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A man in front of a chessboard, a emotionless mask to hide his sorrow, black hair and black coat. Kuro-san was alone; he always was, since he started his crusade to become the most powerful men in the world. But maybe that was how anybody that only searched for power and influence would have to be. No friends or family, nobody but his right hand knew about his real face or personality. He just used masks to face the world. The gentle smile of Usso Namae, a Japanese entrepreneur and Billionaire owner of Garyuu Zaibatsu, a multi-national company that had links to every field, medicine, engineering, architecture and many more. Name it and possibly Garyuu was doing it, yet that amount of power wasn’t what Kuro-san looked for, he wanted total dominion over everything, maybe even over life and death. He was an enigmatic figure that started creeping his way over the whole Japanese criminal underworld, conquering Osaka after making a pact with the Aoki Minato, the self-named God of Gambling.

From that point on his fame and influence extended through the islands, and now the last remnants of the old criminal gangs held Tokyo as a fortress. Kuro-san was already being called the Yakuza Emperor, or the Lord of the Underworld, some even compared him to Oda Nobunaga. But most of them didn’t understood the real reach of Kuro-san, he knew the old ways and despised them, he knew that behaving like a Yakuza wouldn’t give him the power he needed, so he developed a more efficient criminal empire, one only known to the high tiers of the criminal underworld. There wasn’t a Mangetsu HQ, or Mangetsu members, his gang was akin to a empire, conquering the other gangs and joining them in but allowing them to keep their name, so for the authorities there wasn’t a change of management. The ones that reached to some partial truth were bought by Mangetsu or vanished from the face of Earth.

Kuro-san was finally preparing to take over Tokyo and thus conquering all Japan. The wheels had been put in motion for six months, slowly undermining the Sangumi Yakuza Alliance resources and members and setting up the crisis simulacrum about a nuclear blast of Tokyo, to get the streets cleaned from bystanders. He may be a heartless monster but Killing bystanders for fun wasn’t something he wanted to do, he was cold and calculating each thing he did was part of a bigger scheme. His troops were already on-route, he didn’t even need to be there each of them knew exactly what to do and where to attack. He was calculating that the battle would take two hours and the cleanup 3. He could stretch those five hours to a total of 12 if needed. He had a secondary plan prepared if anything strange comes out.

The troops were ready, squads of highly trained and highly equipped men and women ready to attack, mostly as foot soldiers, some in vehicles. Kuro-san planned to use them in a blitzkrieg like attack cutting the perimeter and destroying the enemy vehicles. He knew that with only this troops he could win, but he wanted them to despair and he wanted the word to spill out to the other criminal organizations across the world, if you put in Mangetsu’s path you’ll be exterminated. For that purpose he hired the Numbers a group of elite mercenaries of equal enigmatic nature as his, a group that only worked for an organization even more secret than Mangetsu, a group called the Altar of Bullets, said to be the driving force behind any conflicts since the introduction of gunpowder in Europe.

This was the 4th Generation of Numbers all of them known by a number, marking their status in the group and a codename that reveled something about them and their origin. They stood out in between the Regular troops dressed in midnight black body armor. There were Four numbers, 5, 4, 3 and 2, as the 1 Number was anybody that could defeat the other 4 in a row without killing them. Lots of numbers died trying to take the spot and this generation decided to leave the 1st position vacant. Even so the 2 served as the field leader, yet his orders were, unless he threatens the others, mere suggestions. This generation was relatively knew as the others lasted almost 50 years this was only 5 years old, yet they were still as deadly as the others as hundreds of men and women found out.

5th is Eastern Beetle, a man covered in a high tech armor carrying a particle beam sword, he was silent and only some guttural growls could be heard coming from behind the mask. 4th is Northern Wasp, a female in a tight outfit with an armor on top, carrying and arsenal of custom fire-arms. 3rd is Southern Demon, a man in a demoniac armor carrying a massive heat blade and some kind of blaster gun. 2nd is Western Vampire, a man dressed like a cowboy with pale bluish skin and a long white beard carrying a small gun. Vampire was member of the last generation of numbers and the others feared him as their first mission was too find him as he hid from the world deep inside a mountain range in a lost corner of Eastern Europe. Most of the others are scared by the things they saw in Vampire’s Domain.

-I think is time for use to cut loose don’t ya think?- Wasp talked with upbeat tone, she was the most “human” member of the current Numbers and she usually tried to lighten up the mood – I never restrain myself, I only need more enemies to feed my blade!- Demon roared with thundering voice while waving his massive heat sword. Most of the Mangetsu troops were shivering in fear by hearing the Numbers talk. –You’re no fun Demon! Maybe I can have some fun with Beetle instead!- Wasp talked while getting near to Beetle and grabbing his arm –What do you say Beetle, wanna take that armor out and have some fun? Maybe there is some love hotel open or if not we can go to that alley.- Wasp talked in a sultry voice and Beetle back off gesturing with both hands that he wouldn’t like that. The only female Number was dying to know what was under Beetle’s armor. She loved secrets as much as she loved a good fight.

-Silence- Vampire word charged with what could be described as Predatory Instinct, made the whole group stop goofing around. Without even looking at them Vampire kept talking – Beetle you help the foot soldiers in the ground, Wasp take the rooftops and exterminate any bystander or observer. Demon you are the shock troop, take the war to their elite units. I’ll investigate the East flank, I can sense something strange there.- All of them nodded, even Demon battle-crazed face show a hint of fear as he agreed to Vampire Orders. All of them started to move out as the clock reached midnight. The troopers moved first followed by Beetle and Demon. Wasp climbed to a building and gestured goodbye with an upbeat face and Vampire calmly walk to the left of the battlefield going to investigate.

Meanwhile in the Sangumi HQ preparation for war was being made hastily and untidily. Yakuza run from place to place contacting other criminal families in the city like the Italian Mafia and the Russia Mobsters hoping to get more men than Kuro-san forces. The leader of the Alliance, Yamato Tenkaidan, mostly known as Shogun by his men, was in the main room of the building they’re using as war room. He was accompanied by his second in command Tsukiyama and a man not from the Clan. Wearing a complete black outfit with details in red and silver he was sitting against a wall. He carried a coffin besides him and two gigantic pistols. Shogun and Tsukiyama were placing the troops in position thanks to their cellphones and using a map. The mysterious man in Black was drinking from a canteen with a grim grin in his face. – We need to strike first and strike hard!- Shogun roared as he hit the table with his fist – We can’t leave this young bastard to get hold of our domain!-

Tsukiyama tried to calm him down when the man in the black outfit stood up – Kuro-san is on the move and he is sending the big guns. I better move to the rendezvous point with your other hired guys.- With ease he lifted the coffin and hanged it in his back with the help of some straps and left the place – Good luck Falken Degiraz! You’ll need it- Shouted Tsukiyama as the door closed. Shogun hoped this was enough, but what he didn’t know is that Falken loyalty lied where the money was and the Sangumi were short on funds. Tsukiyama already knew about Falken agenda, as he was the one who hired him. Under his disguise, Tsukiyama was truthfully Tsukimori-san Kuro-san right hand man. Thanks to the ShinkaLABS of Garyuu tech he had a perfect disguise of the real Tsukiyama, dead for almost 3 months. Falken mission was to get the hired guns, people of skill and power beyond humanity that answered the call of the Yakuza Alliance to work for them in this battle, to do some damage to the Yakuza strong points without them knowing. Falken got there and didn’t saw any known face. –Let’s go people we have a battle to win-

Near a small temple to the East of Tokyo, a group of men dressed in traditional clothing chanted around a fire. One of them lead the chants as they summoned Arashi Daitengu, a powerful deity known as The Wind that Changes the World. As they brought the slumbering deity into this plane of existence summoning from his domain hidden over Tokyo dozens of this deity servants, the Tengu started surrounding the circle of monks. –Come on brothers! Bring Lord Arashi to this world so we can bring this era of technological corruption to its end! Let’s bring the storm to wash the sins of humanity.- The leader of the chant, the Monk Amateru waved his arms in a grand gesture. From the temple stairs a young man, the leader of the sect watched how his brother summoned the Tengu. The leader, Karasu instructed the Servants that started flying towards downtown destroying buildings with razor winds and planting new trees and plants everywhere, 30 minutes more and Arashi would rain change over this city.

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A young man stood on a bench in the middle of the shopping precinct, waving a wooden sign that read "Save the trees!", and he shouted into a megaphone to the empty streets.


Taylor shouted, waving the wooden pole high above his head before it came down and almost smacked into his head.


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Abyss was bored, utterly and irrefutably bored. The city was bare, with the streets empty as a ghost town. He had heard the notice of evacuation but yet he felt like ignoring it. "I am so bored where are the strong fighters! I know they would have stayed behind like me!" Angrily he charged a shadow ball in his hand and just held it there watching it transfixed by the power. The purple lightning danced around the orb and he could fill the hatred he put into it. He launched the ball down the street and watched it speed rapidly down the street and slam into the building crumbling it. His day had started normal as usual, first he killed a person then trained. Now due to this evacuation he had nothing to do. Then he heard it, the sound of a army moving. He took off to the noise and left a crack on the cement on where he was standing when he started running. He stopped running when he got a building away and entered it. He made his way carefully up the stairs and onto the roof and perched himself on the edge. "Let's see large army though the strongest are four of them. I could handle one of them but then I would be swarmed." He raised his hand with his palm outstretched and purple lightning started forming into a ball with bits jumping out here and there. Then energy started gathering faster till he had a orb the size of his head. He was about to launch it when his targets moved away from his target area. He let the energy return to his body and just stood on the rooftop watching them.

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Alice is wandering through an empty city. Annoyance can be seen on her face as she looks left and right on a completely lifeless street. In her hands was a map of the city yet it seemed to help little. Already thirty minutes have passed since she was to meet a member of her clan who'd deliver the scouting report concerning a mission of hers. It was nothing special, some priests asked for help as they saw a girl in white float through the temple at night. Probably just a restless soul, nothing that would give Alice a workout but at least she could slash at something.

The only problem was she couldn't find the contact, in fact she couldn't find anyone here. Perhaps it wouldn't be so strange to her if she didn't miss on the evacuation order for the city. "Where the hell is that Jigen? He better isn't off somewhere drinking himself into a coma while surrounded by whores, else..." Alice draws her knife looking at her reflection in it, on her face a death glare. She takes the map up slowly again to study it and to check if she wasn't completely off the mark, but even before she gives it a glance the map falls to the ground as her hands have stopped gripping it. It was a change in the air even a normal human could sense, but for someone like Alice an event of this nature was like pouring thick black color onto a white sheet. It was something that was impossible to ignore. Her heart-rate speeds up and her Jougan goes crazy. It was obvious, right now a ritual of supernatural nature was being conducted. And the result of it was something big, much bigger than a spirit wandering through some ruins. And with that realization Alice forgets that her mission existed in the first place. Because there were several smaller sources of unnatural she can't pinpoint the exact location of the entity, but it didn't matter. Even if she had to search the while city and surroundings for twice as long as she was looking for her contact she do it. At this point she was a bloodhound, nothing was going get her away from the trail.

She unknowingly wanders off to the East of the city which is the nearest to her current location.

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@VoidShiki: @Masterofdeath: @taylor:

Near the East rim of what was about to turn into a battlefield, a flock of Tengu moved in perfect synchrony through the air, summoning gust of cutting wind that slowly started damaging the city, cutting buildings in half. The Tengu carried Kamaitachi Spirits with them that allowed that feats of slicing, cutting through concrete and brick as if they were cutting through wood. The servants of Arashi were looking human flesh to cut, as their forced imprisonment in their leader domain by a Shinto Priest that exorcised them from the woods they used to inhabit had filled their hearts with rage and hate for the humans –CAW I can smell some humans CAW- One of the squad leaders shouted to his men –CAW Come on ya guys! Let’s roll and cut them nice CAW!- The rest of the Tengu agreed with a powerful roar and split into two teams. One with the leader, Fuuzaki, found a woman with a peculiar atmosphere around her, yet frenzied for the opportunity the three Tengu attacked at the same time –CAW Human Flesh! CAW We want to kill ya and eat yer flesh CAW!- Using their Kamaitachi infused pole arms they went for the kill moving as fast as a falcon in free-fall. The other group, conformed by 4 Tengu found a strange young man with a blank expression in his face shouting to nobody about saving the trees. The Tengu knew that “saving the environment” was their mission, yet Arashi told them to keep that charade until he was fully summoned, then they would turn against New Dawn and slaughter anything in their place. The four Tengu went directly for the kills launching a barrage of Cutting Wind attacks while going –CAW!-

Tobias Triene was one of the mercenaries that were hired by Kuro-san, he and his troupe, The Iron Eagles. In this particular operation he was placed as field leader and to his chagrin he was not only in charge of leading the troops but also of being the connection between the foot soldiers and the Numbers. Anyone that was worked as Mercenary for enough time knew about the Numbers and the legends that surrounded them. Tobias was scared of his responsibilities with the mythical mercenaries, yet he did his job the best he could. In this particular occasion he grew near to the two Numbers left with the foot soldiers, Demon and Beetle, as one of the surveillance equipment’s picked up an energy spike in the vicinity. – Sorry to bother you, but our equipment picked an energy spike 50 mts into that block, as the energy is of unknown nature for our scanners I have to take this information with you, according to my orders- Demon looked at the man and grinned – Worry not Mortal! Our comrade in arms is already on it- The Armor Clad Number was referring to Wasp, that thanks to her equipment managed to locate the source of the energy and was already on the move. With her goggles on and activated, Northern Wasp could notice any changes in energy currents, mystical or technological, as well she could plant small, almost undetectable darts with cams incorporated that she could access from the goggles HUB, she called them Wasp Eyes. With ease the lethal Russian enforcer got to Abyss location and without making almost any sound, and the optical camouflage of her suit active, she slipped into the building.

With supreme stealth she clawed into the ceiling over Abyss and with the armor sticking her back, after shifting a little, to the concrete she took two of her guns and already aimed them at Abyss. Her camouflage de-activated and she cleared her throat –Hello Darling, how’re you doing? Mmh… You don’t look half-bad- She winked, and before Abyss could make a move she continued –Do me a favor and don’t move, I wouldn’t want to ruin your pretty face by torturing your ass.- Abyss didn’t knew about it, but all the weapons of Wasp where in some manner poisonous, each with a different and terrible effects – So honey, why are you here trying to ruin our show? Be quick I don’t have all day-. Meanwhile Vampire moved from shadow to shadow, turning himself into mist to go through buildings. In the apex of the night his powers were larger and more powerful, and he knew exactly how to use them to stay undetected as he moved towards the scent of human blood, probably coming from the New Dawn HQ.

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@Kuro_San: Abyss was caught off guard by the sudden entrance of the strange woman, but was able to set his face into a amused smile. "Well you see I have no intention of ruining your plans I just want to have fun," he said with a slight laugh almost as if he thought the whole thing was a game. He gave her a playful look that almost said come catch me and shot a shadow ball directly under him sending him to the floors below. He shot two weak shadow balls into the roof as a signal then ran out of the building. He ran down the street keeping his speed slow to allow the woman to keep up till he boxed himself in in a alley. He turned around then let purple lightening surrounded both of his arms one being covered by a purple sword and the other by a purple drill. The combined size of the two weapons covered the width of the alley and kept his body covered. "come on how about we skip the fight and go see a movie or something", he joked trying to get his opponent off guard.

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@Kuro_San: @Masterofdeath:

Taylor hopped off the bench, seeing the tengu fly down, screaming like birds Taylor just walked onto the plaza, somehow walking around the slashing winds, sign in one hand, also holding a collection tin used by charities, the other hand holding a megaphone to his ear.

[ HI ]

Taylor shouted into the mega phone, right into the approaching tengu's ear as it came in for the kill.


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Stasis shot his fist forward into the gut of a thug while at the same time protecting a little girl. He bent his legs and felt the all to common feeling of time slowing down around him of super speed. He pushed off from his spot laying powerful strikes to bandits as he passed till none stood. He stood up straight and dusted himself off while admiring hid handy work. "not bad for a warm up i must say," he said casually leaving the village behind with the the villagers dumbfounded. He was running faster and faster breaking several world records when he suddenly stopped with a look of fear on his face. "N-no that dark force what could it be?" With a new purpose he boosted suddenly in a new direction with his feet only touching the ground to propel him another couple feet. He stopped outside the edge of a city and looked over it and was really confused. Confused enough to forget his fear over what he had sensed. With his eyes he could see one person being chased by a strange armor lady, a weird dude holding a sign, a army, and some weird flying creatures. He charged up two energy balls in his hands and propelled them at the winged creatures and the army to see if he could get them to fight each other. With that he went into a building and hid hiding his energy.

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@Kuro_San: @Masterofdeath: @taylor: @Shadowchaos:

Alice could feel it, she was getting closer to the cause of this spike in supernatural energy in the city. She shivers when she just thinks about it, a tingly feeling goes all the way from her toes to last hair on her head. She still couldn't be sure where it was but she could tell that she was on the right way and that was enough for her. Her search came to a halt for a moment. Before her where three bird like creatures, clearly not human. Normally she would be very delighted to meet beings like this (and to slash them apart), but right now she didn't want to waste time with small fries and just ignored them and went for the big fish. It took quiet some strength to overpower her urge and instinct to jump at them like a wild animal, so Alice was a little bit proud of herself in that regard. She already passed them, her back turned to them when a sharp sounds cuts the air.

"Slow..." she whispers under her breath as she jumps backwards in an arc, cutting one of the attackers in half while doing so. From the free-fall only two of the three soldiers return alive. Alice is facing them now with knife in had, the blood of their ally still on it. A bloodthirsty grin appears on her face.

"Looks like i won't have to pass on this opportunity." Alice comments as happiness rises up inside of her. She did resist the urge long enough to walk past these things, but it didn't last long as it seems. At least she's gonna have a warm up before she gets to the main event of the night.

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The moment Abyss moved it was the moment Wasp shot him, he went through the floor and the debris protected him from the worst effect of the Midsummer Bullet. The Master of Darkness ran away with the 4 Number following him by running in the building walls and balconies. –He may be fast, but he isn’t smart- Thought to Wasp to herself as she landed just beside the entrance of the dead end. Without even flinching she entered the trap Abyss build to himself and replied what his prey thought to be smart banter with a short quip –Sorry sweetie, but my evening is already booked- before Abyss charged forward she shoot with 8 different guns with blinding fast speed and skill. It was weird that she didn’t aim any of the shots to Abyss. But the reason for that was evident in seconds as the bullets that seemed like small spikes with circles in the back were bouncing one against the other and against the walls forming a high speed cage for the Master of Darkness. –You won’t be going anywhere darling; you’re trapped in my first Bullet Trick, the amazing Pinball Wizard!- Unknown to Abyss the circles in the back were starting to release an undetectable and invisible poison into the air, that eventually would numb his body.

The Tengu troops that rushed against Taylor were dumbfounded, one of them was out cold thanks to Taylor ingenious defense, the others didn’t even got to complete their attack as the powerful sound also affected them, not as hard as it did to their comrade. The three Tengu couldn’t fly, as their inner ear was still affected by Taylor improvised defense. –CAW Human! You’ll pay for this, even without or flight we’ll destroy you CAW!- The one that seemed to be leading them shouted an order in their language and the other two placed themselves behind him in line –You’ll perish dumb ape, we are a legendary unit between Tengu, we three are the Kuro Sansei CAW! And our special technique will destroy you, Guys, CAW! Let’s do the Jetto Kiryu Kogeki!- The three Tengu ran towards Taylor with their spears prepared, the first jumped over him attacking from above while vaulting, the second one rushed besides him and attacked in a cutting motion, while the third did the same only by the opposite side. They were planning to throw a kick-ass posse once they finished attacking, confident that Taylor would be death afterwards.

The Tengu squad leader and his remaining subordinate were as shocked as the rest of their squad as they watched how the body of one of their own bleed on the streets right beside the woman they just attacked. Her speed was incredible, she managed to defeat one of them and avoid the other two attacks. –CAW! You’ll pay for this human! I’ll make you ask for mercy when I’m over with you!- The squad leader roared at Alice, and gestured his soldier to attack while he started to chant and wind started to concentrate in-between his hands, that he hold outwards as If he was holding a sphere in front of him. As his subordinate charged, possibly to a fate similar to his comrade, wind filled the void between both hands and a massive sphere of swirling wind that was barely contained by the Tengu Sargent. As his soldier attacked serving as cannon fodder and decoy, he threw the attack while shouting – Fuushinkui: Tanabota no Sodai- A sphere of pure wind turned into a massive gust of wind that aimed to slam Alice into the ground

Two Tengu patrolled up high in the cityscape, talking in whispers of their own language. Thanks to their Leader alliance with the Gods of Wind and Storm, the Tengu had a very close connection to the Wind Element, more than any other Deity, thus sensing wind currents and such was almost like hearing or eyesight for them. With that said, it was more than obvious that both easily sensed an intruder in the sky and even more the attack and it’s trajectory towards them. With a aerial twirl and roll both of them managed not only to avoid the attack, but also to place themselves facing the attacker. They noticed the Divine origin of the intruder, and even more, his double intruding, one being here when he shouldn’t and other being a divine being from another sphere of influence thus not welcome in the Shinto Deities territory. Only some scholars of the occult know this, but the repression of the Christians in Feudal Japan was mostly responsibility of the Shinto Deities possessing people in the higher seats of power so they could use the human resources to turn the populace against the missionaries. These events escalated into a full fledged war in which most of Deities were exorcised into enclosed domains by Christian Priests helped by the Angels. Thus the Tengu and the entire Shinto pantheon loathes them with intensity. -CAW! Angel, you should leave this place or you’ll die by our hands, we respect the truce between our sides, but stay a minute more and we will destroy you and feed your essence to our Lord Arashi-

Meanwhile at ground level, the Mangetsu troops led by Demon and Beetle started facing the defensive formations of the Yakuza Alliance led by Falken Degiraz and his makeshift group of mercenaries in the field and Shogun and Tsukiyama from the HQ. The battle ignited the Shinjuku area with both sides battling fiercely. Kuro-san could calculate and plan, yet even he knew that the human factor can sometimes be immensurable, and the easy fight he had planned was getting longer as the Yakuza fought with the ferocity of a hundred armies. But that’s why the Underworld Emperor bought the services of the Numbers. Demon destroyed fortifications with his blaster and reaped lives with his sword by the dozen. Beetle cut down any foe, and even the most expert swordsmen in the Yakuza faction fell under his particle beam sword. Falken was facing a crowd of Iron Eagles Mercenaries armed with his two trusted guns Ray and Aznable. And while the fight ensued, Vampire kept his silent approach of towards the New Dawn Camp and the Silhouette of Arashi the Dai-Tengu was starting to appear in the Omyo magic circle created by the New Dawn priest as Amateru cheered on and his brother sipped his tea with calm.

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[ GUK ]

Taylor coughed up blood as the spears ran through his head and body, before slumping to the ground.

He died completely effortlessly.

Celebrating thier victory, the tengu struck their kickass victory pose, revelling in their undisputed win.

Except, they turned their back on the body.

And the first rule, well, second rule of dealing with Taylor is that you never, EVER, under any circumstances,s turn your back on the body.

Silently, Taylor rose again, not even a bloodstain on him, And he prepared to slam large, CD-width screws into their backs.

These were no ordinary screws. Anything pierced by these BookEnd screws became just as weak and pathetic as he himself was, but without his experience or abilities.

In short, they would become even more unable to fly, have no combat experience, and have less muscle than a preteen computer geek.

They would never see it coming.

Taylor lunged for them, stabbing the two on the left first before kicking the third into the last one.

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@Kuro_San: Stasis smiled and walked out of the building. "So you know I am a angel, well I am not aware of any treaty so I believe after I beat your winged butts back to where you came from I have some reading to do," he joked slipping his shirt and jacket off. From his back sprouted one black wing and one white wing which created gusts of wind. He looked up at his opponents with a look of thousands of years of magic and released large amounts of killer intent. He drew his sword and flipped it into a reverse grip. He charge forward ready to cut them in two, he slashed at one then at the other then landed on the roof of a building.

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@Kuro_San: Abyss looked at the bullets and laughed. He stuck out his drill and it began spinning at a rapid speed creating a vacuum effect absorbing the bullets and the toxin into the drill and giving it a extra coating. He launched the drill forward and followed it rushing at a fast pace with his shadow sword ready to slash. Suddenly he jumped into the sky and slice the walls of the alley sending them crumpling downwards. He took off faster jumping from rooftop to rooftop laughing madly as he went. He kept his palm out behind him sending out shadow blasts at a quick and rapid pace not really aiming more of just trying to cause attention. "Come get me if you can," he yelled as he did a flip over a alley.

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@Kuro_San: @Masterofdeath: @taylor: @Shadowchaos:

Alice stares at the corpse on the floor and then at her bloodstained knife. She goes back and forth like that a few times. Completely ignoring the other two Tengu still alive. She felt like she had butterflies in her stomach, right now she was very happy that the things attacked her and that she didn't walk past them. Usually she would be a little bit less excited but she wasn't on a mission for a month and she already started reducing the furniture at the Clan's mansion and Demon Hunter Organization HQ to tiny bits. With that in mind she was acting rather tame around these unfortunate birds.

The other two had time to prepare an attack while Alice was still busy with going through the effort to memorize the corpse. The leader was talking from some time now in rather mad and unnatural voice. The other solider already dashed downwards to impale her through the stomach and probably to feast on the inside later on.

Alice raises her head just before the scenario comes true "Quit the babbling." is all she says in response to the unknown words the leader spoke. At the same time she does a beautiful spinning motion going a little bit to the side, dodging the assault. By the end of the spin she's behind the charging solider and she decapitates him with a casual swing. In front of her remains an approaching wall of wind, ready to break her bones and slam her into the ground. But it doesn't come to that. A well executed Long Step or Hyper Step would get her out of this tricky situation, but there was no need for that. She merely extends her arm, knife in hand. As soon as the blade of wind touches the cold steel of the knife it disappears without a trace.

As a quick response motivated by the wish to move one Alice takes out one of her throwing knifes and sends it on it's way to the squad leaders head.

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The screws pierced through the feathery hide of the Tengu that were shocked by Taylor attack. They were sure that they killed him, something was wrong; they could even see the blood in their blades. They killed the teen, how did he manage to stay alive, no wounds could be seen, and even his clothes seemed intact. All of them thought about being affected by some kind of illusion but they scrapped that idea, how a mere human could fool them. Either way they were pierced by the screws and before they could react they were experiencing a great deal of pain. – CAW! Human! How did you survive our attack!?CAW!- The Tengu were dumbfounded, yet they threw their questions away and charged towards Taylor with their weapons up high, yet their attacks failed as the three of them were pulled backwards by the weight of their giant pole arms. –CAW! What did you do to us Human! CAW! Our strength, you stole our Strength! CAW!-

Meanwhile Stasis was facing a couple of Tengu, and after exchanging some banter instead of leaving as asked, he charged to attack. He gave them a intense and arcane glare releasing his killing intent as if it was wind pressure as he charged with the sword held in a reverse grip. As he attacked one of the Tengu that blocked his slash with the shaft of his halberd, the other Tengu, carrying a cross spear attacked while he was landing with a fly-by lunge, and the one that just blocked his attack shoot a wind bullet from the sky towards Stasis.-CAW! Die Human! Fuushinkui: Kaze Bureto! CAW!- As the Cross Spear Tengu flied upwards just after his lunge, the Wind Bullet flew towards the Angel

Seemingly Abyss managed to stop the Pinball Wizard attack launched by Wasp, and retaliated by destroying a wall and letting it crumble over the 4 Number. As he ran without checking the result of the attack, the Master of Darkness didn’t saw how the stones faced through the body that faded. Abyss ran madly through the rooftops as he taunted Wasp -Come get me if you can.- That were his words as he jumped over an alley to the next rooftop. But he surely didn’t expected who was there waiting sitting over the entrance to the rooftop. Wasp was there with a calm expression as she said –I think I already got you sweetie, at least a minute ago.- Giving more surrealism to the scene another Wasp appeared climbing from the firescape. –You shouldnt have used your drill there sweetie, you only got the toxin closer to your skin.- A third Wasp appeared , a fourth, a fifth, all up to ten, all surrounding the Master of Darkness and with a unified voice. – This is my toxin, I call it Roundabout, at least one of my favourites. Your scenes are a little bit scrambled, even your esotheric ones. So now I can shoot you from 10 different angles and you wont even know who is attacking you.- With that said all the Wasps attacked in unison with bullets similar to the ones before only that instead of a circle in the back this ones had a disk. –Say hello to my second trick, You Spin Me Round.- The bullets spinned in the ground as tops releasing microfilaments to small for the human eye to see

Another Tengu was left in the floor bleeding to death, and the amazing attack of Wind Fusion launched by the Squad Leader Fuuzaki was cutted down by Alice. She threw knieves towards him and by spinning his lance he managed to deflect the sharp projectiles. –CAW! Human I despise you! You killed my brethren! CAW! You destroyed the power my Lord Arashi gave to me! CAW! I’ll kill you with pure strength, you don’t deserve that I Fuuzaki of the Southern Wind use my techniques on you! CAW!- The Tengu Sargent charged at great speed, and a loud boom indicated that he broke the sound barrier, charging with his speed and strength pushed to it’s limits the Tengu Fuuzaki wanted to destroy Alice and his Killing Intent slipped from him towards his target. He is much more skilled than his comrades and would release a barrage of attacks, feints and lunges towards Alice, always keeping his height advantage gained by flight. –CAW! I’ll murder you and avenge my Comrades! CAW!.-

As the battle raged, the Mangetsu troops better trained and equipped slowly gained terrain managing to create a beach head in the Shinjuku Station, moving their HQ into that position, while the Sangumi Yakuza tried to flank the Iron Eagles and flood the zone with troops to stop the flow of Mangetsu troopers. Beetle was still in the front lines exterminating anybody using a sword but only maiming those with guns. Demon was facing a tank, something Shogun got from his contacts in the army, the Number armor was resisting the explosive pellets and he charged against the Yakuza heavy infantry armed with automatics weapons and the tank with a insane grin of happiness in his pale and blood splattered face. Falken Degiraz was out of the battlefield as some of the cameras he set caught Vampire. Knowing that the Mystical Gunslinger of Darkness was the big dog he knew that he had to fight him before he entered the battle. The mercenaries and martial artist hired by the Sangumi kept the line that Falken fought to maintain thanks to their well-polished skills and abilities, but one man stood over them all. A martial artist so feared he was banned from competitive and underground competitions, his name sent any master into shivers of fear. Ichigan Nagare, better known as Yamakira (Slayer of Mountains) was fighting on the Yakuza side paying off a debt he had. Each of his blows pushed Mangetsu soldiers through several city blocks and his kicks shattered the concrete under his feet. He was more of a monster than a man, and the Iron Eagles were starting to learn that.

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@Kuro_San: Stasis backflipped from the spear and landed standing straight and tall. Stasis pointed his hand forward as the blast came shooting a weak blast he was able to destroy the blast creating a explosion. He flipped his sword into a casual single handed sword grip and disappeared "Surprise," Stasis said appearing behind one of them and swinging his sword at its neck while at the same time firing a negative energy blast at the other. He disappeared again from view and reappeared on a roof again this time looking away from his enemies.

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@Kuro_San: Abyss was freaked out no scratch that beyond freaked out. He knew he had to act fast or he would die so his options were thin. Seeing he had to release any restraints he let his energy feel his veins pulsing causing his sense of reason to disappear. Slowly torrents of shadow energy started flying out of him knocking the bullets away. They settles into a circle surrounding him with whipping around as if having a mind of their own. In the center of the circle stood Abyss looking slightly buffer his hair was darker and was pointed slightly and he had a slight dark glow around him. He felt the tattoo crawl up his face and his eyes went black as night and if looked into would give even the bravest of souls nightmares. He bent his knees and felt the ground underneath him crack. "I didn't want the fight to get to this point but you leave me with no choice." His voice was dead and emotionless like a empty pit that could swallow a person whole. He pushed off from the roof not feeling the effects of the toxin anymore. His speed was faster then before breaking the sound barrier as he ran. He threw a punch at Wasp and knew even if the attacked was blocked or dodged the shock wave would still be a powerful threat in its own right.

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@Kuro_San: Taylor smiled, walking over to the wounded birds as dozens of screws filled the space above the courtyard, twelve feet in the air.



The dropped to the ground, spinning so they would pierce the ground and through anything else in their way.


Taylor caught the screw above his own head and juggled it, ready to throw it into any survivors. If there weren't any survivors?

Well, he'd just have to find someone else to screw with.

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Alice's projectile was deflected and only one of the three birds was still standing. From the looks of it the leader, but Alice couldn't care less about the title he had or the words of anger he spoke right now. Perhaps reducing his teammates to bloody corpses had hit a never? For Alice, someone who could literally smell the bloodlust of others, it was clear that he'd do anything to kill her. But that determination also made him predictable. He was going to use the length of his weapon and his flight advantage to keep out of her range while launching attacks of his own to wear her out and ultimately take her life. His speed could be called impressive when compared to his brethren, but not so much to Alice.

He was at the height of his speed swooping down ready to execute the first attack, but his fate was already sealed as he wasn't aware of all the tricks his opponent has at her disposal.

"Long... Step" a line is spoken by Alice, very silent as if whispering. It's a technique normally used to close a large distance between the user and his enemy, making it look like it all was just one step. But this time it was different, Alice used the technique to perform a jump, reaching impressive heights, meeting with the bird-man mid-way. There was no hope for him at this point.

The last thing he saw was Alice's slasher smile before he ended up a cadaver on the sidewalk. While a nice warm up it didn't satisfy Alice's frenzy fro tonight. She continues her way to the place of the ritual. At this point she could tell where it was and how far was it away, and she knew, she was close.

"What a wonderful night." she says while cleaning the blood from her blade.

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After seeing their attacks being shrugged off so easily, the Tengu went into full alert. Thanks to sensing wind currents and their aerial mobility they managed to not only sense Stasis trajectory and thus predict his next appearance but react to it. The one attacked from behind stopped flying and dropped downwards avoiding the slash of the Angel, and the other used their Wind Techniques to shield himself. –CAW! Fuushinkui: Kaze no Yoroi (Wind Fusion: Armor of Wind).- With this a spiraling vortex of wind received the attacked and deflected it, making the blast bounce towards a building destroying part of the wall. –CAW! Stupid Angel, your powers aren’t so much in our domain! CAW!- One of the taunted. –We can sense you!.- The other continued. –And we can react to your every move. CAW!- Finished the same that started. As they talked both of them moved togheter and prepared a massive attack. –CAW! Eat this and go back to Heaven!- Both deities shouted in unison as they spinned their lances so fast the friction created flames –Fuushinkui: Tsuin Shinku Tatsukmaki (Wind Fusion: Twin Crimson Tornado).- A blast of hyperheated wind flowed towards Stasis with enough power to punch a hole through a building and as fast as the raging winds of a storm.

Abyss sudden power-up took Wasp by surprise, but in her line of job adapting to new situations was mandatory. She kept a cool head and even managed to quip about the changes in Abyss. –Sorry sweetie, but I don’t like beefcake.- Yet her voice could be heard from all directions, thus this didn’t tell her position. The Master of Darkness talked about not wanting to take the fight to some point. Wasp smiled, if you couldn’t break some rules each day, what was the point of getting up. And as Abyss charged she checked that the Top bullets were in position, all thanks to her opponent decision to rush like a bull rather to use his brain. The female Number knew how to do it, as she had to learnt it the bad way, surviving the cold unforgiving streets of Moscow as child, but she shook her head taking those thoughts out of her head to focus at the matter in hand that being Abyss charging at her breaking the sound barrier. Wasp just moved to the side with expertise and skill only found in professionals and the so dreaded shockwave found some interference as suddenly dissipated. Wasp took a small leap and suddenly she was walking on thin air. –Thank you sweetie, thanks to your daredevil attitude my third trick is perfect, I call this one “Stairway to Heaven”.- the filaments that were being expulsed by the Top Bullets, formed a rigid structure all around them, only visible to Wasp and with some interesting properties. Strolling in the air getting some distance from Abyss she talked again. –You should have ran sweetie, now no matter how strong you got, my Stairway to Heaven will absorb it, and the more energy it absorbs the harder will clinch you to your death.- Wasp smiled –So If I were you I would stay still and behave like a good boy.-

As Taylor finished fighting with the Tengu a strange figure materialized in the shadows of an alleyway, and walked towards the Wicked Teen. Western Vampire the Second Number was in front of Taylor. –I sensed your fight youngling.- The Bloodstained Gunslinger showed his eyes that were hidden under the shadow casted by his hat, a sickly greenish glow could be seen and the sound of thousands lives trapped and eternally consumed could be heard in anyone that saw those eyes.- I won’t destroy you if you can tell me why deities of the old world are taking a stroll in Tokyo.- As a Vampire, the King of oddities, the 2 Number felt a burning hatred for Deities and Divine beings, monsters like him that instead of being shunned and hated were reverenced and prayed to. Western Vampire hated anything that was related to religion, as religion is a human trait, and more than a thousand years ago, he had forsaken his humanity for revenge. –Tell me boy what do you know about this feathered scum?-

Fuuzaki dead wasn’t ignored, as a Squad Leader he had a direct contact with Arashi. The Tengu Lord talked and Karasu listened –KARASU SEND YOUR MEN, A WOMAN KILLED ONE OF MY SONS, GET HER AND I’LL REWARD YOU WITH WHAT YOU DESIRE FOR FREE.- The Monk in blue robes nodded, not realizing that this was just a another lie in a string of dishonesty. Arashi wanted to manipulate the monk and Karasu was too fixated in his objective to realize it. The Blue Monk asked to of his greatest acolytes a pair of mercenaries’ brother and sister, of fame and power all over Japan. Zan, the Weeping Swordsman and Aoi, the Blade Pupeteer, both ready to get out there to hunt Alice. –Could you please search for a woman of dark hair carrying a tantou or a knife? Bring her alive, as Lord Arashi orders.- Karasu talked to the pair that lifted their gear and moved out. –How sad, How sad, why should I work in such a beautiful night.- Zan took a handkerchief a cleaned the tears running down his cheeks. –How amusing, How amusing, are we going to fish something oni-sama? A little girly fish?- Aoi seemed more cheerful than her brother, and both left the HQ side by side, stopping in the most obvious route from the point where Fuuzaki was to the HQ direction. The brother and sister combo was feared for their inhuman abilities, which truthfully were only achieved by training. Yet they hoped that following Lord Arashi new powers would be given to them to continue their life together killing anything to stupid or crazy to face them

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