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Mangetsu Research Branch Briefing

M//: Shoku Project X-001 /Subject Shingetsu X-001

Upon direct order from the supreme authority in our organization, the Research Branch of Mangetsu was tasked to create the next generation of enforcers and operatives for future operations. This process started 5 years ago, after the first revelations of the so called “Secret World” to the general public. To those not familiar with the term, the “Secret World” is the denomination for all the people, things and places that are clearly inhuman or not related to the modern world, such as mystical energies, super humans and advanced technology. This particular section of what we could call reality isn’t a disclosed fact, yet there are normal humans that know the truth and mostly try to cover it up to protect the rest of the world. Even the particular event that kick started this initiative was sweep under the rug by the U.N and the local government, thus turning it into an urban myth for most of the populace except for the insane or the ones smart enough to notice the cover.

Returning to the main topic of this document, we were ordered to create new soldiers for Mangetsu, capable of holding their own against the individuals that can be classified as Super Humans. As their containment and deflection from the Mangetsu operations is imperative, since one of them can destroy, in average, one operation on their own. The Shoku Project objective was to create such soldiers and enforcers, but our technology advanced way beyond most of the governments is still unable to create from scratch such powerful beings, yet we found an easier path. We can enhance pre-existing Super Humans to fulfill our needs. At first we had troubles to get test subjects, but the supreme authority thought of a better way and now we get volunteers. But most of them don’t survive the process or they just don’t reach the high standards ordered by the leader.

But after some search we sound a particularly promising case in Scotland, a Japanese teen that could speed up faster than anything. With proper implants and technology we would be able to harness whatever granted such speed and allow him to channel that to other aspects of his physique possibly turning him into one of the most powerful super humans in the world. Unluckily the contractor that brought the subject confused him for another. We started to despair until we found out about the mixed subject skills, not only being more suited for our program but as well finding out that seemingly our original projected subject had powers mystical in nature and even us cannot increase those powers. The new subject called Masako Hihashi haves the power of self-evolution through cannibalism, as he is capable of copying other beings genome by eating a piece of them. He also haves a complete control of his cellular structure that allows him to modify his body as he sees fit, with some limitations of course.

But even with his amazing abilities our subject needed some tuning. His instable cells were in constant danger of suffering a meltdown, and his physical attributes fluctuated wildly. Not to mention the time and concentration he needed for the changes in his structure, mostly when he changed his bones or muscles in a radical manner. For the purpose of improvement we created an suit of armor to solve the problems, stabilize his cells and allow him to increase the speed of his changes without sacrificing his concentration on it. Now he serves as the first of a new breed of soldiers. His code, according to the supreme authority orders is Shingetsu. His all-around skill-set and swift adaptability allows him to serve in any kind of field. He is receiving training from one of the Operatives in the Main Branch Employement, an agent codenamed Wasp, in unarmed combat, espionage and other field skills.

Subject History and Psych Profile

Subject X-001, Codename Shingetsu

Name: Masako Hihashi

Age: 22

Nationality: Japanese/Chinese

Born and raised in Japan, son of a Japanese Diplomat and a Chinese politician, Masako suffered a rift the moment he was born, as only months after his birth, his father returned to China while his mother stayed in a local government position rather than continuing with her diplomatic career. The young Masako took his mother maiden surname, while his father surname is Lei. For his mixed blood he was continuously mocked and picked on the school, slowly making him bitter and angry at the world. Being alone and in constant attack he became cold and unforgiving, turning against anybody that dared to bother him. In only months he made the whole school afraid of him, even the teachers and staff couldn’t oppose him. Thus he reached to the conclusion that the only way to be happy is to rule over others, and to rule over others he needs to be feared and to be feared he needs to be powerful. Thus he will achieve true happiness through the suffering of others under his rule. His most common quote is “The weak are the food for the strong, is the law of nature” and according our exams and analysis his “goal” in life, as he describes it, is to be in the top of the food chain, quite literally.

His powers developed through and accident and activated after a traumatic experience he calls “My True Birth”. He fought against a new gang that tried to take the control of his “domains” he won the fight, but the almost dead delinquents launched a kamikaze attack and pushed him off the ledge in the school rooftop. He cracked his skull open and something snapped inside of him, the faint remains of human conscience or empathy was destroyed and his incredible powers of his own cellular composition awakened. While he was comatose all the people under his “rule” started to tell about his sins and that information reached his mother. When Masako returned home she confronted him and without any kind of delay, the merciless monster killed his own mother in cold blood and ate her flesh. This finished his awakening and slowly he gained control over his powers. He decided that to further advance in his road to “greatness” and decided that he had to cut all the ties that remained to his humanity. He killed everybody that met him before his transformation and then he went for the last one, his own father.

He travelled to Europe, where his progenitor was staying, honing his skills along the way. He destroyed the Chinese embassy in Britain but got caught in the escape and placed in the Black Stone Prison. After a jailbreak the incident with the switch that is described in the previous document happened, bringing him here.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 1. 76 mts

Weight: 100 kg (seems 60)

Base Level / Maximum

Strength: 5 Ton / 30 Ton

Speed: Sound Speed / Sound Speed x 5

Durability: Building / Town

Stamina: 1 Week / 1 Month

Cellular Manipulation

Shingetsu can alter his own cellular and bodily structure to increase effectiveness or adapt to new environments. He can enhance his senses and physical attributes and is capable of even increasing his intelligence. As a secondary ability related to this one, Masako is capable of analyzing DNA through taste, thus if he gets a sample big enough, like a mouthful of flesh, he can copy whatever mutation or genetic advancement the owner of that DNA haves, thus allowing him to evolve constantly. He can return to his base form and still remember the proper modifications for later. The Cellular Manipulation also allows him to increase his regeneration and stop him from ageing. Most of these processes take an amount of time relative to the complexity of the change.

Powers Replicated

Jack Kinnely's Enhanced Reflexes

Shingetsu Armor

The Shingetsu armor allows Masako to access his power without risk, while keeping his physical attributes in a superhuman base level. The armor haves a weapon system activated by the generation of bio-electricity with blades and energy projection as well communication systems. The armor also can feed from heat generated by Masako and enhance the attacks. It also grants a good deal of protection and some enhanced view modes, even if Masako can do them by himself, the suit whole purpose is to limit the strain on his body and powers.

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Very nice love the looks and the powers.
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@Sonata: He will be "inside" Kuro-san character but instead of Neutral he is evil. He is a street level villain that we need to make thing a bit more dynamic

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similar to this guy except for the actual eating part:

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@Shadowchaos: Who? the image didnt loaded

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@Kuro_San: sylar from the show Heroes.

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@Shadowchaos: Ah, that was a good show.

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@SamJaz: Yes is a shame that they cancelled it after sucking through the whole Writers leaving on strike thing, not to mention the 9th Doctor was there

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@Kuro_San: Yeah they left a major cliff hanger least they could have done is released volume 6 in books or something or a movie.

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@Kuro_San: It's its own fault for sucking so much during the Writers strike. XD.

@Shadowchaos: They did. In comic book form. As far as I know at least.

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@SamJaz: they never made a ending it was just stuff that happened during the show not after I think.

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@Shadowchaos: Ah, okay. I stopped watching during S3. Loved S1.

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@SamJaz: s4 was the best

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@Shadowchaos: K, fair enough. I stopped watching while Suresh was spiderman.

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@Kuro_San: I told you I liked this character when you mention him to me. Interesting idea and finally more villains it makes me want to make a villain :)

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@Kuro_San said:

@Sonata: He will be "inside" Kuro-san character but instead of Neutral he is evil. He is a street level villain that we need to make thing a bit more dynamic

I hear you. In the future Kita will some Occult foot solider villains who are around street level as well to cause a little havoc. Right now she is just starting to lay the ground work for her empire.

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