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@Sha: Sure thing. 
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So when can we expect to see your character in the vice-universe?
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I'm not really sure, I haven't exactly started my new bio yet so, sometime soon.
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@Sha: Alright, hopefully you can participate soon. We need more characters.
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Z returns

The mysterious portal opened, and deposited the Malagan beauty on the tiled star-drop floor. She could see the endless vacuum through the floor, and in every other direction for that matter. “This place looks familiar” she muttered, standing around with a disoriented gaze, her eyebrow lifted just slightly at the presence of another.

“It should, you’ve been here a half a dozen times” A shadowy woman on a throne answered, before a beam of light illuminated her. “Welcome Ziccarra Liafador, to the World Terminus”. Z’s eyes befell a beautiful woman; she wore a very revealing tribal skirt and bra combination, in the light her blue skin glistened a bit making her appear celestial.

“My name is Gina Towns… I am the guardian entity of this place in space, known as the world Terminus…I am Sha of Infinite Forevers” she said, rising from her throne descending to meet the “Cardinal Queen*”.

“Bruja! Why have you brought me here?” Z snapped, not wasting anytime with doubts; her fiery Spanish accent cutting through the vaccum. “Aye I will explain Ziccarra…” SOIF said, floating right before the raven haired beauty.

“Recently, on an alternate world, an artifact so powerful crash landed on Earth; the item known as the Eye of Horus is one of the most dangerous items outside it’s universe, it has the power to reanimate the dead, super-charge the super and destroy whole countries, all the while draining the life from its host planet.”

Through SOIF’s explanation, Ziccarra simply folded her hands; she was interested no doubt, but she still didn’t see where she fit into this at all.

“The stone will do nothing but continue to destroy this universe as it is indestructible; that is why I have called upon you; you have the power to remove the stone from the universe” Soif said, again this time placing her hand on Z’s shoulders.

“How exactly do you expect me to take a stone…from one universe to the next…?” SOIF moved around to Ziccarra’s right side with a smile on her face.

“In the universe that I pulled you from, there existed a New Universe and a Prime Universe; the Prime Universe version of yourself has crossed over the World Terminus before, sadly now she is insane. So I am forced to call upon you”.

“I see why she went crazy…” Z said, sarcastically nodding her head.

“To cross over the World Terminus, you will need to be composed of both light and darkness something; the Prime Universe version of yourself mastered; she traveled to this…Vice and fought against a man named New Death; the Vice universe altered and allowed her inside…there cannot be another Ziccarra Liafador in the vice unless she has your DNA structure.”

SOIF explained further. “So let me see if I’m understanding this correctly; this stone somehow wandered out of its universe, you need a version of ZICCARRA LIAFADOR to take this stone back to its location, since there can only be ONE Ziccarra registered here, and the original is insane…I have to take her place.”

SOIF shook her head acknowledging Ziccarra’s review. “I do not care, send me back” Z said, trying to construct a Psy-blade to no avail.

“Ayyye…we are on the edge of the Vice Universe Ziccarra, Since the Prime U version of yourself already exist there; YOU were fused with another entity…someone I think you know very well…” SOIF said, showing Ziccarra through a viewing globe her VICE counter-part.

“Y-Intercept…” Z said, balling her fist.

“She has the power to send her spirit through the universe, I have a suspicion about how she is able to do so, but I cannot be so sure…” SOIF said, sighing a bit.

“Ziccarra…if you do not do this…you may not have a home in the New Universe much longer” she continued once again touching Z’s shoulders.

“Fine…I’ll do it” Z didn’t understand what it was she needed to do exactly, but if the threat was indeed that great then she simply couldn’t ignore it.

“First things first, I need to know what exactly it is that I am sacrificing by entering this…”Vice” Ziccarra said, with her hands crossed.

“Well. The Vice will only allow one version of Ziccarra to ever exist; so the moment you enter into the Vice universe, you will be synched with the PRIME Universe Ziccarra…and should you decide to return to the New Universe…you will be different…” she said, a bit cryptic.

Z repelled a long and cold stare at SOIF one that could’ve cut through solid steel “ugh…fine” she submitted and agreed to take on this task.

“Ziccarra Liafador of the New Universe…I entreat ye…” SOIF said, pushing her hands forward plastering a gigantic “S” on Z’s chest, her body erupted in a bright light and the once raven haired Spanish beauty, transformed into a blonde haired…blue eyed Ninjan.

Gina could feel the equilibrium between Light and Darkness start to flow within the Ninjan Queen; a soft smile ran across her face, although she felt a bit sad for the New U Ziccarra.

“It feels like I have been a sleep for years…”Z said, still with a thick Spanish accent. “Adio Mio I sound like Selma Hayek.” She said, holding her throax.

Glancing up, she saw SOIF waving down at her with a huge smile on her face. “Nice to have you back Ninjan Queen”.

“Girlfriend, I know it’s just you up here, but if you ever plan on me coming here again. You need to put underwear on” she said, sardonically whilst rising to her feet.

“So I’m off to the Vice again…time to extract my revenge on NewDeath!” Z said, making a fist; the light and darkness blitzed through her eyes.

“I’m afraid, NewDeath has disappeared; focus on the task Ninjan and DO NOT underestimate the power of evil in the VICE, it’s changed into something you’ve never…experienced..” SOIF warned already foreseeing a tough battle for the Ninjan Queen.

“Gotcha…” Z said, pushing her hand forward to conjure a dark portal. “Oh yeah…if it’s not too much to ask; could you possibly enlist both Surkit and Feral Nova of the Prime U travel to aid me…I can already feel the power coming from the New Vice…and I’m going to need a lot of help!” Z said, disappearing into her own dark portal.

More to come


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Please Note that this is my original bio from two years ago, and will be used to explain how Z FIRST came to the vice, not this current one.

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@Sha: Y seems like a fun person to interact with

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@Sha: And so it beings, this is going to be great:)

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@Sonata: ^_^

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@Sha: I might bring in one of my old characters, for a one time cameo. She is like SOIF, sort of the unofficial guardian of the Vice. I'll tell you in a PM:)

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@Sonata: KAY!

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@Sha: omg I think I'm going into ultimate fangirl mode right now...... yup I am, excuse me while I go scream like a 12 year old girl at a One Direction concert

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@Feral_Nova: LMFAO

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@Stephanie Ardor: I will follow you into the mist of avalon

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erm.... that sounds kinda far away... can we just go to Vegas instead and watch some Chippendales?

I-I mean... >_> yes.. Avalon... erm...but you will not follow me, we will go together, side by side! :D BECAUSE TOGETHER, NOTHING CAN STOP US! >:D BWHA- oh wait... heroes... I mean... BECAUSE TOGETHER WE CAN LIGHT UP THE DARKNESS!! :D

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@Stephanie Ardor:But we're comic-heroes in an anime universe...

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@Stephanie Ardor: @Jlynnana:

still anime heroes to me

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@Jlynnana said:

@Stephanie Ardor:But we're comic-heroes in an anime universe...

>_> lord help us...

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I dont know if the Viceverse is ready for such an event, we didnt even have half a year of straight of activity, so I would highly advise against a Crossover.

Not to mention that the whole Viceverse just rebooted so Newdeath never existed in this version of the universe, or certain current characters never existed in the pre-pre reboot verse (A.K.A original viceverse home of the Gekido Sunrise)

@Sha: A thing about the bio, could you try to give it a more anime-ish feel?

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