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Richter laughed at the senseless game. He knew of it, it existed in his world as well, though truth to be told they were using more colorful objects, such as swords, lances and cannons, but these mundane things would do just as well. This while it seemed, childish, immature and pointless did bring up some memories. Richter used to play this game with the servant that was looking after him as he rarely had other things to do, except reading which while exciting also became boring from time to time as Richter read dozens of books a day. Sometimes they played hundreds of rounds, but neither of them was really interested and they weren't even keeping track of who was picking what, but hey, at least it was something.

Matching the hand movement of the other two swordman, Richter extends his own into a flat pieces of paper, reminding him of a leaf.

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The three warriors were at a standstill. Everyone beat everyone. Calling for a second round, Naoto chose paper, but Slayer placed a fist with a thumb in the air.

"Rock?" Naoto asked, but Slayer shook his head with a grin.

"KRUOOM!" He bellowed, opening his fingers quickly like an explosion.

"Bomb?" Naoto asked as Slayer turned around and heaved the sword onto his shoulder. "HEY! THAT'S CHEATING!"


The beast was already beheaded, and Slayer laughed at his teammates, happy at his little joke.

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Being mocked like that, any knight would think bad of it and ask for a duel, yet Richter stay calm. For Richter this was a norm, a lonesome hero was someone who is made fun of and mocked, nothing that bothered him. And it was hard to take offense in such a childish sense of humor, that large man had and if nothing else, the duel from before was payment enough.

He approaches the beast's body examining it for any unique characteristics as well as a personal trophy he could take with him to analyse later, as he does so he doesn't notice that a crowd of people slowly started gathering around the three warriors.

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@Fehafare: Cameras start flashing and phones start recording as police gathered to try and keep the crowds back as reporters pressed to the front

"As we can see here the destruction in this city today was primarily caused by this great monster." One reporter, Yumi Amano, told the camera. "And we have eye witness footage of these three brave heroes defying the country's ban of swords, which has been held in place for over a hundred and fifty years. With events like we've seen today, will we be seeing a change in legislation if citizens are called upon in future to defend themselves?"

"Clear the area!" One officer shouted, pressing the crowd back as Yumi slipped under his arms and approached the group. "HEY!"

Naoto raised his hand and looked at the woman, who waved the cameraman over for an interview. "Gentlemen, we are Stunned at what you've managed to do in saving our city, how did you find the courage to confront this beast?"

"Courage was not an issue, milady." Naoto told her with a smile. "The beast was there and we had the honour of felling it in the preservation of life."

"That's incredible..." She said, before turning to Richter. "Tell me, what brought you here to defend us from this creature?"

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Richter's approached by a woman holding a thing unknown to him. While the dialect was different to say the very least and Richter didn't speak the language of West Algilia too well he could still understand the question to some degree. But even though he understood it he had no desire to answer it. First because he didn't want to use a language that he didn't master and more importantly because he believed that an answer wasn't even necessary.

He was to disappear without saying a word or leaving a trace behind.

He grins at the woman once, showing that he acknowledge bother her presence and question, making it clear that he doesn't ignore her and then he just turns around and walks to Naoto as he still had a question before being on his way.

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@Fehafare: "Oh, okay..." The news reporter said before turning back to the camera with full enthusiasm.

Naoto turned away from the conversation he was currently engaged in when he saw Richter approach. "Good sir!" He announced in his English. "The people of this fine city propose to throw a feast for us in celebration of our victory. Care to join us?"

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"I'll have to refuse." Ricther replies to Naoto's invitation. He had no need nor desire to take part in the feast and he had better things to do.

He just arrived in the world and as such he had to become familiar with it first. "Just tell me, where do i have to go to meet people dressed like me?" Richter assumed that if he already met those looking like they are from Algilia or from the North he'd also find the equivalent of his own continent in this world.

Though he greatly disliked the conflict and political situation of the two countries, their culture was the one he was most used to and if he was to start somewhere it would be there.

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Naoto blinked, looking Richter up and down. "You're not." The Samurai explained. "You're eight centuries ahead of the time of swords and armour. Are you aware of guns?"

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"Yes, i am."

While a bit confused by the question, Richter replied positively. The country to the south of his continent, Venuci, was the technological center of his world. The whole pride of their army alongside other technological creations were their "guns" long ranged weapons that could mock any bow and arrow. They didn't sell them to anyone and the whole process of making them was kept a secret and lives were lost because of it. They were also popular with mercenaries and pirates who'd attack caravans carrying the weapons and then take them either to arm themselves or to sell them to other countries.

Even with all that taken into account, Richter didn't understand where Naoto was going with that. "The time of swords and armor?" Richter was confident enough to say that there was no man in Venuci that could stand up to him, no matter how many guns and riles he had or how big they were.

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"Right then." Naoto nodded. "How about automatic weapons?"

Taking an assault rifle out of the hands of a soldier, Naoto aimed at a wall and pulled the trigger, keeping his aim firm as he tore a hole through the concrete within seconds before loosening his grip and letting the recoil carry the gun in a sideways line across the wall. Once the ammunition was depleted, Naoto had changed the clip in under a second.

"Armour is worthless nowadays." Naoto explained, tossing the weapon back to the soldier he had taken it from. "Even from the past where I came from, the strongest armour merely slowed you down, such was the development of the firearm in this world. The only swordsmen left are sportsmen and monsters like ourselves."

Rubbing his hair back, Naoto looked right into Richter. "There are weapons that can level a city in a single strike, launched from the other side of the world. This is a world where any weapon can take you down if you get hit, so whatever you do, don't get hit."

Naoto waved at the Mayor. "We'll pass on the sushi, unless you can get it ready to go." he shouted. "But we do need papers and transport to Europe. Within the next thirty minutes."

The mayor bowed, then shouted at his aides, who got to work organising everything.

"You probably want to start in Germany." Naoto told Richter. "It's central, it has history, it's where people like you would have come from, or at least that area. I never got to go to Europe and Slayer over there seems familiar with the place."

The son of the ogres grunted in affirmation behind the two swordsmen.

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Richter listed to Naoto as he explained the weapons of this world. Richter's world also had weapons that could level cities and even more, but those were legendary weapons wielded by heroes, so he was still fascinated to that in this world even normal people had access to weapons like that.

"Europe, huh?" Richter pondered, trying to picture the land. According to what Naoto said, he couldn't expect it to look anything like his country, but the language and tradition would at least be there, so he hoped.

As Naoto asks the Mayor for transport, Richter picks up the assault rifle from before. He puts it up to his chin. The soldier starts waving and shouting at him, but Richter calmly pull the trigger. To the soldiers surprise the fire does not stop nor does Richter fall to the ground. He keeps his grip on the trigger till the clip isn't empty. After the smoke disappears, Richter's head is revealed and still in one piece.

The place where the bullets impacted was slightly red, like a mild sunburn but nothing beyond that.

Richter grins and tosses the gun away. He still kept the confidence in himself and his sword and armor.

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Slayer smacked Richter and Naoto across the back of the head, laughing like a pneumatic drill on concrete. He could tell that the next few months were going to be very entertaining. He may even gave to introduce his new friends to his clan.

Moving over to stand atop the corpse of the felled beast, Slayer sang again the war hymn that narrated this day's events.

"I see trouble coming man,

Well I’m coming to a fork,

Sliding down a road,

Gonna lick ‘em on down,

We’re gonna run right out,

I’m a fighting fool,

And I’m hungry for you,

Well I’m living on a line,

I’m protecting my life,

Rock with me, come on come on,



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