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Name:Micheal Gabriel Ellis



Weight: 137lbs

Nicknames:The Angel of Balance and Stasis

Race:Balance Angel

Appearance:Stasis is a well built teen that has black hair and blue eyes. Though he may be small he is well toned for his age. He is easily a face that could be lost in the crowds. He wears a assortment of clothes but he always has his sword strapped to his back.


Stasis is a rather upbeat person who loves life. He hardly takes anything seriously and will always try to put a smile on a person's face. He is at times rather lazy at the point where he will rather sleep then train of fight. He cares deeply for his friends and family and will fight with everything he has for their sake no matter the cost. He has been shown at times to have huge amounts of rage just hidden below the surface that will come out in the midst of fights and will cause his to unleash everything he has on a person without mercy.


Flight-Releasing his wings from his body he can take off in a fast flight. His speed is close to the speed of light..

Powers: Positive energy manipulation-Stasis can manipulate positive energy to produce attacks such as beams and blasts. The energy can be as wide as he wants or as narrow it can be bent in any way he chooses and if need be he can absorb it back into his body.

Portal opening: Stasis can put his hands on any structure and open up a portal to the angel world.

Negative energy manipulation- Similar to positive but the damage is far greater and is more taxing on the body. The energy can be as wide as he wants or as narrow it can be bent in any way he chooses and if need be he can absorb it back into his body.

Magic: Stasis has small magic capabilties, with it he can transfer power from his reserves to himself of her can transfer power to others. He can also use low level rituals and can have a calming effect on animals with his voice.

Emotion sensing-Being a angel Stasis has the unique ability to sense emotions around him at first it overwhelmed him but after time he learned to focus on one person or shut them out all together. The only emotions that get by him are really strong ones. If he does happen to be in a position where his sight, smell and hearing are removed he can create a sort of echo imagery in his mind based on the emotions he is sensing.

Immortality- Being a angel Stasis has immortality where if not killed he will live forever. His maximum physical age he can reach is 25 where after that his body won't age. This also gives him a healing factor where if he breaks a bone all he needs to do is reset it and it will heal at a rapid pace. Scratches and other stuff will burn closed if he gets a minute to relax but at a much slower pace than the bones. Limbs on the other hand take a few days to regrow. If he does happen to die though he will leave the body behind and his soul will enter a pocket dimension where a exact replica of his body will be made but stronger.

Physical abilities:Stasis could be considered one of the most physically gifted angels able to become a blur to trained eyes and almost invisible to the untrained eye. His strength is above average able to lift an elephant effortlessly and toss it a good distance. He can also strike out his hand or foot at a immense speed causing a shock wave to come forth. His sight and hearing is also superhuman level allowing him to hear and see things from far away and giving him more perception of things seeing them in more detail. His physical powers are not powers they are the result of physical training and genetics.


Surround attack- Stasis will shoot energy blasts that will surround the opponent and will then start spinning around them to look like one large ring. Then on his command the blasts will attack his opponent.

Chase- Stasis can lock onto a person's energy and shoot energy blasts that will chase the person till they hit something else of the person they are chasing.

10000 strikes- Stasis can strike out his fist 10000 times where each blow will have a powerful shock wave behind it.'

Charge- Stasis is surrounded by a gold/crimson energy and he will charge at his opponent at full speed and start attacking with heavy attacks.

Energy explosion- Stasis can push his energy out of his body in a powerful explosive wave. It can be used to block attacks or be used as a attack itself.

Home: A small house in the middle of the mountains he has all that he needs and the only reason he leaves it is for fun.


Dark Angel: Taking half of his ancestry Stasis grows a pair of black wings. Besides the wings he gains another skill which is a superhuman increase in strength. This transformation is fueled by pure anger which makes it very taxing on the body which gives it a limited time before he has to power down. This form only allow him the use of negative energy.


Light Angel: The second transformation of Stasis. In this transformation He grows a pair of white wings and earns a superhuman increase in speed instead of strength. This transformation is maintaned by inner calm which has very taxing effects on his mind and will lead to a coma in extended use. In this form he has access to positive energy only.

Balance Angel: The true form of Stasis is the balance angel. Upon this transformation He gains one black wing and one white wing. Unlike his other transformations he gets the ablities of both. This form being his true form does not hurt him or exhaust him while in this form. In all terms the ultimate transformation. The form allows him to use both negative and positive energy blasts. His control of both are heightened into total mastery.

locked forms

Shadow angel mode- Stasis can only achieve this form in moments of pure uncontrolled rage. He attacks both friend and ally in a blood bath after the source of his rage. He is a unstoppable killing machine. His speed is so fast that it is almost as if he is teleporting. He can come out of nowhere to strike his foe without mercy and will kill with no second thought. His strength is so much that even his weakest of blows have powerful shock waves behind them.

Nova form- In this form Stasis' base power is quadrupled. His power is still only half the power of his shadow angel mode. The only flaw to the form is that he can only stay in it for a certain amount of time.

Galaxy Angel Mode- Stasis' ultimate form. In this form he throws away all all doubt about his powers and releases the mental seal he has on himself to access the full powers he has. In this form his personality relaxed to the point where he only focuses on the goal and any distraction is pointless. Along with this form he gains telekinesis and universal destructive strength and energy blasts. He gains high speed regeneration capable of healing from any wound in seconds. He can also use his energy to accelerate the healing of others. His power is no bound by physical universes means of understanding. He is truly a high order domain being with no equal. He is so powerful he can even manipulate the dimensional universe around him to cut holes through dimensions to travel even if its just a couple of feet. Even though he can already travel more then five hundred times faster than the speed of light. He is also at the level where the dimensions are constantly changing around him due to to intense spiritual pressure he releases so walls bend and matter will change composition.


A sleek jet black motorcycle tricked out with a super high powered engine and a bullet proof body. The motorycle can reach speeds of 1500 mph. The bike is equipped with a series of buttons that releases things like smokescreens and guns. When Stasis is not training or on a mission he will be working on his bike. He can summon the bike to his location in the same method as the sword.



For centuries two opposite powers have been battling over the right to rule. The light angels and the dark angels have been at a stalemate till one day a female light angel and a male dark angel fell in love and produced a half breed angel of immense power. With fear of his power the leaders of the two factions bound his powers and set him off to the mortal world. His parents as a gift to him put some of their powers in a sword and sent it off with him in hopes they would see him again. It would be many years before they would see him again...

Left alone

On a cold rainy night Stasis was left at a orphanage with only his name and a sword. the place of which he would spend three years at. He was eventually kicked out when he had unlocked a bit of his powers and had defeated a group of bullies who liked to pick on the younger kids. Upon the sudden exposure to life of hard living he learned to ehance his abilities to use his sword to steal from people to live. His speed and strength allowed himself to quickly do what is needed and escape never being caught. His strength and speed increased but he never got to learn proper technique so his fighting was a bit sloppy. His life soon changed when he turned 5 and a old man came walking by. Taking the chance he had attacked the old man letting his barrage die after he had exepended his energy. The old man seeing the talent and potential had taken Stasis with him to his mountain home.


Upon his arrival stasis had done what any child would do and explored the mountain home and he began the first session of his training which was simple speed building exercises while wearing heavy weights. As he got used to the weights more would be added till he was 7 and was old enough to learn martial arts. He had learned basic to advanced in as little as 2 years and had grown stronger then most people would believe possible for a kid his age. He spent the next 2 years learning to be a master swordsmen. His learning came to a terrible end when he had discovered his mentor dead with a dagger in his heart. Spurning him into rage he had transformed into the dark angel form and had quickly buried his mentor. He had then packed his belongings and flew to hunt for the man reponsible.


Following a trail of carnage Stasis hunted day and night gaining on his prey quickly till he had found him in 3 days.

Finding the murderor stasis had begun to beat him till he laid near death. Realizing how pitiful this advisary was he had spared him. In turn the weak assassin had told him who had hired him and where to find him. Making peace with the killer of his mentor had activated his light angel transformation. Going at the mastermind this time to kill. Comming upon him stasis fought him on even grounds killing him within the hour. With that he had gotten a tip where a fountain of potential was.

the truth

Upon searching for a year Stasis had come across a town where the best warriors were trained. Upon questioning the locals he had learned of the fountain and how to find it and how to use it. When he had found the fountain and took a sip he had reached his balance form and his motorcycle stood before him. Upon that surges of information about his path including his ancestry and training strategies. With that he had decided to ride after learning how to power down. He returned to his mountain home where he built a garage and dojo.

Angel tournament

Months after he had awoken his true powers he received a letter inviting him to a tournament. The letter told him to wait outside his home with everything he would need for a week. Standing outside his door with his bag and sword on his back he was instantly transported to a large room. In front of him was standing a desk and behind the desk was a light angel. After completing the entry form Stasis was escorted to a house that was painted a medium grey. After a moment waiting he knocked on the door he was instantly greeted by a female light angel who had the motherly feeling emanating off her. After a brief history lesson and a meet and greet stasis had learned of how the tournament he was entering was the way the war was resolved. The next day Stasis had entered the first round of the tournament. After making it to the finals Stasis had to face the previous champion. A dark angel by the name of Skull. After a long battle that took hours Stasis having to transform to his balance state had won the tournament claiming the right to determine how the realm would be ran for the next year. After much thought Stasis had set up a council of a equal number of light and dark angels. After deciding to return to his home in the mortal realm his full powers were unbound and he was given the ability to travel between the realms as wished.




height: 5'4"

Race: Dark Angel

Personality: Bellus is cheerful and energetic and very clingy to Stasis. She is easily amazed and excited and loves to spend time outside. She is one of the few people that can motivate Stasis to do something constructive with his time. She is also one of Stasis's greatest weaknesses as just attempting to harm her will send him into a rage.

Appearance: Bellus is rather small for her age is constantly mistaken for being for being younger then she actually is. Like most dark angels she has black hair and grayish black eyes. Her hair reaches to the end of her back and her bangs can easily cover her face giving her a creepy girl look which she has used to scare Stasis plenty of times when he wakes up.

abilitys: Negative energy manipulation: being a dark angel Bellus can manipulate negative energy. Her control of it is weak so she can only use it as a distraction on super humans though on a humans she could probably kill them with it if she hits them enough.

Flight-Bellus can release her wings and fly


Dark angel mode- Bellus can release her wings. In this form she can fly and she has increased power in her negative energy manipulation. Also unlike Stasis who had his powers sealed as a child and is still suffering side effects of that she can stay in the transformation as long as she likes without having to worry about any of the side effects that bother Stasis though she prefers her human mode because her wings get in the way.

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Hey tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions please tell me and i will try to fix the problem if any.

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Who's the avatar for your character? is an interesting mix of an angel and a samurai

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@Shadowchaos:I like it, I don't think that there is any problem

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@Shadowchaos: Not a bad smart unfortunately for you though Statis Crow's bike silver will definitively when in a race ;) XD

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Sweet bio!

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Very nice
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Is an awesome concept, you should flesh out his story a little bit...

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Thanks for the support I will try to add more later but this was just to have one on file.

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The structure was a little hard to read so if you could I'd format it a little better but the actual bio itself is good :) a well balanced character

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Bump for the future!!!XD
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update is powers

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