Strayed vs. Genshokage: Darkest Hour

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The roar of a thousand cars seemingly gliding below the mountains forged by man, made of concrete, steel and glass filled the trained ears of a silent man. His eyes scanned the vehicles and streets from his perch upon the letter "O" that made up a piece of a sign which read Hollywood, a place dreams which only disguises the true nature of this city, lust and greed. Hills of emerald grass flowed like a sea under the large white letters only to merge with the cement and metal spreading like a plague towards the horizon. His eyes shut tight as a deep cloud of tobacco smoke filled his lungs and the calm wind carried a slight chill into his barren face. Gohatto was his name, a foreigner hailing from the land of the rising sun summoned to this country by a secret agency belonging to the U.S government. They hold no name but deal with extraterrestrials and things of advanced technology not known to the public. Gohatto was paid in front a sum of nearly three million to locate, capture and deliever a subject called Strayed with another seven million waiting for him when he returned. Normally assassination and demolitions were his field but money talks, quite loud in fact. The smoke escaped his lungs when he exhaled with his lips aimed at the cresent moon coupled with an uncountable amount of stars then flicked the filter of the cigarette into the distance. His signature cross shaped scar shown perfectly in the right light, it covered his right eye area and snaked down his pale smooth cheek. Keeping his hair long near mid back in length held tight in a crimson sash, it flickered in the short intense bursts of wind that shot in from the north as he lifted his hannya mask to his face. It depicted the mouth of a demon, filled with fangs and a serpentine tongue, as he fastened it a muffled chuckle sounded with a sinister tone. A jet of visible air launched from two ports from inside the mouth of the mask before Genshokage leaped down from the famous sign spiraling in a corkscrew like technique before finishing with a somersault just as he feet buried themselves in the soft soil.

Making his way across the towering buildings in a vast array of acrobatics ever expanding the reach of a mere man until capturing a telephone wire with his right hand and swinging upwards to plant his feet of the cable in a ninja like posture. His keen eyes caught the movement of his quarry semi hidden in the abyssal alley way to his left, a blast of adrenaline charged his muscles as he lifted himself only using his powerful legs and anchored himself as he crossed his arms. Brown pupils began to swirl with burgandy then a deep red consumed is eyes which blazed like a inferno in the darkness around him. The moonlight caught the platinum hue of his face mask and shinobi armor, forearm guards knee plates and a single shoulder piece crafted to resemble a dragon's head stretched over his bicep, its antlers pointed towards the sky. He wore little protection besides, a skin tight suit of raven painted leather were the onl security for his vitals, this was intentional. Suddenly the shadow's knees buckled and he lowered himself like a beast just as it would launch itself at its prey as his left arm reached over above his other shoulder and slowly unseathed his sword. As the blade scraped on the scarbard its unique screech signaled its purpose, bloodshed. The blade reflected the the scenery then moved down to point at the street in a unorthodox battle position, yet Gohatto remained still. Genshokage's opposite hand slide across his thigh, his boney fingers eased onto a pouch then clutched three shuriken each armed with explosives. His arm stretched back in a wide arc with a single projectile inbetween his fingers squeezing the triggers to arm the impact detonators of the weapons.

He moved slowly and the paint of the body suit was none reflective but the armor was highly noticable, this again was intentional. With an unforeseen amount of speed he launched the shuriken his arm still in afterimage as each spun like whirlwinds down the alley towards his newfound opponent at a triangle formation. Without waiting to see the damage if there was any at all be kicked off the cable with so much force it snapped wire under him letting bright blue electricity surged in all directs behind him. His feet collided with the rust colored brick of a building and slide across the wall for many yards with orange sparks blitzing behind then using his right foot as a rudder to steer him downwards and landing silently in a puddle of water, standing tall to face his foe who was just a few meters away.
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It was a cold night, but comfortable night in Hollywood. The breezed stirred calmly down the alleyway in which Strayed currently resided in. He walked slowly down it, carefully, looking for signs of danger. He didn't actually suspect anything coming-he was just always like this.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of something cutting through the air. He turned around, and saw three shining, spinning glints of metal soar through the air towards him with deadly speed and precision. He raised his hand and opened his palm-there was a glow for a moment before a blast of energy burst forward. The beam sizzled through the pieces of metal, either melting them completely or knocking them off course. The blast then collided with the building adjacent, and exploded-smoke and brick flew in all directions.

Strayed looked from side to side warily-his eyes surveyed the area. There was a whoosh, and the smoke parted-standing a few meters from him was a tall, muscular man in a hostile stance. He was Strayed's attacker-he knew it.

The cyborg entered a combat stance, and his mask closed in over his mouth with a clink. With no words, he simply rushed forward, jumped, kicked off the wall for extra speed, and launched a punch-with extra power from his momentum-at Genshokage. His white suit shined in the moonlight, reflecting celestial being in the sky light a mirror.
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A mass of blackened clouds began to swell above the city, the roar of distant thunder began to grow nearer with ever flash of lightning snaking across the sky. City lights began to cease as the night began to draw to a close as the residents of the area fell asleep leaving the battleground dim and haunting. Rats and other vermin roamed freely, their screeches and whimpers gave life to the alley ways that formed a labyrinth of garbage and brick. Standing in the midst of it all, staring at a robotic opponent was Gohatto Kuriyami, otherwise known as Genshokage, the living shadow. His platinum armor shown saintly, shining luminously despite his murderous intentions and disregard for human life. The dragon head that swallowed his upper arm menacing as it maybe should be admired for its craftsmanship as well as the rest of his armor. Eyes ablaze with both wrath and query while gazing upon the ghostly figure that stood across from him. Pondering on what this being was, questioning its creation and filling his mind with numerous battle tactics all at the same time only to come to the conclusion that this entity must die.

When an assassin takes a mission upon himself he must respect the wishes of his employers, a rule Gohatto knew all too well but when an assassin, especially one of his caliber decides to alter the agreement who is to say he is forbidden from doing so? The thunder drawn closer, a light sprinkle of earth seeking rain began to splash across the urban battlefield and rolled down the ninja's attire like beads of sweat. His hand clenched the mystic sword like a vice, squeezing the non-exsistant life from it to such a point his arm trembled. Shifting his feet into a L position, a common pose for japanese style sword fighting and buckling his legs only to tense them up to prepare a flurry of rapid movements within moments. Damp hair dripped moisture onto the cement behind him as his free hand formed a heavy fist while he dragged his swords fine tip across the wet ground. The grinding noise echoed in the restricted enviorment as a series of sparks trailed in its path, forming a half circle to end directly infront of him. His eyes once followed the movement but then slowly peered up at his incoming attacker with a smile covered by the demonic mask. Strayed moved quickly, his kick off the wall left only a crater in its memory propelling him like a bullet with intent on striking the humaniod hayabusa with a killing blow. Just like the incoming storm his adversary made himself known even before the strike could be processed, the kick had already signaled Genshokage to prepare for an attack. His braced legs catapulted him to his right planted his foot against the textured brick then kicking of to the opposite wall and doing the same quickly bouncing back and forth gaining elevation with each technique. With a final kick he launched himself diagonally completely eye level with the cyborg, a seemingly pause in time let the two focus into one anothers optics as they closed in on each other. Strayed's fist preped and cocked back like a battering ram while the clanless one twisted his body in midair only to thrown his legs over his head during the corkscrew maneuver and using his back to lift his upper body letting the punch fly under him as well as Strayed.

Floating like a feather with his back facing Strayed the sovereign of darkness spun around to launch a blind purely instinctive sword strike at the cybernetic warrior's spin. As he descended he flipped backwards and landed in a cat like pose only to slide across the wet cement several meters with his sword burying itself into the mortar unleash another barrage of sparks and debris as well as a ear splitting shredding sound before ceasing when he lifted his sword parallel with his mighty shoulders. Rising slowly with a wicked tone he spoke few words "shinu kakugo shiro" (prepare to die) With that said he regained his footing and seathed his sword and before the blade could be fully covered he pushed down hard to cause the tsuba slam against the scabbard letting a metallic clank echo in the silence. Using the same hand he unbuckled a weapon of ungodly history, it is known as Datenshi, the fallen angel, a large windmill shuriken. With the flick of a wrist he caused the folding weapon to snap fully open, four scimitar style blades each three feet in length bonded together by a ring directly center of the weapon. Using all his body wieght like a olympian he tossed the shuriken at his foe, its edges so sharp they sliced through the rain leaving a tail of flowing water to dance behind it.
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The enemy was quick, and had dodged Strayed's first attack. A good measure for future reference, to be sure. As Genshokage flipped above him, the cyborg thought for a moment of what to do next, but it was blocked out by the searing, white hot pain of a wound on his back. He fell heavily downwards, and hit the pavement with a thump. The rain fell onto him, mixing with the blood on top of the dull white of his suit-a crimson colour soaked into his back.

He had landed near the mouth of the alley-from behind him, near the back, he heard the ninja's voice. Though he could not understand the words, he could easily locate the tone. Slowly but steadily, he pushed himself back up-the cut on his back bled profusely. He stood fully straight, the large wound stretching out. Suddenly, the cut stopped bleeding, and began to heal. As it did so, Strayed growled with pain.

He turned to face his enemy, his eyes glowing white brightly. A deadly weapon, ancient, came hurtling at him, cutting through the rain so fast that it left a afterimage of water. His senses kicking into overdrive, Strayed sidestepped the weapon, moving the smallest amount necessary to avoid the shuriken. Less than a second after it had passed by, he heard the clang of metal striking metal.

He held up his hands which had begun to glow dark shades, a aura surrounding the limbs. He hopped back, his feet landed heavily on the ground and spraying up a puddle of water. With a yell, he slammed one fist into the building's wall next to him-there was a blast inside, and dust sprayed over the alley. Ripping his hand out violently, the entire, rather high wall began to collapse down. He pointed his arm at the other, adjacent wall-a blast shot out, crashing and exploding against the brick. That too, began to fall. The entire alleyway was covered in smoke, and the heavy walls crashed down-Strayed could not see what became of Genshokage.

He dashed backwards, out into the street. Thrusting his limbs forward repeatedly, he fired numerous blasts into the shroud-explosion after explosion rocked the space. He lifted his hands to the sky, his fists clenched. With a scream, he brought both hands down and crashed them together, producing a even larger blast that barreled into what used to be an alleyway.


The surge of combined energy punched through the smoke and dust, splaying them outwards, and exploded upon whatever it hit. A shockwave smashed outwards, and what was left of the two side-by-side buildings collapsed with a heavy crash. Strayed breathed heavily for a moment, before brining his arms back up, ready to continue the fight if necessary. His eyes glowed through the dull haze of the smoke.
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