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@AnimeDefender: (OOC: Muskets don't exist in Swordart only melee weapons no guns,lets make it a hack item)

Jayden jumped up for the hand and grabbed on and landed on the back of the horse. "what are you planning and why are we rding with hack muuskets". . It was just a hack item and Jayden hoped Dnate knew that. The Grand Tian looed at Dante and Jayden and then rose his foot and was going to bring it dwon on them.

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@Galenbeta: "They are? Well might as well use them, don´t you agree?" Dante aimed at the titans eye and shot the musket, it made a direct impact to the eye. The Grand Titan´s stomp was delayed, due to it´s eye being hurt. Dante and Jayden got some distance, but the Grand Titan followed them.

"We have to keep this massive thing distracted for atleast 30 minutes. So let´s go to a forest and hope that will slow it down. At the mean time while everyone is geting ready, we have to find a way to keep that titan company until they are ready. They will signal us with a green smoke coming from the wall."

The duo entered a forest while the Grand Titan was chasing them.

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@AnimeDefender: (OOC: It kind of occured to'me that we were leaving otjer people to'far ooutthe frame. There has to beothers. This floor was starting to consume to many post)@Galenbeta said:

@AnimeDefender: Jayden fly up and began attacking and dodging fom above. The titan still surged ofrward trying to capture the duo. It swung and Jayden dodged. Jayden would then go in for the attackand shave away a little life. Tthis process then began to repeat itself multiple times but going very slow and eating up time. That's what Jayden wanted to give the other team as much time as possible. He only hoped Dante would be attacking it's lower parts.

Someone else flew up and statted hacking away at the monster. Je had white bird wings and wielded a katana. It was an ice attribute weapon. She used a variety of ice attribute skills on tthe Grand Titan at once. Jayden then checked his inventory found lots of strong wires and set up a trap. The titan walked into the trap and tripped. All the players began hacking away ercilessly before it could get hack up. It lwt out a long groan and then shatterred.

All players 22000 exp

All players $5280

All players fire attribute crystal

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@Galenbeta: Dante looked at the death of the Grand Titan. He smiled at Jayden, "Told you that I had a plan!" Dante then laughed a bit. The duo got off the horse to celebrate a hard earned victory. Dante began to wonder where the door to the next floor was. "Any idea´s where this door might be Jayden?" Dante checks his map, it shows the location of the door right at the same spot as where the Grand Titan came out.

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@Galenbeta said:

@AnimeDefender: "Good plan and simple too. The door normally at the end of the boss lair. So lets go over there". Jayden poiinted too the area where the Grand Titan cmaw from. "We should call it a rst for today though. We can go through the door, and then portal back tl the blacks ith shop. Afterall, we have new attributw crystal. I don't like this armo. I will have it re forged into a cloak and a headband. Same amount ofortection different syle." Jayden started off. towards the door. He looked at the other levwl 20 player who helped she was a nice blond bishoujo.

@AnimeDefender: (OOC: The next level will'be heed from fallen angels in dxd and it's the fallen angel side of thhe underworld)

Jayden then closed the distance to the door in an instant with his Level C speed. He opened it and stepped into the next floor. Thy sky was a light purple. There were lots of stone buildings and statues of people with wings. No time to admire the art Jayden said. Jayden teleported back to theBlaackamith shop. She agreed to forge the armor into a cloak with the fir atteibute in it. He also needed an ixce attibute weapon and bought oone fom her. It a blu verion of his current sword.

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@Galenbeta: Dante entered the door after Jayden entered it. He noticed that there were many people with wings attached to thier backs and flying around minding their own business. Dante was serevely confused, he didn´t know where he was. Jayden then teleported away, Dante was then stuck there in the new floor, wondering when Jayden would return.

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@Galenbeta said:

@AnimeDefender: Jayden sent Dante a message to poetahjkl back to the Blacksmith shop.

Jayden had just rcieved his newly remolded equipment. It was a black headband and a red cloak with a flame pattern at the bottom.

Then the sky turned green saying Game Update. Th Cardinal xzSystem Voice rang out.

[Update, Flight ability available to all players rgardless of level.

Magic Skill is also now available]

The voice sopped. Jayden hand flew to his skill list and sWaw all the spels he was capable of casting as a level E magic.

Then the voice of the cardinal system rang out again

[Thank you for beta testing this update. Please log out]

"Hey Dante we can log out, also we are still going o the dxd verse. We can take our consoles with us. That way when we aren't doing anything we can play Alfheim.

( I am thinking of making a new rpg for the duo and calling it, Trip to the DxD Verse. We still gonna play the vrmmo. But we can also fight with our regualr skills in real combat. #Also, after watching season 2 of SAO, i found out they put Aincrad in Alfheim. So we gonna still have our stats rthanks to the Seed System but we ate going to be playing Alfheim Online. )

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