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Ninjan Messiah

 The   Ninjans Return to Ninjeta
 The Ninjans Return to Ninjeta

On earth the United Nation became wary of the large number of Ninjan Residents living amongst the humans, so they issued a bill that was to be signed by at least 30 countries called the Ninjan Exclusion Act, what the bill did was stop Ninjan immigrants from traveling to earth for a 45 year time span, Those living in Earth had to either give up their powers and join their respective nations or be arrested. Most decided to denounce their ties with Ninjeta however those who didn’t had were preparing for a fight on the eve of this Act, the Now Queen of Ninjeta Ziccarra Liafador returned to earth to take the remaining Ninjan Citizens home. However even though this was what the UN wanted, they were not going to trust a small Ninjan army in the hands of the once Murderous Ninjan Princess Ziccarra.

  The U.N gathered a Coalition of the willing and sent them to “peacefully” send Ziccarra back home, however the actions enraged Ziccarra, and a battle between the Earth and Ninjeta broke out. Ziccarra was able to make short work of the army herself, but this was a key event, as Ziccarra would later find out, At that point Earth and Ninjeta were on somewhat good terms and the relationship would have only brought the events of Vine 2030 to life, now the two Planets were on a collision course with each other, and a new fate lied ahead for both.

  Ziccarra rapture the rest of the Ninjan Population leaving about 12,000 former Ninjan citizens on earth, 2 weeks after the rapture the U.N placed all people with a Ninjan background under arrest for conspiracy to over throw the nations.


The 2nd Ninjan Civil War


 Hayden Vs Sha
 Hayden Vs Sha

Ninjeta was struggling from a falling economy, The Starks Regime, had gone on a military tirade and conquered the surrounding planets, leaving the resources and supplies low. Sha implemented various plans some failed only one worked, however just when she was hitting her stride as a leader, Hayden Miles returned to Ninjeta. Hayden originally was banned from entering the Farwick, province because of the terms of her exile, however she sparked a plug with the commoners about how Ninjeta should actually be ran.Sha knew leaving her on the planet would cause too much turmoil so she planned to have her captured, however Hayden was one step ahead she had people working within the Ninjan Elitist system giving her information on moves and ideals of the government. “Hayden” was in the Province of Chase, giving a speech on the improvements of the Ninjan Empire during the reign of Gwen Starks and excited the people. However Sha, got the sigma’s to arrest her, a scuffle broke out between the Supporters of Hayden and the Sigma’s prompting to handle Hayden on her own. Sha called the “Meeting of the classes” allowing all of the Ninjan Social classes to speak their opinon on how the post-Starks Society should be ran. Sha spoke first and reminded the classes of the time period in which her parents were in power, and how prosperous everything was. Her plan for the country was to take it back to that way of living. Many of the people were with this plan until, Hayden herself spoke.   Hayden’s intentions, were devious, Sha knew that however she couldn’t put the tail on what exactly she was doing.Hayden Verbally attacked the lack of experience Sha had, saying she was on Earth so long that she had “Grown” out of touch with her fellow Ninjans. A strong point that many took into consideration; while judging. Over the next few months Hayden and Sha both spoke out as to what direction to take, however the two never met face to face. While Sha was busy trying to end talks of reform, Hayden had amassed a small army and attacked the Aquareians, (a water breed of Ninjans) . Hayden’s small army was massacred, but this was what she wanted, The Aquarians came above the surface and began to attack small Ninjan villages and such. Sha could do nothing about the incident, because she had no way of actually attacking the Aquarieans. Hayden on the other hand, went down into the depths of the ocean and massacred them herself; once again appealing to the public. Finally the planet took a vote and Hayden won by the slimmest of Margins. Hayden was elected Supreme Chancellor of Ninjeta, while Ziccarra became head of the Sigma army. Ziccarra didn’t like handling the Sigma affairs so she quit, which prompted a good portion of the army to quit. Hayden wasn’t having it so she decided to charge Sha with Treason. No sooner than the order was given a war broke out. Sha’s army quickly took hold of the Farwick capital; however the final battle came down between Sha and Hayden.

(The actual Fight ending)

 Down but   never out.
 Down but never out.

  As the blood trickled down her face she saw the impending doom for her race; there was no telling how Hayden became so much stronger than her. The Ninjan Queen glanced around the Chaste Throne room; many of her soldiers were either dead or had surrendered, the famous Ninjan paintings had been tarnished. The halls of the corridor were dripping in blood, the walls of the castle screamed out in pain; death was around every corner; at every threshold a body laid. The Ninjan traitor (Hayden) Zithiniana began to proceed over towards Ziccarra. The epic fight between the two had reached its climatic conclusion. Hayden’s eyes grew a pale white, and Ziccarra Ceased to remain conscious. Hayden Conquered the rest of Ninjeta, with little effort she acesended to the throne of Ninjeta, and assumed the name of “Reina de los Mundos”Hayden used Ninjeta as an empire of evil enlisting both dark child and Gambler from earth as her partners, and within 8 months the heroes from earth came to Ninjeta on a “Quiet” Crusade to crush the triumvirate.


The Secret War.

Sha   during the secret Wars
Sha during the secret Wars

Veritas, WAL,The Wolf pack, Some members from the ICE dragons and the Femme Fatles all came to a collision of Ninjeta, each of them fighting for different reasons, however the Earth heroes knew, that if Hayden succeeded she would have the galaxy pretty much in her hands. Knowing that Sha valued Ninjeta more than anything, she enlisted the former Ninjan leader in her ranks; Sha’s objective was to get rid of Feral Nova and Wal. Sha however only had one thing on her mind that was defeating Nova and regaining her Ninjan Crown. 

Sha Vs Nova


" Nova blurted out as she saw her friend standing over what looked to be a large holographic map along a circular table. She was wearing Ninjan armor, yellow and white.covering her from her feet up to her neck, her head uncovered as her helmet rested upon the table. But... it didn't seem like Ninjan Princesses was in any distress. Her crystal blue eyes hoovered across the room, to where Stephanie stood, breathing heavily as she stood there a moment longer. "Y-your alright!" She jumped up as she rushed towards her best friends' side and hugged her tightly, only to never have the hugged returned.Instead, Sha stood still, her body tensing up as the hug was given to her.


" Feral Nova... its about time you get here." she spoke in a cold voice. "And why wouldn't i be alright? I'm home." She gave an evil smile as she pushed Nova away, shoving her down to the ground.

The young hero looked up at her friend in confusion. "Sh-sha? Whats going on here, I'm here to HELP you! To take back Ninjeta!" She said as she stood up, dusting herself off as she heard the door being pushed in, ten Ninjan Sigma Soldiers surrounding her with their spears and swords.

"Help?" Sha laughed. "Does it LOOK like I need help from YOU?" she rose her right arm up to show the soldiers to not to harm to the fire goddess. "I'm here, standing in THIS room, trying to figure out how to take all of you heroes and neutrals out in one fatal sweep." she knew Nova wouldn't understand so she began to walk closer to the emerald eye hero. "I'm working WITH Hayden, Stephanie, and because I see you as a friend, I'm giving you a chance to take whatever WAL members you have and leave my planet NOW."

Stephanie stood there in shock as she heard what the Ninjan Warrior said. "Y-your working WITH Hayden!? Why!? Sha! This doesn't make sense!"

"Stephanie, GO and dont come back, if you do, I WILL kill you."

Nova stood there, the Ninjans still surround her with their weapons pointed towards her neck. Taking a deep breath she closed her eyes as she shook her head. "Sha... I didn't want it to come to this... again." her voice a bit shaken as she rose up her head, anyone could tell that she was currently torn. "I don't want to fight you Sha, but that doesnt mean I wont."her body is engulfed in a fiery aura, causing the ten Ninjans to jump back from her deadly flames.

With a wicked smile Sha lift up her helmet and slipped it over her head, a thin clear lens covered her eyes but the lust for blood could still be seen in them. With a snap of her finger the other Ninjans finally backed off, pulling their swords away from Nova, even though they couldn't touch her, and stood across the room.

"Don't forget Nova, I killed you once... and I can do it again." Sha said as her right hand began to power up with a bright yellow energy. The co-Wal leader saw this and immediately powered up her left hand, then at the same time, the tow threw their blasts at each other, the two colliding with each other dead center between the two. As contact was made, the two energy balls suddenly created an explosions forcing Nova to slam into the wall, causing her fire to go out as she fell down to the ground. As the blinding light finally cleared the entire room was turned inside out. The ceiling was gone as gravel was seen all around Nova. Standing up she looked across the room to see Sha already rushing towards her, grabbing her by the forehead and smashing her head into the marble like building, making a massive crack in it. With a grunt Nova shot up her right hand, grabbing Sha by the neck only to get a hand full of metal she couldn't crush.

"You don't think I came to this battle unprepared Nova." She then grabbed her wrist with her left hand and pried it away. " This armor is made of a rare Ninjan metal that can only be found in the coldest region of the planet, its stronger than than your adamantium, AND its able to withstand your fire temperatures." She then jammed her free fist into Nova's abdomen, causing her eyes to bulge out in pain as the impact caused her to heave over in pain as Sha allowed her to fall to her knees.

Looking up at Sha, the hero quickly jumped up towards the Ninjan as her body burst into its golden flames, spear tackling the Ninjan right through the marble like walls and outside into the battle that was still raging on. The two smashed into the ground, Sha's back making impact on the cemented ground as a small crater was formed, causing her head to bounce from impact.

Still on fire, Stephanie put both of her fists together, quickly bringing them down over Sha's chest as hard as she could, the impact so great that the ground shook underneath the two. There were even a group of Ninjans who had to pause for a moment, turning to see the two rivals start their fight with one another. The group watching could tell, that in this fight, only one would live to see the end of this war.

Rattling Sha inside her armor, Nova's flames seemed as if they were trying to engulf the Princess, but with a evil chuckle the NInjan warrior's eyes began to glow white. As Stephanie was about to pound on her rivals face, her fist stopped just inches away, her body growing completely stiff as she struggled to even breath.

'C-crap...' Nova thought to herself. In the heat of the battle, Stephanie forgot one important power that Sha had over her... her power of magnetism. Fear could be seen sinking into the fire goddess face.

Without hesitation, Sha threw her hand forward, sending Stephanie flying, crashing into another building where a small group of citizens could be seen rushing out in fear. Laying there for a moment Stephanie slowly got up, shaking her head as she put out her flames. She was going to have to conserve her energy in this fight. But as soon as she got up, a fist smashed into her face, causing her head to whip downward and to the right as blood spew from her lips, stumbling a bit she grabbed into a wooden table as her crimson fluids continued to pour down, without hesitation she gripped the table and threw it in the direction the fist came from, the table flew and smashed into Sha's armor, but causing no damage or even making Sha move an inch.

"You've lost your urge to fight Nova, whats wrong? Have you grown soft?" She cracked her knuckles as she walked a bit forward, Nova not making a sound as she turned her body to her direction of Sha. Her chest rising up and down as she wiped the blood from her lips.

Making a fist with both hands, Stephanie's eyes began to glow a fiery red as she yelled out, slamming her fists together in front of her body, as soon as impact was made, a blinding wave of fire filled the area, not to do arm, but to temporarily blind Sha, which semi-worked, Sha quickly shaded her eyes as the lens of the helmet did most of the protecting as Stephanie charged up her hands, fire blaring out from them as she shot downward at the ground, causing her body to shoot up, through the ceiling and into the air. While still rising she then powered up her hands with her fire, taking a deep breath as she then yelled out, shooting a massive beam of fire into the building, causing it to explode upon impact, the entire building and the one's surrounding it, leveled down as the power of the blast caused her to shoot up another twenty feet into the air, as she then slowly began to free fall back to the ground. Her eyes glowing white she focused on Sha's body heat, seeing that she was now knelt down on one knee. 'That HAD to have done some damage.' She thought to herself as she made a fist with her right hand, concentrating the fire to a fine point so that it was in the form of a torch. But when only about ten feet away, Nova's radar blared out, Sha was on the move again, and right towards her, emerging from the dust that was still trying to settle down, the Ninjan armor was glowing with energy as Sha's right arm was extended out, making impact with Nova's neck as a laugh could be heard coming from her 'friend.'

With her head whipping back, Nova struggled to breath as the metal hit her neck, for a split second that they were near each other she could feel the energy building up inside Sha, it was as if, fighting on her home planet, was giving her some sort of extra boost in power. Thrusting her arm forward, Sha used all her strength to throw Nova away, and as the cyborg fire hero was soaring towards the ground, Sha's body began to glow as her right side of the body glowed a dim, almost black color, and her left side of the body glowed a bright white color. The two energies claiming each side of the body as she extended her arms to each side of her body, the energy's forming into her hands as she yelled out, thrusting both arms forward, the energy bursting towards Feral, not having much time to react, she burst into flames, forming a tight fire shield like cocoon around her body as the light and dark energy made impact into her shield, causing a massive explosion that covered the sky's.

Seconds later Nova's body smashed into the ground on her back, her body rolling along a now grassy plane with ruins sticking out from the ground all around her. Her body finally came to a stop as her back smashed into a broken stone pillar, her body screaming in pain from the attack as she struggled to get up.

Once up on her feet she could tell that she was now no where near the city she was in, but now, in a random field of grass, with the old ruins surrounding the area. Cracking her sore neck, Stephanie looked around for Sha, and found her slowly landing on the grass just to her right, on top of a pile of stones. She watched as Nova struggled to stand, she could tell she didn't want to fight her, which annoyed her. Battle after battle it was the same thing, trying to get Stephanie to fight her seriously, was almost impossible. There was only one way to get her to take her seriously, to make threats to the one's she loved.

 Nova vs Sha
 Nova vs Sha

"You know, once I'm done, I'm not stopping here, I'm going to go back to Earth with Hayden, and take over the Earth with her, and do you know who the first group of people I'm going to go for?" She paused as she jumped down from the rubble and in front of Nova. "Young WAL, their so small, fragile, not fully developed yet, so easy to either manipulate or kill, don't you agree?"

Glaring up at Sha, Nova grabbed a hold of her blade, pulling it out as the sun's ray's reflected off of it. It was her duty to protect Earth, the people on it and especially her team.  "Sha... your giving me no choice, if you want a war.... SO BE IT!" Nova blurted out as she burst into flames and rushed towards Sha, flying at ground level. When only a few feet away she trust her blade forward, as her own blade was smashed into another. In less than a second, Sha had summoned her Ninjeta Blade, a Legendary Sword that would only let the most worthy Ninjan wield it. Now standing toe to toe with Sha in battle the two glared at each other as their blades struggled against each other while Nova's fire surrounded the two as their eyes were locked. The two pushed each other away as they managed to get a good distance between each other, then went into combat yet again.

The two exchanging deadly blows back and forth, massive energy beams shot out with even deadlier accuracy as the two warriors where pushed to the edge. Ninjeta rumbled beneath them as their battle became more and more intense with every second that went by. But while Stephanie was losing power quickly, Sha was still standing tall, her armor still shining in the sun. It seemed that whatever Feral Nova was doing, wasn't good enough to bring the Ninjan Princess down. After over an hour of fighting, Stephanie now laid on the ground, her body bruised, bloody and broken, with Sha's armor, she was even able to break Stephanie's jaw, and smash in a few ribs. A pain that the fire goddess hadn't felt in a very long time. However, even though Sha seemed to take no damage, inside her armor, she was sweating, breathing heavily, becoming exhausted from the energy needing to use the armor. Even though she didn't have even half of the damages that Nova had, she was just as tired.

"Still breathing Nova?" Sha said as she held tightly onto her blade, her armor having scorch marks all over but still shone brightly.

Lying on her side she spat out some blood as it was now a strain breath, cuts so deep upon her skin that one could see the sun gently reflecting on her inner metal. Her cloths tattered, and her body slightly slumped she let out a chuckle. "You know me..." she grunt as she struggled to reach out for her sword that was a foot away from her. "It takes more than that to bring me down." Grasping onto her blade she was about to get up until Sha's foot stepped onto her wrist. Biting her lower lip, Stephanie looked up to see Sha looking down at her, her blade pointing down at her neck.

"Your done Nova, just accept your fate... you've suffered long enough." She rose her sword up, and aimed down at her chest as she began to bring it down, until she stopped, her breathing becoming irregular as her heart began to pound in her chest . "N-no!" She yelled out as she backed up, her body heating up inside her armor, it was as if she was stuck in a massive oven.

"Was saving that one... for a while." Steph said as she managed to get to her knees, her left hand extended out towards Sha as she continued to rise the heat inside her armor. Sure, she was safe from her fire, but she wasn't safe from her power to inject heat into a living organism. "Bet your wishing your weren't wearing your armor now." Struggling to stand up on her shaky knees, her eyes never left her. 'Just... need to get that damn armor off of her.' she thought to herself.She knew it would only be a matter of time, and just as she thought, within a minute, Sha tore off her helmet, throwing it on the ground as she struggled to get the armor off her body, her skin a crimson red from being baked inside her own armor. As she finally got everything off, she was now only wearing her inner armor lining.
"Doesn't matter..."
she looked down at her now bare wrist that held some sort of small remote like watch. Pressing a button a blinding flash covered her body as she was now dressed in her blue and red outfit with her legendary 'S' right in the middle of her chest. "I don't need that to take you down." Her cape gently waved in the light breeze that went across the battle area.

"Hehehe... always a bad @ss..." Nova laughed as she rose up her blade, her body struggling to even stand.

"You can barely stand, just give up Stephanie, and I'll allow you to live, all you'll have to do is serve Hayden for the rest of your life."

Steph couldn't help but chuckle. "Are you out of your mind? Did I cook you in that armor for too long? ME give up?!" She stood up, trickles of blood still coming from her body as she pointed her blade towards her friend. " You cant bring ME down. Dont you know who I am? I am the Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness!" She laughed as she twirled the blade in her hands, annoying Sha with every word she spoke.

With that she rushed towards Sha, swinging her blade at her neck, only to be counted by Sha's own blade, but to Steph's surprise, Sha grabbed Nova by the wrist and flew right up into the air, and then let out a yell as she threw her higher into the air. Bursting into flames Stephanie struggled to keep them going as she stopped herself in mid-air. Right as she did, Sha rushed towards her, moving faster now without her armor as she smashed a dark energy beam right into her chest. Screaming out in agony she pushed her flames out and downward, the two fighters now making a one way crash course back to Ninjan ground as Nova's flames surrounded Sha, the burning of flesh filling the air as the two smashed into the grassy field, a cloud of dirt filling the area as there was a sudden sound of what seemed to be two boulders colliding with each other as the light of fire could be seen from the dirt cloud. Nova's fists were smashing into Sha's face, while burning her body at the same time until it seemed that Sha finally passed out from the intense heat and beating, blood streaming out from her nose, mouth, even ears.

Putting out her fire Stephanie stood up, her legs giving out as she picked up her blade from the ground and turned back to Sha. Her hands were gripping onto the sword tightly as she stood over her friend, holding the sword right above her neck. Her eyes a fiery red as she continued to stand there a moment longer, she knew what she was suppose to do... but... could she?

Raising up the sword Nova let out a feral yell as her eyes began to water, bringing the sword down, it smashed down, making impact into, the ground, right next to Sha's neck. Nova fell on her knees as she lowered her head in shame, she couldn't do it... she couldn't take Sha's life. Even though she made a terrible choice in siding with Hayden, even if she threaten to kill her and the one's she loved... she couldn't do it, she couldn't take the life of a dear friend.

Right when she was about to pull out her blade from the ground, a forceful impact to her jaw was made, making Nova's head whip over to the left, blood spewing from her mouth as her body seem to go limp as soon as it hit the ground as darkness slowly began to cover over her. Her blurred eyes looked upward to see a Sigma soldier standing over her, her armor covering her body from her toe to her neck, and had a helmet on that covered from the top of her head to the back and down to the eyes. Struggling to see what was going on, it seemed that the soldier was checking on Sha, making sure she was still alive as she then turned to Nova.

"You human scum." She said as her hazel eyes burned with hatred towards Nova who was still in a bit of a daze. "You come to OUR planet, help the rebels, go against our high princess Sha and Queen Hayden, and then try to kill our princess!" She growled at Nova, spitting on her body. "I will not allow that to happen, YOU will die!" The woman pulled out her silver sword as she held it high above her head, ready to strike down upon Nova's chest. As hard as she tried, Stephanie just couldn't move, it was like... her body was finally saying 'enough is enough', giving up on the final round before it was over. Laying there she watched as the blade came rushing down towards her, closing her eyes Nova held her breath, reading herself for the sting of the blade, but... instead... a gasp of surprise could be heard followed by the feeling of warm fluids coming down on top of her body.

Slowly opening her eyes, they suddenly widen in shock. Sha was knelt over on all four's on top of Stephanie, shielding her from the blade and taking the hit herself. Face to face the two friends stared at each other in shock. "SHA!" Nova blurted out as her friend began to cough up blood upon Stephanie's wounded body.

The Sigma Soldier quickly pulled out the sword, causing Sha to gasp in pain, as she finally collapsed on top of Nova, her crimson blood covering Steph's body. "NO!" Stephanie quickly sat up, now ignoring the pain she was feeling, she quickly laid Sha upon the ground on her back, the wound was going from her back, and right through her own chest. "Sha, sha!" Nova yelled out.

"N-nova..." Sha whispered as her blood began to pour quickly out of her body. "You didnt think I was going to let someone else have the joy of killing you... did you?"She chuckled, only to have more blood come from her lips.

"Stop talking, your going to freaken drown yourself in your own blood." Nova began to panic as tears began to build up in her eyes. "I... I can get someone to heal you, you'll be fine, just fine, just... dont move, dont talk-"

"S-steph..." Sha struggled. "Shut up... I've been... trying to kill you... since you've gotten here... and yet, you still want to save me? Your... such an idiot... just let me die."

Stephanie looked down at Sha with confusion, "No! Sha, I dont care what kind of crap you try to pull, you should know by now, no matter what the hell you do, you will ALWAYS be my friend, how many times do I have to say it?"  She looked around a bit in a panic.  I can get someone to heal you, Kurrent and them cant be too far away, I know it!" She pulled out her communicator. "Nova to anyone who is willing to freaken listen! I need a frekaen healer!" She began to sob. "Get me a healer now!" Her hand was then pulled down by Sha's bloody hand.

"" The Ninjan spoke as her skin began to grow pale as she began to talk more slowly. "This... this is... my destiny... I knew... this day would... come... its... my p-purpose... to sacrifice myself for my friend... for you."

Nova's eyes were no longer able to hold the tears back as the trickled down her cheeks. "No... Sha... you cant leave me too... your... your my friend, my best friend, you cant... DAMN IT SHA YOU CANT DIE!" She held onto Sha's hand tightly.

"There is no other way... I would wish to die." she said as her body began to shake, going into shock from the trauma.

But... who's going to look out for me?" She joked, while the tears were still coming.  "Who's going to make sure I dont accidentally run into a pack of rabid cheerleaders while on a cookie hunt? Or... or teach me the 'Woo dance'?"

The two laughed for a moment as Sha smiled. "You'll be fine... I... have... faith... in... you... Do what... yo-u do.. best.. Light up..the darkness-..." with that, Sha's head tilted to the left as her last breath escaped from her lips, her eyes closing as her body became heavy.

With that Nova began to cry as she held Sha close to her, face berried on top of her now deceased friend's golden locks.

"SHA!" Nova roared out in a feral yell as her body burst into flames once more, but this time... it was her white fire, her most powerful level that could only be reached, when in extreme anger.

The Sigma soldier was still standing behind Nova t

Nova defeats   Sha
Nova defeats Sha

he entire time, now eyes widen with fear at what she realized she just did.

"YOU!" Nova yelled out as her head whipped over towards the soldier. "YOU KILLED HER!" She stood up, carrying Sha in her arms, as her flames were waving wildly around her, the raw energy burning anything and everything around her with the exception of Sha, even the ruins were quickly desintergrate under the power of her white fire.

"P-please! Forgive me, I didn-" before she could finish her sentence, her head blew up into a bloody explosion, that quickly evaporated into the air, leaving the body to hit the ground without its head.

"You... will ALL DIE!" Nova yelled out as she burst into the air, flying quickly towards Farwick where the battle was still raging on. Hoovering above the middle of the city Nova stood tall as her glowing white eyes glared over the battle area. "Rebels and citizens flee the area NOW!" Nova yelled out as the rebels quickly began to run from the area as Nova's flames began to eat away at the fallen buildings around her, her eyes looking upon every Sigma soldier there was. All of them with swords in hand with their armor upon their bodies, ready to fight against her.

"SHE KILLED PRINCESS SHA!" The pointed to the fallen Ninjan in her arms. "KILL HER!"

They all began to rush at her, but before they could even get within twenty feet of her, their armor began to melt, burning into their skin as they all began to yell out in pain. Without even moving Nova closed her eyes, and as soon as she opened them, all the Ninjan's fell to the ground, passed out by the intense heat that Stephanie injected into their bodies at the last possible moment. Within seconds, Stephanie took care of any Ninjan Soilders, good or bad, within Farwick. Nova’s flames had scorched the very surface of Ninjeta, causing the already dying planet to die faster. Hayden Took Sha’s body and placed it in a tomb, then placed the tomb on her ship and then headed down to earth.

Hayden left at the right time because 2 hours later the planet of Ninjeta exploded ending the life’s of the Aquariens (People who didn’t participate in the war smh) and anyone not equipped to get away.


Hayden met her death at the hands of Feral Nova in the KOV tourney, however she told Nova where sha’s body could be found, and the LOVE scientist retrieved it. Vanka Charleston (Alpha Sha) , used her powers to bring the Ninjan Queen back from the dead, but is she friend or foe?
Ziccarra's alive but as a


OR Foe?
OR Foe?


Super Powers

  • Basic Ninjan Powers (Includes: Strength, Flight,keen eyesight and Durability
  • Light energy projection and Manipulation
  • Dark energy projection and Manipulation
  • Motion control
  • Gravity control.
  • Sonic Burst


  • Name: Ziccarra (Sha) Liafador
  • Age:  2007 years old - 27 on earth years
  • Friends/ Family: Feral Nova, Matina Lopez, Solace.
  • Planet: Ninjeta in the K0 Galaxy
  • First Appearance: March 4, 1789 In Spain.
  • Hair Color: Varies
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • City of Orgin: Solace City CUSA
  • Current Residence: Ferrum City VUSA*
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@haseo_yashimora said:
" not this sh!t agean, go away comic heros!!!  "
Be nice Haseo. She has both comic and anime elements so don't worry. Besides, you can recommend she changes it to be more anime-like, not to go away. I would also recommend you apologize Haseo, for being so blunt. No picking on the new RPGers. 
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@haseo_yashimora: You shouldn't take such a disrespectful tone Haseo. In fact you should be welcoming her instead of shunning her. I'd advise you to apologize to her. She is free to choose whatever character elements she wants without having to worry about comments like the one you just made.
Post by cfatalis (19,150 posts) See mini bio Level 15
@OmegaMekix: actually she is here from before you came, she actually just ret-con her character
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