Sin of the Sigma

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Sins of the Sigma

The Sigma Six is a covert organization based in Thailand, the heads of Six Mafia bosses joined forces the SIGMA organization. With high ranking members is Interpol and most major countries the Sigma Organization is currently, working to overthrow commerce by creating an elite army of Martial Artist. Recently, five of the Six Mafia bosses were killed; by a man named Seto Hibiki.

Seto headed the R & D department of Sigma and were kidnapping women to push his sinister agenda. Seto developed a formula that allowed him to extract the powers from some of the world’s greatest martial artist; having injected himself with this “Sigma Serum” he commands what is known as “Psycho Drive” a Power that allows him to create anything based on his imagination.

Seto and the New Sigma took six women (A sick homage to the orginal six members of SIGMA that he killed) and mind controlled them into killers. These Six women, were to be known as the “Sigma Six Assualt Squadron”

These Six ladies came from all over and hosted various powers and skills that made them some of the most dangerous females in the world.

Victoria Vega 1.

Full Name: Victoria Ingrid Vega

Nickname: "The Flower of Carnage"

Height 5'8

Country of Origin: Spain


Victoria (Tori) was created to be the leader of a group of women known as the SIGMA Six; her body was created to emulate what the perfect woman was supposed to be. Tori was created to execute the commands of her creators on command. Once the Sigma Six was launched, she was placed in charge of the other five members. Tori enlisted the help of, Scarlett X, Maya Lopez, Princess Diamond, Ashley Mooreland, Xiahua Ma (Lynn).

Lynn proved the hardest to persuade to join the cause, having an already built up fued with the Snake Crane People, Seto sent the Sigma Six (composed of only five members at the time), to destroy the members of the Wing-Chun clan. The decision to attack the Wing-Chun Village made Lynn purely about revenge; having zero knowledge of the Sigma Six's involvement, she joined after harsh negotiations by Tori.

The SIGMAS were notorious assassin's used by an unknown benefactor to; secretly off competition, the first of the Sigma's to realize this was Isabella Marisol, The Sigma leader commanded the Sigmas to kill Marisol; but the vixen managed to escape. Tori though still an operational member of the Sigmas has her benefactors concerned, as her actions have taken a dark turn.

Scarlett X 2.

Full Name: Sicily Boss

Nickname: "The Midnight Spectre"

Height 5'3

Country of Origin: Japan


The original Scarlett X moniker belonged to a woman named Isabella Marisol; however after she disappeared, a new woman was given the name. Sicily was born on China; much like Lynn she belonged to a specific private group of people. The Fumana-sato Ninja Clan, were a peaceful group of Ninja's that practiced the meditative tactics to enhance their mystic powers. Sicily was kidnapped by Tori when the Sigma's invaded her village looking to harvest the energy.

Ashley Mooreland 3.

Full Name: Ashley Emerald Mooreland

Nickname: "The bronze skinned beauty"

Height 5'5

Country of Origin: Believed to be America.


Ashley is believed to be an "off-worlder" the Sigma's encountered her, by sheer luck, marveled by her flawless fighting ability, and phasing powers Ashley was brought into the Sigma team. Despite not knowing who she is, or where she came from; Ashley tends to stick with Maya Lopez; believing her to be a friend from the forgotten past.

Princess Diamond 4.

Full Name: Princess Diamond

Nickname: "Ms. Two Quick"

Height 5'5

Country of Origin: England

Diamond isn't the Princess of anything, it just happens to be what her mother named her. She wields a massive Katana almost 25 Feet in length, and strikes faster than the average eye can see. Unlike the rest of the Sigma members who were kidnapped, Diamond volunteered to be a Sigma willingly; she wanted to use the organization as a way to freely kill other people. In addition to her lightning quick strike capability, Diamond can transform into anyone she has already killed.

Maya Lopez 5.

Full Name: Maya Lopez (Pamela Thorn)

Nickname: Billion Dollar Bitch

Height 5'6

Country of Origin: South Africa


Maya is a double agent, during the day, she reports to SIGMA, and during the night (When not doing Sigma missions) she reports to L.O.V.E, and organization run by her mother. Maya has engaged all of her teammates in some form or another; she has the power to implant thoughts, ideas; and visions which allows her to move about Sigma easily. She was brought into the SIGMA organization by Seto himself, after being awed by her performance in a Sigma tourney.

Xiahua Ma (Lynn) 6.

Full Name: Xiahua Ma

Nickname: Red Cardinal

Height 5'4

Country of Origin: China


Xia was given the name Lynn by Tori; whom found it hard to pronounce her first name. The Sigma's attacked Lynn's village under the order of shogun Chi; in her quest for revenge Lynn unleashed a dark side that saw her side with the Sigma's briefly. Lynn's dark-side was called "Chaos" and is believed to be holding Lynn's powers at bay. Lynn officially quit the Sigma's shortly after joning the police force, from there she joined Trinity Avalon, and has since been in the eye of the Sigmas.

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Real talk? This is awesome.

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@Jlynnana: Cool we finally get to meet the SIGMA's great stuff:)

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It was really hard not going street fighter for all there looks lolo

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@Jlynnana: LOL I thought it was pretty funny that Tori calls her Lynn for the fact she couldn't pronounce her real name lol.

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@Juni_Hinamura: Lmfao, I thought it was pretty funny too.

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>_> oh hell no

Lynn's dark-side was called "Chaos" and is believed to be holding Lynn's powers at bay

I forgot about all about Chaos...

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Looking good.
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Looks good. o-o

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Nice. So, if I get a team of six to fight your team of six, then it'll be like a pokemon battle. XD.

SamJaz, Slayer, Hagane, Coleen, Alvin and Arsenal, 1 on 1 matches, winner stays on. You know you want to.

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