand. “Are you okay miss? I saw them follow you into this alley and didn’t like it I thought I should stop them. After all that what heroes do.” Noah just smirked as he began to play his part to observe Paintress without her knowing he was the villain known as Enigma.

Meanwhile in another part of town a young man with bleach blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a black and white trench coat walked though the streets of . The young man had a electrical burn on half of his face that covered his eye, cheek, and ear he received the burn after an losing encounter with the hero Crow Cementerio on a cruise ship being a body guard for a Yakuza boss. The young man was ashamed of the burned and kept the collar of his coat pulled up to hide it he also used the burn as motivation for revenge hoping to one day even the score with the Last Gunslinger and prove he was the one and only Electrical Mercenary. The young man was known other then the deadly mercenary who used a cue stick and billiards balls , the deadly Kid Telsa aka Nero Volpi. What was the Telsa Kid doing in ?

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Paintress continued walking through the city of London, carrying her large stack of flyers and posting them wherever she saw fit. Sigh….I wonder if anybody is actually reading these flyers. Are they even that captivating? Are they eye-catching? I sure hope so….I really do. Being so engulfed in her own thoughts and worries, the oblivious painter hadn’t noticed that she led herself into a dead-end alley; not only that, but she wasn’t alone. Behind the young sixteen-year-old were an odd punkish-looking group, who seemed to have followed her into the dark alley. “Haha, silly me; I guess I took a wrong turn. Time to backtrack.” said the clueless teen, and retraced her footsteps; however, she didn’t go so far seeing that the peculiar group had her cornered. A sudden feeling of nervousness swept the young artist’s gut, and she secretly hoped that they meant no harm. Paintress noticed one of the group members heading towards her, and she instinctively took a step back, “Oy Girlie what a precious pup like you doing a dark and dangerous alley way like this. How about you come along with us I promise to look after you Girlie.” Paintress figured that he was referring to her when he said “girlie”, but from the sound of his menacing tone, she knew he wasn’t the heroic gentleman type. “What’s wrong Girlie you got some white paint on your cheek maybe I could put a little more there for ya. What wrong do we look like an unsavory bunch I bet we are a bit rougher than your little boyfriend Girlie!” Paintress quickly covered her dirty cheeks with her slightly quivering hands and took another step back, but this time she couldn’t, seeing that she has already reached the cold brick alley wall. Oh, now I’m in trouble. The anxious artist remained quiet, but she was secretly panicking. Suddenly, the teen remembered the mystical paintbrush that she had in her possession. Just as she was about to reach into her apron’s pocket to take out the said item, another voice filled the alley, “Riddle me this why would a punch of hooligans risk their reputation to help a little girl? Hint if something seems too good to be true then it probably is.” Paintress’ round blue eyes peered over the gang leader’s shoulder to see the owner of the voice. Standing at the alley’s entrance was a young man with dark short hair and a black jacket with its hood lined with fur. “Bollocks Mate! What the bloody hell do you think ya are? This is a private conservation between us and this girlie hero so unless you’re her boyfriend I suggest you piss off!” yelled out the gang leader. “No I’m not her boyfriend she is a little too young for me I am just your average, everyday hero.” replied the mysterious man. The painter’s ears perked after hearing the word ‘hero’, and she continued to watch the scene unfold before her now intrigued wide eyes.

The teen watched the inevitable fight break out between the entire gang and the self-proclaimed hero. Who is this guy? A HERO?? Will he be able to fight them all off by himself?! Paintress gripped the paintbrush in her apron pocket as she watched the fight. The answers to her questions were slowly revealed when the man swiftly managed to dodge, block, and attack his enemies in a blink of an eye. Paintress’ mouth dropped in awe with his performance, and if it weren’t for the fact that she contained herself, she would’ve applauded him loud and clear. The gang members scurried out of the alley after their humiliating defeat, and the mysterious man in the black jacket approached Paintress. “Are you okay miss?” asked the young man in a friendly tone while offering his hand. “I saw them follow you into this alley and didn’t like it I thought I should stop them. After all that what heroes do.”

The young painter nodded in response to his first question, “I’m okay!” she assured. Paintress then took his extended hand and shook it feverishly, “Hello kind sir! I’m Paintress. Thank you very very very much for saving me back there, I owe you one big time.” rambled the eager painter, and released his hand after she ended her sentence. Paintress knelt down and picked up her fallen stack of flyers. After having them all in her grasp, the painter separated one of the papers from the stack and handed it to the man who just saved her, “Have you come across this flyer sir? I’m searching for heroic people like yourself to act as my mentor. Only if you’re interested though…but..but I’d really appreciate it if you did! I’m going to head out to the meeting location that I’ve indicated on my flyer, which is the tiny park at the end of the block. So if you’re interested, I can lead you there.” said the earnest painter innocently, giving the “hero” standing in front of her a sincere smile.

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Waiting and Practice

The Mysterious Hero, only known as the Hooded Man, was an old warrior, fighting more than a thousand battles, and getting scared for each battle. He didnt acted his age, as his body didnt aged like a regular human being, he was over two centuries old, and he seemed, under all the vendages and heavy clothing, to be younger, under 50 years old. He was a married man, unluckly widowed 40 years prior his appereance in this world, and in the place he called home, he left his son and daughter, that gladly took over his kingdom while he retire to this land, a place he visited more than almost 200 years ago. He carried some weapons hidden in his clothes, almost a dozen daggers hidden in different spots, and some other stuff he made, as he was somewhat of an acomplished magician, not as powerful as his son, yet he was more specialized in creating magical/mechanical objects. In his free time while leading his kingdom, he always found time to thinker some strange, yet useful gadgets. But unlike the hidden weaponery he carried, the sword that hanged from the back of his waist was quite simple and noticeable. It was a broad blade with short lenght, at least that seemed when he used it, a regular human wielding it would seem to be holding a Greatsword, or something even bigger. The Blade was called Riesenedge, made only with pure skill, determination and willpower, not a speck of magic was spent in the making of the sword, as not even magical weapons could withstand the might of this Hero. Riesenedge was linked to him in ways nobody could imagine, almost as if it was a part of his soul, an extension of his burning spirit and unyielding determination. That's why the Sword, that didnt had any magical enhacement could manage to be used by a man of such raw power and skill without breaking. The Hooded King was checking on his equipment while he waited on the meeting spot. But as he examinated his daggers, looking for any bump or scratch a terrified shriek got his attention. A woman was just mugged, and the pickpocket was running away from her, looking behind him, just towards the Hooded Man location. When the mugger turned around, it was too late for him to react, in fact, even if he went in the opposite direction it wont do any good. The Mysterious Warrior caught him by the jacket, and with inhuman ease lifted him from the ground until his legs were hanging almost a 6'. The robber was terrified of the Hooded Man, that with his free hand took the purse and gave it to the woman, that left thanking him. The King hanged the thief by the belt in a fence bar, right in front of a house, and took out his notepad.

" Thieving scoundrel, why are you stealing from women? Are you a coward of some sort?" were the words in the notepad, that the thief read with evident difficulty, making his educational level quite easy to figure out. The thief was young, he had 20 years tops, and his first reaction to the situation was wrath, as he was manhandled by the Hooded Man I'm no bloody coward, ye wanker! he repplied angrily as he tried to jump off the fence with no results I only want to feed my family mate, the economy is bloody harsh on me! He seemed to be making excuses, or that was what the Hooded Man thought of the nervous robber. "You wretched scum, your kind disgusts me" The writting couldnt show his anger, but the atmosphere around him changed, making the thief feel goosebumps all over his body.The Mysterious King anger was justified, at least that were his thoughts, since the robber didnt seemed to be starving, or using rags, he was well dressed, well fed, and had some jewelery on his fingers and around his neck. " Your wicked liar, if this was my kingdom I'll have your hands cut by the royal guards, and fed my dogs with them" The rober was too scared to repply, or even think about the absurdity of the words written by the Old King. I wont do it again, I swear! Just let me go mate.. The terrified robber was in the verge of wetting himself, scared by the severe words written by the Hooded Stranger. " I wont do that, so stop your whining evildoer, yet I cannot let you go, so I'll deliver you to the authorities" After writting that, the Mysterious Man lifted the thief up, and after asking some directions, he carried him and left him under custody, as he was wanted by the authorities. Without any further delay, he walked once again towards the meeting point, finding a young woman and a young man, as the woman carried a strange aura around her, almost mystical in nature, the Hooded Man walked towards her and wrote in the notepad, while showing the panflet "Dear Lady, are you the one that asked for a Heroic mentor"

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The enigmatic villain and the Insanity of Greed kept his smile as he shook hands with the young painter. She seemed okay just a little frazzled from her encountered with the violent gang of punks, “I’m okay.” Paintress shook Noah’s hand feverishly giving the Book of Evil a glimpse into how truly young and naïve the girl was; this girl wants to be a hero she must be no older than 16 but acts almost 12. Her shake is that of a nervous, shy, little girl meeting someone new not that of someone I expect to be a hero let alone a threat to anyone but I guess anyone can be a hero nowadays…even me. Enigma laughed as at his own joke a little but it would seem that he was laughing at Paintress antics as she introduced herself formally, “Hello kind sir! I’m Paintress. Thank you very very very much for saving me back there, I owe you one big time.” Enigma continued playing the part of the mysterious helper introduces himself but unlike most he made a strange mode using his real name; “Hello Paintress, I’m Noah Eibon. Don’t worry about it I couldn’t leave you alone with their bullies only bad things would come from it. After all it’s not very heroic of anyone to let an innocent girl like you alone in any situation.” Enigma smirked as he choice his words carefully letting his skills with human profiling assist him into getting Paintess to believe his heroic nature which strangely wasn’t entirely false. The young paint smeared girl began to pick her flyers and then separated one and handed it to the enigmatic “savior”; Have you come across this flyer sir? I’m searching for heroic people like your self to act as my mentor. Only if you’re interested though…but..but I’d really appreciate it if you did! I’m going to head out to the meeting location that I’ve indicated on my flyer, which is the tiny park at the end of the block. So if you’re interested, I can lead you there.” Enigma chuckled a little at Paintress’s eagerness and overall determination; he inspected the flyer even though he had already looked at it earlier. “I seen the flyer Miss Paintress but I had no clue that you made them I actually thought it was a joke someone bluntly asking for a hero mentor but it seems that you are serious.” Noah just smiled as he looked at Paintress slowly piecing together a plan in his head he was going to try to be this girl’s mentor but not the type that she wanted. “Well I don’t know if I will be a good mentor myself I never actually mentor someone. I am more of a super sly detective will information gathering skills then a hero but I promise I’ll do what I can to help.” Enigma gave the young girl a smile assuring her of his good nature but behind that smile was the insane grimace a malice genius who was curious to see the girl’s reaction to the world of a “hero”. “I’ll follow you to the meeting spot and help you with what ever you need Paintress.” Enigma put his hands in his jacket’s pockets causally as he walked to the meeting spot with Paintress passing though a shadow that cast a demonic expression but only for an instant; his smile appeared to be a lunatic grimace and his eyes appeared red, this should be interesting despite the information I have there is nothing on this girl; no name, no blood type, no ability, no date of birth, she is more of an Enigma than me. At least this should give me a chance to be able gather the information on her I need and test her heroic will. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!

As Enigma walked with the girl he decided to begin to test the young painter and get to know her a little and learn the reason she wants to be a hero; “Riddle me this Paintress why do you want to be a hero? No offence but you aren’t exactly the picture of a hero and villains nowadays are a lot dangerous they wouldn’t care if you are a young girl they kill you or worse.” As they walked Enigma looked around at the destruction that the late Newdeath caused; this place would have been quite a site if it wasn’t for that ignorant fool Newdeath him and his goals of world domination such a pointless goal mine are a bit more subdue yet far more greater. How ironic that someone like Newdeath like was killed by a mere human. Then again that is why I love them and this girl will give me another reason. Noah continued questioning the young hero wanna-be, “Look around at all this destruction cause by the man known as Newdeath what do you think would of happen to you if you would have stood against him at the time?” The Book of Evil force down his smirk as he tried planting certain seeds within the young girl’s head, seeds of self doubt, seeds of confusion, seeds of worry, seeds of questioning her own motives. The Insanity of Greed wanted to know if with all this will Paintress still desire to be a hero or will she turn from that path, the Insanity that drove him was now compelling him to learn what will happen. She was young and his vast amount of information told him that young children were more adaptive then their adult counters parts so will she adapt when she sees her goals may lead somewhere else. “You do know that those you oppose will do everything that they can to hurt you including hurting people you care about or want to protect.” Everything the enigmatic villain was saying wasn’t entirely false he was not manipulating Paintress just telling her certain facts to see how she will react she was merely an experiment to the Book of Enigmas.

He smiled quickly changing his tone to something friendlier and a little less serious; “Oh look at me trying to dissuade you I’m sorry Paintress it’s your choice what path you will walk down don’t let my words sway you either way.” From within his pocket his phone began to go off causing him to look at Paintress for a second; “Excuse me Paintress I need to take this is probably some important detective information.” Noah took out the phone and saw it was a phone call from his “wife”/secretary as well as his scientist Professor Olivia Verde, Professor Verde was once the head of nano-bot and robotics lab but because of several incidents involving her she turned to Enigma for her with the condition she now work for him, the Book of Insanity answered the phone cheerfully. “Yes assistant what is it?” Professor Verde’s audible sigh could be heard though the phone, “I truly do hate you when you call me your assistant that is a title that is such a lowly position for someone of my intelligence.” Enigma laughed a little as he kept up with Paintress, “What’s wrong don’t I unitize your intelligence and skill correctly.” Even though Olivia didn’t say anything the silence portrayed her anger and frustrations with the Book of Greed; “It doesn’t matter, where are you? Your bodyguard been calling wanting to meet up finally but you’ve been out the grid.” Enigma just smiled as he talked not wanting Paintress to think of his conversation on the phone then him checking on “leads” “Don’t worry about just tell him that he needs to lay low for a little while longer I may have something else planned. Listen my dear secretary I got a few “leads” for you to check up on.” Enigma gave a final look towards Paintress a smile on his face that hid the secret motives and obsession that were now fueling him as he sent some information to Professor Verde including a picture of Paintress.

After his conversation with Professor Verde he quickly rejoined Paintress smiling, “Sorry about that it was my associate with leads for me, you see I’m here on a case about people going missing in this area. The people seem to have a connection, every one of them was pretty much alone or an immigrant so nobody would miss them there also seems to be a connection to suicide pacts.” Again like everything Enigma had said up to this point this was not a complete lie there actually have been disappearances in the area and the people were people who would not be miss but Noah’s true connection to them was far darker. As they approached the park where Paintress had advertised to meet the Book of Enigmas noticed that someone was there waiting this person seemed to be covered in bandages like a mummy but his attire seem far more similar to the a knight of medieval times; apparently I am not the only who saw these advertisements this is such a interesting development in my plan for young Paintress but this may not be a bad thing. What was strange was that just like Paintress it seemed Enigma did not have any information on this strange new arrival for him to come across two people he didn’t know anything about, in the same day, was no coincidence but the man’s appearance gave a great idea to further toy with Paintress and her goals of being a hero. As they got closer the man came over and it became evident that he could not talk because he had a pad of paper that read; “Dear Lady, are you the one that asked for a Heroic mentor”. Noah smiled to himself as he took this as his cue to leave but not before introducing him to the Hooded Man, “Hello sir I’m Noah Eibon a detective who working in this area I came across Paintress here and helped her from hooligans I was going to be her mentor but I believe you are the better fit.” Noah smiled as he spoke a bit too cheerfully trying to display himself as a kind hearted heroic detective, he then turned to Paintess, “It was nice meeting you Paintress and I was hoping to be your mentor but I believe this man may be a better mentor than me after all he appears to be a knight you don’t get more heroic than that. I will however help you whenever you need it my detective skills and many informants will probably be able to gather any information you need.” Enigma quickly took out a piece of paper and wrote down his cell number for Paintress flashing her one last smile before he turned away and waved goodbye to the Hooded Man as well the young hero a dark plan in his mind. Paintress’s desires to be a hero seem strong but I wonder how strong they will once I show her the problems that come with being a hero. I’ll use that Hooded Hero to show her that after I test both of them. As Enigma walked away with a smile on his face he took out his cell phone and began to dial up his body guard as well as Professor Verde, the same lunatic smile and slightly demonic appearance crossed his face as the Insanity of Greed took a slight hold on him he only said one thing, “I love humans.”

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