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@Kuro_San: Stasis gave a few breaths of exhaustion which was was the only hint he had used such a devastating attack. He had just stood up straight when he noticed the man had returned. He looked up into the sky and groaned this would not be a normal day for him. Though honestly normal was boring so that was a plus. "Alright though I need some filling in on some things to," he said popping a dislocated shoulder back into place from when he had unleashed his barrage. He popped his hands into his pockets and followed Falken. "Hey I don't think I caught your name, my name is Micheal but you can call me Stasis" Stasis said as he tossed his head to clear the wet hair out of his eyes. He had a slight feeling of dread plaguing him , but he didn't really pay much mind to it as his motto was "Live and let life come at you full force" So he just waited for whatever to come at him.

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"Like hell i care, Hag!" Alice shouts at Aoi, the grin not disappear from her face. That was not only a reply to the woman stating her age to free herself from the nickname "Hag" but also a direct comment to the actions she had taken. Blade in mouth and knees up high, both aimed at Alice's body. The strings that seemed to be useless at first now pulled her giving her more speed. But as she said before, Alice didn't care. Instead of starting an evasive manoeuvre she stays on her course. She waits for the last moment before impact and slightly shifts her head.

The blade can't be completely avoided because of the minimal distance between them but it would only make a deep cut beneath her eye. There was no way she could change or shift the location where the knee cannon would impact though, but again, she didn't care. She had taken far worse blows and stood just well and some pain in the stomach was a small price to pay for the arm of her target. Alice's hand is still steady and calm and so is the katana she's holding. It's target was still unchanged, the left shoulder. It was this moment, that made Alice regret her foolish try at countering the man's sword with her knife. If she didn't sustain that minor injury from before and if she just had both of her arms she could have already reach the flesh of the Blade Dancer with the cold steel of her sword in this very second. But with just one hand supporting it, she had to wait till her prey came closer.

Luckily that was about to happen.

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Beetle was caught completely off guard by the change of Taylor demeanor and the pair of screws pierced right through his armor letting out spurts of bluish liquid, Beetle’s blood. His skin was black and shiny, with some bluish tones in what seemed like a beetle shell, several plates that formed and exoskeleton like skin under the metallic armor. Inside all that white “flesh” more akin to lobster than a human being, which was being pierced by Taylor’s attack and that wounds were followed by Beetle’s guttural howl of pain. Squirts of blue blood splashed Taylor and the floor and the Double Time Mode ended, as well did Beetle life as his corpses hanged lifelessly from the screws. But there was a secret behind his incredible speed, the scientist that designed Beetle, originally created to combat an empire of sentient insects from another world, the 5 Number was made from that race genome and his armor served as a control measure to stop him from becoming a mindless drone of the same horde. His design was inclined towards speed so he could outmatch the fast opponents that had a hive mind allowing them to see through the other eyes, the Hongo Laboratories created Beetle to be fast enough to overcome that sensorial supremacy, making him so swift not even the Kaijin Empire could react to his movements in exchange of speed he had reduced the durability of the body inversely proportional to the speed he reached.

As the armor started to look like an empty tracksuit since the body inside it deflated all the Mangetsu troopers still alive turned tail in fear, meanwhile only a dozen of meters from Taylor location, Ichigen and Southern Demon were exchanging fierce blows, as the 3 Number was challenged to fight hand to hand by the Mountain Slayer. Their slugfest boomed all around the battlefield, as the Fighting Spirit infused fists of Ichigen clashed against the Armor coated body of Demon, that shouted curses and spitted foam out of his mouth, as he was finding out that not only he was losing, but the armor that bonded with him was starting to reject him thanks to the fear his opponent was forcing into his heart with each blow. Demon thought that nobody outclassed him in terms of pure raw physical power, not even the dreadful Western Vampire, an entity so vile that even the mind inside his armor was scared of him, but Ichigen was showing in spades that the title Mountain Slayer wasn’t for show, as each of his blows dented the armor that just was tanking artillery shells like they were paper balls. This was getting out of hand one Number down, another on the ropes and a third missing, that were Western Wasp thoughts as she hid in a building nearby the battlefield as she decided to turn tail and leave, hoping to leave the Numbers behind.

Falken looked how Stasis fixed his shoulder and replied to his question. –My name is Falken Degiraz, I’m working for the Sangumi forces fighting against the Mangetsu Army, but considering your sphere of influence those names won’t matter to you. Follow me, I’ll take you to the one who hired me he will surely need the information you can provide- The Twin Barreled Grim Reaper guided Stasis towards the Sangumi HQ, Falken was left in without being asked questions and he informed Shogun about the situation. His second in command, Tsukiyama excused himself for a second after hearing the news. Truthfully he was going to contact the Mangetsu forces and inform them about the new developments in the sidelines, as cards must be taken in something that seemed as important as Falken was painting it. Shogun wasn’t a man of science and he followed the old ways and traditions in country that was starting to forget them. He knew the lore of his land and the truth behind it so the debriefing from Falken worried him. –You western-boy! What can we do to stop the Tengu?- But as he was talking a lighting illuminated the whole city, followed by a Thunder that broke most of windows in the whole Tokyo Metropolitan area and almost deafened anybody for seconds.

Aoi attacks proved to be ineffectual against Alice determination and she ended up with a knife wound in the chest. She tried to shift her body to repeat her knee attack, but the only thing she managed was to catch the blade in-between two of her ribs. Staggering backwards, Aoi hands hanged down and so did the string attached blades, being dragged in the floor, behind Alice. The Blade Puppeteer tried to insult Alice, but her blood filled throat choked the words and instead of a curse only a bloody cough came out through her teeth. The demented swords master fell on her knees while blood came out from the wound in her chest and her mouth. Her brother reacted immediately not allowing Alice time for the finishing blow he rushed with his trademark footwork and took his sister and in a single fluid motion climbed a building by running upwards the wall. –How Sad, How Sad, I must retire to take care of my sister, I weep for you, as we only came as a distraction and not to defeat you. How Sorrowful, How Sorrowful, your death is coming young one, thanks to our Lord Arashi revival.- The Lighting struck and the Thunder roared, a flash of light and a powerful stream of wind filled the street were Alice was standing and as she was nearer than anybody else she could heard the voice in that wind – I HUNGER!-

Every cultist was dead, well everyone except Karasu. In the middle of the seal design the figure of Arashi Lord of the Tengu could be seen. A ten mts tall humanoid with a 20 mt wingspan, black feathers and dark beak, shining red eyes and traditional clothing, all the winds that blew outwards starting flowing back to him, encapsulating him in a sphere of Wind Energy. Karasu was barely conscious as he lied in a puddle of his own blood, most of it spilled by the crash of the Tengu Lord. He was wrong, Arashi never intended to help them in their cause, he only used them to gather the materials for the ritual and to syphon the energy of souls released in the gang war, all to fuel is escape so he could laid waste to humanity that locked him up so many years before. –I HUNGER! I ARASHI WILL DESTROY THE WORLD OF HUMANS AND REBUILD MY KINGDOM ON THE ASHES OF THIS CIVILIZATION!- His voice was projected all around Tokyo, taken by the wind even reaching the battlefield of Mangetsu and the Sangumi forces. All the Tengu still alive replied to that statement –WE WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE ENDS OF THIS EARTH LORD ARASHI.-

Shogun sweated a little as he asked Stasis – We are screwed, right?- Meanwhile Tsukimori-san, under the guise of Tsukiyama left towards Mangetsu camp as he was asked to direct the rest of the battle from his proper position as General of the Mangetsu Army and Kuro-san right hand.

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Taylor stood over Beetle's remains, then put a hand on the screw.

Withdrawing it slightly, he erased Beetle's death, not enough to heal his wounds, but enough to understand his current position.





There was a roar in the distance, however, as Arashi declared war on all creation.

The power was more then enough to get Taylor's attention.


Taylor rammed the screw back into Beetle, killing him again.


And so Taylor began to skip towards the source of the power, jogging leisurely towards the Lord of the Tengu to enter mortal combat.

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Stasis closed his eyes and contemplated this new threat. "No, I think we might have a chance," Stasis said more to himself then to the others around him. He focused on on the demon with his senses and since he was releasing such a dark energy he was a easy target and he could get a clear picture of him. A small amount of blood came from his nose but he paid it no mind as he was to preoccupied on the task at hand. "Looks like I have a fight on my hands!" Stasis yelled happily as he cracked his knuckles. "So I guess we fight and fight till we take him down," he added really not getting why people seemed to be scared. "He can't be that strong if his underlings are such weaklings," he joked as he walked out of the base perfectly ready to take on this massive threat. He wiped the blood from his face with his nose and motioned for people to follow if they wanted to fight.

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Her prey was down of the floor. Bleeding and grasping for air. It was a scene that would strike horror into the heart of anyone, but for Alice this sight was the most wonderful painting she could imagine and the muffled noise that left Aoi's bloodstained mouth was music to her. She was excited that she didn't even notice the brother of her victim approaching. In a swift motion he picks his sister up and sprints away while saying something. Rather than paying attention to what he was saying, Alice just let her killing intent loose, gritting her teeth to the point that they could break. It was unforgivable, they fought each other and Alice came out on top, as such he had all the rights to do with her and her body whatever she desired. Even while she was fighting her, Alice had though about the various ways she could use to induce a slow and painful death. And just a moment ago she had the perfect chance to do so. She was about to chase after the siblings and claim the body that was rightfully hers, but she stops just a second before she dashes off.

It wasn't worth it. There were better enemies and targets waiting for her. And besides, she didn't come her to face two humans nor would she waste any time and effort chasing two like that, she was after something much bigger. After calming down she relaxes for a moment. There was a slight pain in her stomach and she was breathing somewhat deeper than usual. She wasn't really concerned about that, it wasn't something serious she thought. On the other hand she gently touches her cheek, just a bit below her eye. A deep cut, going all the way to the bone, probably cutting into it as well. She would rather die than to admit it, but Alice always thought that her face was pretty and she had something like a complex about that.

Just the possibility of a scar settling down on her face was unimaginable to her. "Damn bitch..." she says it in a very silent tone while looking into the direction the pair went. Though she calmed down, that state didn't last for long. A pules traveling much faster than sound could. It was a surge of supernatural aura. It was the same thing that made Alice wander through the city in the first place, but the intensity was much greater. Whatever the effect of the ritual was, it was completed and it's fruits could be felt. Just a few moments after she felt the energy a shockwave passes throwing up the asphalt that was razed by Alice's previous opponent. A strong wind starts blowing and a voice is carried by it, a message to humanity.

Alice does not care though, she just faces the direction her Jougan tells her to and starts walking towards it. A maniac's grin grows wider and wider on her face with each step she takes.

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Arashi roared with rage as he advanced towards the largest concentrations of humans nearby, this being the park were the remaining of the forces from both sides still fought to the bitter end. Mangetsu soldiers were demoralized; thanks to the death of Beetle and the beating Demon was receiving from Ichigen “Mountain Slayer” Nagare. The Lord Tengu charged through the streets and everywhere he passed the buildings behind him got destroyed by powerful blades of wind. Blocks and blocks of Metropolitan Tokyo demolished behind him, and in his charge the winds swirled around him with the strength of a hurricane, destroyed debris flied in a whirlpool surrounding the imposing figure of the Tengu King. Lighting crossed the sky with his every move and the rain started pouring violently over the whole city, a curtain of water that also followed the spinning currents of wind, forming a sphere around Arashi –I WILL DESTROY MANKIND, SO MY BRETHEN WILL TAKE BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS- His statement was emphasized by a powerful thunder that resonated in the entire zone affected by his storm. The Tengu Lord advanced until being cut by three figures, a female and two males that for a whim of fate ended up getting to the same place at the same time just in front of Arashi. The Tengu King launched a blast of wind charged with electricity that mid-air got split into three spinning tornados that attacked Alice, Taylor and Stasis at the same time. The ground under the attacks was cracked and burnt thanks to the electricity and the sheer power of the wind.

Meanwhile the Yakuza HQ that Stasis just left, turned into a slaughterhouse, only a man left standing all around the corpses full of holes. Falken Degiraz was standing with his smoking guns and a sinister grin. His right eye shining with a hellish scarlet light and the grunts of the barely alive members of the Sangumi, still breathing but closer to Heaven than Earth. The Twin Barreled Grim Reaper grabbed a communicator and talked to his real hirer – Kuro-san? Is me Falken the job is done, Tsukimori bailed out and the Sangumi leaders are dead….- A specially loud grunt interrupted his train of thought and after a couple of gunshots he continued talking – Well mostly dead, some cleaning must be done. Yes your tactic of our fake disagreement worked perfectly, they bit the bait like hungry fish. I got to go, Falken out.- The Mercenary started leaving until he was out of the building, he turned around as his iconic handguns Aznable and Ray vanished from his hands and to replace them a white grenade launcher with some details in blue and red appeared in his hands, the Cehack Grenade Launcher a weapon he affectionately called White Doll was charged and ready for action. A simple shoot that entered through one of the upper windows and as Falken turned around the building exploded and the shockwave shook his coat as he left – Mission Accomplished.-

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Stasis was quite impressed by the sheer might of this beast. "How about me I'm not even human?" Stasis asked jokingly as he danced around the tornado. His speed was what he needed to keep the upper hand in this kind of fight. He thrust his palm out forward then shot a blast of yellow energy at the tornado and used his other hand to shoot a blast of red energy at Arashi. He gave a nodd of acknowledgment to the other two people there and just waited for what ever as his hair billowed in the wind. and his eyes steeled into a warrior's glare. "Come on," he muttered to himself as he set himself into a defensive fighting position.

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Taylor formed two Bookmaker screws, one in each hand, and tossed them towards the backs of the angel and the girl. They wouldn't kill, wouldn't even bleed. Instead, they would drag the two of them down to his mere physical level.

He made sure to erase his own aura while he did so. They wouldn't see it coming, he had less presence than a shrubbery now.

Granted, no one would ever pay attention to him unless he wanted it, but that was irrelevant.

He didn't want these two from getting in his way.

Taylor walked up to the massive tengu and wrapped his arms around its feet.

[ KITTY! ]

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Before Alice stood a giant Tengu like being, probably the one called "Lord Arashi". Next to her was a young man and just behind her a little kid. She couldn't care about those two right now even though they gave out a fair amount of supernatural energy as well. The Tengu Lord, launches an attack, a little bit like the one that the Tengu Leader used against her a while back but clearly on a different level. The man to her right dodged the tornado with blinding speed while using attacks of his own.

Alice didn't have any fancy balls of lightning to use for defense or offense and she didn't feel like moving from the spot either. Luckily for her, she had no need for either of those to avoiding the blast of wind and thunder. A fast slash with her sword and the wind in front of her calms down, like the sea after a storm.

She was about to dash towards the one who had caused the destructive shifting of the air currents, Lord Arashi, but she quickly shifts her dash into a fast spin to cut down a threat from behind. It was a screw, a rather large one. "That boy-" Alice starts speaking out her thought but stops. Perhaps paying no attention to him wasn't a good idea. If this was some casual mission she was on, she'd case down whoever had the nerves to attack her while she was about to face her primary prey and skin them alive. But right now the enormous bird-like god took priority so she'd let it pass this one time only.

She turns around and focuses on the Tengu Lord again. "Hey Feather-Face, how about i slowly rip the flesh from your bones?" she has her signature grin on again, as she tries to get Arashi's attention.

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Arashi roared as his attacks failed. The Tengu King couldn’t believe three humans could avoid them so easily, so he sniffed their air with predatory mannerisms. The one who used energy attacks wasn’t human, he was a stinking servant of the Westerners God, and the woman on the side had a strange aura that cut any of his mental intrusions. And the third one wasn’t there, at least not in Aura. Arashi used the wind to detect him, the same wind that swirled around him and protected him from Stasis Red Blast by diffusing it and absorbing it. Taylor was under him trying to grab him, but the moment the Screw Master grabbed him a powerful current of electricity ran through the Tengu King feathery hide with the objective of kicking away Taylor with sheer power. The second he said - Kitty. - was the second he was attacked with lighting. Arashi replied to the other two. –I’M THE STORM ITSELF, NO SERVANT OF THE WESTERN GOD OR WOMAN CAN SLASH ME DOWN. SURRENDER MORTALS AND I’LL GIVE YOU A QUICK DEATH.- With that said, his body swirled with the wind and the massive deity turned into an even bigger Tornado as the storm that boomed over Tokyo only increased it’s intensity.

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Taylor screamed as the lightning scorched his flesh, but was able to slam a screw into the ground and stretch it high into the air, growing even higher than Arashi's head.

It was a perfect lightning rod. Lightning would be drawn to it and earth itself harmlessly. As long as he stayed below it, he would be safe from any more lightning bolts.

As it happened, Taylor was stood atop the screws, holding a massive bookmaker screw against the wind and then swung it down, spinning it so it would pierce the head.

Arashi would not see it coming. Taylor had erased his own presence. If you couldn't see him, you'd probably even forget he existed in the first place.

He was nobody.

Less than an ant under the storm's wrath.

But this bookmaker screw would bring Arashi lower than the dust under the ant's feet.


Taylor stabbed downwards.

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@taylor: @Kuro_San: Stasis was caught unaware of the screws till they hit him directly in the back. Though thankfully the screw bounced harmlessly off his sword and fell to the ground uselessly. He stumbled a few steps, but was able to catch his balance. He reached down and picked up the screw and threw it at a tengu that was flying by. The screw was way off target and went flying into space. He could feel a growing dark aura off to the side of him, he turned his head and saw that it was the girl. He held his hands out to Arashi to signal a time out then placed his right hand in front of him. Magically his bike appeared in front of him in a flash of light. The bike was jet black and it had a old brown bag on the side. He walked up to the bag and grabbed a skin tight sleeveless black shirt with holes in the back of them. He took off his jacket and shirt and put them in the bag. He then proceeded to put on the shirt he had just took out of his bag. He walked his bike to a safe spot away from the fight then rejoined the fight ignoring any weird stares he got by his casual way of just changing in the middle of a fight. He drew he blade and fed some energy into it to increase its cutting power. He hopped into the air disappearing like a flash of light then appeared above Arashi bringing his sword down at him in a powerful slice.

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Alice runs towards the Tengu Lord. Not only did she dash off with her own incredible speed but she was also pulled in by the creature's now tornado-like body. Ironically, despite not being a good team-player Alice, together with the two other present, managed to make something like a well-thought through formation, with the young man and boy attack from above while Alice would strike at the legs.

But her aim weren't the legs, at least not yet. What she aimed for first were the most obvious supernatural aspect of her enemy. When she came close enough to strike her opponent, she slashes her katana to the right with speed matching the lighting striking from all sides, again only using on arm as her other was still disable from the previous fight with the blade siblings.

The cut would stop the swirling of the deity's body, ending it's tornado-like appearance and forcing it back into the more humanoid-bird hybrid like body.

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The mix match of individuals forming a rag-tag group against this common treat that was about to level the whole Tokyo Metropolitan Area sprung to action, Taylor the Eternal Loser managed to overcome the Tengu King Powerful electric discharge and even more he further cloaked his own existence to be completely undetected by Arashi, who thought he was turned to dust by his mastery of the Storm. The Angel of Balance known as Stasis overcame the powerful attacks launched by the Eastern Deity and tried to slash him with his blade imbued in Divine Energy. Against a regular Tengu this would been lethal, but Arashi was in a completely different weight class than his subordinates and even more, with his current Wind Form that in other Tengu made them more susceptible to Stasis Divine Wavelength, the King of the Tengu was shielded by the powers of the Storms, gained after obtaining a piece of the fabled Inazuma-No-Tsurugi from a Demon that stole it from the Mayor God of Storms, Susanoo. Thus Stasis attack wasn’t effective. Alice was the last one to react, yet her speed and skill, not to mention her peculiar philosophy made her the most effective. Her sword shined with the same hunger for supernatural suffering her eyes showed and as a blade of wind coming out of the Tornado Mode of Arashi reached her, she slashed with complete confidence in her beliefs. All of them attacked and the Lord Tengu roared enraged.

As the Screw Taylor tried to pierce flew aimlessly in the Wind Current, Arashi shouted – FOOLS! YOU CANNOT PIERCE THE WINDS! - After Stasis attack he shouted again –YOU CANNOT STRIKE THE STORM!- and last but not least he started boasting after receiving Alice attack but he couldn’t end the sentence –AND YOU CANNOT SLICE ME! RAAARGH!- The Tengu King roared in pain and talked with surprise and shock imprinted on his voice -…..NO, IT CANNOT BE!- almost as an infection the strange power imbued in Alice attacks started to extend through the Wind Form of Arashi, like cracks in glass. The wind stopped, so did the rain and the lighting. In the center of the destruction left by the Tornado, Arashi stood up back into his physical form, now incapable of summoning his powers over the weather. –YOU WHORE! IMPUDENT HUMAN! HOW DARE YOU TO REMOVE ME FROM MY BIRTHRIGHT! I EXISTED SINCE THE DAWN OF THIS WORLD AND YOU A PITYFULL SACK OF MEAT THAT SHOULD OBEY MY RULE WITHOUT RESISTANCE MANAGE TO WOUND ME! HOW!? HOW CAN SOMEBODY LIKE YOU EXIST!- The mighty deity punched the floor in frustration with his hand, causing the crater where he was standing to crack. –I WILL DESTROY YOU FOR THIS! YOU AND YOUR PITYFUL RACE WILL NOT BE SPARED!- For a second he convulsed violently only to suddenly stop. His body was larger, his feathers grew thicker and even harder when each one was already even harder than steel.

His wingspan was about a city block and when he opened his wings a current of wind lifted up clouds of dust and small debris. –YOU WONT SEE ANOTHER DAY DAWN! NOT YOU, NOT YOUR COMRADE ANGEL HERE!- The King moved forward with such force and ferocity that can only be classified not as a rush, but a frenzied rage. The sound barrier was broken and his body accelerated to ridiculous speed for such size. With his claws up front he went for the kill aiming at Alice.

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Taylor peeled his crumpled frame from the ground and addressed Arashi

As soon as these words escaped Taylor's lip's, thousands of curving, giant screws rose to pierce, penetrate, and subdue Arashi. Many curved over him, forming a massive net of metal as many Book maker screws moved in to pierce the lord Tengu,




Taylor smirked, watching as screws burst from the other screws. A spiders web of metal to debilitate and enfeeble any opponent.

There was only one person who could get up after an attack like that.

And he was the one behind it.

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@Kuro_San: @taylor: @Shadowchaos:

The Tengu Lord was in a frenzy, and to her delight, it was because of Alice herself. Normally causing so much anger in her enemy would fill her with glee and she'd continue teasing and insulting them based on that. But right now she was in her own kind of frenzy, probably surpassing the Tengu's own. I her current state of ecstasy she couldn't waste any time on talking, bloodshed was the only thing on her mind.

Her enemy dashes at her with an impressive speed, though his size worked against him in this clash. Alice jumps into the air as he approaches and slides her blade across his outstretched claw, cutting deep into the steel like material. After that she elegantly glides over his shoulder landing behind him with no damage sustained.

Just as before, it was a strange, unintentional combo attack as Taylor had created his deadly net of screws just after Alice and Arashi passed each other and now the Bird-like Lord had to face a very special kind of cage.

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@taylor: @ReliusClover: @Kuro_San: Stasis was sent flying by the transformation of the King Tengu. He was thrown into a building where he layed sprawled flat on his back. He hopped onto his feet with a vein throbbing on his head. "alright when I kill you I am going to cook you into fried chicken " he yelled as a burst of dark energy destroyed the building he was in. A massive killer intent filled the city at the same time as the surge of dark energy. The smoke settled from the destroyed building and there was Stasis in his dark angel form. His features were slightly more darker with his eyes sharper and a darker blue and his hair a bit spikier. The dark energy faded along with the killer intent as all the effects of the transformation disappeared except the transformation itself. He wiped some blood from his mouth and glared at his opponent. "My turn to show you my transformation, and let me just say mine is more dangerous," he mocked his voice now had a over confident edge to it almost as if challenging everybody to come and fight him. He brought both his hands out infront of him and charge a large ball of crimson energy. He fired the energy at Arashi he was done playing around he just wanted the creature to die. He now realized this creature would not stop with just Earth. No sword play was going to end this so he was bringing the big guns. He took off at a breath taking speed and landed beside Alice. "Here borrow my sword and hold this beast off for five minutes I have a plan to take him down once and for all," He said as he stuck his sword into the ground then took off flying high into the air. Once he was in the air he raised his hands high above his head. He started glowing bright blue red orbs started flowing out of him into a crimson sphere.

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Arashi rage was legendary; armies in the ancient times avoided his domains in the forest so they could live to see the sun of another day. But much has changed since the ancient times were the Deities ruled over Japan or the world, as humanity advanced in power and wisdom, as well the changes created by the surge of people with clearly inhuman skills and powers. The Tengu Lord miscalculated the human evolution and for that not even his might would save him. The power over the Storms he boasted about was sealed, only his incredible physical power remained, yet not even he could survive what he received for his threats. The moment he started charging was the last moment of his long life, as Talyor used his powers to summon a massive amount of Screws that pierced through the Tengu King feathery hide and stopped him in his tracks, piercing his millenary flesh with the manifestation of the Eternal Loser powers in the material plane. –IMPUDENT HUMAN! RELEASE THIS BOUNDS OUR FACE MY WRATH! I WONT BE CAGED BY A INFERIOR BEING!- The Tengu King voice had lost a lot of his power as his blood slowly dripped to the floor creating small patches of grass and vegetation wherever it felt.

The seal of his powers stopped the Wind he created, but a chilly winter gale passed through the ruined battlefield. The Tengu tried to finalize his attack by swinging his arm against the woman that enraged him, but thanks to Alice skills and Taylor attack his strength was diminished thus his attack was easily avoided and counteracted as the Fiction Cutter slashed through his whole arm, splitting it into two halves. –ROOOOOAAAAARGH!- Arashi screamed in pain as blood gushed out of his bifurcated limb that he flayed around with each convulsion out of the incredible amount of pain and punishment he was receiving. The Tengu Lord Essence grew weak and his physical form started to dissipate slowly turning into a mist-like entity, while the screams and grunts of pain dissipating as well. But our ragtag bunch of misfits that joined against him didn’t stop in their offensive and in a finishing move, Stasis the Angel of Balance created a massive amount of energy attacks that rained upon the already wounded Tengu King, creating dozens of detonations that destroyed the powerful deity once and for all. As his essence purified and turned into specks of light, the first rays of dawn shined upon the whole City of Tokyo and the battlefield, soaked in Arashi’s blood was now a patch of forest in the middle of the city.

The main battle had stopped hours ago and the Sangumi was defeated by Mangetsu. The mysterious Mountain Cleaver left the scene breaking through the Iron Eagles already exhausted troops. Falken Degiraz left from the scene with a bitter taste in his mouth, even if he took any job for money, that didn’t meant that he liked some of the contracts he had. This one was one of those contracts. He had troubles killing Shogun, the Sangumi leader, as the stubborn Yakuza just didn’t wanted to fall. Falken asked himself how would it feel to fight for something else than money, but as he entered his office he quickly dismissed that notion, he had work to do. In Osaka, Usso Namae leaved the reception and party of the Japanese Industrialist Party after a long evening of political chatter and promises. The charismatic entrepreneur demeanor shifted seconds after entering the car, and his warm and gentle smile was replaced for the lack of any emotion. The cold eyes of Kuro-san looked at the data from the fight and instantly started to plot and strategize. He grabbed the phone and through an impenetrable network of communication, known as Yami, the Emperor of Crime in Japan contacted one of his trusted subordinates. –Doctor Shishido, it seems the results of the Shinjuku Affair were exactly what we were expecting, sans the mystical interference. We should start with the Shoku plan, I’ll contact Mr Degiraz to get the raw materials from Scotland.- Kuro-san hanged the phone and smiled coldly. –If this night showed me something is that a brand new world started, so adapting and evolving is the only course of action… kukukuku…- The Yakuza King laughed creepily as the shadows covered his face. – In the end I’ll fulfill my goal…. And my full moon while shine once again.-

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@Kuro_San: @ReliusClover: @taylor: Stasis laughed as he landed onto the ground. He landed with his knees panting. "It's over,"he said as his wings disappeared and his features returned to normal. His rage was over, and he wasn't sure honestly why he had decided to use that attack it was such a over kill he could have used a weaker one. He fell flat onto his face and used the last of his strength to open up a portal to the Angel World where he could recover his energy and hopefully rest without some weird creature trying to attack him. As he disappeared into the portal his sword and motorcycle turned into light particles and disappeared.

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