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 Stingu the Scorpion 
 Stingu the Scorpion 
 Stingu Sasori
 Stingu Sasori
Name: Stingu Sasorioz     
Hair: Dyed purple (Naturally blond)   
Eye Color:Variable    
Gender: Male    
Height: 6'1   
Weight: 56.8 kg  Age: 29    
Alignment: Neutral    
Aliases: Knight of the Scorpio, The stinger, Speedster, Fastest man alive, Scorpius, Blood Luster 
Place of Birth: Unknown    
Affiliation: None but himself  
Occupations: None     
Race: Hispanic/Spanish   
Goal: To live life to the fullest extent of my abilities    
Orientation: Celibacy (Not interested into women nor men)   

Personality & Character Traits 

Since his main fighting styles are to inflict immense pain to its victims, Stingu always gives his opponents the option to either surrender, or become insane due to the unbearable pain. Due to this he has an explosive personality and demeanor, depicting himself as a merciless sadist, prideful, arrogant, and boastful warrior.   Even so, he is a noble warrior who can admit defeat even against a weaker or inferior opponent. He has a code of honor; That he won't go all out on weaker opponents and has a tendency to massively hold back back against opponents and even enemies, usually preferring to fight at the same level of power to make his prey more funnier and harder to kill. To him the more powerful an opponent is the more funnier the battle is, having a fetish for fighting and violence. To him life is nothing but a game and that you need to play by the rules or you'll lose the game! If he doesn't battle at least once a day he'll start going crazy and will be stuck in his own paranoia.... Other than that, he's extremely arrogant and boastful about his speed proclaiming himself to be the fastest in the universe! His goal to live life to the fullest leaves him traveling everywhere without regards of where he's going, enjoying battling newer enemies every day! He will often toy with his opponents and is never serious during battle, referring to everyone including his companions as prey and if they get into his way they'll end up dead! He will never back down against a foe and even if all the odds are impossible he will still keep on fighting till his last breath! He also believes that he has no limit even if killed he will still keep on fighting.... Giving him a strong willpower that out beats any other humans will! Other than that he is very aggressive and has no sympathy nor empathy for anyone hence his merciless attitude towards everyone, stating that crying is for pussies and that you should stand tall and keep on moving. This is also an explanation of why he doesn't date, he's not interested into women nor men and will usually decline dates from anyone! He's not interested in having sex and sees no meaning behind it if there's no fun to it. He deeply craves for a battle and if not satisfied might go on a fighting spree with everyone including his friends, family, or comrade. He is also a masochist and enjoys receiving pain while in the process joying inflicting pain on the opponent. 

Appearance & Wardrobe 

Stingu attire consists of a golden armor which essentially makes him a warrior. The Golden Surplice was born from the constellation Scorpio which was sent from millions light years away Earth to Spain where Scorpio had discovered its glistering form, the armor choosing him as its wearer and granting him his extraordinary powers that he has today. The armor being made of divine-like material and crafted by a cosmic blacksmith! Hence why the armor is so special to him and can only be worn by him only. But when not wearing his shiny wardrobe he often wears normal-people clothes, usually caring about his appearance and a bit narcissistic. His usual attire will be a button up shirt and some nice khakis which would usually lead others into thinking he's civilized even though he's not. He also has some sort of sex appeal and is erotically good looking giving him the impression of a celebrity or model. Despite this he has not intentions on ever dating and is rather intimidating, his visage always having a grim grin and usually having his eyebrow cocked. Both of his index fingers wield long sharp abnormal scarlet nails that reach 6 inches long which he can summon at any time or moment, making him a bit feminine and girly however his masculine body should distract anyone from noticing. He is in a way skinny but also muscular in the same time, a bit buff on the chest and arms. He hair is dyed purple because he likes the fact that purple represents royalty and pride which makes him even more intimidating.  



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