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The mighty son of the legendary Thunder God Thor is now face to face with an opponent of great power. Not as powerful as his previous opponent Hades the God of the Underworld but quite powerful nonetheless. This fated encounter is taking place on an uninhabited desert on an unknown magical island. The Son of Thunder silently stands on the sandy plains of the uninhabited desert as he stares down his dark and shadowy opponent. The Ultimate Fighting God's prowess in hand to hand combat will once again be displayed and his abilities showcased. The sun was shining with unparalleled intensity as its powerful rays of light did not allow a single cloud to exist on the vast blue sky. Not even a single breeze was blowing, it was a ridiculously hot day, even the sand appeared to be melting under the intense heat of the sun. Glaring at his opponent with his usual stoic and stern facial expression on display, Raseri calmly cracked his knuckles, generating powerful shock-waves that violently blew the sand into the air. "Let us begin", Raseri said, mere seconds after cracking his knuckles. 

The Nordic Tiger could sense the massive power dwelling within his mysterious opponent Joseph Savant. Raseri was however, not fazed by this. He could hardly care, possibly because he possesses potentially limitless physical strength. It would be best if Joseph Savant does not anger the Son of Thunder, since Raseri's physical power increases as his rage rises. This was not merely an opportunity to take part in a soon to be epic and explosive battle that will rock the very planet, but also an opportunity to send a message to the evil Shadow Beings by defeating one of their own. The Son of Thunder's eyes burned with an everlasting passion for fighting and a hidden rage with no limit. While as he stared into the eyes of his malicious opponent, all he saw an empty soulless darkness. An eternal evil that will never die. Like his battle with Hades, this battle will also become the stuff of legends and it will only add to the story of the ferocious warrior Raseri. As he tightly clenched his fists, Raseri began to speak as he addressed his shadow-manipulating opponent, "So you are Joseph Savant huh? The herald of the Shadow Queen Sonata", that was all the Nordic Tiger had to say to the malevolent herald of Sonata. It was now time for the magnificent battle to begin, and Raseri was the first to launch an attack.

Taking a "Kinetiske Stil" fighting stance, the mighty son of Thor was not going to use familiar fighting styles. The Kinetiske Stil fighting style is a unique one created by Raser himself. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the Son of Thunder quickly charged straight at Joseph Savant at impossible speeds. As he was now mere inches from Joseph, Raseri went for a hook aimed at Joseph's face, but the attack didn't end there. The ferocious and ruthless fighter followed the hook with a powerful uppercut aimed at a specific pressure point on Joseph's jaw, if struck, the pressure point will cause Joseph's entire nervous system to become extremely hypersensitive and even a gentle touch will cause unbearable pain. Raseri's deadly uppercut was followed by a butterfly kick aiming at the right side of Joseph Savant's head. If the butterfly kick connects, it will strike a certain pressure point in Joseph's body that will cause every single blood vessel in his head to violently explode. Raseri's graceful butterfly kick was followed by a brutal short-straight punch that aiming at Joseph's gut, the punch is aiming at a pressure point on Joseph's gut, if struck it will cause his entire torso to violently cut open.

Unfortunately for Joseph, the merciless Nordic Tiger was not ready to stop his assault with these attacks. His punch was followed by a devastating uppercut elbow that discharged an invisible slash of kinetic energy that would cut Joseph's head in two. This first assault was nearing its end as Raseri unleashed a massive barrage of unbelievably hard and fast punches, his fists charged with kinetic energy, they could break through nearly any barrier with their sheer raw force. And finally to end his relentless assault, Raseri unleashed a vast flurry of countless punches and kicks, aiming on Joseph's arms and head. If the flurry succeeds, then they will have struck all the pressure points that Raseri was aiming at, and Joseph Savant's head and both of his arms will violently erupt into a bloody mess. The master hand to hand combatant was focusing on inflicting internal damage at the moment, but if his opponent manages to resist them, he will be forced to inflict external damage as well. But now that he has launched his dangerous attacks, Raseri leaped backwards, a few feet away from Joseph as he was now taking a defensive stance and was ready to counter any of Joseph's attacks. 
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A black mist slowly enveloped the glistening sands. The hot rays of the sun bearing down on the mysterious uninhabited island. Joseph the new master of the House of Gekido slowly took physical form mere feet away from the son of thunder. Joseph wearing a casual business black business shirt with matching pants stared into the eyes of his new opponent. He could sense the dorment hidden powers of the demi-god, but he couldn't careless. Mockingly taking out a comb from his back pants pocket, and combing his hair slick raven colored hair.  Raseri then spoke to Joseph  "So you are Joseph Savant huh? The herald of the Shadow Queen Sonata"  Joseph merely had a sly smile on his face, "I am one of many powerful heralds of my great queen Sonata." 

Raseri wasted little time in unleash his devastating attack, at blinding speeds Raseri rushed towards Joseph. Raseri caught Joseph by surprise. With a hook Raseri connected to Josephs face, the blow staggered Joseph slightly, but pain was minimal. "Is that all yo-" before Joseph could even finish his sentence he was hit with a vicious uppercut to his chin. There was more to that last attack, and Joseph could feel it "GAAAAHHH!!" Joseph screamed out. Raseri continued his devastating onslaught with a beautiful yet deadly butterfly kick. The kick connected unfortunately for Joseph the blow was meant to attack the blood vessels. However due to being a shadow he was able to control most of the damage, only blowing out a side of his skull. The once glistening sands slowly began being covered in liquid black. Joseph had no time to collect himself as a quick punch to the gut from Raseri slicing Joseph's gut wide open. The pain was unbelievable, a normal human filth would had been eradicated at this point.

"GRAAAAGGGGH!" shouted loudly, however Raseri was still far from finished. An elbow from Raseri sliced through Joseph's mangled hair and split his skull into. The eyeballs of Joseph looked as though they were about to pop out of his sockets. Pieces of his brains scattered across the sands. Barrages of highly trained fists sliced through the air connecting to Josephs body with pin point accuracy. In a matter of seconds Joseph's head and arms exploded in a black ooze. Joseph's once ravishing perfect body was nothing more than a blood fountain.

The liquid black of Joseph stained the landscape, was this the end of the shadow warrior. A cold chilling voice could be heard from all directions towards Raseri. " Very impressive demi-god I admit I underestimated you." It was the voice of Joseph and he was some how still alive. The black ooze that stained the landscape slowly began to move towards Josephs battered body. The ooze then started to climb up the body of Joseph, sparks of black light shot forth. In a matter of seconds Joseph began to regenerate all the damage done to Joseph had quickly healed away. Joseph then stood as he had at the beginning he once again pulled out his comb and stroked his magnificent raven colored hair. Being a creature of the shadow and darkness his body can regenerate from a single cell. "You did well thunder god we shall meet again". Joseph did a mocking karate bow to Raseri before dissappering In a puff of black smoke.
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Victory seemed to be within the Nordic Tiger's grasp as every single one of his attacks were successful. The valiant Raseri watched as his smug opponent fell against his great might. Joseph's body didn't contain blood, it spilled an unknown black ooze. This clearly implied that he was by no means human, even demigod's spill blood, Mr. Savant was clearly something else entirely. "What the hell is that?", Raseri thought in curiosity as he kept his guard up and maintained his fighting stance, a true fighter never lowers his guard unless the battle has truly ended and the victor has been declared. However, suddenly, without a single warning, a disembodied but familiar voice spoke as the black ooze that had spilled all over the desert sands began to flow towards Joseph Savant's fallen body, "Very impressive demigod I admit I underestimated you". The mysterious black ooze quickly attached itself to Joseph's body, the attachment seemed to be symbiotic even. However, before any more assumptions could be made, small sparks of what appeared to be black light were shot forth. At a rather quick pace, Joseph's body began to heal as he regenerated from all the damage that he had sustained. "Fast regeneration! Good, this is about to get more interesting", Raseri thought as a calm smirk formed on his face, excitement was what the Son of Thunder felt at this very moment, he was excited at the opportunity to fight such an opponent. 

Soon Raseri's unique shadowy opponent had been restored to his initial unscathed state. Standing to his full height, Joseph pulled out his comb and stroked his hair. Through the ferocious demigod's eyes this was seen as an odd, even ridiculous thing to do in the middle of an unrestrained battle. Clearly Joseph possessed an impressive set of regenerative abilities. The fact that Sonata's Herald was a shadow being, was enough of an explanation. Physical attacks, especially internal ones would not have long lasting effects on those who are not entirely physical in nature. "You did well thunder god we shall meet again", and without even giving Raseri the opportunity to reply or act, Joseph in a mocking manner bowed before Raseri and instantly vanished, in a heartbeat as a small fading cloud of black smoke was left behind. Although it seems that Joseph is a little confused with Raseri's identity, having referred to him as a "thunder god" or perhaps he simply said this due to having knowledge of Raseri's father. It remains unknown at the moment. Though the battle was short, it was rewarding, at least to the son of Thor. This experience made him aware that the next time the two meet, he will use a different method in battle, as his internal attacks had no longterm effects on Joseph. And though Raseri learned from the battle, it is only likely that Mr. Savant did as well. It is no doubt that Joseph Savant now has at least some knowledge on one of Raseri's unique fighting styles, and like any sensible person, he will develop counters for the moves that bested him on this very day. 

"Next, the battle will be finished", Raseri thought as he stared into the vast blue sky. Using the immense strength of his leg muscles, the Ultimate Fighting God leaped into the clouds as he left the mysterious magical island, now simply a part of his memory, the location of a battle that never truly ended.
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