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It was a bright, Saturday afternoon in downtown Tokyo. People had adapted to the new Tokyo, after what happened during that awful gang war a few months ago. The bloodstains had been cleaned up, the shops repaired, the screws had been filed down and, let's be honest, the trees growing everywhere looked quite nice. Life was good, here in Japan.

It was interrupted, however, by a red-headed samurai jumping out of an alley-way and landing in the middle of the road, covered in blood. Cars swerved out of his way as he looked over himself, his wounds closing before everyone's eyes, but he looked up and raised his katana over his head as the earth shook from the guttural roar of primal fury that reverberated through the street.


With a horrendous clang, a massive man wielding an even larger sword had appeared. He was a giant of a man, well over seven feet tall and all muscle, and his broadsword was almost double that. He pressed down on his opponent, a shorter a man just over five feet in height, but they seemed evenly matched.

The samurai stepped aside, letting the massive weapon fall and smash into the road, sending tarmac and cement flying like shrapnel from a grenade. The Samurai blurred as he stepped forward, slamming the butt of his sword into the giant's chin, only to get knocked aside as the bigger man swept his blade to the side, swatting the smaller man, three other people and a car aside like they were dust.

The samurai, Naoto Kensei, looked around, healing injuries before charging forward, locking blades with the Slayer, the Son of Ogres, before falling low to sweep for the giant's legs. Slayer jumped, hopping over the man's attack and over his head, but Naoto rolled out of the way before he got crushed by Slayer's landing. Rolling to his feet, Naoto dashed in for a flurry of sword blows which Slayer met, stroke for stroke, until the first gunshot was fired.

"THIS IS THE POLICE!" The captain said from behind the wall of squad cars that had surrounded the duelling duo, officers aiming their guns with their fingers on the trigger. "YOU ARE UNDER ARREST! DROP YOUR WEAPONS."

Naoto was not having this. His Katana had been his loyal ally during countless battles, and it was the symbol of his pride as a warrior of the revolution, a revolution these modern Nihonese seemed to have forgotten.

Slayer was not having this. No puny human dared challenge the might of an ogre. A display like this was an insult to his noble family.

The two swordsmen glanced at each other, then nodded.

They both charged, Naoto predicting where the police guns would shoot and dodging the bullets, something he'd had to do multiple times during the revolution.

Using his greatsword as a shield, Slayer stampeded towards the wall of metal and oil, roaring as he swung his blade through the squad cars, sending tonnes of metal into the air as the policemen fled, screaming in terror.

The men facing Naoto fared no greater. All were knocked unconscious with multiple injuries. He was just too fast for their guns to keep up with once he was at close range.

The two swordsmen looked at each other, then grinned.

More were coming.

And these two monsters would fight the heroes.

Lowering his blade, Slayer roared, singing a song of the Ogres in preparation for the oncoming brawl. The humans wouldn't understand the words he said, but they would grasp the meaning of the warcry.

"I see trouble coming man,

Well I’m coming to a fork,

Sliding down a road,

Gonna lick ‘em on down,

We’re gonna run right out,

I’m a fighting fool,

And I’m hungry for you,

Well I’m living on a line,

I’m protecting my life,

Rock with me, come on come on,


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Tokyo was in chaos... once more. Not too long ago the city survived it's own mini-apocalypse, the reminder being the small forest that was now growing in the middle of that urban city. But right now, it seemed like the efforts to rebuild it and repair the damage were in vain as it started all over again. Two men, were fighting. Both of the using swords, one huge man with a sword appropriate for his size and a smaller one with a katana matching his slim figure.

Once they started destroying everything around them and the police arrive it became clear that it couldn't and wouldn't end well.

Admits that chaos a portal opens as if it was not concerned with what was happening around it. It was a hole cut into the fabric of space and time, now acting as a temporal door. The portal closes as a man steps out. His name was Richter von Wolfenstein and he had just left behind his world, his country and his people. All he had was his armor, a huge sword on his back and a wooden flute hidden inside the armor. Normally an appearance of such a huge man in medieval armor would draw enormous attention to it, but right now the people were too busty with panicking to notice.

"So, this is my new world..." Richter says it silently, but his deep voice still makes the sentence sound clear and recognizable. A sight of a huge city like this reminded Richter of the castles he left behind, though he was glad to see that there was no presence of walls here. On the other hand to noise bothered him and the fact that he could sense the presence of a small forest in this concrete desert made him feel uneasy rather than to bring joy to him. It was just unnatural. It didn't feel right to find a forest at a location like this.

After walking around he notices a fight going on, two men looking more familiar to him than most other humans he saw here so far were fighting off waves of strangely clothed attackers. From the look of their clothed Richter imaged both men to be from a place like Algilia, though he was particularly interested in the large man. He had that strange around around him, he didn't feel like a normal human. He also didn't make Richter feel uncomfortable like the presence of most other people did.

He walks up to him ignoring the hail of bullets that rained against his skin, bouncing off as if they were pebbles thrown at a bear. To him the pain was comparable to the sting of a bee at worst.

"Hey, what's your name?" the language he asked the question in was akin to German in this world. It was just on there border that a man from Germany could understand everything he says but still tell that this was a different language or a dialect unknown to him.

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare: Stasis walked through the streets of Tokyo which were still in the process of being repaired from the battle against Arashi. That fight was pretty fun, but those two people that he fought with just didn't sit right with him. He couldn't really place it though. He was on his way to help the construction effort when he heard the sound of gun shots coming from far away. "Looks like this city is bad luck for me," he joked as he took off running towards the sound of the noise. He could feel the fear in the air and the blood lust which did not bold well for him and only caused him to quicken his pace which was already faster then humans could see. He ran up a skyscraper and made it to the top then jumped down the skyscraper landing between the three people crouched down with his fist touching the ground and in a huge hole. He stood up straight and looked at the three strangers around him. "So you guys the ones causing problems?" he asked in a small Itallian accent that was hardly noticeable as he walked out of cracking his knuckles in anticipation of a good fight. Then in a blink of a eye he rushed at Richter at the speed of sound and threw a powerful punch at his face

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@Fehafare: @Shadowchaos:

Slayer turned to see the newcomer try and strike up a conversation with him. The language was German, one that Slayer would both understand and read, but not well speak. There wasn't enough gravel in the pronunciation, something each ogre word had a bucket of.

Still, a question deserved an answer.

"HRUN HNR." Slayer announced, in words that sounded like the growls of a harley davidson that started its engines, before backhanding the newcomer with the butt of his sword.

The short man with the white hair might dodge, he might not, but that wasn't Slayer's concern.

Slayer was concerned about the oncoming pretty boy charging in.

The backhand moved Slayer's massive sword position, and he leapt for the angel, thrusting his weapon to stab.

He was well aware of his opponents power, and was ready to meet it.

The angel's fist would not damage the blade. It was Space Ork in design. Orks were a very different species than their earth counterpart, the Orcs. Both green, war-loving creatures, But Orks had a great love for building weapons, vehicles, and devices that, according to all laws of physics, should not work. But, either by some psychic power, or religion, or maybe some kind of genius the human mind was not ready to comprehend, the Orkish truck, thrown together overnight out of spare parts, held together by spit and hasty welding, will outrun the fastest human vehicles. Just painting an Ork vehicle read will add 13 miles per hour to their top speed, and half their 0-60 acceleration time.

And this sword was built on the same principle. A true Choppa, a weapon for slashing through unbreakable tank armour and crushing beings of unimaginable strength. It was perfectly ordinary, in the eyes of physics, but in the eyes of Orks and in the hands of Slayer, this weapon would never fail.

"RUBRANJE DRA BREZTO OD RUBRANGA!!" Slayer roared, the most humanly recognisable war-cry he could muster.

Naoto, on the other hand, landed back onto the central pile of rubble, next to Richter. Glancing at him to heal any injuries, he recognised a sort of kindred spirit in the Gaijin, like the spirit he felt in Slayer that sparked the initial fight.

This man would either by a valued ally or an exhilarating foe.

"Good day to you, sir." Naoto said to the man in English, the language of the Gaijin, spinning his katana into the sheath, ready for another drawing slash as more foes headed towards him and Richter. "And may I inquire as to what brings you to our small social gathering this fine afternoon?"

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“Yes YES!!! Nirvana work it for me baby WORK IT!!!!” <Tokyo the proud and spry capital of Japan; “THAT’S IT!! NIRVANA!! MORE! MORE!! I CAN KEEEP GOING!” <It has seen its share of hardship recently with all the violence of gang wars and people putting the screws to the civilians.> “OHHH NIRVANA! WE MAKE SUCH BEAUTIFUL CHEMISTRY TOGETHER!! BUT END IS COMING AND I KNOW YOU CAN FEEL IT TOO!!!!” <By now you are probably wondering who that person is that is screaming, wait hold a sec..he’s about to finish up.> “YES! YES! YES!...YEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Uhhh! Breathes heavily…”That was fantastic Nirvana!!” The young man who went by the name Kato, put his cell phone camera away, and got up from the park bench while handing her a hundred dollars in cash. Nirvana swallowed down the last bit of her chicken salad sandwich on wheat, and waved good bye to him as he ran off towards the nearest Men’s restroom. <Yeah that guy was a random passerby that saw me eating a sandwich and drinking a mango capri sun and wanted to take pictures of me doing that…What did you think was going on? Ughh that’s the story of my life, being an highly attractive demi-goddess and daughter of Aphrodite. Every mundane thing I do looks pornographic to people with low perspective capabilities of any race in existence. I’ve had Human, demons, fairy, even angels randomly start stalking me just wanting to stand in my shadow.>

Then there was a loud crash in the area that caused people in the area to panic. <I’ll get back with you in a moment>. Nirvana quickly got up from the park bench, and rushed to see what was going. However when she rushed toward the several hundred citizens saw her run by them. Panic turned into sheer intrigue and arousal in an instant run back towards all the action chasing Nirvana in the process. Once Nirvana got to the battle area she identified the assailants, “Hey!! You guys should sto-“ Nirvana was quickly interrupted by a mob of men and women, with hearts and a dazed look in their eyes trying to surround her from all sides. They even started to get in the other fighters way, but they didn’t care if they got butchered as long as Nirvana was in the area they all had her as the center of attention.

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Callis Nomene was in route to the BHAJ when the mayhem started. Guided by his keen nose The Beast Knight decided to check it out, as the scent of clashing seemed out of its place in this city. Callis didn’t liked fighting, he was a pacifist at heart, but truthfully fighting was the only thing he knew to do, he at least tried to protect others with his skills rather than harm them, and the possible situation he was looking for would surely needed to be stopped before it extended. This city was peaceful, and Callis hoped that it remained like this. With incredible agility he rushed through the streets jumping over any obstacles without slowing down, his physique allowed him clearly inhuman feats, thanks to his mixed heritage; the part he hated was the one that let him be an even better warrior. Callis was using a heavy cloak ragged on the end, and his old Vian guard outfit, heavily tattered and patched. Bandages covered his arms and hands that were hairy and bigger than the regular human, not to mention sported feline claws, that he couldn’t retract.

He moved through the crowd without touching anybody, he was as swift and silent as the shadow of an eagle, and maybe twice as fast. His muscles rippled under his skin while he did a series of complex acrobatic maneuvers as he climbed to the rooftops to run faster. Callis could now hear the clash of steel getting near by the second. From his rooftop he could see the group of warriors and jumped to reach them. The Beast Knight landed without making a sound, with his cloak tailing him behind. –I’m sorry to bother you, but I understand that swords duels aren’t allowed in this city, I would ask you to refrain you impulses or I shall stop them for you.- Callis unsheathed his sword, a broken blade with only one edge. This could seem like the Beast Knight was unprepared, yet his blade had a lot of secrets as it came from the land of the Wizards, Via.

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@Crimson Vapor:@Fehafare: @Shadowchaos:

Naoto heard a young lady shout something. Turning his attention away from the oncoming opponents, he noticed the fine damsel was getting mobbed by a group of people.

He also noticed that, not only was she entirely bedazzling, but she was also a redhead.

Naoto decided to make an investment in a possible upcoming future.

"Pardon my rudeness, but I must abscond this challenge." Naoto told Richter as the oncoming enemies grew ever closer. "I trust I can leave them in your capable hands."

He blurred as he charged, and bodies were in the air before the sound of his blade being drawn rang out. Red ponytail flying behind him as he span on his foot, Naoto thrusted his blade through three more individuals and launched them into the air. He was slightly faster than usual, his blade not even cutting his victims clothes as their blood sprayed through their fabrics.

Another jump and he planted his foot into the face of one young man who was reaching for the beautiful redhead. The impact knocked the young man and a few of his fellow mobber to the ground, a sword swing sending several other flying back, creating an opening for escape.

"MOVE!" Naoto shouted at the woman, twisting around her to swing his blade through the nearest seven people that were getting too close to her for his comfort.

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"Hello, What's your name?, How old are you?, What are your measurements?, Can you cook? Please marry me, Will you marry me?, Can I sniff your hair?, Can I kiss you?, Hugs maybe!?, You into S&M? Can you say nya nya for me? What's your name?, Can I have your number?, Please tell me your name?" Nirvana was getting mobbed by tons and tons of questions from a deranged mob of people purely attracted to her natural radiance. They didn't even realize anymore that their own lives were in danger. "Get out of here you fools!! or you'll get killed" Nirvana shouted forth. They didn't listen at this close range they would walk to hell and barefoot with with a flaming boulder on theirs backs jut to get close to Nirvana. On of the the fighters started to fight against the mob around Nirvana. He created a way for her to escape, and quickly did so. " Nirvana walked over toward the Samurai, and gave him a friendly hug pressing her voluptuous chest on him. Then in her naturally gifted sultry voice she whispered in his ear "Thank You." The mob who was after Nirvana saw these went into a jealous rage, One of them shouted at the Samurai "She's mine you sword wielding b@stard!!!!. Another member of the mob a female heard this and shouted, NOO!! she's mine!!!!. There was a split second silence then all hell broke loose! The mob started to attack the samurai was, while the others started fighting themselves gunshots and screams of people being sprayed in the face with mace. Soon another wave of lovestruck individuals came from the other side of the city watching the madness unfold on TV, tried to rush toward Nirvana, while trying to stampede the other fighters. It was pure chaos now, the numbers well over three thousand and climbing rapidly.

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@SamJaz: @Shadowchaos: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Crimson Vapor:

The man responded to Richter's question with something akin to grunting. Richter was surprised for a second, despite the looks, the man sounded and acted more like a man from the North than Algilia. The next sentence the man spoken confirmed that as it vaguely sounded like something the tribes in the North would say. Besides that half-made sentence the man was silent without giving off a tone. "A man of few words, you'd make a poor companion for any traveler but me." Richter's smiled at him but the smile turned into a grin on the right side giving him a rather strange image.

The other man approached him as well and spoke. Much like Slayer, this man also did not speak the language he was supposed to. Both the language and the mannerism of the man while speaking belonged to Bealis, the country Richter's own kingdom was at war when he left. Any other knight would now threaten to take the man's life just for speaking that vile language, but Richter was different, right now he was here exactly because he didn't care about that kind of relationships. Before Richter had any chance to respond to the man's question a third person joins them by crashing from the sky right between them.

The man that asked Richter the question departs leaving the other three alone. The newcomer asks the a question, but then without leaving them any time to even think about a possible answer he charges at Richter.

Richter wasn't gonna stay there and go deeper into his reason for doing so, he just ducks, dodging the man's fist and sliding across the ground right behind him.

He draws Kindralth and pints it at the man.

Combat officially began for Richter the second he unsheathed his weapon, a conflict was unavoidable.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Fehafare: @Crimson Vapor:

Naoto watched as some animal-person hybrid was fighting the new guy, the one in armour. In hindsight, the animal warrior arrived to talk to Naoto, but he was distracted with a certain young lady at the time.

That realisation rang alarm bells in Naoto's head as the mob began to press in on him and the girl. He should never be distracted enough by a girl to ignore a hostile. That's how lovestruck idiots get killed.

Naoto looked back at the girl, the crowd were shouting for her.

Looking at it from an outsider's perspective, it was clearly some sort of witchcraft.

If this girl was a witch, and she was the source of this madness, then Naoto should leave her here to rot.

On the other hand, she was hot.

Also, she was shouting at people to get them to leave, so she probably isn't quite in control of her abilities.

Grabbing hold of the girl while she was hugging him Naoto jumped up, bouncing off heads until he got to a fire escape. He continued to climb, ascending and dragging the girl with him until he reached the rooftop, at which point he held her over the ledge, ready to drop.

Granted, his treatment of the girl had escalated quite quickly since he formulated the witchcraft theory, but he needed answers and he needed them now.

Especially since this riot was at least partially his fault, and Slayer was still fighting his angel friend.

"My name is Naoto Kensei." The samurai told the girl. "Now who or what are you, what's happening to those people down there, and how do you turn it off?"

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@SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Crimson Vapor: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Stasis was onliy slighly angry that his punch was dodged which ended up messing up his awesome entrance. He crouched down to avoid the sword then used he speed to get behind Slayer and charged a low level negative energy blast which only had enough destructive power behind it to destroy a skyscraper. He fired the blast at Slayer and then took off running firing several more weak blasts trying to draw Slayer away from any civilians and limit any casualties. He took off into a alley way and then used the closeness of the buildings to bounce from one wall to the next to get to the roof of a building. Once he was at the roof of the building he jumped off of it from the other side grabbed a flag pole swung to another building that was a block away then landed in a empty section of Tokyo that would be a perfect place for a battle field. He drew his sword and did a couple a practice swings and waited for his opponent to come.

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@Shadowchaos: @Fehafare: @Crimson Vapor: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Slayer swung his blade as Stasis dodged it and ran to the side, launching energy blasts. Slayer switched his handling of the blade, a back-handed stance to block the energy blasts. When he came out of the cover, he saw Stasis bouncing up buildings.

Slayer watched him ascend then continue his movement, clearly trying to draw Slayer further away from the populace.

Slayer laughed at the little man, turning around and charging for Richter and Callis instead, swinging his sword as to cut them both down.

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@SamJaz: @Shadowchaos: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @Crimson Vapor:

The man who just tried to punch him ran away, so Richter took that as a refusal to his challenge. He wanted sheathe his sword, but just as the the tip of the blade was about to enter, Richter twisted his arm arm slamming his sword into the ground in front of him.

When the dust settled it revealed Slayer's sword as it was about to pierce Richter's body, only stopped by Kindralth. He wasn't sure what caused this violent attack, but on the other hand he didn't care either. An attack was an attack, and it meant a clash between them was unavoidable now, at least that's how Richter saw it.

He kicks his sword out, it pulls both ground and Slayer's sword with it leaving him open for a counter attack.

Just beneath Richter's feet a wood spear bursts from the ground and shoots directly towards Slayer's chest.

For Richter, there were no warning shots.

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@Fehafare: Slayer rolled away from the oncoming spear. Just like those ents he faced in the north country.

Slayer would treat this one the same way he fought those tree monsters. He slashed his sword downwards, blade cutting through tarmac and concrete, before stamping down on the handle. The massive blade acted as a lever, raising the street Richter was stood on and making the ground crumble into small chunks as it was forced upwards in a violent manner. The effect was like watching soil fall off the roots of an uprooted tree. Nothing could keep their balance after an attack like that, for there was nothing to keep balance on, the very ground itself was breaking apart as it rose and fell in the air. Spinning the greatsword back into his grip, Slayer leapt for the surely airborne Richter, swinging his blade to cut him in half.

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Richter loses contact with the ground as he's forced upwards.

He found himself in mid air surrounded by dirt and pieces of concrete and Slayer was following up as well, probably to make use of the moment where Richter couldn't move around or dodge. But the situation went more into Richter's favor than Slayer himself realized. Three trees appear around them out of nowhere. The branches all rush towards Slayer who was still traveling towards Richter. There were three sets, one from each tree, surrounding him from all sides. Six of the branches were narrow with pointy tips, they'd drive under the warrior's skin and rip it right off his bones. There was also a seventh branch which was considerably thicker and blunter, in all three sets. They'd either knock him right out of the air and break a bone or two, or they could grind Slayer to dust if he ended up being caught in between two of the massive branches.

A fourth tree is also creates but unlike the other three, it's branches don't move towards their target. Instead of that Richter uses a vine that grew out of his palm to pull himself to that tree. Just a second later he pushes off it with all his might breaking the extremely durable tree trunk in half with the force of his kick-off. He already prepare Kindralth and locked onto Slayer.

If the branches don't crush or skewer him, he'd be sliced in two by Richter himself.

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@Fehafare: Slayer was impressed with the man's sudden forest attack. He curled into a ball, holding his sword pointed outward, and somersaulted in the air, becoming a spinning ball of death.

He's trajectory changed almost immediately. Trees and branches snapped against the rotating steel, but Slayer found himself crashing against the ground before too long.

He got to his feet quickly, raising his weapon over his head like a defensive umbrella against Richter's oncoming attack.

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Richter's sword clashes with Slayer's as he flies over him. His boots cut through the ground as he lands.

Richter immediately turns around and charges again. Two vines grow next to Slayer and start warping themselves around his legs.

At this point Richter started enjoying the match. He didn't even know whey he was fighting, but he didn't get to have a honest one on one fight for so long that he didn't even care.

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@Fehafare: Slayer roared as he heard the sound of Richter bouncing off his blade and swung his blade into an attack, only to fall over mid-swing.

He twisted on the ground. Vines around his leg. Quickly, Slayer grabbed a hunk of debris and swung it through the vines, grazing his shins, but letting him get back to his feet quick enough to raise his blade above his head and slam it against the ground like a sledgehammer.

Even if his prey dodged the wild blow, which he probably did, the shrapnel would tear his flesh from his bones.

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A combination of wind and flying debris hits Richter mid-charge. The hazard barely affects him, wind just slowing over his body.

The pieces of rock cut through his skin and pierce it, digging through his flesh and stops at his bones. But Richter doesn't stay in that state for long, even before he take one more step the wounds disappear without leaving scars behind. All that was needed was for the Life Scar to glow for a moment and Richter's body was reverted to the point where the wounds were not present.

At the end of the charge Richter stomps the ground in front of him, producing an earthquake. It shakes the entire city, and achieving the same result like Slayer's lifting of the ground before.

With his enemy in the air Richter swings to the side, aiming to cut Slayer in half on hip height.

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Nirvana showed her appreciation toward the samurai for helping out in a tight pinch. But instead of letting Nirvana go he kidnapped her “Hey!! What are yo-..whoah!!!” The samurai hopped across the heads of the mob enchanted by Nirvana’s radiance. “Where you taking me you perv???? Let go of me!, and get your rough hand off my butt!! Hey!! Answer me when I’m talking to you “Nirvana shouted in her natural sultry voice at the samurai but to no avail. Nirvana believed the samurai was just hearing sexual moans from her thinking she was enjoying this. The two of them reached the rooftop, and the samurai started to hang Nirvana off the ledge. One of her heels came off her foot and fell to the ground. Like a school of piranha people rushed over to her shoe fighting each other just to get a whiff of her intoxicating aroma.

"My name is Naoto Kensei." The samurai told her. Nirvana simply pouted her lip, thinking the samurai was already entranced by her. Naoto had already grabbed her butt, now the hilt of his sword was poking her inner thigh. Nirvana began to ponder her dire situation, “What should I do? This guy has flown the deep end into some twisted ryona fetish. The mob is acting more and more aggressive, all I was doing was minding my own business. I..I wish I was back home.” A tear came across her cheek and fell off her face. The crazed mob that was wild and out of control, started to calm into an eerie silence. Nirvana’s tears greatly increased her own radiance and beauty, thus increased her incidental hold on the crowd. A passionate red flame engulfed every person in the crowd. They started to levitate towards the rooftop; it didn’t take long for hundreds of people to surround the entire roof.

The crowd was angry at Naoto,far more so than what they were previously. Nirvana’s radiance combined with their burning passion and will-power to save her has now tripled their attributes. Nirvana rubbed the tears from her eyes and looked around. There was nothing she could do now. If she spoke they might increase even further in strength. She had to get away that was the only choice left to save these people and Naoto’s life. The angry mob started to rush toward Naoto at great speeds, much faster and stronger than what a normal human could manage.

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