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@Kuma_From_Argentina: yay! Fun!

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: What do you mean with overlap?

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@RadicalRin: He haves some similar talents as your character, only that in some places it differs from Alice and in others is similar

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: If you mean the power killing, that won't do you any good.

Already had something like this with Sam going on. Alice's powers are a direct reference to Mystic Eyes of Death Perception which means the only thing above them is Omnipotence, any other kind of power gets nulled, regardless of what it is.

Only way to actually beat Alice is to have better stats and skill than her and i doubt Vampire has either.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @RadicalRin:

More importantly, why have neither of you posted on Hellscraper?


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@SamJaz: I'm making my fourth character, i'll post after that.

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@RadicalRin: Trust me when I tell you. I give the Numbers a lot of thought and each one haves a great deal of skills and powers. Vampire is posibly the Strongest Number I have ever made.

Either way I shouldnt even talking about his skills I wouldnt want to spoil the surprise. You dont know his skills so you cant compare them to your character yet, so stop trying to prove your superiority, is not that Vampire will be my main character or anything, he is tops, a recurrent NPC. And what fun is playing this if your character is more powerful than anything that moves on the Earth, as you are so desesperately trying to tell me by not even knowing the powers of Vampire and already going all defensive about your character superiority.

Try to enjoy the game and think about anime plots, there is always a bigger fish in the ocean. Vampire isnt a bigger fish, he is a shark

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@RadicalRin: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

And we all lived happily ever after! I'm gonna walk my dog!

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Sorry if i come over like that, but i don't really have that in mind, nor do i think she is the strongest or anything. HE IS would beat is quiet easily right now with his superior speed. Just trying to make one thing clear so that there it doesn't get screwed over later in the RP, which is that the powers absolutely don't matter, the only exception ever being is Omnipotence, everything else is pretty much useless. I pretty much don't have to know a characters powers in that regard.

And really last time i checked you were the one boasting that he'd mop the floor with my character, completely ignoring the whole "street level" part you were talking about earlier.

And fuck i used up all five posts of my RRin acc without making my character, i'll just make it today, save the text and post tomorrow i guess, or i could post from some other acc.

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He is street level, is not that he can destroy a city block by himself, or do any large show of power, his skills are tailor made to bother other hax character. He is an Anti-Hax character, and haves good physical atributes and a swiss army knife of usefull powers

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @ReliusClover: Heh. HE IS rocks. Is this turning into a "My dad is stronger than your dad" contest?

Now, I like Vampire, but I also Like Alice. But which is better?

There's only one way to find out...

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: Was more thinking about street level stats such as speed and strength than DC.

And that's exactly the point i want to get across, it wouldn't really matter if you made a character to be specific counter to Alice herself, it still wouldn't work because of her powers.

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@ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Alright, guys? Everytime people get into an argument over whose character is better? I'm gonna post this video. Hope I get the message across.


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@SamJaz: Lol.

But as said, not really going with my character is stronger/better, just with the fact that powers don't work. If that gets taken away the whole point of my character as well as her future development is gone which is why i insist so much on making that clear.

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Argument ends. End of.

And hey, I had the same thing when I had a character with Imagine Breaker. Don't bother trying to push it. Just make it clear with your character's actions in the fights, without fighting in the OOC.

For example, say Alice is a Badass:

  • To show that Alice is a badass, she would spend the entire book doing indisputably badass things. More pertinently, the book would go into detail: for instance, the work could begin with a Batman Cold Open where she takes on six mooks without breaking a sweat. In these circumstances, we don't have to be told she's badass; we can see it for ourselves.
  • To tell that she is a badass, the narrator, Alice herself and/or other characters around her would merely state that fact. For instance, they might report on previous incidents that have happened in the past and/or "offscreen" while the other characters were busy. Or maybe there'll be no support for the statement whatsoever, but that's unlikely ("Hey, did you hear about the badass things Alice did the other day?" "No, I didn't." "Well, they sure were badass!" *crickets*). In particularly egregious works, the narrator may state that Alice is a badass, even going so far as to include list of badass things she did, and then never mention it again or—God forbid—apply her badassery in a scene or two.

TVtropes words, not mine. They actually chose Alice for the example character here. What's up with that?

But yeah, my point, and you'll find this with HE IS, and Taylor, It's not enough to say a character has this trait or this ability. Take Taylor. His trait is that he is a guaranteed loser. He shows this by actually losing every fight he's in, while still coming out on top/achieving his ends. Take the fight against the tengu. He lost. He lost so bad, he died in one hit. Granted, he got better, but then he took them down to his level while they were victory dancing and dropped a load of screws on them. He lost that fight, but incapacitated the tengu. Notice my word choice. Taylor is not a killer. He'll continue to do the same.

Take Gen. Gen is a brilliant example of this. He is constantly doing stupid things that get him nearly killed. He dropped out of high school in his bio, and his idiocy shows. He's also human, despite his amazing fighting spirit, showing how he can barely keep up with the super humans and has to be constantly healed or reenergised. He shows that he's tired. We don't.

Phantom shows this too to an extent. His actions have been muted since he stole that guitar, showing us that he's guilty, as well as telling us outright that thats still on his mind.

I don't think it ever said in Yei's bio that she was a massive flirt, but we all know that she was, despite the fact that she was clearly too dedicated on the mission to give a crap about her teammates romantically.

My point? There's no point arguing in the OOC about powers of characters. Just show your stuff in action. Way more fun.

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things were so much simpler before these reality changers came along. Anyone else feel the birth of like 50 newdeaths coming along?

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@SamJaz: While i always like to keep a clean record of powers because it prevents ass pulls during RPs i agree mostly.

But problem here is we go post by post, which means someone could easily ignore the whole thing about her powers and make whatever he did any exception without me being able to fix anything in the next post which is what i want to avoid.

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@Masterofdeath: Lol, from what i remember characters in the past were vastly more powerful than anything what we have today.

And what you got against ND? He was a great character when i was around.

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@ReliusClover: just saying we don't need super ultra powered people around well at least not to many.

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@Masterofdeath: @ReliusClover: @Kuma_From_Argentina:

Maybe, but who cares? There is one amazing thing about this kind of online PvP role playing games.

Noone can have dominion over another character unless their opponent agrees.

For example.

Dave points his gun at James, and pulls the trigger.

James jumped behind a rock, dodging the bullet. James picks up a rocket launcher and fires a heat-seeking rocket at Dave.

Dave launches a flare into the air, and the rocket detonates harmlessly against it. Dave...

And so on. I could have the most broken abilities in the world, be immune to everything, but I could not lay a finger on you unless you say so. HE IS, Newdeath, Keith, Sonata, Apollo, Fatalis, all of these broken characters can do nothing unless the defender allows it. Now, there are limits to this, such as No Selling, infinite dodging, so on, so forth, but that is where the skill of the WRITER comes into play.

For example. Who knew I was Taylor before I announced it? Did anyone make the connection between taylor and SamJaz? No. Why? Characterisation rocked the place. Not to toot my own horn, but I write Taylor pretty well. He shows that he means business. He's also ridiculously overpowered, but has anyone noticed? Other than Kuma? No. Why? Because he's the kind of idiot who would use a megaphone before erasing his opponent from existence. He's a fun character to play against, and to play as. He's just such a good villain, and a good loser.

He's not afraid to lose.

That's right. I'm going to speak candidly here and probably annoy some people, but if you want to have fun playing online RPG games like this, you must not be afraid to lose. In fact, you have to be willing to lose. The second you, as a write, says "I won't lose", means that in your head, the ending has already been decided, the game is over, and everything in between is a matter of formality.

Get over yourselves! Be a big enough sport to take a knife to the chest and bleed. Get glass in your feet! Sand in your eye hurts! Get a stitch! Roll your ankle! Trip over a rock! Slip on a patch of ice and hurt your back. Dislocate a shoulder, break a bone and recognise that walking on a broken leg is really, REALLY painful. Serious, I've walked on torn ligaments before and that was bad enough.

Everyone, don't be afraid to lose. Losing is half the fun.

And thus ends my rant. For now. I could go on, but hey. I come here to play games, not lecture.

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