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Character Bio

Name: Starscream

Height: 13'9''

Weight: 134.78 kilograms

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: Unknown

Eyes: Crimson

Race: Genetically Modified Human

Theme Song: Warriors of Light by Freedom Call (Human) , Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Crutch (Transmutated)


Starscream's first years were terrifying and destructive. The genetically modified human easily asserted his dominace over all the other creations save one, whom the two both grew respect for eachother, as the Ultimate Chimera and Starscream. Starscream eventually escaped the Chimera Lab where he was created. He flew about the world in this uncontrollable state, launching blast after blast of alternating heat, cold, and shock. Eventually, Starscream flew over a spatial rift, and was met with a powerful entity, which Starscream froze stiff upon seeing. A weird static surrounded him and unbelieveable attacks came from all directions, too fast for him to even try to understand. After much pain, a voice echoed out as a reddish form appeared. "G...o...o....d.......b....y.....e" Starscream was hit in the stomach by a shockwave and knocked backwards at a speed faster than light and knocked unconscious.

Starscream remained unconscious for 65 million years, the energy remaining from the odd creature safeguarding him as he entered Earth's atmosphere, colliding with the area known today as the Gulf of Mexico. During the end of the Ice Age that followed, Starscream awoke, shook off the smoldering runes and rock, burst out of the ocean in a swirl of water. The transmutated-form human soon flew into the sky and eventually settled onto the summit of a mountian in what we call Asia. Here, he spent millenia, but that slowly decreased within the most recent 500 years of his life.

Starscream's frozen home was slowly becoming more and more occupied, as normal humans and other animals moved into his space. He was quite uncomfortable with so many averages nearby. He slowly began to destroy the human civilization, and exhaled heat slowly as the snow in his mountiantop home began to melt. It was not long until a massivle flood wiped out the human civilization below. Unfortunatly for him,this only aroused the human's attention, as they swarmed towards the mountiantop in search of the cause of the flood. Starscream craftily led them all into a trap, which was a large crevasse which had some ice over it. Once most of the team exploring it got on the ice, Starscream smashed his shovel-like tail into the ground, the sheer shockwaves travelling down the mountian and shattering the thin ice he set up. The few remaining humans looked on in shock as Starscream flew over them, scaring them into making a beeline back down the mountianside out of fear. He managed to keep all humans; but one green-haired teen whom used to feel the same as he, out of his home for centuries to follow. All until that one summer...

Starscream woke up suddenly. He felt a surge of power enter his area. It seemed...human, but it wasn't. Starscream trudged outside curiously and tuned up his hearing. He heard one of them saying how there had to be an ESP-er, alien or something special up here to scare those adults so bad. Starscream cocked an eyebrow, this one was the one with that amazing power. Another one, a male came up and embarrasedly told the first one "Haruhi, be quiet. You may disturb the snow and cause an avalanche". Starscream thought about it, but decided against it out of interest for this person. Instead, he slowly made his way down the mountian, whipping up a blizzard as he grew closer to Haruhi's group of 6. The group was soon forced to take shelter in a cave for the night. It was quickly night, and everyone but Haruhi and the nearing chimera were asleep. Haruhi sat by the fire, keeping warm talking to herself about how she'll see the whatever-it-is tommorow for SURE. She paused as she heard Starscream's breathing out in the snow. Starscream mustered up his most threatening voice and explained that the creature of the snows is not meant to be found, and this blizzard will continue until she agrees since the mountian is keeping it's secret hidden. Haruhi realized who was telling her this, and agreed. The blizzard stopped, but there was no one there. Haruhi woke up everyone else and headed home, telling about the voice the whole way. From a safe distance, Starscream watched as they left, wondering if they'd return. More importantly, he felt that maybe, just maybe, he should take the green-hair person's advice and travel the world. Who knows, he may just find that there are other humans like her.


Starscream is extremely territorial and crafty, but doesn't understand the ways of humans too well, and can get a bit snarky towards them. He is a llittle bit wild and uncontrollable, but usually listens to those he respects. He does seem to be a lot kinder as a human, almost as if that already how he was.

Powers and Abilities

In his transmutated form, he has a large range of attacks and various ways to combine them.


-Frozen Stiff: A superpowered version of Kyurem's Blizzard, Frozen Stiff was used to conceal himself when Starscream went to go warn Haruhi. This attack can freeze nearly any average human and a few superhuman organisms it contacts.

-Ice Cast: An original attack, combining Kyurem's Glaciate with Death-X-Dorugamon's Metal Cast. This attack sends a spear of ice and harpoons the opponent into a wall, and then is pummeled by chunks of ice.

-Starfire: A powered-up version of Goku's Kame-Hame-Ha launched from the mouth. Starscream requires extensive chargeup and his defenses are severely lowered for a while afterwards.

-Summoning: An original skill, Starscream breathes out steam to form a pink sillouhette of a chimera he encountered early in his life. Fatal to most street-level characters.

-Plasma Knife: Usually used in grappling, Starscream extends a heavily charged blade out of his right gauntlet into the opponent's chest, severely electrocuting the opponent.

-Giga Plasma Breaker: The plasma knife flies out in front of Starscream, whom uses his shovel-tail to launch himself into a corkscrew at a momentum that ignites the blade into a drill-shaped flame. This is also usable in Human form, but a little less powerful and executed by slamming his fist into the ground, and energy swirls around his fist to form the drill and then simply using superhuman strength to launch himself at the opponent.

-プラズマドラゴンの咆哮 (Plasma Dragon's Roar) : You thought Acnologia's islandbusting was impressive? This powered up version is even more powerful, but not quite country-busting.

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