Sparrow VS Kyrogi - Downtown

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"Get down, now!" A rocket propelled grenade whizzed past a man's head, and right into the driver's seat of a moving car. KABOOM! It lifted the car from the ground, spun it many times, as it landed upside down. Glass, plastic, and metal shrapnel expelled from the car, and cut into the man's back, who had just evaded the grenade. He screamed, "Ahhhh!!!" and fell to the ground, unable to get up. The person with the grenade launcher walked up to the man on the ground, and grasped him by the collar. He spat at him, as he demanded, "Give me the disk now Jack!" The man with the grenade launcher stuck a Desert Eagle .50 AE to the wounded man's head, and said, "" A lone sniper bullet spiraled through the air, and pierced the man with the Desert Eagle through the neck. Blood sprayed from his neck, as he fell down to the ground, dead. Jack, the wounded man with a special disk, turned over, to see the gleam of the sniper rifle in a far off building. "No, I've got to get out of here, to get this into safe hands..."

A dumptruck rounded a corner and came into view. It screeched to a halt fifty feet in front of Jack, and ten men with AK-47 assault rifles jumped out. The leader of them, who had a large scar across his face, grinned. "Hello Jack. You do know that everyone is after you and will not stop until you are relieved of your little disk, right." Jack lay on the ground, and looked up to the man. "Why...why is everyone after it?" Jack of course knew why everyone was after it, because it was a special hacker program that could bypass any security system ever designed, a truly deadly device. The scar faced man scuffed back, "You are pathetic Jack. You really think we are going to fall for something like that?" Jack stared at him. The musclular man reached down, and grabbed toward the a pocket, and ripped it, revealing the disk. "Bingo." The scar faced man pointed his AK-47 towards Jack. "Ready boys, light him up!" All the trigger were pulled, pins drawn back, pins hit on the ends of the medium .308 rounds, and smoke out of the barrel puffed out as high velocity lead flew toward Jack.

A blond ninja appeared out of nowhere, and jumped in front of Jack, just as the bullets were about to shred him. The shinobi looked towards the spray of bullets, then quickly moved his fingers out towards each one. Each bullet stopped in mid-air, as if it had had its momentum canceled. It had. As quick as all the bullets had been stopped, the ninja moved towards the men and disarmed each one, then knocked each out without effort. Only the scarred man remained, and said in fear, "Who...who are you?" The ninja smiled. "Reinforcements." He tripped the man, then threw him in the air. The ninja jumped up, and performed a powerful dropkick to the man's stomach. He came towards the ground fast, and was nearly knocked unconscious. The blond ninja took the disk, from the scarred man's pocket, and said, "I believe this belongs to Jack." Enter Kyrogi Kawanoka. He was dressed in a long robe, crimson red in color, with spots of blue that shown through, and black, ripple like designs on it. A body of water, tainted with blood.

Kyrogi turned, and looked toward Jack. He was gone. What had happened was Jack had been frightened, and had ran off. A figure (Sparrow) walked out from behind a building, and saw that Kyrogi was holding the disk in his hands. He thought that Kyrogi was trying to steal the disk, and would stop him at any cost. Jack, who had started this whole mess, was hidden away in a tall building, as he gazed down towards the fight that was sure to take place in the streets below. Let the games begin.
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The smoke began to rise between the two of them, Sparrow spat a fire tipped cigarette butt at the pavement , It let of  spark as the declivous eyes of the young well dressed man looked towards the scene in front of him, The sun reflected of the disc and Sparrow eyes lit up with excitements. Reaching round to the back pocket of his pin stripped suit trousers he pulled out a raven pair of fingerless gloves and slid them over each finger slowly. His wicked smile seemed to light up his pale completion. The air was tense as the Ninja looked on towards the strange fourteen year old boy. Rolling his neck round the space between them filled with the sound of boned cracking into place. He had seen what the Ninja was capable of when the others attacked him, The Ninja had speed and agility, perhaps he would be the match Sparrow had waited for.

Shifting the weight onto his back leg, Sparrow pushed of the ground , Kicking up a fury of dust. The air was sucked dry as five of his microfiber wires cut towards the blonde ninja. The wires where carefully wrapped round each finger and where razor sharp, Sparrow had trained with them his whole life and was a excellent killer with them.  Pulling back on his small finger he slowed down one of the five wires allowing the rest to move a great speed, he could control their movements with a simple twist of the muscles in each finger, Slow them down ,make them faster and even the direction they moved in. Each Wire was pulled from a pouch on his waist, hidden beneath his black pin striped waist coat.

He now blocked the sun above the blonde ninja, as his deadly wires seemed to vanish without the light to show shine upon their reflective surface, Sparrow smiled as they moved in closer to their target.

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Only seconds earlier, there were gunshots, screaming, and various other sounds. Now, it was as though it had been muted, with only silence that consumed the street between the two. The boy began to move his arm to his pocket, and pull out fingerless gloves. Kyrogi thought to himself, Interesting, this kid looks as though he wants to fight me. The ninja began to speak, "You see this disk here? I am not the one who is after..." The boy bolted off the ground, and kicked up dust. Is this for real? I kid walks out from around a corner, glances up towards me, then decides he wants to kill me? Hmmm...I will see his skills. Kyrogi slipped his hand inside his large robe, and hid the disk on his person. Kyrogi watched as the boy ran toward him, decreasing the distance between them by the second.

The boy jumped into the air, and thrust his arm out towards Kyrogi. At two feet upon impact, the ninja saw the tiny wires that extended off his fingers. So that's his game, needles. With his highly trained evasive and speed training, Kyrogi shifted his weight to his left foot, bent his knees, then let out his right foot, and fell over towards the ground. He extended his arms and slammed them against the ground upon impact, which greatly cushioned the fall, then rolled over backwards, back to his feet. He watched as the boy missed the intended attack, and landed to the ground.

"Very good, fast, skillful, proper technique, but not enough to touch old Kyrogi..." The blond haired ninja paused, as he glanced at his robe. It had five slashes through it. His eyes widened, as he saw that he had been snagged. No way. This kid just touched me, unreal. Kyrogi saw that with that kind of speed and skill, his loose fitting robe would be ribbions in no time. He stood up from his crouched position, and said to the boy, "You see this, you cut my robe. Impressive." He removed his robe, which revealed a white shirt and blue pants. "Now, prepare to meet an invincible shinobi!"

He pulled from his brown pouch on his side, three kunai. He spun them around his fingers, each rotating at the perfect speed as though not to collide with each other, when he stopped them, and brought up his hand. "Try these on for size." Kyrogi threw all three kunai at the same time. With his near perfect aim, he had went for three non-lethal targets, because he didn't want the fun to be over too quickly. The first shot towards the boy's left shin, the second his right shin, and the third towards one of the gloved hands.

After the attack was thrown towards the boy, Kyrogi glanced around at the street. Shattered windows, glass strewn everywhere, a vehicle that was still burning from the rocket propelled grenade, and ammunition cases. One object that hadn't a scatch on it was the fire hydrant. The blond ninja looked towards it, and smiled. That will be useful later. He turned back towards the boy, and awaited another attack.
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Sparrows eyes slit in anger as he saw the minimal damage he had done to the ninja, As he landed he watched as the blonde ninja spoke while pulling something from his side pouch,  three objects sprung from his hands.  Pulling back the wire’s in his hand the wire’s tore back towards his hand as the three silver objects flew towards him. Sparrow span sideways letting the two kunai aimed at his shins fly past, but he stood with a smile as the other one dug into his arm. The blood rolled down the inside of his shirt, the crimson liquid soaked into the pearly white of his shirt, a sick twisted smile came across his face, the pain ran up his arm and contorted  in his mind.  Flicking his wrist the wires moved over and swung round the end of the Kunai dropping the blade to the floor.

Twisting back round his one arm was now drenched in red blood, but it did not seem to bother the young assassin, His eyes locked onto the face of the man across from him “Yes you are an equal combatant, but let us end this game, give me the disc and I won’t kill you.” Twisting his body to the left and twisted his fingers round the wires . now both hands controlled the wires. even with one arm almost useless he can still control the wires with the flick of a finger. He wondered if the Ninja would be aware of this little fact.

Both hands  flicked each finger one at a time,  sending the wires cutting in the air, Streetlights fell to the ground as the sharp blades cut the metal as if it was nothing, Cars sparked as they fell in half . each of the wires where now moving in different directions at an incredible speed, moving in to flank the strange blonde ninja.

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Kyrogi watched as one of the three kunai hit it's mark, and dug into the boy's arm. He clearly dodged the two toward his shins, but that last one, he seemed to purposely get hit. What is this? He glanced toward the boy's arm, as it became drenched in warm, crimson blood. The boy moved his wrist, which caused the wires to remove the kunai, which fell to the ground. Kyrogi's eyes widened as he locked eyes with the needler. Those eyes, and, that smile. Those are not normal. He looked at the boy, who appeared to be weaker by the attack, and listened as the boy said, “Yes you are an equal combatant, but let us end this game, give me the disc and I won’t kill you.” Kyrogi nodded his head, now knowing that the boy was really after the disk. "Very well." Kyrogi reached into his shirt, and pulled a disk. He waved it around, and glanced at it. "Really is something, a compact disk. I believe that they can be bought at a general store for around a dollar." His hands closed, and the disk shattered. This wasn't the real disk.

The boy flicked each finger, in quick sucession, without Kyrogi noticing at first. Multiple streetlights went down, then a car was sheared in half, with sparks spraying everywhere. This kid is more powerful than I thought. It is time. He closed his eyes, then re-opened them. Bright orange iris's filled each eye, with a large, black pupil, with eight white tiny pupils within, each had a triangle embedded within each. Ugokigan! One of the triangles moved from the pupil into the iris, revealing the white pupil. Class 1, Lightning Iris. Kyrogi could now sense movement around him in close proximity, and with deadly precision. Slim, deadly object detected. He ducked down as a needle streaked by him, an inch away. Another came, at almost the same time, and was only evaded by a few millimeters. Without his Ugokigan, Kyrogi would have been nailed by the needles for sure. Two more came, and Kyrogi saw them but couldn't dodge them. One came and drove through the shinobi's shoulder, and exited the other side. Kyrogi cried in pain, as he saw another that was sure to hit him. The second, third, and forth triangles moved out of his pupil, into this iris, which revealed Motion Trails, Movement Memory, and Speed Dial. Kyrogi used Speed Dial, which analysized the speed of the needles, adjusted his body to slighty greaty speed, and Kyrogi dodged the last of the needles.

The shinobi was breathing heavier now, with some sweat dripping from his face. His shoulder had blood that trickled from it, and gave him great pain. That took a lot to survive that. Kyrogi now was ready for business. The blond ninja drew his hands together, perfomed the hand seals, and yelled, "Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin!" Four large pillars of earth shot up from the ground, all around the foe, and with one movement of his wrist, all came together with enough force to crush a car to a pancake. Kyrogi watched as the dust cleared, if anything was left of the boy.
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Sparrow watched the display in front of him, the swapping of the disc, did this ninja think he was an amateur. His eyes danced as he followed the ninja’s movements and smiled as he got a few blows in. It seems the two of them had been holding back, looking for a weakness in each others movements. This blonde man before him was impressive even by his standards, licking his lips he stopped the blood from his arm was now running over his fist. Lifting his fingers he licked them one by one and enjoyed the metallic taste of his own blood. The ground below him began to rumble as dust from the street began to rise around him. It split into four large pillars and over the noise he heard the Ninja Scream "Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin!” The pillars began to close on him at amazing speed pushing of the ground he lunched himself at the rock pillar just in front of him and ran as the rest closed in. Throwing his good hand up he released a barrage of wires that hooked on the top of the pillar pushing of the wall, he used his speed and weight to  swing him round to the  outside of the pillar and then he let go, his momentum throwing him on top of the coffin as it closed. His chest was beating faster as his heart burst to life with the adrenaline, the blood from his injured arm was once again pouring faster. Pulling out a small needle he placed it in several spots around his wound and the blood flow stopped. Titling his head as the dust settled he looked down towards the ninja the sun light now behind him as he stood on the higher ground.

“Well that was rather impressive” he smiled again at the ninja “Im curious how you can lift that arm after one of the needless passing through it.” Sling twilight entered his eye “An S class…. Has been a while since I fought with one of you, now as I said hand over the disc before I have to do something rash….” He twisted his good arm above his head, the fine lines of the razor sharp wires flickered above his head as he brought the palm of his hand thundering down to the bedrock coffin he stood on. The wires danced between the rock cutting it into tiny parts, the rubble flew out in all directions, As Sparrow jumped between the broken pieces to land perfectly up strait in front of the Ninja. A quick wink and Sparrow back flipped from the Ninja’s face, His good hand supporting him as he landed. “Ah who cares about the disc....." He said with a mocking tone "Now that we have danced a little, Don’t hold back im no toy to be played with, I have no fancy names for my attacks. I am a killer born and breed, I care not from where you come or even your name, I just wish for your death in a wonderful display of combat, I am death incarnate and today you will face me and will die with the pride of knowing it was I SPARROW who sent you to your grave.” He gave a small bow and waited, “Please show me your true power”

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Blood pumped through his body, his heart beat like a deep drum, and the wound through his shoulder flared more than before. Kyrogi dropped down, as he clasped his hands over his shoulder. It was a terrible wound, and would hinder him in his fight. He pulled grabbed his shirt, and ripped a section off, then hastily wrapped it around the wound, to stop the bleeding. I've lost enough blood already, but I won't back down, not now, not ever. Kyrogi clenched his teeth, and wiped the sweat from his brow, as he stood up with strong legs.

He watched as the last of the dust cleared, to reveal chunks of the rock destroyed, and the boy untouched. The devilish smile upon his foe's face started to get to him. My, he sure is quick. The blonde ninja clenched his fist, so hard that his fingernails cut slightly into his hand. The boy, who had survived the earth release attack, spoke. “Well that was rather impressive.” Kyrogi's facial expression didn't change the slightest. “Im curious how you can lift that arm after one of the needles passing through it.” The rogue smiled, and cracked his neck. "You see, when one has been destroyed as I have been, I made a vow to myself that I would never let it happen again. I worked harder, trained twenty hours a day sometimes, and got stronger, faster, and tougher. You see, when I recieve this wound, it is but a mere challenge added for my pleasure. That, is why I can lift my arm. Don't think the pain isn't there, because it is." He finished by removing a bottle from his pouch, and bringing it to his lips. Kyrogi gulped down the crystal clear, water, and wiped his lips afterward. "Refreshing."

Just as Kyrogi had pocketed the bottle, the boy spoke again. “An S class…. Has been a while since I fought with one of you, now as I said hand over the disc before I have to do something rash….” The shinobi laughed a little. "So, it's that obvious is it? I thank you for your recognition of my skill." The ninja bowed, then continued. "You have fought S? Interesting." He reached down, and picked up a fragment from the earth pillars. He held it in his palm, and chakra began to flow from his hand, around the stone. The sharpness was cut off, and it was soon to become a perfectly smooth stone. Kyrogi continued to speak as he was doing this. "The disk? Please. Why do you want to take it from me, when it is not even mine for the taking?" The boy then surprised Kyrogi, as he said, “Ah who cares about the disc....." In a clearly put down tone. "Now that we have danced a little, Don’t hold back im no toy to be played with, I have no fancy names for my attacks. I am a killer born and breed, I care not from where you come or even your name, I just wish for your death in a wonderful display of combat, I am death incarnate and today you will face me and will die with the pride of knowing it was I SPARROW who sent you to your grave. The boy bowed, then said, “Please show me your true power.” Kyrogi smiled. "Very well, and by the way, my name is Kyrogi, not that you will be able to remember it after what I do to you."

Kyrogi walked forward toward Sparrow, and leapt up into the air towards him. With his taijutsu, Kyrogi delivered two hammerfists toward the boy's head, hoping to make contact, then front flipped onto the ground, and drew his right leg into chamber. He then thrust it out toward his foe, in a backwards kick, that would shatter Sparrow's ribs upon contact, then would push off him, and land on his hands. He stood on his hands, and pushed off into the air, then honing in on Sparrow's location. Seeing the boy, he raised his leg again, and set loose a powerful dropkick, aimed toward his opponent's face. Kyrogi then landed on the ground, only upon his pinky finger, for he had perfect balance. Kyrogi pushed off of his finger, and landed on the ground in ready position. With a sinister tone, he said, "Want some more?"

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