Shinwa-mura, the Myth Village (LOCATION)

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Created by the survivors of the Ryugu-jo complex in lands given to them by the Japanese government, the Myth Village is a place where humans and Yokai are received with open arms, as the inhabitants have part of both sides. With a population of 500 it may be the place with the largest and most varied population of Hidden World Denizens in the whole world. With hundreds of different types of Yokai, Monsters and Oddities, the place is a veritable Eden for Hidden World Academics. Currently entry to the village is restricted and controlled by the Japanese Hidden World Affairs Bureau, under the supervision of Mizuchi Azamuku, current Liaison between the Myth Village and the Japanese Government.

The front of the village is only a fraction of it, as most of it is underground, since many of the Myth Soldiers are scared of the Sky and try to avoid going out the caves as much as they can. The westerners are more inclined to the caves, while the easterners are more akin to the village segment. Inside the caves a system similar, yet improved of what they had in Ryugu-jo was installed for crops and agricultural affairs. The current community leader is Houzi Nagare, elected after his valiant efforts for all the MS during the Ryugu-jo incident, yet he is working alongside the wisest men of both sides to form a joint government, a council of elders and young men that is cyclic, thus nobody can stay in power enough time to become a danger to others like Ciara did.

Some of their inhabitants currently live in different parts of Japan, serving different purposes. The Oni Twins, Daikichi and Daigoro Nagare work in Osaka as Crime Fighters linked to the JHWAB. Their younger brother, Toramaru went to study in the Inazuma Gakuen, as he was taught several different fighting styles inside Ryugu-jo that were modified by extensive fighting against monsters, thus he was asked to join, since the Inazuma Style needs techniques specially developed against Hidden World creatures, as sooner or later that balloon will pop and many armies in the world will want to have techniques and tactics against them. There is a Western half Dragon that is being trained to work as a JHWAB liaison with the Western organizations that regulates Hidden World Activities.


1) Town Hall

2) Entry to the Underground Level

3) Statues of Fallen Heroes

4) Main Western House

5) Exit towards Civilization

6) Ginari’s Pond

7) Main Eastern House

8) Kobushi’s Falls

9) Houzi and Hikaru’s Home

10) Sasuke’s Bridge

11) Town Guard

Notable Myth Soldiers

Houzi Nagare

Age: 90

Height: 2 mts

Weight: 110 kg

Mythical Half: Sun Wukong

Faction: Eastern & Western

The current leader of the Village, Houzi is one of the only remaining original MS, as his Mythical Half was an immortal his aging is very slow. His other gifts include, enhanced strength (5 tons), enhanced durability (His skin can stop bullets), enhanced speed and agility (Able to run at 300 km/h in open ground and capable of making impossible acrobatic maneuvers, can dodge machinegun fire casually from mid-range) and Enhanced Senses, allowing him to perceive sounds, scents and sights to a greater degree than a regular human being, even able to zoom in to objects. He also haves a healing factor, allowing to heal wounds 3 times faster than a regular human being.

He is a master fighter, mostly of a free-form style that takes advantage of his acrobatic prowess and the powers of his weapon. Houzi carries the Golden Staff of the Monkey King, the real item, capable of increasing in size, weight and changing shapes on Houzi’s command. He only controls the most basic skills, like lengthening it and altering the width. The Leader of the Myth Village didn’t inherited his Mythical Half magical powers, he is incapable of performing the most amazing feats the real Monkey King could accomplish, yet his fighting prowess, experience and intelligence make him a powerful fighter.

He kept the leader title but he serves more as an ambassador, traveling the world. He visited England and now he is planning a trip to American alongside his wife.

He is a serious and responsible man, who cares more for his fellow brothers and sisters than for himself, even willing to sacrifice himself for them if needed. He does have a sense of humor and likes children very much, as he was the one who trained generations of the Myth Soldiers. He is currently married to Hikaru Nagare, the girl that helped them escape Ryugu-jo, one of many, and they are very happy. She is smart, curious and keen, but her hyperactive fits are a thing of the past, maybe getting married helped to calm her. They are hoping to get a baby as soon as possible. Hikaru helps him handle the village, thanks to her immense intelligence and some contacts she managed to basically blackmail the Japanese government and the JHWAB into letting them keep the land as their own independent state, while keeping all the benefits of being Japanese citizens. She also coordinates the scientific inquiries on the Myth Soldiers, always watching that nobody is forced to do any painful or invasive procedure.

Oni Kyodai

Daikichi and Daigoro Nagare are the Oni Kyodai, two half oni, one blue and the other read, each with opposing personalities, fierce loyalty towards their kind and immense thirst for adventure and combat. In exchange of a constant stream of medicine and food going towards their people they lend their strength to lower the criminal forces in Osaka with an Iron Fist. Both are superb fighters, immune to traditional weapons and can lift immense weight. Daikichi the Azure can move at sounds speed and lift 5 tons, Daigoro is way slower, not even clocking half the speed of sound, but is able to lift 10 tons and resist much bigger impacts. Both fight against criminals and the occasional Hidden World Threat as allies of the JHWAB. Their younger brother Toramaru currently attends Inazuma Gakuen.

George Hastewell

The resident werewolf of the Myth Village, George is locked into his Half Human/Half Wolf mode, when he could be a full human or a full wolf at will. He is extremely shy and timid, but he tries to be more open, specially now after escaping Ryugu-jo. He had mayor crush of Ciara, the leader of the Western MS during their times in the Underwater Complex, but he noticed that it wouldn’t work, not only because she couldn’t stand him, out of his scent and aspect, but also because she was as nuts as a pick-and-mix. George is basically 5 times as strong, fast and tough as a human, but his two greatest assets are his highly accelerated healing factor and his senses, that match if not surpass Houzi’s. He is considering moving to England as he met family he had there, as if father wasnt created like other MS, he was a English POW that was experimented upon. Currently lives in Samjaz's flat, alongside Luna Neroline a Succubus.

Ginami Nakamura

The younger sister of Ginari, one of the three MS that lost their lives during their Exodus from Ryugu-jo, she was vain, self centered and attention seeking in the past, being one of the most beautiful MS in the Eastern Side. The death of her older sister hit her hard, for two weeks he was unable to even talk, utterly shocked upon her death. Many were surprised at her reaction, since seemingly she didn’t share the love her sister had for her, but they didn’t knew how much Ginari cared for her little sister and how much Ginami knew. After mourning the loss she came out ready to learn how to support the MS as her sister did. She has been making great advances training in magic under a mentor brought from the JHWAB and also uses her looks and charm as a model for the JHWAB internal campaigns. She is peak human and is gifted but not very knowledgeable in Omnyo Style magic.

Stelio Nagare

One of the Western Myth Soldiers and one of the heads of the Separation Movement, Stelio is the weirdest of the three leaders and possibly the most physically imposing. Unlike many others Myth Soldiers he isn’t just half human and half creature, as his Mythical part is composed by two quarters. One part is Minotaur and the other comes from an unidentified source of Greek origin. Apart from being inhumanly strong and sturdy he can create lighting. This ability could be a hint to that mysterious genetic code, but he takes it as a fact. He proclaims his status as “son” of Zeus and demigod. He would have led the Western Camp back in Ryugu-jo if he wasn’t afraid of Ciara’s Wail.


Sofia Nakamura


Ivana Hastewell



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Just realised the similarities with the myth village and the early Empire. Once Samjaz learns about this he's going to come and ask houzi how he managed to unify the two opposing sides without anyone killing each other.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Great stuff as always:)

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@Sonata: I see you are no longer using the comicvine av lol.

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@Sonata: Thanks

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@ownagepants: LOL it was only for 3 days:P

@Kuma_From_Argentina: Welcome:) This needs to be in the location guide as well. Just post the usual info there and I'll do the rest.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Great job kuma i cant wait to find out more about this place.

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@Sonata: Ok

@ownagepants: Thanks. If you want to know the origin of the Myth Soldiers check the Raid in Ryugu-jo Thread...

You can find it easily in the Vice Canon Thread in the month of November

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Alright i will do that.

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Added new denizens

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: I do like George. We need an RP following HHS where they just chill out in london.

In other news, SamJaz will be looking for a new roommate soon.

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Updated George's look and whereabouts. I also added a bit of information about Houzi's current Status. I'll try to fill this more this week.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: George sure looks tough.

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@Fehafare: Only inherited looks

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Luna will take care of the personality department, don't worry.

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@Fehafare: Poor George

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Hey he's gonna profit from it... somehow.

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Ok, I'm going to do a RP that includes the Myth Soldiers, I have been missing them

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Sounds nice.

Depending on the plot i'll see with whom i'll join.

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