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Character Analysis



Name: Speed 
Aliases: Space runner,fast man,Zoom 
Age: 29  
Weight: 145 lbs 
Height: 7'2 
Race: Humanoid alien 
Birthplace: Far off part of the northern galaxy in the dark and forgotten parts of space. 



Speed is a tall and slender man who is almost always seen with his hot pink sun-gasses, he has very distinct hair style, his hair is a red-orange color with light-blue streak on the right and left sides and a long, thick strand of hair that sticks out in the front. He wears a  very neat and ironed long sleeve long coat that has a white,black, and blue pattern and matching pants. He has long black boots that he often changes into his "Speed warrior" legs. Also Speed has his signature Space Police badge on his left arm.


Planet Hashire
Planet Hashire

21 years ago Speed had no name, he was born on the planet Hashire, a planet deep in the south galaxy, a planet heavily looked down upon his parents left him when he was only a infant so for his whole life Speed was always looking out for only himself and on the run. Since Hashire was a very poor planet and had no money there was often many accounts of theft a day. Speed was a contributer to this crime rate. I was nothing special, jsut things like bread, candy, porn videos, things like that until after he started to get a reputation as the best theif in the world, unfortunatly one day he was caught by a member of the Space police 
"Young man what do you have to say for yourself?" 
"Nothing, besides what does it matter, it was just some bread, nobody buys here anyways!" 
"True but by doing this you are adding to our crime rate!" 
"Why do you guys even bother, there is no hope for a planet like this." 
"I don't think so kid, I've seen worse, way worse, planets that killed each other and others daily, and even it has hope, everyone has hope, I truly believe in there is good in everyone, I think even this planet has justice." 
"That's a load of bull." 
"Maybe so, still I wont give up, jsut do the right thing, follow the law, don't be scum okay? Here, take the bread, I'm going to drop the money off back at the store." 
Speed took the bread as he thought to himself "Why would he do that?! I already have the food, why would he waste his time?" As Speed began to eat the bread he noticed it tasted....Bad.. Not because it was stale or anything but because of his mind telling him it wasn't right, he decided, just this once he would return the food, as he did he noticed two boys around his age stealing from thee store, for some reason, it was just automatic, Speed opened his mouth and yelled "Hey stop!" The boys looked at him and ran, not a moment after Speed was able to catch up to them, he tackled them both from behind, the officer from before came close behind and took the two kids into custody, after he looked at Speed "Hey whats your name kid?" Speed looked doen "Don't have have one..." The officer smiled "Well you are pretty damn fast so how about Speed eh?" Speed raised an eyebrow, it was a cool name "Sure, why not? One Question, how did you see all that, I thought you went to the store?" 
"I was but then I wanted to see what you were going to do first, needless to say I'm proud. You did the right thing. But hey since you haven't a home, nor family why not comew ith me? You are the hope of this place, wanna come back to the station and get you some new clothes? Hell you may even be able to become one of us?" Ever since then a strong bond had been formed between the two "Names officer Brugo by the way." 21 yeaars later, Speed is now an official Space Policemen, their job is to patrol planets in their respective parts of the galaxy, Speed is in charge of the earth's galaxy, in fact Speed is a head officer of the galaxy in his division. "Hey speed wanna play some B-ball? Test out your new legendary weapon?" 
Speed has a legendary weapon called Zettai Hayasa, a suit of armor that is inside Speed in spirit form. For a few days now, Speed and a few others from the Station would gather and play basket ball in space using mini astroids as basketballs and blackholes as basketball hoops:





Speed is a very calm a relaxed man, almost never angry anymore ever since he became an officer, and is always opstimistic about anything. However Speed is very cocky and flashy when he talks or moves, and loves to flirt with women using very "Fail" pick-up lines even so Speed has a sensesitive side he loves to drink tea while he reads really sad books even though he has never finished a single one as they are too sad for someone like him who prefers to think of only the good things, he is currently reading the sad book The Time Travler's Wife. Speed also has a strong passion for the truth and justice. 

Powers and abilities

Due to the Zettai Hayasa Speed can use absolute speed in many ways, one of which is simply going 7 times the speed of light at max power (Because 7 is his favorite number.) another is by stealing speed from others, for example lets say someone is 8 times the speed of light while Speed is only 7 times the speed of light, Speed can steal that person's speed either by touching them,using an invisible sphere which is caught in automaticaly does it or many other creative ways, and adds it to his own making him 15 times the speed of light while that person is still slow as he has no more speed however this only last for one minuet. Speed can also make any kind of matter or air travel at any speed by either giving or stealing it(s) speed, for example he can touch a rock and make it as fast as he wants when he throws it, he usualy does this on cars and other moving objects, this includes living things. Speed can also vibrate his molecules making him invisible and or intangible, he can also speed up a person's molecules to make them  exsplode weather they are intangible or not. Speed can also run on the air or water or in the vacume of space. 
Shrinking the world
Shrinking the world
A special ability, Speed can shrink the whole planet or realm he is in (On) to the tiniest size so that he can be everywhere at once this affect only applies to him as everyone else will thikn nothing happened. 

Speed warrior form
Speed warrior form

The final move and most dangerous, Speed summons his inner armor to become one with, this amplifies all his attribute ten fold, in this form not only is he able to speed up people's molecules but he can also speed up their aging to an infinite degree or decrease it the the same exstent, his shrink world technique also becomes a universal affect even on divine territory as the armor itself is divine. Besidesthan actually time traveling, Speed is controlling the speed at which time flows around him, allowing him to go faster or slower in time than everyone around him. Since Speed does not have to move at super speeds (rather, he is greatly slowing down time relative to himsel, As he is moving at a normal velocity, and the rest of the world is "slow", those hindrances simply do not affect him. He can allow himself to tap into time through himself, and shut down this connection at will. Speed in this form can also tap directly into the timestream.    In this form Speed can also alter the time constuct of any being he touches, reducing them to nothing, he can also hide in the timestream if needed. His speed steal also last for 1 hour instead of one minuet.
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Interesting, I can see that your character is incredibly powerful. Be sure to update his abilities while you stay on Anime Vice

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Nice bio, I should finish mine,to be honest at first I thought your character was going to be weak because he only uses speed but he seems to be very powerful.
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@Speed: Neat Bio the shrink world technique is pretty cool:)
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Hmm very dangerous character you got there. Cool bio.
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I no need for a bio because my character is s ufficient. Yes, He is.  As you can all tell already my character is Broly. But, strong character you have there. Able to control time and planets is a strong ability, in use you can escape anything. Maybe me..    
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@Speed: Very nice Bio, the powers reminds me of myself;P
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Very nice, although isn't it sorta impossible to hit you now?
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@Speed: Good bio. I see, we have a new speedster. The old one altered course to world destruction and whatever so you are welcome with open arms.:)
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@Kurohige said:
" Very nice, although isn't it sorta impossible to hit you now? "
pfft, Wall enemy of all speedsters
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@cfatalis: Say that to the Flash.:p
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@willyvereb: wall here is very relative, basically we put something between them and us
something that is say...... a gravity well
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@cfatalis: Gravity spreads at the speed of light. Flash can literally avoid it. You need something better.
Like something magical or anything outside the boundaries of physics. That's the only counter(or having quite the same abilities as him).
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@willyvereb: or being Fatalis whose method of "walking" is to shorten the space between him and the target
so his speed is still "zero"
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@cfatalis: I thought you move by rewriting your parameters in reality. How disappointing...:)
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@willyvereb: oh no, that is overated
Fatalis rarely overwrites his own parameter
he rewrote everything around him
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@willyvereb said:
" @cfatalis: Gravity spreads at the speed of light. Flash can literally avoid it. You need something better. Like something magical or anything outside the boundaries of physics. That's the only counter(or having quite the same abilities as him). "
Black holes can suck in light
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
But Speed moves faster than the light. He can literally outrun the blackhole.
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@willyvereb: Actually no
 Black hole shifts time and space becuase of wich it can suck in anything no matter how big it is and because of it's strong gravity field it literly stops time
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@Speed: Throwing objects at lightspeed is impossible
First of all it'll just go kabooma and second of all you will end up teleporting it through time
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