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Slayer was airborne, bloody, and seperated from his greatsword, having dropped it when shrapnel slashed at the tendons in his arms.

And somehow, the armoured Richter had completely healed himself, just like that red-haired dwarf from earlier.

But that's why he prepared a backup plan.

Reaching for his shoulders, Slayer brought out his backup-knives. Short blades, a mere six-feet in length each, but he could swing them with greater speed than he could his regular greatswords. What's more, they were significantly lighter, and could wield the six-foot lumps of metal without straining his injuries as much.

He brought the weapons down on Richter, one after the other, first to block Richter's attack and the second to divide him asunder.

@Crimson Vapor:

Naoto watched the crying Nirvana carefully, analysing her beautiful features and comparing them with the effect of the crowd below.

Calmly, he pulled her back, dumping her back on the rooftop.

"You can't shut off your ability then." Naoto said, letting her go and approaching the ledge. "And you won't speak because that will make the situation worse. I'm sorry if I escalated the situation."

Naoto gripped the sword in the scabbard, then got ready to jump as the earth shook from Richter's earthquake.

Then came the distant roar. Naoto paled when he saw the thing that made that noise.

Then his brain started up again. There was nothing like pant-staining terror to clear your head and help you think straight when you were under a sexual attraction ability.

"Get out of the city, draw as many people away from the epicentre as you can." Naoto ordered. "I'll buy you some time, that thing won't get here for another five minutes. I'll keep it here as long as I can."

Naoto ran along the ledge, jumping at a different angle and bouncing along the rooftops to go challenge the massive lizard that had suddenly appeared in Tokyo City.

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Despite being seemingly defenseless while suspended in air, Slayer still managed to make a come back. Two blades appeared in his arms, one to block Kindralth and the other one to slash Richter himself.

Richter keeps his sword where it is, engaging in another deadlock, both to pressure Slayer and to ensue that his side is still blocked off. For the other blade Richter uses nothing more than his own gauntlet. First he grabs it and then he puts it between two of his fingers, snapping it like it was a twig. Slayer's arms were blocked off and he was unable to move while in mid-air, this was the perfect chance.

A tree trunk burst between the two warriors, but quickly bends towards Slayer's stomach. Then it races towards him, aiming to knock the air right out of him, breaking a bone or two in the process.

Even with a sure hit like that Richter wasn't losing his concentration, he had already planned his next move.

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@Crimson Vapor: @Fehafare:

Seeing one broadsword broken, Slayer pushed down on his broadsword, forming a crack against the edge. He swung on it, using the indent as a swivel, and the swords came down like a guillotine, chopping the tree trunk into two halves.

Hanging from the handle of the broadsword Slayer hung, reaching his hand down for his falling greatsword, only for it to slip out of his grasp by half a second. To his delight, however, the handle bounced into his hand. Gleefully, He swung the blade upwards to stab the man he was hanging from. Because of the enormous size of the blade, Richter would most likely get sliced in half from behind just from Slayer's act of bringing the blade vertical, but if he somehow dodged it or dropped Slayer, the thrust would render him blood and legs.

And the scaled behemoth was drawing closer.

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Richter wanted to follow up with another attack in case his previous one did not hit, to put Slayer under constant pressure, but he had to give up on the idea. Slayer's sword was swung up and now it threatened to cut Richter in half. Richter aborts his continued attack with the sword and jumps back using Slayer's own blade as the base.

While still in mid air, two roses grown form Richter's palms. He throws both of them at Slayer, aiming at his shoulders. Despite the fact that his initial plan was cut off, Richter did not give up on his pressuring tactic.

A tree grows behind him as he prepares his next move.

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@Fehafare: Slayer took both roses to his shoulders, roaring as the flowers cut into his flesh. He bit into one and spat it on the floor, using his shorter, cracked weapon to tear out the second, roots and all.

And a tree had grown behind Richter.

The earth was shaking too. Something was about to go down.


Greatsword slung over his shoulder and acting as a shield, Slayer charged, ready to use the smaller weapon to scythe through any plants that might come his way.

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Richter pushes off the tree just like before, launching himself towards Slayer once more.

He holds Kindralth in a reverse grip, waiting to be in range to slash at his enemy again.

But while the charge did have a true killing intent to it, and Richter certainly aimed to take Slayer's head, the frontal attack was a feint. Richter was going to sandwich Slayer between his sword and the thorny vines he created behind him.

As Richter came close and closer to Slayer's front, so did three vines approach his legs and back, about to bind him, rip flesh away and pierce his chest from behind.

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Vines behind him, swords from the front, and a lot of blood coming from the craters in his shoulders from where those barbed roses took out so much flesh.

There was only one thing for it.

He threw the smaller sword at Richter, then titled the Greatsword across his back and swung, blocking the vines while using the elongated handle to pushed the frontal vines back just enough for him to lean forward and slam the greatsword, hammer style, to crush the frontal plants.

Blood spurted out of Slayer's shoulders. If RIchter dodged the broadsword thrown at his chest, then he'd soon find Slayer's greatsword in his neck.

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Richter finds himself confronted with one of Slayer's blades during his flight. He raises Kindralth a bit, just so he can shatter what was left of the already broken blade.

Bits of the broken metal pierce Richter's skin, at those speeds they were like bullets.

Despite the little wound he sustained Richter's tactic was going well. Slayer was being forced to multitask his way out of the situation.

Just when Richter came close enough he swung Kindralth at Slayer.

He wasn't sure if the man would react in time, but it didn't matter, Richter had the advantage right now.

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Slayer sensed the oncoming blade. There was no way he could get his blade there in time to counter it.

So he did the next best thing.

Bringing his handle high in a backhand-swing, Slayer caught the edge of Kindralth with the bottom of his handle, almost losing his little finger in the process.

Arm high, sword held above Richter's head, Slayer grinned, and let the blade fall forwards to cleave Richter in two.

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Richter blocks the slash with his own sword.

And they were there again, another deadlock. But instead of using his powers over plants to start a new attack like he did before Richter now change his approach.

He pushed against Slayer's blade and put all his strength into the clash. He was going to keep him under constant pressure there, after all Slayer had two holes in his shoulders from a previous attack, he just couldn't keep this up forever.

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@Fehafare: They were locked in blades. It was getting clear that this human was a mage of some sort. Not only was he holding his guard against Slayer's sword, but the plants were a bit of a giveaway too.

Slayer deemed it appropriate to shout.


The air around Richter and Slayer shook as Slayer's muscles bulged. Bulking out, his bones thickened until Slayer was over twelve feet in height. He continued pressing down with the greatsword, the thick handle now slightly small in his behemoth grip.

Ogre Shouts were the staple of the Ogre Magicks. For most Ogres, they could only learn a few Shouts, due to how clumsy their tongues were, and the Shouts seemed to have been developed anciently with conjunction with human magic.

Slayer, or rather, HRUN HNR, the Powerful Runt, lived up to his name. His dextrous tongue was able to speak all of the Ogre Shouts, and though he felt that using the Shouts against humans was unfair, this was clearly a battle, not of sword against sword, but of mage against mage.

Slayer wouldn't use the Shouts against Naoto.

But This one, Richter, was using his Shouts, his plant magic, to wound him.

It was only honourable and fair that Slayer used his magic.

If Slayer gave a troll's conglomerate about Honour. What was he, some kind of dwarf? An Uruk-Hai? NO!

HRUN HNR Was a proud Ogre. And Ogres do what Ogres do best.


"HIDEN-KHAI" Slayer Shouted, bringing the wind together and increasing the pressure, making the air more and more humid to make it harder for the plants to grow, and making it hotter and hotter inside that humans armour.

Slayer was still only two-thirds of the size of a biological Ogre. But his strength would bring down mountains.

Lets see how long the little humie holds.

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His enemy grew in size, now dwarfing Richter who was able to look Slayer straight in the eyes just a moment ago. In front of him stood a monstrosity, nearly four meters tall. It was obvious that the enemy was using some kind of magic. Richter wasn't really surprised, if anything he was used to fighting things that barely resembled humans, if at all.

Richter puts one last push into the clash, sending Slayer's blade off into the air just for a few centimeters and then jumps back, disengaging combat.

From what he could tell, Slayer used some magic to affect the air, possibly to affect Richter's plants. A pointless move, any plant under Richter's command could survive in place no living being could, from poison and toxic infested wastelands to vacuum or absolute darkness. He smiles and looks at the ogre for a second and the extends his arm, closing his hand into a fist. Around the two, grows a garden of thorny vines, bushes and roses. It covers the entire city block they were in cutting the two fighters off from the rest of the city. The vines cover the sky above them as well, creating a dome for them.

As soon as it's closed a rain of petals showers the battlefield. A pretty sight, but it soon uncovers a morbid aspect of the garden. Cars, buildings, even the street itself, they are all cut through like they are nothing as the petals gently touch them.

On this battlefield, Slayer's size worked against him, just one wrong move and he would end up in pieces.

Richter slams Kindralth into the ground, piercing the street and driving the blade till half of the sword was gone. A gentle twist of the grip and the street begins to fall apart. cracks running all over it. Kindralth had just absorbed a good part of the material in it. It's weight increased more than twenty times. With that the sword's weight was over two hundred tons, but Richter still held it like it was a toothpick. The extra weight and sharpness it gained certainly made the sword more appropriate for Slayer's size.

Richter swings his sword a few times through the air and then stares at the Ogre, waiting for his next move.

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@SamJaz: Nirvana was placed back on solid ground by the samurai Naoto. Quickly wiping the tears from her cheek, She listened to his words. It was clear she had to leave Tokyo her radiance was too much for normal humans to handle. The angry crowd of Nirvana fans, that were under Nirvana's lovely influence started to rush towards the samurai. The power of Nirvana's radiance increased the attributes of the crowd, They were even firing low levels of chi-like energy from their hands at the samurai. Naoto was skilled enough to avoid the danger, when all of a sudden it appeared; A massive lizard like creature rampaging in the city. "This day is just getting weirder and weirder" Nirvana thought to herself. The crowd of people stopped for a moment to gaze upon the beast, but they started to attack it as well knowing that it could potentially attack Nirvana. Nirvana looked on in horror, realizing that they were going to get themselves killed because of her. Nirvana flew from the rooftop as fast as she could. In mere moments she found herself one hundred miles out of Tokyo. Back in Tokyo the crowd slowly started to come back around. Some of the people who gained the power of flight started to crash back down to the Earth. They then saw the ferocious monster and started to panic for their lives, and ran in a frenzy stomping over one another to get away. Meanwhile Nirvana hovered in the stratosphere, not sure of what she should do. Using her magic she conjured and burlap bag over her head and covered the rest of her body in normal clothing. No part of her skin was showing, and even her blood colored hair down to a single strand was covered. With sadness and frustration in her heart she flew as fast as she could America hoping to find some help.

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@Crimson Vapor: @Fehafare:

Slayer dodged around the falling petals, grunting as they cut into his skin.

The air was getting hotter and hotter, and more and more humid, inside this cage of plant matter.

If he wasn't moving so much to dodge the plants, Richter might have noticed Slayer's breath condense in the humid air, or that Slayer's seemingly random movements had him spiralling around the plant cage.

Had he been able to speak Ogre, Richter might even have noticed that Slayer was whispering Shouts to lower his body temperature to nearly freezing temperatures, and that his cold movements chilled the air as he moved, the spiral motions were causing hot air around his feet to rise and conflict against the cold air from his chest and shoulders.

Within seconds, the air inside the cage was a thundercloud in a pressure cooker.

It only took the spark from Slayer swinging his blade against the ground to cause the explosion. The fireball was enough to pick up the oversized Slayer, not an easy feat, and send him flying across the tarmac of the city centre.

Getting to his feet as the city shook there was an almighty crash as a nearby tower came down. Releasing the shout that increased his size, Slayer ducked down and hid behind his Greatsword, holding his breath as a cloud of dust, metal and broken glass rushed through the street. When the dust settled, Slayer looked up to see a lizard of enormous size. It was easily the size of the towers around him, maybe three hundred feet in height.

That's when the knife embedded the floor by his feet with a note attached.

Roof. Now.
Bring Richter.
We're doing this man.
We're making this happen.

Slayer looked up at Naoto, who healed his wounds instantly as soon as they made eye contact.

Naoto then did the same with Richter, but Slayer had no idea who Richter was-


Riohter was what humans measured earthquakes in.

Get to the roof and bring the earthquake.

Slayer highly approved of this plan.

Roaring a Shout, Slayer slung his behemoth blade over his shoulder and charged at another tower, one that was still standing despite the lizard's rampage, and burst up the walls, ascending higher and higher with each bound as he sang the old war hymn.

They were doing this man.

They were making this happen.

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@SamJaz: @Crimson Vapor:

Before the fight between the two could get any more intense they were stopped. Both Richter and Slayer got a little note, calling them to the roof a building. Richter wasn't exactly sure what to think of it and he looked at the note with suspicion in his eyes. But there wasn't much he could do, his enemy, Slayer already dashed off and it was also hard to ignore the giant lizard monster nearby.

Richter releases the garden and follows Slayer. Rather than taking leaps on the building's surface to get to the top, he creates a large tree right beneath his feet that takes him up as it grows. Thanks to this he quickly catches up to Slayer despite the early start he had. He grabs the man by the collar and takes him up. He lets him down once they arrive at the top.

Richter looks around and then asks in a serious tone "What's this all about?"

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Naoto turned to look at Richter. "The fair temptress is luring the citizens out of the city, but her bewitching charm has beguiled certain members of the military by her image on the news, so we will be getting no support until the beast is felled." He explained. "This creature is dripping in brine, suggesting that it came from the ocean, perhaps in search of the redhead in question. She was quite bedazzling."

Slayer lightly smacked Naoto on the back of the head. "Right, pardon me." Naoto continued. "So, our task is to fell this leviathan."

Slayer grunted. He made it quite clear that this creature was, in fact, a lot smaller than a leviathan. He should know, he's killed one before.

The earth rumbled as the creature roared, then swung his tail for the building they were standing on. Slayer ran to the edge and jumped, throwing his greatsword down like a harpoon. The added gravity impaled it through the tail, pinning it to the ground and stopping the beast dead in its tracks.

Slayer landed on the creature's spine and started tugging at one of the spiked scaled that jutted out of its back. Within seconds, Naoto was there, and had sliced off the scale in question, which Slayer then fashioned into a crude sword.

They turned to Richter, the grinned, before both charging up the behemoth while stabbing into its spine.

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Richter watches as the two other man dash off to fight the monster. Just a second later the building they were standing on gets slashed aside, forcing Richter to jump off. He found himself on the ground watching as Naoto and Slayer attacked the lizard's spine, ripping it's scales off one by one. Right now he was in the position to walk away, his previous fight with Slayer already ended and his fighting spirit was going out slowly as well.

But on the other hand, he was curious to see what kind of monsters this world held for him, after all what kind of hero would he be if he ignored the challenge of a lizard giant like this one. Who knows, if he sticks around for long enough he might get a chance to fight the man from before again or he might join him on his journey and Richter would have a permanent sparing partner during the long boring days of travel.

He raises Kindralth, which was still in a state where it's weight was increased to over 200 tons, and then charges the beast up front. Unlike Naoto and Slayer who were attacking the weak points on it's back, Richter went for a frontal assault, going in with a powerful swing to cut the beast's foot off.

He would bring that behemot down, one way or another.

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The beast roared as the tendons in its ankles were severed. Kindralth wasn't long enough to cut to the bone, but it got through the scales and flesh enough to make the beast fall forwards.

Naoto saw the people inside the building the beast was about to collide into. "BIG MAN!" He shouted, and Slayer leaped off the beast's shoulders. He soared through the air, breaking through the glass and landing inside the tower, turning around and Shouting to punch the dragon on the nose.

With the stab wounds into the beast's foot and the slashes into its ankle, it was easy to redirect the beasts fall. The change in direction would prevent the beast from breaking its neck as it descended, but it would surely tear the foot from its socket.

Gathering energy in its jaw, the monster prepared an enormous energy blast headed for the ground. "RICHTER!" Naoto shouted, climbing up the dragon's face and stabbing it in the cheek, ending the blast.

But the blue flame was headed for the ground, and would take out half the city if it got there.

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A blue beam of destruction comes down at Richter. He doesn't hesitate and acts accordingly. A Lotus grows out of his palm, and quickly expands covering the entire area of the lizard's blast. Just a moment after the flower fully bloomed, it had to face the impact of the blue flames. The blast is concentrated right into the center of the Lotus. It's power gets drained rapidly but soon signs of stain appear on Richter's face and sweat can be seen dripping from his forehead.

Not wanting to endure the blast any longer Richter closes his palm. As one finger closes one after another, so do the petals of the Lotus wither following the motion of the fingers closing. The giant petals fall off and disperse into a fine dust as soon as they touch the ground, flying away with the wind. When the last petal fell off the center of the Lotus, which was the only part left absorbing the blast still attached to Richter's palm, shines with a bright blue light, matching the color of the blast.

The blast turns away, as if it was rejected by the light, now traveling back to the monster's mouth from where it came.

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@Fehafare: Naoto closed his eyes as he was surrounded by blue light. The beast's head eclipsed the blast, so he himself was safe while the monster's head acted as a shield. His eyes adjusted, and he walked across to the monster's eye and skewered it with his blade.

The lizard screamed in agony, mutlilated, blinded, and angry. The blast slowed its descent enough to not cause a massive Earthquake upon impact, but Naoto still knew for sure when they landed.

Running along the monster's nose, he hopped off the beast to assess the damage.

It wasn't pretty. The entire right side of the lizards head was skull, the left covered in blood from the skewered eye, but it was still bleeding. The leg was pumping out blood from everywhere, clearly broken. Its breath fogged the air in front of Richter and Naoto.

The most disturbing aspect of the monster was the raging boner it was sporting.

"So it came after the redhead..." Naoto sighed as Slayer landed on the ground and withdrew his greatsword, spinning it over his head to shake the blood off as he approached Naoto and Richter.

He held out a fist, then two fingers, then an open palm, then back to the fist.

"Ah, Janken." Naoto nodded, then turned to Richter. "Are you familiar with this game where your people come from? The rock breaks the scissors which cuts the paper, which in turn covers the rock. A fair way to end the argument over who should take the dragon's head."

Naoto held his fist out to Slayer's, ready to play for it. Slayer would go for rock, and Naoto for scissors.

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