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It seemed as though it was an ordinary day in Kiseki Island but, it was far from it. Along with other important officials, Newdeath held a secret meeting in his office in order to discuss certain plans to take control of the world. "You all know why you're here. So let's get down to business", Newdeath said, taking a second to look at each official with a calm but serious facial expression. "Proceed sir", one of the officials said, intent on hearing of Newdeath's plans. In truth, The King only intended to speak of a portion of his plan, he didn't trust anyone enough to share his more vital pieces of information. "We all know that in a month the stars will align to form the shape of a Kurimuzon. And during that time, the Kisekians experience incredible power due to the event. The alignment grants us unspeakable power. It is then that we will strike against the world. But we must take things slowly and effectively. During the event, we will take over the entire continent of Asia with our might with the help of the alignment's power", The Genius revealed, letting his words settle in the ears of the officials. They found his plan quite interesting, "Very impressive sir. So this will be a surprise invasion", an official said, causing a smug little grin to form on Newdeath's face, "Yes", but there was more to it. But that information is classified even to the officials. The topic of discussion quickly switched from the invasion plan to news of Daiseki Island and it's new leader. "Sir we have reports that suggest that Daiseki Island is now being ruled by a man calling himself ZombieLuck. Like you he has optical powers but not as intense. He also seems to be using methods similar to your's. This eye trend is quite odd", the official said, only for Newdeath to chuckle calmly in amusement, "I don't follow trends, I set trends for the trend setters", Newdeath said before leaving his office, the meeting was over and it has been fruitful and slightly interesting due to this ZombieLuck. 
Outside of his colossal castle, the Cunning Chameleon was being drowned by the strong rays of the shining Sun. It was a particularly bad day for him to choose not to wear his conical straw hat. Looking up at the sky, at precisely the location where the alignment will take place, Newdeath smirked, "Only a few weeks left until the sky goes red with blood. I'll have to tell these clowns to make room for The King". Soon the manipulative mastermind took a stroll around his large island, it was quite astonishing that he was the ruler of the world's most powerful and advanced nation but it wasn't enough, he wanted much more. Ambition knows no limit and neither does The Genius. To make it certain that his plans during the alignment run smoothly, he would need to begin his preparations immediately. This would include training his new recruit, Victor. Victor was "saved" from the US Government by none other than nefarious Newdeath who made it clear that he would take the youngster under his wing in a way. Training Victor could bring countless benefits, but the young boy obviously did not enjoy this situation and in order to ensure that Victor's loyalty belongs to Newdeath himself, The Boss had a special collar placed on the boy, almost like an animal who requires some training in obedience. But of course, Newdeath had even more sinister plans to keep Victor in line, plans that Victor himself is not aware of at all. Taking a stroll in the forests of Kiseki Island, Newdeath was moving farther from civilization, getting in tune with nature. He was not alone however, he had at least three Hybrid following him in the shadows, unseen and undetected. "Hmm", he thought, looking around the trees, "How dense", he noted. 
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'Get your breathing under control. Deep breaths. Quiet breaths,' Victor chanted in his mind. He was nervous, really nervous. He was so nervous that he feared his ragged breaths were so loud that they would give away his position. Needless to say, his attempt at calming himself down and getting his breathing under control wasn't working all too well.
Slightly peering around the tree that he was hiding behind, Victor checked to make sure that his warden was coming. The warden, better known as NewDeath, was walking down the forest path, leaving from his secret meeting. He appeared to be alone, unaware that VitalShot was nearby. It looked like an ideal time for action. VitalShot tore his eyes from his warden and took in one deep inhale through his nostrils, expanding out his chest for a brief moment before he huffed out the air. It was showtime. 
Pressing the fingernail of his index finger against the back of his thumb, VitalShot pressed in harm enough to break some skin. He winced in pain but quickly shook it off. His blood now had a pathway out and that was enough to attack. He concentrated on the blood, imaging a bullet. Blood streamed out of his tiny wound and began to swirl above his palm. It looked like there was a bunch of blood being used but that was just an illusion. It was a small amount, much less than how much you would lose from a routine blood donation.
Once VitalShot confirmed to himself that the bullet was big enough, the blood stopped trickling out of his cut as the bullet took shape. VitalShot took in one last inhale before he sidestepped out his hiding space. It put him in full view of NewDeath but it also gave him a clean route towards his warden, an easy shot. "TAKE THIS YOU COLD BLOODED B@$TERD!" He screeched as he quickly extended out his arm -almost as if he was attempting to push the bullet towards his target- as his blood construct flew dead center at NewDeath. It looked like an easy target. It looked like it.   
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"Hmm interesting", a particularly calm and composed Newdeath murmured as a small but deadly blood construct sped straight at him. The projectile was shot by none other than the evil mastermind's apprentice, Victor, better known as VitalShot. So it was an ambush. Quite clever. "This kid will be make for a good test subject one day", Newdeath thought as he barely dodged the bullet by calmly turning away from it, sustaining only a small cut as the bullet barely hit his skin. "I'm impressed Victor. That was good", The Genius claimed, commenting on his apprentice's quick and well-timed attack. "That almost hit", Newdeath smirked, his face concealed by his high collar. Although Newdeath had sensed Victor's attack prior to moving, he opted not to completely dodge it, seeing as the attack wasn't extremely dangerous. In the meantime, he had his Hybrid remain hidden in the shadows with the aid of their powerful Kurimuzon. The infamous tyrant wasn't about to bring out the full force of his might on his apprentice, it would make for a fruitless fighting session.

Sarcastically clapping at Victor's efforts, nefarious Newdeath spoke to the young teenager. "You've improved Victor. Your accuracy wasn't this good before. But it seems that I must school you again", The King said, his facial expression unmoved, remaining eternally composed and collected. Calmly reaching for some kunai knives and shuriken blades, Newdeath was quick to throw them at Victor. Was he really underestimating Victor like this? No not at all. In an instant, The Boss inhaled some air and quickly breathed out a massive ball of scorching hot fire, covering the flying blades in extremely hot red flames as the now flaming blades flew straight at Victor. "Let's make things a little more difficult for this kid", the manipulative mastermind thought, throwing another a kunai that appeared to be nothing but a normal blade, except that an explosive tag was tied to it. If it hits or is hit then it will explode. This would prove a good a test for Victor's new capabilities and help the youngster learn to think quickly in the heart of battle. Something that Victor must know is that Newdeath will eventually use his unforgiving mental powers at some point during the battle, as a way for Victor to develop mental toughness.


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Scorching hot, flaming, throwing knives and stars were heading towards VitalShot like a wave. Panic rocketed up and down his spine as the projectiles drew closer. For a moment -a brief on- VitalShot was stood there, frozen. Whether it was from the sudden loss of blood, the fear instilled just in him, or a combination of both, VitalShot did not move when it would have been best; when Newdeath grinned at him and mocked his attempts. But now, now that in his mind that it clicked that if he wanted to survive this, he would need to avoid getting hit by all those burning weapons, VitalShot drew in the willpower to gain control of his body again.

With no time to spare, VitalShot quickly ducked back behind the tree he hid at earlier. Just mere seconds after he got himself behind the trunk, the blades and stars flew right where he was standing. "That was close," he breathed out a sigh of relief. That was when he heard a hollow thud and saw a throwing knife sticking out of the ground, right next to the tree he was leaning on. It looked like a normal knife except for the burning parchment of paper at its handle. VitalShot wasn't sure what it was but his instincts flared up and every fiber in his body screeched at him to get away.

But it was too late. The parchment blew up. The shock wave pushed VitalShot aside, to the ground, as the explosion itself shattered the tree. Large splitters flew in every direction. Some tore up VitalShot's prison outfit as well as cut up his cheeks and neck. There was a pretty long scratch running across his right cheek.

VitalShot landed flat on his stomach, pushing a lot air out of his lungs. Warily, he got on his knees and elbows, taking in deep, gasping breaths. He looked over towards Newdeath, seeing the warden just standing there, just watching him. Anger bubbled up inside VitalShot. He hated Newdeath, everything about the man ticked him off. Especially the cold, almost lifeless, look he gave with his crimson-red eyes. Small streams of blood from Vitalshot's open wounds extended out in unnatural ways. The streams began to collect in his palm, swirling around to form another bullet, a large one with more power. Without even standing up, VitalShot hastily fired another shot at Newdeath. It was faster than the last one, faster than any other bullet VitalShot fired. And it was heading right between those two eyes VitalShot hated so much.

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While VitalShot managed to avoid the flaming projectiles, he failed to evade the last kunai with an explosive tag attached to it. The resulting explosion was enough to knock the young teenager off his feet and into the ground. Some nearby trees were blown to ashes as Newdeath watched silently, his cold soulless crimson eyes never moving away from VitalShot. Taking three steps towards VitalShot, the evil mastermind commented on his apprentice's skills. "I thought you could do better. But if you can't, maybe you are just a child", The Genius mocked, his facial expression unmoved and always calm and emotionless. But the battle was not over. With what little strength he had left, VitalShot prepared himself for another attack, anger was evident in his eyes. Fury was building up inside of him, nefarious Newdeath could almost see the anger boiling in the young boy's spirit. "Anger? Is that how he plans to fight?", the Cunning Chameleon wondered, remaining still and silent as small streams of blood emerged from VitalShot's wounds. Soon the streams accumulated in the youth's palm as VitalShot shaped them into yet another bullet, but this one was different. It was larger and appeared to have more power than the bullet prior to this one. Not even wasting time to get to his feet, VitalShot shot the bullet at a silent Newdeath, the blood bullet was aiming to pierce Newdeath between his very eyes.

At the very last second, The Boss slightly shifted to his right as the bullet pierced his head but missed his brain. "Impressive", Newdeath thought. And though he possessed the speed to have easily dodged the bullet, he did not. Using his fingers to pull out the bullet from his head, slightly wincing in pain, Newdeath examined it in his palm. "If he decides to defy my will one day, then perhaps a Shokan Tattoo will be required to keep him in line with absolute control", the infamous villain thought, dropping the bullet on the ground as his wound began to heal slowly. In truth, The King couldn't take too many bullets like that. He wasn't exceptionally durable. Slowly walking towards VitalShot, Newdeath's Kurimuzon Eyes began glowing in a menacing manner. "Victor.. prepare to fall victim to mind power that confused Confucius and devoured Isaac Newton", Newdeath threatened as the red glow in his eyes grew more and more intense with every passing second. However, this was simply to frighten VitalShot, Newdeath was not truly going to use his mental powers against him. Instead, he secretly summoned two snakes behind VitalShot and ordered them to squeeze the life out of him.


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'No way...." VitalShot's voice trailed off in disbelef. The shot hit but it didn't kill Newdeath. The warden was still conscious, glaring at VitalShot with those cold eyes that suddenly because to glow an even deeper red color. It was like it did nothing. Even his attack -his only attack- when it hit was still no match for Newdeath. VitalShot could feel his past of living in freedom growing more and more distant. There was no way he could escape, he would have to either die or live in servitude to someone as inhumane as Newdeath.

Before VitalShot could even get up from his current position, something cold, slimy and scaly began wrapping around his torso, arms, and even legs, forcing VitalShot face down into the ground once again. He looked down in surprise to see two unbelievably large snakes coiling themselves around him, slowly tightening their grip around the young boy. He could already feel a lot of air escaping his lungs. His diaphragm was being crushed. With nothing to lose, VitalShot use as much strength as he could to wrestle his right hand free from the coiling snakes. Blood began to collect in his palm again, forming another VitalShot. With the attack ready and VitalShot feeling lightheaded, he fired the shot straight towards his chest, blowing apart the snakes as if they were hit with a point-blank shotgun blast.

Gasping for breath, VitalShot got up on his knees. His skin was pale from all the blood lost already. And he just glared at Newdeath, similar to how a beaten dog would stare angrily at anything trying to enter its territory. Then VitalShot bowed his head to the ground and weakly announced, "You win..." He held back the tears collecting in his eyes as he explained, "I can't beat you, I just can't. So..... I'll do what you say..... master." VitalShot felt so vulnerable, so defeated. The fear of death hammer out his will to earn his freedom and he gave up. A cowardly act. Had he died then it would have been on his term, a last act of freedom. But VitalShot wasn't strong enough to go through with it. He was scared and weak. And as all those who were scared and weak, he took the only alternative so he could cling onto his life.

He gave up.

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The fact that the blood bullet didn't even knock Newdeath unconscious was immensely shocking to a speechless VitalShot. "Don't be so surprised. It'll take far more than that to kill me Victor, you should know that by now", a composed and collected Newdeath said, taking a few steps towards VitalShot. Apparently, Newdeath's plan was a success, having his soulless Kurimuzon glow intensely as well as making some threatening statements managed to temporarily instill fear into the heart of the young teenager. However, mere seconds before the rebellious youth could get to his feet, he was quickly halted by the snakes that Newdeath had summoned behind him. The cold scaly serpents coiled around VitalShot, tightening their grip every moment the youth breathed. But either through a sheer display of willpower or some sort of latent strength, VitalShot managed to free at least one of his hands from the snakes' grip. Concentrating blood in his palm once again, VitalShot shot a large bullet at his chest, killing the snakes with the powerful blast. "Hmm.. quick thinking", The King thought, intently observing VitalShot's progress in the brief battle. But soon the youth found himself searching for air.

"Pathetic", Newdeath said coldly as he kept his sinister crimson eyes fixed on VitalShot. Not allowing his focus to shift, the malevolent mastermind used cold taunts to belittle VitalShot's efforts. But in truth he was surprised at the resourcefulness and planning that VitalShot displayed, but he would not congratulate the youth. In fact, he would criticize him for a weak attempt in order to force VitalShot into working hard for improvement. "Pitiful attempts Victor", Newdeath said as the dead snakes around VitalShot suddenly burst into flames and were soon reduced to ashes. Nefarious Newdeath hoped that his psychological methods would work on Victor, belittling his apprentice so that the youth begins to work much harder and become a perfectionist. The look in VitalShot's eyes gave away his emotions, he was angered but at the same time he showed sorrow. The youth bowed his head and lamely conceded, "You win...", VitalShot admitted, the sadness in his voice was quite evident. That was one of the things that Newdeath aims to eliminate in VitalShot: Empathy and Emotion. "I can't beat you, I just can't. So...... I'll do what you say..... master", VitalShot said with some hesitation. "It's not like you have a choice", Newdeath mocked.

Clearly VitalShot was doing all of this simply to keep the only thing that he had left: his life. He had nothing else to hold on to, his freedom was gone, he had no family and his hope was possibly never even there to begin with. In truth, Newdeath didn't actually see the youth as weak, after all the boy was only fourteen years old. He has much training and improvement to go through. But in order to build up that drive for improvement, The Boss said one final comment before ordering VitalShot to follow him. "If this is all you can do, then perhaps experiments are in order to give you some useful powers", Newdeath suggested, "Come Victor", he ordered as he turned around and walked back to his palace. "That good that rests in his soul.. I must destroy it and replace it with evil and ambition", the notorious villain thought. "If you plan on killing me Victor, then train.. hard. Train as hard as you can to become stronger because that is all you can do now with your life".


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