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Name: Shitsumon 
Age: 60 years old 
Weight: 189 lbs 
Height: 6'4 
Hair color: Black 
Eye color: Brown 
Race: Mortalized clone 
Orientation: New Mayor of New york 





Shitsumon is still very muscular, much like his counterpart Newdeath, however now he is noticably aging, he has black but greying hair, and a thick mustach. Shitsumon has also gotten rid of his mask and cloak  and now wears cobalt blue tactical pants with shiny black military boots. He also has a brown shirt, tight enough to show off his muscles. The most noticalbe differences to Shitsumon are his weapons and eyes, Shitsumon now weilds six katanas, and now only has one special eye that he keeps hidden with an eyepatch. 


While Shitsumon was still not yet ready to take on Newdeath and gain the real Tsukasa eye, he still was not willing to be patient and wait for the right time to come, even though to his teamates at the Company thought he was a no good joker, Shitsumon decided to leave the Company without a word in search of a power even greater than Keith's, the creator itself. But how would a mere worm of a clone like Shitsumon get a hold of such a entity? SImple, he would break a sacred rule. Shitsumon would use th Fake Blue Realm and  use his will to reach power equal to that of the almighty. Shitsumon quickly put this plan into motion, he activated the Fake Blue Realm and went inside, there he will his power to be equal to the all-father. "Yes, this will grab his attention-Huh!?" The moment Shitsumon willed for this power he did indeed get the attention of the one people would refer to as god, but not in the way he wanted, the entire Fake blue real started to shatter like glass, there was no sound, as Shitsumon looked around he felt intense pain in his eyes, they were desolving Shitsumon covered his left eye and quickly moved towards the exit of the Fake Blue Realm, his speed started to slow down, why was this happening? I was due to a higher being punishing Shitsumon by taking away his youth. In a quick act, Shitsumon summoned a portal using the last of his strength and jumped out of the Fake Blue Realm. For a few moments Shitsumon lay motionless on the ground, he slowly got up and struggled to keep his balance, he looked around, he was back in the forest where he ran to. "Gah! What the hell just happened?!" Shitsumon was dazed and in pain, still, he knew what had happened, he knew that the gods would never waste time with him, he got off lucky. Shitsumon managed to escape with the Omni-eye, he no longer had the fake Tsukasa eye nor Shinka's eye, not matter those could be replaced or at least reduplicated, the real trouble came in the form of not being able to re-summon the Fake Blue Realm. Shitsumon stumbled to a near-by pond and looked down into it, only to see his horrid reflection, he was now old and had only two eyes, one of them being the omni-eye the other normal. Shitsumon knew he had some power left but not a lot, the Omni-Eye would be all he needed at the moment, his strength, stamina and speed were still much above that of a normal mortal. Shitsumon may have lost his a lot of his power, his eyes and his immortality. But he still ahd enough, afterall he was born with nothing and made that work, what he has now is more than enough. Shitsumon ran through the forest, his speed clearly still enhanced, he ran through the first cabin window he saw, an elderly couple were startled as they both jumped back, Shitsumon went through the house searching for anything useful, it turns out this was the home of a old war vet, he went into his room to find his service uniform and  swords he collected over the years, not Shitsumon's weapon of choice, but without Jutsu, and high class magic, he needed weapons, he could enhance the blades with spirit energy anyway. Shitsumon took only six blades and then went to the closet, there was his service uniform, Shitsumon took it out of the closet and set it on the bed, after taking off his old clothes he replaced them with the uniform. Just as Shitsumon was getting ready to leave he heard a loud BANG, he looked over, there was the old veteran holding a hunting rifle, he was shaking, his wife close behind him, Shitsumon smiled as he spoke in he deep clean voice "Well now, this will be a good test of what skill I have left." The old man took a step back "Come any closer and I shoot ya hear!?" Shitsumon took another step, and at that moment the gun fired, Shisumon saw the bullet come out in slow motion and could read the air around it and the trajectory due to his Omni-eye, before the bullet reach him he drew his blade, cut the bullet and the old man in half, and jumped downstairs and left the cabin, he could care less what happened to the old woman, now Shitsumon did need to find someone capable of speaking with the divine, or someoen good with magic to restore him.




Shitsumon still has his cold attitude that he had when he was his normal self, however now Shitsumon tends to be lest hostile and only wishes to fight when needed or when he feels neccicary. As an old habit Shitsumon still tends to act like a fool at times, this time taking the position of a kind war vet. 

Powers and ability

Although Shitsumon lost half his strength,stamina, and durability as well as both the Tsukasa and Shinka's eye, he still is very much capable and more versitile with his Omni-eye and swordsmanship. 
The Omni-eye grants Shitsumon the ability to see absolutly everything, from the air, to the motions of an attack, to even the blood in someones' viens. This is all taken in slow motion. It also grants Shitsumon tremendously accurate vision and the ability to read and predict practically any move his opponent could make as well as the last minute details and movements of his general surroundings . It also has the power to  see everything, before it happens or after it's happened, it gives Shitsumon at least every possible solution to stop anything or fix anything with a 80% success rate. It can also show anything that would normaly be invisible to the naked eye. Shitsumon is also un-effected by low-mid level illusions/genjutsu and can break out of high level mental attacks. The Omni-Eye is also uneffected by any amount of light allowing Shitsumon to see even through something as bright as the sun. it also give his a 10x boost to all his stats. The downside to this is that while Shitsumon can regenerate himself, the Omni-eye cannot be instantly regenerated, meaning Shitsumon must be careful not to damage his eye. It also give a 10x boost to all his stats 
Super Strength: Shitsumon can only lift less than half of what he normaly could, his max lifting weight is 10 tons. 
Super Speed: This is what Shitsumon focuses on most he can move close to mach 8 speeds (This is enhached when Omni-eye is active.  
Although Shitsumon no longer has the Tsukasa eye, he stil remembers the skill he copied when he had it, he is the master of over a dozen different sword styles, he mainly uses Fencing, Kendo and jousting. 
Intellect: Now that Shitsumon is aged to that of a enhanced mortal he cannot remember too much as his brian is not too advanced anymore, however he is very cunning and an expert in fighting tactics. Shitsumon's intelligence could be compared to that of a great Japanese warlord such as Takeda Shingen. 



Shitsumon can regenerate from any wound as long as it is not instantly fatal, however he has a limit, he cannot regenerate his Omni-eye, nor can he regenerate a limb unless there is a piece of it intact, he cannot regenerate from nothing, however Shitsumon can take the skin or surface from anything around him and add it to himself. 


Link to old Bio:

Post by Shitsumon (132 posts) See mini bio Level 10

Also I will still be using the old Shitsumon this is only for Rebooted RPs
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@Shitsumon: Nice Shitsu back!!XD
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@Shitsumon:  Did you read the Reboot rules? This is another Universe
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@Shitsumon: Oh? Shitsumon is back, cool. BUT the Tsukasa Eyes don't even exist in this universe.  
Post by Shitsumon (132 posts) See mini bio Level 10
 Yes I did, hence why he no longer has anything he had before, also why no one in the company or the company at all is there. When Shitsumon tried his plan in the fake blue realm he was sent to the Rebooted Universe, he lost the things that did not exist there (Tsukasa Eye, Shinkai's eye, his resemblence to Newdeath, most of his memory ect.) It made more sense to include things from before so that way I can keep the character while making a new character at the same time. Hope that helps.
That's why I took out both the Tsukasa and Shinkai's eye. He was sent to the other universe, he is looking for Newdeath and the Eyes but he himself does not know that this is a another universe, that is why he cannot remember anything. 
Post by Raseri (2,534 posts) See mini bio Level 12
@Shitsumon: Ah I see. Although the rules are that if you're character is in the rebooted verse, he's not supposed to remember anything from the previous universe. 
Post by Boxer_Joe (308 posts) See mini bio Level 10
From the story I don't think he does, he is quickly forgetting who he is and everytihng, I think that's the point, I believe he is going to have a new goal and new mind set, so it's a different way of doing it but it's pretty legit.
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@Shitsumon:  From what I can see in the story Shitsumon wants to restore his power prior to the reboot including the Tsukasa eyes, is like he wants to also restore everything, the rules are clear, there cannot be any connection or mention about the previous universe, you can reboot your character, but without ties to the former verse, and in this case isnt an attack to your creativity but just the rules. 
Even so the idea is cool
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The thing is Shitsumon only mentioned the Tsukasa eye prior to entering the Rebooted universe After that nothing from the other universe is carried over, even the omni-eye changes effect. After he entered he lost that memory, I only added that part in about him trying to get Newdeath so it would make a story that made some sense, I''m not finished with the story, it's not like he is gonna come in talkinga bout the Tsukasa eyes and Newdeath and such. I guess mentioning it even as a narritive can be misleading so I wll edit that part out then.
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@Shitsumon: Ah I see.
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