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@Kuro_San: Abyss just laughed like a madman at the woman. His transformation had taken full effect now and he could feel his sanity vanish all together. He could see visions of his past swarming through his eyes building up his darkness. " One little dead corpse sitting on a wall, fifty more join it by the end of fall," he sang madly not even paying attention to the woman now. The tattoo began to slowly cover his entire body a inch at a time. Though even with this strange event he continued his madness. His shadow energy kept the same circle around him with several whips striking the air on their own accord. They appeard as if he had no control over them and the seemed to be constantly pulling off his energy. Then suddely he turned and faced the woman but his face was poised into a curios face instead of the mad or frightened face that would be expected of the situation. "You said you were working for someone right," he asked with a the face of a kid in a candy store. "How about we end this fight and you take me to your boss and I help you, I would love the chance to kill someone and plus rent is coming up," he explained faking letting go of his transformation but really forcing the energy level down and forcing the tattoo under his shirt. He knew this would be the most interesting way to go unless he wanted to let the shadows take over his body.

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@Kuro_San: Stasis glared at the approaching attack aand jumped into the sky just barely able to dodge it. The attack had hit him slightly and he was knocked off balance by the explosion and had to catch his balance in the air. He knew he had to end the fight now or they might become a problem so he prepared his energy to end the fight in a instant. "Look no hard feelings but I have to end this battle now," he said putting both his arms out in front of him. He focused his senses on the tengu and moved his arms in a fast motion. He stopped his arms in the same position as they started and fiver yellow orbs popped into existence. "take this energy seeking blasts," he yelled. The blasts shown brightly like small deities before flying at their respective targets. The blasts would continue chasing them till they hit them and there was enough that if they destroyed some the others would get them in their distraction. He landed gracefully on the ground beside his discarded shirt and jacket and returned his wings and put the clothing back on. He sheathed his sword and strapped the sheath to his back and went back on his way as if the battle had only been a pit stop

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Taylor looked at the vampire, spreading his hands innocently, even the one holding the enormous screw that was still in his hand.


He smiled innocently.




Taylor picked up the collection tin and began walking towards the gunman.






Taylor jingled the collection tin into NUmber 2's face.



At this point, Taylor was so close, the gun would take his head off at point blank range.

Regardless, he pushed the collection tin into the vampire's face, obscuring his vision, as he scooped down low and thrust the massive screw towards Number 2's stomach.

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Alice was taking step after step, becoming a bit faster with each one. She could feel it, a city-block at most was separating her from the source of the out-of-this-worldly aura. Whatever it was, Alice would face it in a matter of minutes. She takes a step around the corner. Her eyes are shining with excitement and she has a grin of expectation on her face. She already raised her knife, ready to cut anything that has caused her to feel this kind of ecstasy.

But her face quickly shifts into disappointment and her usual bored expression. Before her were two persons, man and woman. Both seemed to be armed and gave off a threatening aura off, but Alice didn't really care. They didn't trigger her Jougan in the slightest, not even her own natural instinct did react, her feelings where completely dead in regard to those two. With that in mind, the obvious conclusion was that they were human.

"And who the hell are you two supposed to be?"

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-Sorry sweetie, but I don’t like partnering up with guys so weak.- Wasp was now lying in her side while floating 3 mts away from Abyss, a lot of the energy that emanated from the Master of Darkness was absorbed by the Number third Bullet Trick, “Stairway to Heaven”, thus this strengthen the filaments and made them sharper than before, capable of cutting through steel like a knife through warm butter. The more Abyss moved or tried to use his mysterious energy the stronger and sharper would the cage holding him become. Wasp kept her guard and her distance, as the goggles she used allowed her to perceive the power lurking inside of Abyss rather than vanishing. –So sweetie, please leave or I’ll kill you and one of my little comrades will grab your body, eat it and then use your bones as decoration for that dreadful armor of his.- Wasp was talking about Demon, that generally cannibalized his targets, as according to him, he gained their strength, the bones thing was more a style decision. The 4th Number was ready, if Abyss decided to move Stairway to Heaven would rip him apart, and the more he tried to escape or struggle the stronger the filaments would become, right now capable of holding at least 10 tons each, making this Bullet Trick the perfect prison for a berserkering foe, just like Abyss already become.

The Tengu flied away, trying in vain to avoid being hit by the incoming attacks yet the energy blasts followed them like a bloodhound follows its quarry. In equally gory explosions the blasts got inside the deities and made them blow up from inside, the wet and disgusting sound of his bodies being torn was accompanied by their painful screams that filled the air with eerie horror. Blood splattered feather fell behind Stasis as he left walking the scene. As he started to move, somebody else, thanks to sphere like drones outfitted with cameras, pinpointed his location. A man dressed in black clothes and sporting a cowboy hat jumped from a fire escape right in front of Stasis, he carried to massive handguns and behind him, handing from chains and straps a coffin like object. With both guns aiming at the Angel the man talked. –Who’re you? What side are you on? Answer or Ray and Aznable will blow your head off. - This man in front of Stasis, that called his gun by names, was no other than Falken Degiraz, mercenary extraordinary, working for the Yakuza Sangumi Alliance. Better known for his nicknames, Twin Barreled Angel of Death, the Midnight Gunslinger and the Greatest Soldier you never heard off. Thanks to an array of skills, cybernetic implants and self-made weapons Falken ranked as one of the best marksman and mercenaries in the world, resuming and man not to be trifled with.

Western Vampire glanced at Taylor, surprised that his King of Oddities presence didn’t destroy the young teen mind. He didn’t show that shock, as his face was still a mask of grim hate and his eyes two sinister voids. The 2 Number didn’t move as he examined Taylor. In all accounts the Wicked Teen seemed to be regular, no, even less than regular, plain. But as a King of Oddities Western Vampire new that something was wrong. Nobody lives as much as the Bloody Gunslinger without gaining wisdom, insight and some sort of sixth sense about danger. The 2 Number knew that he could beat him and he clearly thought that he should do so, to teach this young man some respect, but something told him that he wouldn’t leave this battle in one piece, a disgusting feeling, not as powerful, ancient and deep as what he could project, but the main problem is that it was different. This silent impasse only lasted for a couple of seconds, but that more than enough time for the Bloody Gunslinger to decide that fighting Taylor wouldn’t bring any pleasure to him, or serve him in any way. With his great and long no-life experience Vampire knew something, there were those who fought following their virtues, those who fought according to their vices and then the small group of those who didn’t had a reason but chaos. Taylor was one of them, so in all the wisdom of a King of Oddities, he just got his hand into his pocket, took 30 dollars and placed it in the collect pool. –Goodbye youngling.- And with that he melt into the shadows once again vanishing into the night.

-How sad, how sad, the woman that Lord Arashi wants dead doesn’t knows our names…- Zan talked while cleaning the tears from his cheeks. –How amusing, how amusing, brother this girl made you cry, should I fish her guts out?- Aoi talked without even looking at Alice, as if she wasn’t here. Zan, the Weeping Blade carried a katana strapped to his belt, the blade name was “Musei Naku” (Silent Sorrow) forged in a secret alloy known only by his family, the “Shinkuu Kurogane” (Void Steel). His sister Aoi had a simple white bag that was hang by several straps in her back, inside hundreds of blades, made of the same special material than the ones of his brother, but in less concentration, a variant of the alloy known as “Nagareboshi Kurogane” (Meteoric Steel) hinting the origin of this alloy duress and lightweight. Her swords were called “Odoru Kagidzume” (Dancing Claws). Zan took the task of making the introduction. –How sorrowful, How sorrowful, would be for you to die without knowing our names.- Once again he cleaned the tears running down his face. –This is my beloved sister Aoi Yowamushi, and I’m Zan Yowamushi, it’s a pleasure to meet you in this perfect night, as you’ll serve as our gift for Lord Arashi.- Zan bowed as he spoke, while his sister continued. –How fun, How fun, will be to cut you open and clean your organs so our Lord Arashi can feed on your flesh and chew your bones.- She smiled and bowed and then both silbings stood up with a smile void of any happiness or feelings whatsoever. In unison both talked. –How Sad/Amusing, How Sad/Amusing, shall we start the fight? - Both took a stance, Zan prepared for an Iai, and Aoi placing the package she carried in the street just in front of her

As the events progressed out the battlefield, the Numbers and the Mangetsu troops showed their clear advantage over the ill equipped and poorly trained Sangumi, fighting spirit was more than enough for them to fight as equals to a superior enemy up until now, but their body couldn’t keep on with their will. All of them were wounded and could barely fight, all but one. Ichigan Nagare kept pushing through the pain, his fist based style of Karate destroying the opponents around him and even trashing a tank. Each of his blows shattered the concrete under him and the shockwave of his fists broke the windows of the park near the station, the epicenter of the combat. –Come on bastards! Bring it on! I’ll murder ya! - He roared as his fist broke armor, flesh, muscle, organs and bones with equal expertise. A red aura glowed around him as his Fighting Spirit manifested around him. He was one of the Spirit Boxers, as the secretive federation was the only fighting tournament or league that allowed him to fight after the events 5 years ago. In a tournament in Kyoto he decided to participate after living for 10 years in the mountains, he left school and decided to train. Nobody expected how powerful he became and after his first match ended up sending his opponent to the hospital in a very straightforward manner, as the hospital was only a couple of blocks away and that was the distance he threw the other fighter, he was banned. But thanks to a inside tip he found this group and after learning their ways he started fighting. He found opponents stronger than him and that pumped him. But his trip through memory lane was interrupted by reality as Southern Demon; the armored 3 Number was rushing against him. The Karate Master Spirit coated hand and the Unholy Blade of the Corrupted Warrior clashed causing a shockwave that made the trees fall. -This would be a bloody bout. PERFECT!- That thought passed through the mind of both warriors as their faces turned into blood hungry grins

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@Kuro_San: Stasis looked at the new comer with a weary eye but could tell if needed he could more then likely handle him. "I am on no side I just felt a dark power and came to investigate. More over I help the weak so if I had to help a side it would be on the side that is defending. Also I can tell you would much rather have me help you then have to fight me seeing as how you are reacting." Stasis explained reading the emotions of the entire city. Which was one of his specialties which was a technique that didn't really leave any sign as being done nor did it bother any mental defenses. "Though if I had to guess one of the dark energies I sensed is about to go super nova," Stasis said jerking his head over to where he could feel a large gathering of shadow energy. Stasis looked at the man infront of him and gave a genuine smile which didn't fit into the situation he was in, but still looked normal on his face. "How about you take me to your leader and let me see if I can give you guys a hand with this problem," he said gesturing to his sword and allowing a bit of his energy to spike.

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@Kuro_San: Abyss looked at the woman and broke into an insane laughter as his energy died completely and he left the form. "You know my powered up state has one major flaw, it makes it so I lose the ability to control my energy hence the tentacles, but I know a way to power up my shadow energy and lets just say it will be a very explosive end for both of us," Abyss said in the rants of a madman or was it the finals moments of a man about to die. Suddenly a purple dome surrounded him and he started screaming in pain. Though the screams eventually turned to the laughs of a man who had completely lost every ounce of his mind. The just as it began it stopped he quieted and the dome disappeared. He stood there completely still with his eyes clothes blocked out to the world with a faint purple aura around him. He opened them wide and the pupils and everythign was gone and was replaced by pure black. Blackness that was the gateway to a persons true soul. He rushed forward ignoring the pain that was inflicted upon him like a man possessed. One thing was going through his head as he attacked, if he was going down he wasn't going to be killed like a weakling. He was right under the woman when he exploded in a huge explosion of shadow energy that decimated the area around him and opened up a portal that swallowed the bits and pieces of his corpse whole.

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@Kuro_San: The screw vanished as the vampire put the money into the jar.


Taylor waved excitedly at the man as he walked away.

Leaving it at that, he turned around, back to the skewered bodies of the tengu. He considered removing the metal spikes, but that was when a tank burst through the trees and rolled over them.

Not even his all fiction could undo that one.

He shrugged, walking through the hole in the wall of flora, seeing a large boxer fight against multiple Mangetsu soldiers.

Anything that could cause a tank to fly like that had to be interesting.

Taylor dropped a large screw through a foot of a passing Sangumi, stopping his assault and pinning him to his spot.



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@Kuro_San: @Masterofdeath: @taylor: @Shadowchaos:

Alice "listens" to what the man is saying, which means she is playing around with her knife while waiting for him to stop the pointless talk. In the end all that she heard was "Lord Arashi" as well as the fact that those two were looking for a fight. The name stuck in her head because it sounded like it could be the name of whatever she was after right now. On the other hand to second part she actually heard was annoying to say the very least. Those two were humans, under normal conditions Alice would fight them gladly as a way of "having fun", but right now there was something much bigger waiting for her and she already wasted time on the bird-men from before.

She takes a step forward "So, you want to fight me eh? You sure you can't just let me pass?" she says it with a grin, yet with a serious tone as if making a plea of request. Seeing that the two of them have already prepared and have no intention of letting her go she takes up a fighting stance as well, extending her arm holding the knife.

"What a pain in the ass." a comment made while preparing to intercept the attacks the duo makes, she wanted to gauge their power first, before acting herself.

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-I think I won’t take you to my hirer as you seem to be a bit lost here, maybe drunk or perhaps something more.- Falken face was stern and cold, like if a slab of steel was the material his body was sculpted on. –Dark Energies? I think you drank a little bit too much before coming here, a gang war is starting to happen and you talk about mystical non-sense? Are you dense or just an idiot? This is a goddamn war.- The sensorial enhancements that allowed the Twin Barreled Angel of Death to perceive energy signatures and other useful frequencies picked up the energy generated by Stasis, finding it unknown and unclassifiable. This fact puzzled the Mercenary, but he didn’t let that fact slip through and show in his face, thanks to years of discipline and mental training. With his guns style up high Falken Degiraz was thinking about if he should or shouldn’t shoot, but as he meditates upon that a flock of 6 Tengu descended from the sky with their weapons up high. They followed the mystical trail left by Stasis after fighting with the others. –Mangetsu weird science freaks !? Fuck Kuro-san and his fancy technology I’m going to pop them full of holes!- With that “Battlecry” Falken jumped to the sidewalk as his two guns shoot high speed bullets. He took cover in an alleyway, as half the flock followed him and the other attacked Stasis with ferocious roars. This Tengu were better fighters than the two sentries he killed before, so the Angel would have difficulties to face them.

-Oh sweetie, you had to do it, didn’t you? Weak guys are the ones that get pissed the most when you tell them the truth about their futility.- The massive explosion of energy was drank by “Stairway to Heaven” like a sponge taking water. The filaments that surrounded Abyss were know visible, shifting around the Devilish Warrior as live cobweb. Now, thanks to Abyss complete and utter ignorance, even after being warned by Wasp, the filaments were at least a hundred times stronger than steel and as sharp as they could get. –Sorry Sweetie, but I got a serious job to do, so bye-bye, I hope you don’t die after this.- Wasp jumped off the rooftop with a single strand of filament attached to the armor. The sudden weight pulled all the filaments towards Abyss that if didn’t find a way to avoid it or block it would be turned into slices.

The Sangumi army was losing and Makoto “Kintora” Tsubasa member of the forces was starting to feel hopeless. This young yakuza, that once led a clan in Hokkaido had to flee to Tokyo and search for some relatives for protection, better said he was sent to Tokyo by his grandfather, the former clan leader. He knocked him out and sent him with two of his loyal friends to seek refuge, while he and the rest of the clan perished in one of the earliest battles of this secret war between warring underworld factions. He fought and fought in each city the monster-like organization Mangetsu conquered, but to no avail, his effort only brought pain and sorrow to himself. As the battle grew cruder and more violent his fear and desperation started to reach their peak, yet he found a hope, a weird guy joined the forces and rejected all weapons to fight barehanded. Hours ago the rest of the group laughed at him, now they joined him in one of the last fortified positions, he was a monster of man, and in complete admiration Kintora didn’t checked his surroundings, so when the pain suddenly climbed through his leg, emanating from his foot, he thought he was shot, but he noticed the screw through his shoe and foot and roared in pain as he fell like a limp doll. A young man asked him a question, and even through the pain he felt, something compelled him to answer. –Arrrghhh! Goddammit! We’re losing you stupid bastard! We’re fucking losing!-

-How sad, How sad, it seems you want us to start…- Zan said as he moved his hand and gripped the hilt of Musei Naku. – How amusing, How amusing, girly wants us to kill her.- Aoi pulled her hands up and almost as if they were floating the hundreds of blades moved to the air, suspended without moving. Strong and thin cables made of the same alloy that their gear connected the swords to Aoi fingers, allowing her to control 20 blades per finger. The older brother rushed forward, but his way of doing so was odd. He moved forward but his body and feet moved as if he was running backwards, tilting his chest and moving like hopping, his footwork Tsukisanpo, allowed him to take full use of his Iai techniques, reputed to be able to cut the raindrops around him in a storm allowing him to walk dry through a torrential rain. His movements were as fluid and fast as the tears flowing through his cheeks like an uncontrolled stream, he aimed to pass besides Alice at sound speed and decapitate her. Meanwhile the placid face of Aoi turned into a sinister mask of demented bloodlust as she moved her hands like a Maestro directing an orchestra, and all the places were his brother wouldn’t move through were suddenly covered with swords directed towards the Fiction Cutter

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@Kuro_San: The pain vanished from Kintora's foot as the screw vanished, not even leaving a mark in the shoe behind.

[ I SEE ]


Taylor walked out into the fray, juggling a large screw as he walked.


Taylor thought this through, then made a decision.


Stepping onto a small concrete wall, the asphalt on the road began to sizzle, then slide about with every soldier's footstep.

Boots began to sink down and get stuck in the black mess, and exposed skin was burnt by the intense heat.

Taylor had used his All Fiction to erase the cooling of the asphalt on this street.

Of course, asphalt would still harden, trapping everyone in their place.

In fact, it already was.

For it not to do that would require Taylor to erase the concept of asphalt solidifying altogether.

And that would mean no planes.

So, Taylor held himself back, waiting for the soldiers of both armies to realise what had happened before charging in and slamming screws into everyone's torsos.

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@Kuro_San: Stasis looked at the tengu with a quizzical face. "Do you think I had something to do with those blood stains?" he asked trying to get on their nerves. Stasis knew he was barely able to play with the other two before killing them so he knew he would have to try at least a bit on these six. Not even bothering to get into release his wings he got into a offensive stance and the pavement beneath him cracked a bit at the quickness and the force of the movements. His bones popped slightly and his light blue eyes darkened to the eyes of a trained master. Just as a show of power he teleported his sword from his case to his hand and swung it in a mighty swing that destroyed every window on the street. He gave the creatures a look to tell them to attack and set his eyes back into the stern glare.

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@Kuro_San: Abyss looked winded from going all out but he still had a few tricks left. As the attack came to him he unleashed his last ditch move. Using all his brain power he counted each and every filament and noted their position. "Alright all or nothing," he said turning the exact spots on his body that would be hit into shadows and was spared the brunt of the attack but a few still got him bringing him to his knees clutching his bleeding wounds. He stood up carefully and almost fell as his leg had begun to turn completely into shadows. He hopped up onto his good foot and dashed forward preparing a powerful punch that he had taken down plenty of gangs with. "Here I come!" he yelled throwing his fist forward but before the fist could connect he disappeared into the thin wispy shadows.

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@Kuro_San: @Masterofdeath: @taylor: @Shadowchaos:

A coordinate attack made by brother and sister. The brother dashes towards Alice, while the sister keeps her distance and unleashes a storm of blades.

Alice stays completely calm till the very last second and then moves herself. The two pass each other in a flash, a human wouldn't even notice that they had been in combat. Zan was standing behind Alice while she used the narrow path left by him to avoid the deadly swords unleashed by his sister. While Alice did execute a perfect guard against the attack using her knife, one could still see blood dripping down her left arm. It was not a flaw in her skill, but rather her personality and choice of weapon. Not only had she underestimated the pair but the length of her weapon was also the reason for her wound. While the knife did cross with the man's sword and repel a lethal strike it did not allow for a complete block and in the passing the tip Zan's sword had cut her left arm all the way to the bone.

On her face there are no signs of pain or anger over the wound. Instead a bloodthirsty grin appears. "Guess i went easy on you, Cry-Baby." She throws her knife at the woman now standing in front of her. The attack was certainly life-threatening and the throw was made with a lot of skill, but Alice never expected it to hit, nor did she aim for that. Instead she slowly draws out her katana and takes a stance. Because of the wound she would only be able to wield it with one hand, limiting her strength and power with it and while an handicap, for someone of her skill it wouldn't be impossible to deal with even dangerous situations in that state.

"I'll slaughter you..." she whispers, still loud enough for the siblings to hear, now that she has accepted them as worthy opponents.

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@taylor: @Shadowchaos:@VoidShiki:

In a split second most of the Mangetsu soldiers nearby had a screw coming through them, and the rest had the feet engulfed by asphalt. The Yakuza were trapped as well and also were attacked by the Wicked Teen. But a surprisingly big group of Iron Eagles was undamaged and even free from the asphalt that was turned into a trap by Taylor. They were the ones nearby to the 5 Number, codename Eastern Beetle, that was standing on one foot over a cut lamppost he used as a step to avoid the quicksand-like streets, the Mercenaries were thrown by him into anything with enough height to avoid the street sudden meltdown or thrown into the sidewalk, saving them from the fate of the others. Only ¼ of the Mercenaries were affected by Taylor Tactic, and Beetle with his particle blade shining brightly in the dark street, as most of the lamppost got swallowed by the street, so the bluish sword of energy seemed to be brighter. A curious sound, almost like an insect growl came from Beetle mask, and with only that as a signal, he rushed towards Taylor. Maybe rush isn’t the proper word for this, as you usually see somebody rushing towards you, in this case the moment anybody could see how he started his movements could also instantly spot Beetle in the other side of the battlefield, with only 5 steps in 50 mts leaving a clear imprint of his foot each time. The screws in the Mangetsu soldiers were cut and so did the asphalt around their legs, in that movement he didn’t only freed his subordinates but also attacked Taylor at least a dozen times with his sword, designed to split things at a cellular level with the intense and concentrated heat. Beetle ended up his movement standing once again in one foot, this time over a complete lamppost with his arms crossed and the turned off in his waist, he was giving his back to Taylor, sure of cutting the Minus Teen in pieces.

The show of power displayed by Stasis didn’t even faze the Tengu, Tatsu and Maki, to squad leaders as powerful as the already dead Fuuzaki, this team of minor deities was renowned in the Tengu ranks for their perfect teamwork. But the third one in their team, as the six Tengu divided in two groups to attack Falken that took cover in the alley and Stasis that stayed in the open, wasn’t as accomplished and powerful as the famous pair and after shrieking in fear he attempted to escape. Before he realized both Tengu using Katana cut him in four pieces with two perfectly coordinated diagonal slashes. The chunks of Tengu fell into the floor with a disgusting wet splashing sound dying the streets with the dark blood of this corrupted deity. Tatsu and Maki laughed at their kohai pathetic behavior and then taunted Stasis. –We won’t be scared by your cheap tricks Angel, and now is our turn to attack, prepare yourself for our most powerful attack!- With that the pair of Tengu dived downwards and circled around the Angel of Balance, creating a tornado of sharp kamaitachi-like wind around Stasis. – Fuushinkui: Nisei Kamaitachi (Wind Fusion: Twin Stars Razor Wind)- Unlike the lower class Tengu, Tatsu and Maki used the advanced form of Fuushinkui, turning themselves into the razor wind around Stasis, aiming to cut him down. The Tornado closed its top and started getting near to the Angel of Balance. Meanwhile Falken Degiraz used a fire escape as an acrobatic cover, jumping and spinning with coordination and grace that an Olympic athlete would envy, to avoid the attacks of the trio while getting their feathery hide full of holes, which unluckily didn’t seem to stop them for even a second.

Zan attack was parried but not completely, and Aoi slashes avoided. Brother and Sister had the same thought in their minds. –She is good, I better be careful- The Weeping Swordsman stopped his rush and used a modified Aikido Ukemi roll created for his swords style, this roll allowed instant 180 degree turn to face the enemy ready for another Iai, as the sword was sheathed during the roll. As he stood up tears rolled down his cheeks and he replied to Alice taunt. –How sad, how sad, that you don’t notice that I cry for you, Nami Amida Buda- He lifted his hand in front of his face as a prayer, using a Buddhist funeral chant. Alice attacked Aoi with a thrown knife, the Blade Puppeteer face was marked by her veins and nerves popping out her skin like branches of a tree. Her smile went from self-confident and arrogant to deranged the second she saw her attack being avoided by her opponent. As the knife came towards her, she only used a finger to move the blades and cut the knife into tiny pieces, while with the remaining fingers she attacked the moment Alice finished her line. – How amusing, How aMuSiNg! A wHoRe wAnTs tO pLaY!- As all of her swords went upwards like fireworks her voice turned from soft to crazy and all the blades in one hand seemed to have the strings tied in one point, a knot in the ¾ of the filaments, leaving the last quarter closer. The bundle of swords started spinning creating a pinwheel of destruction moving so fast that no blade could be seen. This makeshift giant saw moved at blinding speed against the Fiction Slayer, creating a massive rift in the street as all the blades chipped the asphalt in their way to Alice. The other 5 fingers attacked from the sides as the Saw falled from above. Zan retreat to a side, as he knew that once her sister losed it she wouldn’t recognize friend or foe. –eAt tHiS bItCh! aSuRa kAzAgUrUmA! (Asura’s Pinwheel).-

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Taylor coughed up blood, falling to his knees and desperately tried to scoop his lung off the floor and back into his chest.



He twisted the bottom from the coin case off, and the plastic container began to smoke.


But you didn't have to be an idiot to see how bad that lie was.

The coins would make effective shrapnel, and the disguised grenade would have enough force to take apart a car on its own.

Now to grab the Beetle's ankle and hold him down.

Reaching out, however, Taylor realised that Beetle was way out of reach, and decided that it would be easier for screws to burst from the lamppost and pierce the beetle's feet to nail him in place so he couldn't run from the bomb.


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@Kuro_San: Stasis was taken off guard by the way they attacked their ally, but was quickly able to recover his guards within seconds, but he lost his menacing aura. That attack came to him unexpected though so he was barely able to dodge it. At the last second he jumped away and like a flash he landed sitting down on a third floor building's window with his jacket only slightly ripped and a shallow cut on his cheek. "Not bad but your attack really doesn't work against someone with my speed" he said as the cut closed up on its own. He jumped down from the window and just got into a offensive fighting position. "Master now I will use one of your techniques" he muttered to himself just barely above a whisper as spiritual pressure began to build around the area. His muscles tightened and he got grounded in his position. "10,000 STRIKING PALMS!" he yelled thrusting his palms out ten thousand times each creating massive shock waves each able to completely punch holes in stones and still keep going. This was one of his favorite physical techniques by far mostly for the show he had better attacks but this just had several memories. This of course was a enhance version though. He was hoping to scare the tengu as he really did not want to kill them but if he had to he would. He finished the assault with a death glare filled with killer intent and waited for the dust to settle.

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"Hit a nerve, Hag?" an amount of smugness can be seen beneath Alice's bloodthirsty face. Having her opponents angered like this gave pleasure to Alice, nearly on the same level as the fighting a slaughter itself. What followed was an attack from two directions, skillfully executed by the Blade Dancer. A spinning curtain of steel was coming down from above, demolishing the asphalt stage while more blade were closing in from the side. No sane man would be enthusiastic when faced with a situation like this, yet the Fujiin daughter's smile just grew wider and wider. At this point she had forgotten about the wound the brother had inflicted upon her. Normally someone who wounded her would be considered a worthy opponent and she would face him and only him, but right now she didn't care. She wanted the female's head, after she had claimed all her other limbs that is.

Alice rolls down sliding beneath the descending blades. She quickly puts up her sword, cutting a few of the strings. The blades did not lose their momentum and two of them are sent flying on a perfect course towards the brother who had stepped aside when his sister started her rampage. The rest of the blade's that had their strings cut don't fly off. Alice had swiftly warped the strings around the fingers of her prosthetic hand. She swings the a few times on her own so that they don't lose their speed and continue their movement and then releases them from her grip. They are directed towards the other set of blades coming from the side. A clash of metal can be heard and the blade counter each other out falling to the ground.

In the meantime Alice had already fixed her eyes onto her target, the Master of Blade Puppets. Without a second spent on thought, she dashes off disappearing from her current location. What she used was Long Step, making the distance between her and Aoi zero. Alice appeared directly in front of her, and then she swings her blade. The slash was executed with lightning speed, though with just one hand. It was aimed at the girls left shoulder, aiming to cut off her arm.

"I'll make you scream Hag-bitch." Alice reuses the expression the girl had used for her, her teeth and fangs can clearly be seen as her eyes change to a bright blue color, pink rings around her pupils. Executioner of Fantasy was activated. It wasn't something she had done on purpose, nor did she have any need to do so, but something like that already happened in the past. Whenever Alice got excited her powers would activate, she probably wasn't even aware of it.

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Beetle leaned his head to the side showing his surprise silently, he was sure that he cut Taylor into pieces, but the Wicked Teen was not only intact but he was also attacking using a coin container and somehow turning it into a bomb. The moment danger was sensed all seemed to move at a snail’s pace for the 5 Number, if you had to characterize this generation with a single word, Beetle would be Speed, Wasp would be Skill, Demon Strength and Vampire Power, so akin to his characterization the Sword Wielding Number jumped with a perfect backflip the instant the tip of the screw barely touched the sole of his foot, with an amazing flip that would make a Kamen Rider proud he avoided the screw and then using the lamppost as trampoline he bounced further back, avoiding the high speed coin shrapnel, some got near him but with the same blinding and fluid speed of his movements he cut the coins in half with his sword, that seemed more to melt things rather than properly cutting them. Landing in the street softly almost like if he was floating the Number decided that more aggressive measures were needed to take one this opponent, the first in the whole night to take an attack from him without dying instantly, and he attacked Tanks before attacking Taylor, so that’s saying much. With his free hand he took the red orbs in his costume and let them down. The scarlet sphere crashed against the asphalt cracking it and creating three big craters. The one behind the head was blocking some strange cords, Beetle hair that seemed almost tentacle like, more like meat dreadlocks covered in spotted skin rather than proper hair. Beetle activated his Double Time and he showed his real speed by attacking Taylor from what seemed four different directions moving so fast that behind him a trail of after image was left and a barrage of attacks coming from each cardinal direction rained upon the Wicked Teen.

As powerful as they were Tatsu and Maki had a flaw in their strategy, once they started their attack they wouldn’t be able to stop as they didn’t even contemplate failing in their ultimate technique, but the reality hit them hard as Stasis avoided the attack with only minor injuries, still they were confident that in the Wind Fusion mode they wouldn’t be harmed by physical force, yet once again they failed to measure their opponent true power as Stasis released a powerful attack launching shockwaves of air pressure that killed them in matter of seconds as their wind form was dissipated by the might of the Angel of Balance. - We will be avenged! The Tengu Clans will hunt you down western fool!- Cursing the angel in their last moments both elite Tengu warriors vanished into the air as their very essence was torn asunder by Stasis attacks that were exactly what was needed to destroy their Wind forms immune to most bodily harm, but divine infused shockwaves were just too much for them to handle. Their deaths were broadcasted directly to Arashi that in a fit of rage punched the side of his prison and the powerful fury that burned inside him leaked out thanks to the walls between his domain and the material world being thinned down by the Sect. A lighting crossed the grey skies illuminating the whole city with a flash of bluish light, and then the wind and rain followed the booming of the Thunder that made the windows of every building vibrate. Heavy rain fell from the lead-like sky, the tears of rage from the Lord Tengu Arashi, tears spilled like the blood of his children. Falken Degiraz jumped through a hole in the wall caused by one of the Tengu he already taken care off and talked to Stasis. – Ok, I see your point about supernatural enemies now, follow me, I’ll take you to my hirer so you can inform him.- With that said the Mercenary nimbly descended the fire escape with Olympic like agility and moved towards the Yakuza HQ.

Aoi gasped in surprise as some of his blades strings were cut, but she recuperated quickly from the shock. The blades that flew against his brother were easily deflected by the skillful Iai master, landing into the nearby walls and piercing them like butter. Alice used the remaining unattached blade to block one of the side attacks as she rolled barely under the spinning dance of his blades. With incredible speed the Fiction Slayer managed to appear in front the Blade Puppeteer whose destiny seemed grim as all her blades were too far for her to bring them back, but instead of panicking like Alice surely waited her to do, a wolfish grin, as a predator glaring a prey would have plastered in her face, as the Fiction Slayer mode was activated, Aoi made a strange sway with her head and a choked sound came from her throat. Her tongue was turned backwards aiming at the back of her mouth and with a sudden snap she flicked it against her upper teeth and her secret weapon was visible, a hole in her tongue that had a blade held with a string came out with blinding speed directly against Alice face, and that wasn’t all, as in a studied movement, she used her swords that were at the back of the Fiction Slayer to increase her speed, piercing the asphalt and moving her hands backwards so she would be dragged by the strings, in a slingshot motion, trying to shorten the distance before Alice could slash her and aiming to her face with the tongue blade and to her solar plexus with both her knees trying to knee the air out of her opponent – Who are you calling hag you whore! I’m 29 years old!-

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Taylor was killed several times over by Beetle's blades at incredible speeds.

He opened his eyes in a classroom, covered in blood and leaning against a pile of tables and chairs.


 "Twice in one night huh?" The girl seated above Taylor's limp body asked. "Did you miss me that badly?"

And this was why Taylor did not like dying.

Getting to his feet, he began to walk out of the room, but the girl called him back.

"Here's a present." The girl said, tossing a heavy, metal gauntlet onto the floor next to Taylor, winking as she did so. "Bring me flowers next time you off yourself."

The strange young boy reached down, holding the glove, and smirked. 




Taylor rose to his feet, covered in wounds and bandaged, screws in his hand and covered in his own blood.

He looked directly at Beetle, and smiled maliciously.




And Taylor charged, bringing the screws into stabbing position, ready to drag Beetle down to his level.

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