Seth Shady, Master of the Territorial Magic

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Name: Seth Shady

Age: 21

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 163

Race: Spiritually aware human

Faction: Heroic Neutral


Seth is a normal looking human with dark black hair and eyes that seem to change color according to his mood. This has never been diagnosed by a doctor but could possibly be linked to his powers. He keeps his hair short with his hair reaching his mid neck and it sometimes covers his eyes giving himself a relaxed look. He is pale skin with a slight muscle mass. He holds himself like a person that doesn't have much confidence so he appears shorter then he actually is. He has several tattoos on his body that he has no idea of how he got them only that he woke up one morning with them on his body. They look like strange magical symbols and several times when he has looked at them he thought they moved. The most strangest one is the one on his arm that he keeps covered with long sleeves or a jacket. Sometimes when he is in danger he could feel it burning his arm and giving him a slight tug in a way to get to safety. He hates the tattoos but is to much of a wimp to go through surgery to get rid of them so they stay.


Seth is a calm quiet person who does not like to draw attention to himself. He is easily embarrassed and will shy away from things with a red face. He has absolutely no dark emotions such as hate or greed. He will try to help anyone in need and is quick to throw himself in the way of attacks to save people. When people are in danger he grows a backbone and refuses to back down no matter what the cost is. The most noticeable trait about him though is how polite he is when he is no using his powers. He will will let others bully him as much as he wants as long as they do not try to bother other people. Though it does not show often Seth does have a split personality that only shows when he uses his powers. This other him is the holding cell of all of his negative emotions and such he is rude and egotistical and will constantly look for a chance to prove how powerful he is. He loves to back his opponents into corners and will choose sick and twisted punishments for them. Though outside of combat he has been shown to be in control but he is much more mellow and is really just rude and wanting a fight.


Seth is considered by most people to be a magic user but truthfully he has no idea what it is that gives him his powers. His powers are based on creating territory. He can create mini dimensions where he controls every aspect of the area. He can even create matter inside this zone and as long as a person is in this area they have to follow the rules he tells him at the start of the activation of his powers. Failure to do so will result in a penalty. The penalties are chosen by him and and are usually relevant to the rule broken. This zone is visible from the area that is is activated and takes the appearance of a large green circle and a invisible barrier that prevents anything from entering or leaving the zone. The barrier absorbs any attacks and adds the power to itself making it stronger. The strength of a person is based upon how well they can go along with the rules of the territory so he can lose inside this area even though he is the master of it. This has never happened though because has mastered every aspect of his powers and will never choose conditions in which he will lose in. The main purpose of the power is teach people lessons but he has also been able to create the territory around just himself as a mini shield. He has also used the zone as a place to talk to his opponents with out them attacking him. The power can sometimes take control of him to defend him and will activate on its own to save his life. He also has one other power that greatly improves his base power. He can lock onto a person and will be able to follow them no matter how fast they move, Also by being able to follow them he can also dodge physical attacks. When he uses this power his eyes turn a bright bloody crimson. Not really a power but a side effect of the split personality is that he is immune to mental attacks as his darker side will fight out any outside intrusion that he sees unfit to enter Seth. This can give telepaths a hard time fighting him seeing as how they are trying to go at two brains without even knowing their are two brains there.

Mental abilities

Seth is a genius level intellect having gone to a high end private school but do to his personality he does not show it as he does not want to show people up. He is always two steps ahead of people and he never starts a plan unless he knows where it will end. Even when it seems like his opponent is winning it is truly all just part of the plan. He has memorized the rules to several games both board and random. He has also mastered several dice rolling tricks that help him to get the number he needs.

Physical abilities

Seth's physical abilities are zero. It's not that he can't fight it's that he chooses not to fight. He does have good stamina though able to travel far distances without getting tired. He can also take several super powered blows before he has to quit but by that time he has given control to his dark side. His can lift only the amount of a average human nothing more seeing as how that is all that he is. He knows several martial arts though but chooses not to use them as he does not wish to harm anyone. Though there are times when by reflex he will use his martial arts. When his dark side takes over he makes full use of all of the martial arts to fight not letting his opponent have a moment to think because of a relentless onslaught. This is only a distraction till he can trap his prey long enough to activate his powers to use the territory and end the fight.


Seth grew up a normal boy well except for being born to a rich family. He was a well mannered happy go lucky boy who loved to play with friends and would always have a new game to play. He was a well known face around the neighborhood doing things like helping his neighbors with odd chores or just talking to them. He did not have a ill natured bone in his body. Though things changed when he was seven and he was out visiting one of his friends. He in the city when he saw a man being violently murdered in a alley. This caused his young mind to split and a dark personality to be born, one to hold all of his negative emotions. From that day on Seth was quiet boy who stuck his nose into the books. And would have moments where he would zone out almost as if he was in a trance. His parents put him into archery and martial arts after the incident to help him cope and defend himself.

As Seth became a teenagers he began to come out of his shell every once in a while and date girls. These relationships wouldn't last long as they would get tired of his quiet state and leave him. He also began to delve into the occult. He would read up on magic and rituals and this is possibly where he got his powers from. His first time using his powers was when he was fifteen and was attacked by a school bully who thought because of his quiet personality he could pick on him. He almost succeeded but his dark self took over for the first time and punished the bully using territory magic and a punishment. After that his dark self would come out at random times and he would have no memory of the times this happens as he would black out and lose hours at a time. To this day he is not sure what all he did.

After graduating high school Seth attented college and got a degree in the occult. He had no idea why he chose it but it as if it just called to him. After that he hung around his parents house a bit to get settled. There he was given a important mission, find his cousin Kyle and bring him home. Being as polite as he was he could not say no and so he began his journey. His first stop was a village he had read of where strong warriors lived. He started there because he remembered how his cousin loved to fight so it was a obvious place to start. Being a outsider though as soon as he stepped into the village he was attacked and knocked. When he came through ever single person in the village was dead and there was a ghostly figure above him that looked exactly like him. After his dark self explained everything Seth reluctantly came to terms with this part to him and he gained access to the powers himself and he could now talk to his dark self using a form of telepathy. So he left the village and began looking again for his cousin.

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@Masterofdeath: Hmm I look forward to the rest ^_^
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@Dahlia_Magenta: Oh yeah sorry I had to leave to go somewhere while typing it but when I get home from school tomorrow I will finish it.

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@Shadowchaos: Cool ^_^
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Hm, similar to Alvin Himmelskarte (Sketchinoda) then, only Seth has more control over smaller spaces, whereas Alvin has massive worlds to manipulate, but can only do so in creating and manipulating matter, and adjusting the settings of the planets, but Seth can add rules and apply penalties, like Season Zero Yugi Moto. Interesting.

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Almost done but I got done with the powers the history is next.

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Give me any suggestions if you have any

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@Masterofdeath: a nut allergy. Some actual physical weakness. I need to give my guys some of those too.

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he does have a weakness and that is his physical capabilities are very small.

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@Masterofdeath: ah, that's true. Still rampaging randomly with my latest rant, shooting all willing bystanders. XD. Yeah, Seth and Matt has that going on pretty well. Same with Hitomi. Yay!

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Though its not strength that wins fights with him.

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@Masterofdeath: yep. sneakiness. read Yugioh series zero?

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@SamJaz: yeah but Seth would make Yami cry like a little baby with his games.

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@Masterofdeath: Anime yami or manga yami? Manga Yami hangs people by yoyos.

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@SamJaz: both because he will burn the anime's precious children trading cards and the manga he will just mind crush.

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I dont know why but your character name makes me remember this video

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: that was awesome.

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ok done finally tell me what yall think

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@Masterofdeath: Honestly? I liked him better without the super-powered evil dark side. Consciously manipulative was more interesting than another hero with a dark suppressed part of his psyche taking over when convenient. But, your character.

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@SamJaz: Yeah but without the split personality he would be a character who would never use his powers and would die in the first thread.

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