Sword Storm (Callis VS Daisuke)

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A new day rised, the sun shining in the horizon, illuminating the Ebisu HQ with it's light. The sunlight filtered throught the curtains bathing Callis Nomene, The Knight that was sent to this world by a mystical accident. The Half-blooded Knight was awake, he had the custom of waking up before dawn, and practice until breakfast, but today he has another task. He was asked to test a new recruit for Ebisu, a young man called Daisuke Emiya, that apparently was a wizard and a warrior, a combination similar to Callis skillset. The Knight wanted to do this, since the last two times this task fell into Emerald Flamefate hands, and Callis couldnt let a woman end up injured if he was near, so this time he applied for the job before. The Saevus Warrior grabbed his equipment and his cloak. Gigas, the spirit inside the Mundicelox blade, Callis weapon of choice, unsheated part of the blade and greeted the Knight, Good morning Kitten, How're ya doing today? Ready to kick some new guy ass? The metallic voice of the sword had a tone of arrogance and an urge of battle that disgusted Callis, a man of pacific nature that never seeked for conflict. Gigas, I'm only going to test Mes Emiya, I'm not supposed to defeat him, my task is to assess his skills and demeanor to see if he is fit for this organization. Repplied the Knight with a sigh at the end.  
Now fully clothed and ready, Callis walked with calm and reached the training grounds fifteen minutes before the match, to do some warm-up before fighting. The sky was barely clouded and the reddish orange glow of the dawn covered it. After some exercise to prepare himself Callis stood in the training grounds waiting for Daisuke Emiya, not knowing what to expect from his sparring partner in this test.
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A young boy barely past the age of 19 was taking a walk in Kiyoto.  He was Daisuke Emiya, originally a Japanese citizen. Despite being from these lands, it was Daisuke's first time in 3 years to visit the country of the rising sun. (Was it that long, huh?) He thought. Strangely Daisuke got a nostalgic feeling. He was unsure why. In the end despite he was born Japanese, he had never been in Kiyoto, not even at times of school trips. Maybe it was just the product of finally being on the Japanese soil once again. Compared to the busy streets of London, Kiyoto's atmosphere reminded him of the small town he had grown up in. Yeah, that's what the sudden feeling of nostalgia supposed to mean. Regardless, Daisuke wasn't here for just sightseeing. He got a letter from an unknown organization, Ebisu. First, Daisuke thought the letter was just one of the endless spam messages but the unique stamp and the beautiful Japanese handwriting made him change his mind. After the initial expressions Daisuke was shocked at reading the contents. The very first thing that grabbed his attention was that they knew of Daisuke's true identity. Yes, despite Daisuke looks like your usual Japanese scholarship bum, he actually possessed a great secret. Daisuke Emiya is a magus, someone who could cast magic spells. It isn't like a codename or just some game identity. He is indeed capable of  using magic, similar to those in the fairy tales. It may seem bewildering but compared to the sudden emerge of demigods and superheroes, being a magician is really nothing special. Well, at least that's how Daisuke always thought about his powers. The Magic Association certainly  has a different standing. As far as since the middle ages, they desperately tried to cover up any traces of the magic being real. That's why the modern people kept being ignorant to it. And that's why Daisuke had been really shocked.
So you could say Daisuke got really interested in this Ebisu, especially after reading the rest. Ebisu was a secret Japanese organization founded in order to maintain world peace. They hire skilled young individuals and fight to fend off evil threats without making it public. That sounded so unreal. Yet for Daisuke, the self-proclaimed Hero of Justice it was like a dream. So out of curiosity he decided to check. That's how he had ended up in Kiyoto, the location of Ebisu's headquarters. The organization invited Daisuke for some short of test. The details were unclear but from the wording it appeared to have something to do with a battle. Daisuke didn't mind that. Despite considering himself barely above the level of the novice mage, Daisuke had been put through many combat situations. He wasn't so arrogant to call himself a skilled fighter but he definitely got himself a bit of experience. So Daisuke wasn't afraid to face an upcoming battle. No, to be precise, ever since 3 years, Daisuke had abandoned any short of fear. Whoever his opponent would be Daisuke is not the kind to back off from battle.
Daisuke was in front of a traditional Japanese style house. To be more exact, it was a dojo, the Japanese equivalent of Gym. Daisuke checked the address, it was the same as the one detailed in the letter. It was called the Ebisu's training center. According to the letter, what awaited Daisuke there was  some sort of challenge. Gulping down his sudden surge of anxiety, red-haired youth knocked on the main door. *knock-knock* But he got no answer. "!!" Suddenly, the door slowly moved. Although not in the way Daisuke had expected. "Wai- !" Daisuke's face fell down as the door just hit the floor. "What. What does it supposed to mean?" The youth expressed his shock. Aside from the side of the entrance, all walls were in tattered pieces. The entire 'house' was like an open place. It was like the scene of natural disaster. Daisuke heard about the Japanese earthquake catastrophe but no matter how he tried, he couldn't link the two together. As far as he knew, neither the earthquake nor the tsunami hit that far. Not to mention that anything besides this dojo was pretty much fine. So Daisuke was really at loss of words. When he -more or less- recuperated from the shock, Daisuke found another person on the opposing end of the dojo. He was a tall man and Daisuke could already tell he was also a foreigner. His features were clearly not Japanese. He had a shoulder-long pallid blond hair and a stare that probably experienced many deaths. On a closer look, the stranger possessed the same eyes as his master, only less intense. It didn't take long for Daisuke to guess he was a war veteran. But what kind of war could produce a man like him? Daisuke had no time to thinker on that. Instead he asked a different question. He glared directly into the stranger's eyes. "Is this the Ebisu training center?" Daisuke asked while somehow feigning obliviousness. It was really a hit or miss kind of question. If the guy was related to this Ebisu then he could definitely answer. And for some reason Daisuke believed that was the case.
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Callis noticed Daisuke coming from a distance, he could feel the teen magical energy from a far range, and when the Magus got into his range of his inhuman senses he confirmed that a young man was coming towards him. Testing new member for an organization wasnt new for Callis, as he did it as as the Head of the city guard, as a Eques Orbis and while he worked for the Freedom fighter in Via, just before getting to this world. With time, Callis created his own process of testing new recruits, and was thinking to use it here as well. He heared the voice of Daisuke   "What. What does it supposed to mean?" Surely he was shocked at the state in which the training grounds were, after Emerald blasted the place in the test against Mugen. The steps of Daisuke where the only thing that could be heared in the dojo. He entered the room and his eyes crossed with Callis's. The teen had some experience fighting, not as much as The Knight, but he had plenty battle behind his back. Now that Daisuke was closer, the Saevus Warrior noticed that the magical energy of the Magus wasnt stationary as his but was in constant flux, as a multiple rivers. "Is this the Ebisu training center?" Daisuke asked while somehow feigning obliviousness. Callis stood up and replied, Yes, this is the Training center and you are Mes Emiya, right? asked Callis, please follow me, we first need to talk and then we'll go to business. The Knight opened a side door and invited Daisuke to sit in a cushion right in front of him, a set of tea was ready, Callis had only water in his cup, as he couldnt stand the flavour, since his sense of taste was overdeveloped. After waiting for the teen to sit down Callis asked What brings you here?
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"Yes, this is the Training center and you are Mes Emiya, right?" The stranger said in a calm tone. Both of Daisuke's guesses were spot on. The man had an obvious foreign dialect and seemingly he was affiliated with Ebisu. "Yes, I'm Daisuke Emiya. Who are you? What happened here?"  The red-haired boy answered. He also stated a few questions in turn. He couldn't help but felt suspicious. Many things just didn't make sense there. But Daisuke chose to not assault the man with hordes of questions. "Please follow me, we first need to talk and then we'll go to business." The man said. Daisuke was unsure what he could've meant on 'business' but he decided to follow him. "Sure." The boy answered immediately. That way he might learn a few things. The man opened -notably the only intact- slide door and led Daisuke to a different room. There he prepared some tea for the boy but strangely he only drank water. "Um, do you not like tea?" Daisuke asked in wonder. At first the boy though the man may tried to poison him but thinking it throughly that plan seemed way too transparent. Unless they (presumably Ebisu) thought Daisuke was a total idiot they would never go for such a bold plan. Normal doses of poison cannot effect his magically enhanced body anyways. So Daisuke felt relatively at ease. Of course, he didn't let his guard down for even a second.  They both calmly sat down at the table. "What brings you here?" The man asked Daisuke. For a while the young magus was at loss of words. He really didn't expect that question. "Well, I've got called by a letter telling me to come here and take a test." Daisuke gave the letter from Ebisu to the man. For some reason the boy trusted him enough to believe it's fine that way. Despite he had no solid proofs, Daisuke was fairly certain that the man belonged to Ebisu. "Tell me, what is Ebisu exactly? Who are you guys and what business you have with me?" Daisuke asked. To him, everything about this Ebisu sounded fishy and suspicious. The way they knew so much about Daisuke was even creepy.
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Callis listened to Daisuke  "Um, do you not like tea?" and gesture his negation with his hand, while drinking a sip of water, he was deliberately ignoring the Magus question about his name, but quickly repplied about the state of the Dojo, I'm sorry for the condition of the training grounds, we had another test some days before to this one and the examinator got a little bit over the top. The Knight spoke with a calm voice. A morning breeze made the leaves of the trees wave, at least the trees that were still unharmed by the last test. After asking the Teen what brought him here, Callis listened closely to his repply, only to find himself being answered with something he already knew  "Well, I've got called by a letter telling me to come here and take a test." Daisuke handed the letter to Callis, that grabbed it and placed in the table, without glancing it. The Knight question was oriented to get the reason of Daisuke to accept the invitation, but the Magus realistic and plain answer also revealed some information, as know Callis thought of the Magus as somebody that went to the point of the issue and didnt didint seemed overly idealistic and daydreaming. It was the kind of person that the Saevus Warrior liked, the kind of man that haves the feet on the ground and not the head on the clouds. The Young Wizard asked  "Tell me, what is Ebisu exactly? Who are you guys and what business you have with me?"  Callis answered from his own knowledge, Ebisu is an organization dedicated to finding and defeating any sign of evil beings or wicked men, a group of people that shares the same opinions even if our upbringing or skills are different, we all fight against any threat to the populace, either in this country or others. Callis paused for a second to hear Daisuke opinion to that and asked Now, let me ask you again, what brought you here? Was it curiosity? or was a higher cause?
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"I'm sorry for the condition of the training grounds, we had another test some days before to this one and the examinator got a little bit over the top."  The guy who still refused to introduce himself stated it with a calm, matter of fact like voice. "Eh-heh, I see. Just a bit over the top..." Daisuke repeated as he took another look around.  This guy was definitely not normal. The surroundings of the training ground didn't look anything like a battlefield, more like a scene after heavy carpet bombing. And by this guys words that was just a little over the top. For a moment Daisuke was doubting he visited the right place. "What brings you here?" The man continued. Daisuke answered in a brief generalistic way and instantly asked his own question. Tell me, what is Ebisu exactly? Who are you guys and what business you have with me?"
 The fact this organization knew so much about Daisuke was somehow worrying. Not to mention he still knew only a little about what does Ebisu exactly do. "Ebisu is an organization dedicated to finding and defeating any sign of evil beings or wicked men, a group of people that shares the same opinions even if our upbringing or skills are different, we all fight against any threat to the populace, either in this country or others." The man said. "So are you saying  that you in Ebisu are all heroes of justice!? It's hard to believe. It feels like you're not telling me something." Daisuke asked, not giving up on his suspicion. About 3 years ago Daisuke might had been overjoyed to hear the man's answer. But his various jobs at the Association made him all the wiser. He was no longer that brown nosed kid that saw the world with rose tinted glasses. No, Daisuke had always had his fair share to experience what we can call humanity's dark side. Yet he never gave up his faith in good and that people can always change. Even after that 3 years Daisuke remained the same. His only change were that he became more wary of things. Maybe it was thanks to Rin's teachings but Daisuke was far less easier to deceive than in the past.
After Daisuke got a satisfying answer from the Man who apparently still refused to introduce himself, he spoke up again. "Now, let me ask you again, what brought you here? Was it curiosity? or was a higher cause?" The man asked a last question to Daisuke. "Yes, curiosity had something to do with that. But there was more. I...don't laugh, this going to be embarrassing. I want to become a superhero!" Daisuke exclaimed. Yes, it was his dream all along. Ever since that day. Ever since he saw that happy expression. He was determined to take this route. There was no going back. He will be a true superhero for sure! "This is no delusion, I truly devoted my life to save people. I swore to fight and keep everyone else's happiness. That's what my ideal of justice is like! I don't care if you find me a fool, this is the way I decided to live my life!" Daisuke said with resolute will. He didn't mind if the man would burst out laughing. Because he told the absolute truth. Daisuke was long prepared to shoulder all burdens coming along with his heavy decision. There's nothing in this world that can stray him off his chosen path. "So if everything you told me was true, I  join you. As somebody who aspires to be a Hero of Justice, I know. All superheroes need an enemy. And to find my destined enemy there's no other way but to join a force of greater good. Don't you agree?" Daisuke said, ending his monologue with a question to the man. What the red-haired boy was saying appeared to be strange yet made perfect sense. He won't join the organization out of spite, neither just curiosity. He wants to join with solid calculations and reasoning behind. "Yes, I want to become a member of Ebisu."
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Callis didnt understood the term superhero, but he respected the idealistic young man in front of him, as he was capable of telling his dreams so openly, as the knight himself lacked that confidence for his own dreams. Callis almost smiled but refrained himself to mantain the facade, since a serious examinator is much more respectul than an overly symphatetic. Very well then, follow me, we're going to start the examination. The Knight guided the Magus to the main dojo and started explaining. I'll divide the test in three rounds, one unnarmed, one with a sword and one with all your skills, So whenever you're ready we'll start the unnarmed match. The Saevus Warrior took a defensive stance, with the right leg a in front of the left, in a half crouched position with one hand in the ground and the other in guard. Come on! The first bout starts, we'll ended it on my word
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The man ,whose name was still a mystery, listened to Daisuke's monologue without saying a word. No, he didn't even move a muscle. He heard Daisuke's motivating speech with a stern expression. (What was he thinking?) Thought Daisuke but he immediately gave up on the guest to understand the man. " Very well then, follow me, we're going to start the examination. "  The man suddenly stood up. He led Daisuke back to the larger dojo. There he issued further instructions regarding the test. Daisuke listened in attention. "I'll divide the test in three rounds, one unarmed, one with a sword and one with all your skills, So whenever you're ready we'll start the unarmed match" The man stated then assumed a fighting stance. (So in the end it will really come down to this...) Daisuke thought. As expected, his test is going to be about fighting."Yes Instructor!" Daisuke answered. Figuring it would be awkward and rude to constantly use the 'you' ('ore') word to describe the mysterious man Daisuke decided to call him simply just Instructor. His eyes were already examining the strange stance his opponent just took up. (What the-) Daisuke was dumbfounded. He saw many martial arts styles but he was at complete loss right now. Forget the school, Daisuke had difficulties to judge whether the instructor's style was of Eastern or Western origin. (This doesn't look to good.) Daisuke thought. Without first identifying the instructor's style Daisuke has little chance to predict the next step his opponent would take. In other worlds he had to rely on his raw fighting ability alone. 3 years ago that could have been a serious problem but in the recent years Daisuke learned Akido and boxing. Two different fighting styles, two different applications. Yet Daisuke had a way to utilize both in the same fight.
"I'm ready! Here I come!" The red-haired boy's body shook as he ran straight for his opponent. Since he detected only faint signs of magic power in the instructor, Daisuke judged his Reinforcements aren't needed for the time being. He ran with his arms raised up like a shield, so typical to a boxer. Yet his arm wall was more loose compared to the original boxing stance. As soon as Daisuke got in range he released a straight punch against the instructor's face. Yet that attack was just a feint. His real aim was to to either lure the instructor to block or trying to counter. Both scenarios offered Daisuke a chance to use his Aikido in a surprising fashion.
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"I'm ready! Here I come!" The Red-headed Magus charged foward with his arms in a strong guard, dashing foward as his body shifted his weight foward and twisted his body from the leg, throught the waist, then the shoulders and finally the fist, adding a lot of strenght to the attack. Since he got here, Callis fought a lot of enemies, supernatural or human in nature, and some of them had a similar style to Daisuke, and after watching a lot of television in his free time, using it as a tool to understand this world, he noticed the similarites of the fighting style to the sport they called boxing, some sort of highly regulated gladiatorial match where the fighters were supposed to only knock down the enemy with their fists. The Knight had fought against gangsters and Yakuzas that used a similar style, but Daisuke movements were much more fluid than theirs, giving away that he practiced with much more diligence than them, and that he was more experience in real battles, as his step-in was almost perfect and lacked any doubt or wavering. The real reason that Callis had to turn this examination into a battle wasnt a test of skills, since the rumours about this young man reached Ebisu, and he was sent a letter of invitation thanks to that rumours about his skills and his actions, but the real motive behind this was to get to know the young man, and the fastest way the Knight had to get to know somebody. 
Callis reacted swiftly again Daisuke attack, and swayed his neck to the side, dodging the blow thanks to his inhuman speed and battle prowess and counterattack by pushing his weight foward and doing a one handed flip foward, sending his heel over the unprotected side of the Magus face, targeting the hole in his guard, created by the Straight punch. Callis defense and offense was one fluid movement, and the accuracy and speed were almost at the top of the Saevus limits, but he decided not to attack with full strenght, and hitted by the strenght of a trained human. The Knight wanted to see how Daisuke would react to this, either how he acted after being hitted, or how he managed to block or avoid the attack
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The instructor swayed his neck to the side and easily dodged Daisuke's punch. It was somehow inevitable. Despite his good footwork the red haired boy attacked in a way that it was too obvious. But landing a hit wasn't Daisuke's intention to begin with. At least not with that punch. The power and technique was there but in the end it was just a measure to provoke his opponent. As such the reaction of the instructor was expected, yet...(He's fast!) Thought Daisuke. The movements of his opponent were definitely not normal. That level of agility and speed was impossible to a regular human. And Daisuke felt no increase on the instructor’s magic power. It was something else but the boy had no time to thinker on a sound explanation. In a second the instructor did an insane flip and his heel were approaching the unprotected side of Daisuke's face like a guillotine.
Both the speed and the technique of the instructor were extraordinarily. The combined effect of quickness and surprise would have overwhelmed any normal human. But Daisuke was far from it. His mind were already working inside the accelerated time. Since the beginning of the fight he perceived everything in slow motion.So he could see the entire attack all the way. But seeing and reacting to a kick are two different things. Daisuke would have liked to curse himself for his lack of foresight. If he were activated his Reinforcements, handling a kick at such speed were really easy. But at the time Daisuke's physical attributes were just at the level of a regular human. A regular human trained himself close to his peak but he was still just a human.  A body like that cannot stand against the power of a superhuman combatant. Yet Daisuke didn't give up. His right fist had already stopped its motion. Of course since it was prepared to be a lure. Daisuke attacked with the intention to draw his fist back in the very last minute. That punch was never supposed to hit anything. The stance which a moment before seemed to be all open for counter immediately changed. His knees sunk into a new position, unlike which was used for boxing.  Daisuke raised his left elbow to block the path of his opponent's overhead drop kick. His back coiled up like a spring in preparation to deflect the instructor's attack. Seeing as how the regular folck has no chance to fight the superhuman, Daisuke's level of preparedness looked absurd. But that was just the result of the instructor's mistake. Yes, he underestimated Daisuke, thinking he would had been too surprised to see the approaching kick overhead. Yet it was the opposite, the boy's accelerated thoughts allowed him to perceive even that attack in slow motion. As such he almost reacted before the instructor was launching his attack. And while the instructor was clearly much faster than Daisuke, the flashiness of his attack made him waste too much time. Daisuke was no fool to just stand idly. He abused every bit of his advantage.
Daisuke's lower arm crossed against the instructor's leg. He blocked the large overhead kick but the encounter was only momentary. Like the flowing water Daisuke swung his arm left which was aided by the late arrival of his right.  Instead of taking the attack head-on he deflected the instructor's kick flawlessly to the off side. Akido, an art of defense which uses the force of the attacker against itself. There are several similar martial arts and they say Akido isn't a style suited for combat. From experience, Daisuke must agree. Yet he had still chosen to fight that way. Why? Because he's a Hero of Justice. He's a man to protect. Meaningless action incites meaningless hate. Meaningless hate leads to even more meaningless aggression. To end the cycle before it has even begun Daisuke had developed his own unique style. Akido Boxing. A combination of two radically different styles into one, altering between them rapidly in accordance to the situation. Judging the correct timing to alternate between Akido and Boxing requires fairly inhuman reflexes, something that Daisuke thankfully was in possession of. Akido Boxing is not a form to harm people but to protect them. This is the so-called 'fist of peace style' as Daisuke often described and part of his moral code of justice.
Daisuke had successfully handled the instructor's first attack. Originally he was going for either an arm or a leg hold but the uniqueness and speed of his opponent's kick made it a hazardous bet. The instructor's leg landed almost a meter off its target. He left a wide opening for a counter.  "You are not human, aren't you?" Yet Daisuke didn't chose to attack. He might have done it in a real life or death situation but not this time. Besides, he felt that the instructor was holding back on his attacks as well. That kick had been carrying much less impact than it should. It would've been rude for Daisuke to abuse the goodwill of his opponent. So he stood there and asked that question.Yes, Daisuke already had a hunch  that the instructor wasn't human. But after that short exchange and ta quick use of Structural gasp, the suspicion became a certainty. The spell of Structural Gasp allows Daisuke to scan the deep consitiution of objects, just like a magical X-Ray. It's another one of the basic spells mages often claim impractical. Yet Daisuke advanced this ability to a different level entirely. Using this Daisuke found minor inconsistencies inside the instructor, compared to human bodies. If he had to describe Daisuke thought the instructor was a bit like a wild animal, or a beast. "Anyways, you're pretty strong. I think if you didn't hold back on that kick I were be the guy on the floor right now. I don't think I can handle your full strength. Not in this form, at least." Daisuke said and took a few steps back. "Trace---On!" He shouted, activating his sleeping magic circuits. Suddenly, Daisuke was filled with a fresh surge of magic power. His entire body felt light like a feather. That was the Reinforcement magic. Starting from that point, Daisuke was considered a legitimate superhuman. "It's already time for round two, right? Alright! I will show you the fists of a true superhero!" Daisuke exclaimed. He assumed a fighting stance and were waiting for the instructor's next attack.

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Callis was pleased, Daisuke reacted flawlessly to his attack, and deflected it. The Knight avoided a harsh fall by landing iwht a handstand that turned into a cartwheel and allowed him to land undamaged from the skillfully Aikido deflection, a move as fluid as the Knight attack. The Saevus Warrior found out that his opponent had a different style, something he didnt knew about, and used the Boxing movements as bait for him, realizing that if he didnt counterattacked or avoided, and tried to block of parry he would have got tossed around like a ragdoll, as he went back to his guard, just after landing he heared the voice of Daisuke,  You are not human, aren't you?"  asked the Magus. Callis face showed some disgust, and he almost grunted with ferocity, but he refrained himself from letting his animal side slip off, hurting a possible new member was the last thing he wanted, so he took a deep breath and calmed himself down, and trying to praise the young man for the insight. Callis started to walk around Daisuke, just as if he was stalking a prey. The Magus didnt flinched, showing he was a brave fellow, and continued talking  "Anyways, you're pretty strong. I think if you didn't hold back on that kick I were be the guy on the floor right now. I don't think I can handle your full strength. Not in this form, at least." Daisuke took a few steps back. "Trace---On!" He shouted, activating his sleeping magic circuits. Callis noticed the similitude this magic had with his Armis spell, so he supposed that Daisuke was now faster and stronger, and judging the magic circling around his body he now was much more powerful than a regular human being. The Knight was tempted to use Armis and fight at his fullest, but it would be troublesome to the other tests.  The Young Magus took a fighting stance and exclaimed "It's already time for round two, right? Alright! I will show you the fists of a true superhero!" 
Callis noticed that Daisuke was waiting for him to attack, so he decide to fullfill the Magus expectations and rushed foward, using the same kind of feint he used against Raseri. He did a cut to the right, and then he feinted to the left, always crounching and moving almost like a beast. After the second feint, he leaned his whole body on his back, and did a full turn with his legs, moving them from left to right, spinning his waist, and making his legs turn around doing a full reverse cycle to attack Daisuke from the right. This time he wasnt containing his speed or his strenght, and his attack was bordering the speed of sound, and carried strenght enough to knock down a peak human. At the last second he shifted his weight from his back to the hands and did a manuever similar to Breakdancing Air flare, and changed the objective from a sweep to Daisuke legs, to an attack towards the Magus side. The Turbo Felis style used by Callis was incredible with feints, and the Beast Knight inhuman speed allowed him to deliver it almost flawlessly.
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"You are not human, aren't you?" Asked Daisuke in wonder. He expected to get an answer or the guy proudly highlights his chest. But nothing along those lines have happened. But the instructor did neither of those. What more, for an instant Daisuke felt faint killing intent from the man. His mind which operated on accelerated space-time immediately drew the proper conjecture. "...Sorry. I didn't mean to offend you." He humbly apologized. Daisuke had no intention to harm the instructor's feelings. Seemingly there was more behind that solemn mask than the boy had originally thought.  "Anyways, you're pretty strong. I think if you didn't hold back on that kick I were be the guy on the floor right now. I don't think I can handle your full strength. Not in this form, at least." Daisuke praised the instructor's skills and power then took a few steps back. "Trace---On!"  Thus he activated his reinforcement magic. Suddenly his entire body felt like as feather. For a second Daisuke almost thought he can do everything in that form. "It's already time for round two, right? Alright! I will show you the fists of a true superhero!" Daisuke exclaimed and assumed a fighting stance. "Come!" This time the boy provoked the instructor to attack. His Akido Boxing was truly only good for disarming people and rendering them unconscious. Such techniques can be the best applied on defense. The instructor was probably half-aware of that fact because he readily accepted Daisuke's challenge.
So the second round had begun. The body of the instructor coiled like a spring in preparation for his massive sprint. The next instant the instructor's body became a blur as he ran at incredible speeds. He was taking sharp turns and zig-zaging non-stop to confuse Daisuke's senses. He was moving just like a beast hunting for his prey. But Daisuke didn't let himself to be fooled. His perceptions and reaction speed was enough to see an incoming bullet traveling all the way. The speed the instructor executed his moves was no problem. But Daisuke didn't let himself to sink into safety. From their small encounter the boy knew that the instructor is a smart fighter who would abuse any weakness of Daiuske. So he was prepared. The boy positioned his arms to receive an upwards attack from bellow. He did it in a way he could be ready to change his stance any time. (Here he comes!) Daisuke saw the instructor momentarily stopping to build up even more speed. (He's going for my legs!) The boy noted as he saw the instructor initiating a large sweep. That was a smart move against Daisuke whose Akido Boxing style mainly concentrated on protecting his upper body. The attack was fast, almost at the speed of sound, but Daisuke was no slouch either! He was about to catch the instructor's kick when something strange happened. "Eh!?..." The boy had voiced his surprise. In the very last minute the instructor's leg eluded Daisuke's hands and were coming from a totally unexpected direction. It was a complete feint! And very well played at that!
The power of the kick sent Daisuke a few meters away. But he didn't fall. The boy remained standing even after receiving such a strong attack. It was no less thanks to his reinforced body and the fact he managed to hurriedly move his right elbow to block the path of the instructor's kick. Anyways, it appeared Daisuke had underestimated the instructor again. "Impressive, I never thought someone can move like that." Daisuke had praised the instructor the second time. His opponent had agility just like a wild cat's. Predicting the instructor's attacks proved to be almost impossible. Bad news for Daisuke whose Akido Boxing was based on just that. Unless there's a way to expect the direction of the opponent's attack, his Akido was almost as good as useless. It might have been different if Daisuke was a master martial artists but his skill just barely passed for intermediate level. If this keeps up Daisuke will be overwhelmed in no time. (Shut up! It doesn't matter who am I up against, I WILL win!) Yet his mind refused to acknowledge that fact. "But I won't fall for that trick the second time! Come! I will beat you in the third round!"  Daisuke had exclaimed it with full spirits. The boy already took up his usual stance. Using his incomplete skill in Akido the boy was ready to take the instructor's attack the third time.
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Daisuke was doing fine, no simple human could have reacted to the blur-like feints and cuts Callis did before the attack. The Knight knew that his double feint would work, as even Raseri, at least in his sparring power levels, got a small difficulty following it. Callis almost smiled to Daisuke praise  "Impressive, I never thought someone can move like that." The Saevus Warrior noticed the change of stance the young Magus had, finally revealing that his combat prowess came from to different styles. In their first clash, Daisuke changed styles from the normally agressive boxing to a much more defensive style, unknown to Callis. This could prove to be difficult, and the young Magus declaration was even a boost to that difficulty, as the Knight liked the spirit Daisuke was showing  "But I won't fall for that trick the second time! Come! I will beat you in the third round!"  The Hero took his stance getting ready to defend hismelf from the Knight attack. Callis was surprised by the young man determination, as he could see it burning in his eyes, like bright embers that wouldnt be extinguished. The Beast Knight lightend his stance and walked calmly to the side of the dojo, were he grabbed a pair of bokken. He had one from the hilt and the other from the blade, and with a single motion of his arm he threw it spinning at a slow pace towards Daisuke, as he said Catch, the first test is completed, let's pass to the second one Callis swinged the wooden blade with the reverse grip, slashing the air and producing a swift sound, the same as any blade would do at that speed, thanks to the friction. By the way, I'm known as Callis Nomene, but you can keep calling me instructor until the tests are over, Callis this time bowed after reversing the grip back to normal and placing the side of the blade near his face and the hit in the middle of his chest. 
Come on! Show me the resolve you're speaking off, The Knight was in a much more familiar territory, and even if he didnt admited it in public, he knew that the swordsmanship was his best field
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Daisuke had already assumed his stance and were ready to take another of the instructor's assaults. Last time he was caught off-guard but the boy was certain he ould manage to repel the next attack. His eyes were bunring with determination, yet: "Huh?" Daisuke blinked in surprise. The instructor loosened his stance and calmly walked to the side of the dojo. He picked up two bamboo swords and casually threw one at Daisuke's direction. The boy easily caught the bokken in the middle of its spin. "Catch, the first test is completed, let's pass to the second one" Said the instructor. Suddenly Daisuke felt embarrassed. He got so much into the battle he forgot they were having a simple sparring session. The instructor slashed the air, producing a swift sound. That was his way of warming up. "By the way, I'm known as Callis Nomene, but you can keep calling me instructor until the tests are over." Finally, his opponent revealed his.name while also doing a courteous bow. Despite the instructor being a foreigner he was already used to the Japanese customs. "Daisuke Emiya." The boy introduced himself again and returned the bow. Callis Nomene. Daisuke wasn't familiar with the language but for some unexplainable reason the instructor's name felt sad. But he didn't have the luxury to think about anything other than the battle.

Daisuke brought forth his bokken, assuming a classic Kendo stance. Kendo was the first fighting style Daisuke had ever learned. In the recent years he preferred a radically different way of swordsmanship which used two blades instead of one. Yet whether Daisuke had fought with a single sword, he had always resorted to his most ancient style. Kendo is a sword style which focuses on heavy discipline and the rapid exchange of swings. In a way it could be said that Kendo was the "Boxing" amongst swordsmanship arts. "Come on! Show me the resolve you're speaking off!" Callis, his instructor said that. Apparently, it was Daisuke's time to attack. The boy didn't mind it. at all. Compared to his defensive style of Akido Boxing, Daisuke's swordsmanship always focused on attack. For Daisuke to take up a sword had a special meaning. His Akido Boxing had the purpose to disarm his opponent and handle the situation with the least force possible. But by the time Daisuke wields a sword, the conflict went already past that. His way of swordsmanship focused solely on one thing: to defeat his enemy.

"So be it!" Daisuke momentarily closed his eyes to gather his concentration. The next instant his body became a flickering blur. Reinforcing his legs Daisuke took the space between him and his opponent in a single instant. That was a straight rush without any detours. Daisuke felt that distractions are already useless on this level. The boy was already in striking range. Filling his arms with magic energy, Daisuke swung down his bokken in a straight line. But that was only a feint. Using even more power, Daisuke quickly drew back his sword and attacked from the side, aiming at Callis' ribs in the space between his arm and torso. Yet that was another feint. With far more speed the boy drew back his sword again and swung at Callis' left side in an instant. He used his full strength and a speed which easily surpassed the sound, generating a loud sonic boom. Yet since his movements were faster than the sound, that booming noise could be only heard after Daisuke's attack had already landed.

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The Knight once again refrained from smiling, as the rumours said Daisuke strong point seemed swordsmanship, and Callis could see a lot of himself in the young Magus. Daisuke had a simialr aura to the Beast Knight during the days of his training, and that brought some nostalgic memories to him. The Magus introduced once again as "Daisuke Emiya." reppliying Callis formal introduction. With any other formality in the way, Daisuke assumed a fighting stance, showing that he knew how to handle with a sword, giving credibility to the rumours, the only thing that was neede to start was Daisuke taking the initiative, and he really took that chance. The Young Hero charged foward with an orthodox Kendo stance. In his time here Callis fought several Kendo students and advanced students, but Daisuke was near master level, and summed up with his magical enhacements made him a formidable foe for any swordsmaster, but Callis wasnt any swordsmaster.

"So be it!" Daisuke said repplying to Callis previous challenge and rushed in a blur, vanishing from the Knight line of vision. The Beast Fighter thought first of a spell of invisibility, but soon he would realize it was only sheer speed and technique, and he found out that Daisuke was using a similar feint pattern as he did before, the only difference in this situation was that even if the young Hero had the upper hand on speed, Callis was more skillfull and experienced, and he was only a little bit slower than Daisuke. The Knight readed throught the feints, and took a step backwards while using his own blade to block the attack, and shifting his weight he bounced back to the front and with a flickle of his wrist he changed from a block to an attack, aiming for Daisuke exposed shoulder, while taking a step foward.

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*BWOOM!!* The speed surpassing that of the sound released a deafening sonic boom as the two combatants had clashed. They used nothing but wooden swords. Yet that short exchange felt like a wild hurricane sweeping through the room. (Damn, he saw through it completely!) Daisuke felt displeased with the results. The instructor was smart and experienced. Callis had taken a step back and parried the third slash just barely in time. Yet his movements didn't seem to be rushed at all. The instructor had read into Daisuke's style and anticipated his three-hit two-feint combo attack. Callis was certainly a master with the sword, something that Daisuke was only aspiring to be.

Right after taking the red-haired boy's attack, the instructor went for a swift counter. Callis aimed at Daisuke's exposed shoulder to attack from a direction the boy would be unable to block. As always he was merciless on the young magus. Thanks to his unique perception of time, Daisuke could see the instructor's attack coming all the way. But seeing and reacting to the said attack were two separate things. Perhaps Daisuke also held the slight advantage of speed. Dodging Callis' strike was inside the realm of possibility. He could jump back or roll to the right side to avoid being stuck. But what's next? The cruelest part was that he got inevitably caught in Callis' rhythm. Daisuke immediately realized that avoiding this attack will force him into the corner. He couldn't tell the reason. He just knew by some strange instinct. (Damn, is there any other way?) Daisuke was frustrated. Good thing his faster time perception rate allows him to have long-winded thoughts in a split second. That way he could literally develop new strategies between exchanging two blows. But it seemed Daisuke was at loss this time.

Suddenly, a wild idea popped up Daisuke's mind. (If there's no third path, I shall make one right now!) The boy lowered his stance and bent his upper body downwards. What a foolish action. Indeed, it created some space between the sword of Callis and his shoulder but it was insufficient to dodge the attack. But the boy didn't care. Filling his entire body with magic energy, Daisuke went for a reckless headlong charge. Instead of distancing himself he chose to shorten the gap between them even more. Daisuke's hands shot out like a bullet, aiming a sword slash from bellow to the left side of Callis' waist. It was a challenge. A challenge between Callis and Daisuke. A challenge with time itself! Whoever will land the first hit would be the victor. It was such an insane and reckless strategy. Something no professional fighter would allow to himself. Yet it strangely made perfect sense for the red-haired boy. Wagering his life for his own ideals. Nothing or everything. There's no in-between. You cannot get what you really want with half-hearted determination. That was Daisuke's creed in his whole life!

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Daisuke was good, his reflexes and skills were almost master level. His magical power was several times more powerful than Callis, and he didnt even showed his real powers, at least accodring to the rumours Callis got from the underworld, after very careful investigations. There were some obscure rumours about a Hero with Daisuke description, and the Beast Knight wanted to trust not only on that but in his own instincts, and as he was able to use Mundicelox to siphon magic he took the task of testing the Young Magus, since if Daisuke was lying, and planning an attack over them, Callis would be able to overpower him with Mundicelox. But after the first round that idea slipped away from the Knight mind, as he was starting to respect the resolve Daisuke was showing in the fight, and the determination that the young Hero eyes reflected with each swing of his sword. The Beast Knight attack was about to connect, as he was still thinking of making him pass this test, since the boy sword skills were great, one of the best swordmen he fought in this world, were the art of the blade was replaced long time ago by the crude and cold efficiency of firearms, similar to what the dreaded Gine used back in his world. Daisuke feint was good, and the speed was even better, but he lacked experience in real battle, and Callis was starting to guess the real potential of the Magus after only one battle. The Knight thought that experience was the best thing to have in battle, apart from skill, but the young hero in front of him showed that he could cover that blindspot with sheer courage and resolve, as he managed to understand what to do in this situation to minimize damage, and even being able to counter.

Callis had to avoid it, but the movement for the counter was perfectly timed. The Knight decided that the only way to avoid getting hit was to stop his attack, and instead of making violent contact with the bokken, he gently pushed it down and used the impulse of the hit as leverage to help him change his course, jumping over Daisuke with a perfect sommersault and landing behind him. If this was a real fight, the young Magus would have cutted Callis feet off, as the Hero boken crashed against Callis leg, just over the ankle. But this time around was a mock battle and having both of his feet Callis took advantage of the sudden change of positions and the inhuman elasticity of his joints to spin around and tried to place his blade under Daisuke's neck. His speed was disminished by a little bit thanks to Daisuke hitting his ankle

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Surprisingly, instead of avoiding the slash from Callis, Daisuke had chosen a different method. Instead of trying to defend he went full on offense, hoping to hit Callis before the instructor could hit him. His method was pretty risky, to say at least. Whoever would had been the victor, the results would be just a hairline of difference. Yet Daisuke had no fears, neither anxiety. Fully aware of the potential consequences, he had chosen this reckless tactic.

Unlike Daisuke though, Callis was a professional soldier. He could not allow himself to take such a stupid risk. Seeing how he ended up in a tough bind the instructor stopped the motion of his wooden sword immediately. "Eh!?" Sounded Daisuke's surprise. He was expecting the instructor to do something like that but he definitely did not expect the follow up. Callis touched Daisuke's bokken which was already swung at supersonic speeds and pushed it down go off-track. Using the same wooden sword as a leverage the instructor quickly jumped over Daisuke in sommersault-like fashion. As usual, the instructor's agility and balance were simply inhuman.  Meanwhile Daisuke was struggling to stop his momentum. Shifting his weight and using the ground to divert his momentum the boy managed to stop his movements and face the instructor again. Dust, sparks and wood splinters flew away from Daisuke's feet as he was performing a swift 180 degrees turn.

The two combatants were facing each other from about 5.35 meters. Daisuke who had just recently stopped his impulse were panting. "Haha...I got you." The boy said with a sense of sour victory while pointing to the instructor's bruised ankle. Callis jumped over Daisuke while performing an almost perfect summersault. Almost. The truth was, his ankle got hit in the very last moment by the blade. It was all Daisuke could manage at the time. Yet, if it were a regular sword Callis legs would had been cut off in that instant. But to his luck the boy's weapons was just a blunt wooden sword used for training. "Callis,  I can already see your moves. Your tricks won't work on me anymore. I will beat you in the next encounter!" Daisuke had explained, having his bokken already brought forth in front of his chest. The boy was all ready to continue the battle. Yet, he was standing uncharacteristically idly. He was waiting for the instructor's response.

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Callis was really shocked, Daisuke was the best swordsman he had met in this world, and the hit he landed on him was a testimony of it. The fight would be different if he was using the Gemini Style, but he didnt trusted his own skills and self-control to use that deadly style in a trainign fight, without risking to injury or even kill the opponent. Daisuke voice had a hint of acomplishment "Haha...I got you." The boy said with a sense of sour victory while pointing to the instructor's bruised ankle. The Knight disliked that detail, but he let it pass, as it seemed that the young Magus was celebrating out of effort and not for the sake of taunting. Both contender knew that the last hit could have easily chopped Callis leg if this fight wasnt a training with practice weapons. But in a real fight Callis would act differently and would have used Armis. "Callis, I can already see your moves. Your tricks won't work on me anymore. I will beat you in the next encounter!" Daisuke had explained, having his bokken already brought forth in front of his chest. This sign of challenge was accepted by Callis that repplied with the same gesture. The Young Hero was aiming for a short battle, a struggle of a single strike. This was a risky move, even if he felt that he had the advantage Daisuke was taking too much risks. This only showed how much he wanted to pass this test, and how much he wanted to be a Hero and help people. This determination was relfected in the Magus eyes.

This time around Callis decided to attack without any footwork feints, I'll accept your challenge, and know this, no matter how this round ends you have my aproval to enter Ebisu, your determination and skill and more than enough, and the third test isnt needed. Callis sighed with relief after saying that, the reason was that in fact, if anybody passes the first two tests he doesnt needs the third, since nobody that tried the third test passed, or even managed to leave the testing grounds by his own means. The Beast Knight explained his method, he always approved the ones he deemed worthy in the second test, as the third one was only an escuse to punish the wicked of heart and soul he faced in his time as a Mercenary and as a Field Marshall. Callis grabbed the Bokken with both hands, now adding his whole speed and strenght to the blow he would launch. All the fight he used only his left hand to attack, but now he was putting his whole weight behind this slash. The Tatami under his feet was crushed and the subsequent tiles were also cracked in half with each step he took towards Daisuke. And breaking the sound barrier, with a loud detonation, that broke the paper doors of the worn out dojo, he passed besides the young Hero while descharging a mighty slash, aimed towards Daisuke right shoulder, and ended his movement 2 mts behind his opponent.

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