Search for the Twilight Stone

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Search for the Twilight Stone

The world is made up of many different stories; some of them are of mythical creatures while others are stories created through some truth, manipulating a fact of life to make it unique to the world and more interesting. It is these stories that many of us grow up with, we are told them as children. They capture our hearts and imagination because these are the stories that make the world just a bit more magical and give us a different outlook on life. As children we often believed that these tales of dragons and princesses and the charming prince who saved them were real. The pictures in the books painted by an artist who was there at such magnificent spectacles. An artist who walked down the times just to capture a picture that would make us all believe that maybe there is something more out there. Now it is said that a Childs imagination knows no bounds and that is true because a child never worries, never looks at the facts, but as we grow older the way we look at things sometimes changes, the stories we once believed to be real the dragons breathing fire become nothing more than a whisper in the wind. Some stories however will always capture the interest of man no matter there age.

It is in human nature to want to search for the things that many believed could not be found, the journeys considered the journey of a fool. It is the way of life; we all want to understand the greater things in life, to answer the impossible questions. That’s who we are, were all curious even when it comes to things that may just be a myth, just another story that isn’t even real. One of those stories was of a legendary item called the Twilight Stone. A stone that was said to have been created by ancient alchemists and men of great power. It is told that the stone was created to change the world, to give a normal man an eternal life, to turn rock into gold and give those riches and power beyond there wildest dreams. Then the stone just vanished and all those connected to it died. No one knew what had happened to the stone but from then on it was something that all men from across the world looked for. The times passed by like the winds and the story of the stone changed, as it did it became more and more of a myth an item like the holy grail.

The stone was different though to all the other legendary artefacts, as men had managed to create a stone that would increase its wielders power. Now while it was created from the research that was yet to be finished and was imperfect that would crumble in time. It was these imperfect creations of the original that made many believe that the Twilight Stone truly did exist. Now so many looked for the stone, some of them good, others bad but all looked to gain the stone fore there own personal reasons but in the wrong hands the stone could change the shape of the world for the worse.  


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Alexander Winchester was considered by many to be the world’s best detective, having outsmarted and captured his former master, a man that had taught everything about being a detective, the strategizing. Always thinking one step ahead of your opponent but the same man who had taught him so much was also the same killer that had taking away his parents and eluded capture for 20 years. That event was now over and had been for a few months now and it was the hardest case he had ever encountered but now a new challenge presented itself and this one was proving difficult.

This new challenge came in the form of a stone. had heard about a rock called the Twilight Stone, and recently the amount of people searching for it had more than tripled. was a man who looked at things from all possible angles, to determine through research and careful analysis that if such a thing existed and while it seemed farfetched he believed it did. There was enough evidence to support the claim, the research by many alchemists on the stone. The fact that it was these pieces of information were used to help create stones of imperfect power that mirrored what the stone of legend was said to be able to do.

had made this his new goal in life, he needed to find that stone before it fell into the wrong hands. As he sat crouched on a black leather chair, surrounded by computers, his jet back messy hair wild and untamed. was surrounded with toys and his face covered with chocolate as he munched on his sweets. It was the kind of sight you would expect to see of a 4 year old not a man in his 20s. So many brilliant thoughts came to mind as he half heartedly look at the screens, his mind elsewhere. The search for the stone was proving difficult even for him. The clues were little and the ones he could find only led to a dead end. It was a maze with no escape. The only lead he had was that many alchemists backing the old days were also priests, so if anyone knew about the stone it was the children of God. Getting up decided to head to the local church.

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Hidden leaf village, Konoha.

Is been nine years already since Shunsuke was found just outside the doors of Konoha. He was a strange boy and like many he just felt alone because the others treated him like a freak for not having a father and mother, almost like if they were blaming him for been born. Why does everyone hates me? What have I’ve done to deserve this? Why no one cares about me.. Mother, father were are you? Who are you? Who am I? what is my purpose?! The boy kept asking himself since to the village he was nothing but a future threat.

But Shunsuke even if he felt alone, there were those who cared about him since he is not the only ninja who was different on Konoha. The first one who showed affection to Shunsuke was Iruka the teacher seen in him the picture of Naruto when Shunsuke was sitting alone on the swings. Iruka took Shunsuke to eat been the first one to actually show any sight of interest other than as a teacher.

After graduation he was not placed in a team he was placed under Kakashi’s hand been like a full time student since the leaf village had plans for him. After all if a Shinobi with the power of the sharingan and byakugan in a single Shinobi the man would be almost unbeatable.


The two sharingan warriors Kakashi Hatake and Shunsuke Morita were involved in a strong battle almost equally match, obviously Kakashi was far more experience but Shunsuke didn’t stop impressing him as well. Each Shinobi stand at distance trying to catch their breath, looking at each other while the flow of the wind carries the leaves on its currents. Kakashi had unleashed his sharingan and Shunsuke with both sharingan and byakugan active one in each eye were having a showdown. Kakashi narrows his eyes and exhaling hard he dash forth straight to Shunsuke, Shunsuke does exactly the same and ran toward Kakashi. Kakashi was performing a handsign and Shunsuke uses his sharing an to imitate him both sharingan wielder speak loud at the same time.

                                     (WATER STILE, WATER DRAGON JUTSU!)

After the conclusion of the words and the hand sign two large water dragons emerge from the river both come from behind each ninja and collide against one and other make a lager splash as the ninjas leap in the air and collide (CLANG!) the collision of their kunais is head bofere both ninjas land squatting each on opposite sides of the patch of land while the waves of water from the colliding dragons soak them both and the wind flows through their wet wild hair.

After the training the student and the teacher were taking a break trying to dry their clothes and enjoy the rest of the day. Kakashi was looking at his student proud of what he had achieved. He is a special one that boy, to think he is so young and yet has master the sharingan at such level. Not only that but the training Hinata gave him also sharpen his sense and now he has the basics of the Byakugan at his disposal as well, is a interesting kid this one.

“Hey, Shunsuke time to go we’re already late for our appointment with the Hokage.. Get ready to apologize” 

Shunsuke shaking his head he smiles sighing while looking at his sensei

"Same old Kakashi.. alway late and now draging me along.. fine lets go" both shinobi grab their clothes and get on their way

Kakashi: I'm not always late...

"Sure you're not..."
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   Slinger marched at a furious pace through the halls of the giant space-station, the 'Atlas.' He was called to speak with the fleet admiral directly, something that had him surprised. He was the Terran Federation's top paranormal activities agent, but he had never met Admiral Franklin before. He had butterflies in his stomach when he finally reached his superior officer's door, recalling a few past failures. He took a deep breath and approached the portal.
   The door slid open with a pneumatic hiss and Slinger walked into the office. For an office aboard a space station, it was huge. Most noticeable was a large window that the admiral was standing in front of, the view of the stars and the nearby wormhole was phenomenal, and the scene slowly shifted to the other nearby celestial wonders as the station slowly rotated. The agent wished he had more time to stand there and appreciate the view, but knew he had to get down to business, "Slinger reporting for duty sir!"
   "Slinger. Have a seat." The man in the purple and gold uniform said motioning to a large inviting chair in front of his large wooden desk. Slinger sat down and the admiral did the same.
   "Listen sir, if this is about--"
   "The Roshans? We've already talked to they're ambassador, they're willing to let it go as long as you issue a public apology and do a little public service announcement for they're national video feed."
   I was gonna say accidentally destroying that new star last week, but that's a relief to hear.
   "What's this about a star? Is that how you lost your last ship?"
   Uh-oh, is the admiral a telepath?
   "Yes. I am." Admiral Franklin looked a little miffed that he had been kept in the dark about last week's incident, but he was more concerned at the moment about the current scenario.
   "No, Slinger, this is an assignment, not a reprimand." Hearing that ignited a fire in the agent's eyes, "There's a disease that has struck New London. We're talking massive pandemic, the entire planet is under quarantine. We've got our doctors working overtime looking for a cure, but so far they've got nothing. That's why we need you."
   "I'm no doctor sir."
   The admiral massaged his temples with his index finger and his thumb, visibly disturbed by what he was about to say, "We need you to hunt down the Twilight Stone."
   Slinger almost jumped straight through the ceiling, both excited and confused by the news, "But you yourself classified it as nonexistent and ordered the search for it halted months ago!" He couldn't wait to get on the trail of the mythical artifact, he was absolutely beaming. Ha I knew it was real!
   "There's no need to gloat. I still don't believe it exists," said the admiral, frustrated by having to rescind his previous order, "but we're running out of options. If we don't do something soon, New London will be a dead planet within weeks."
   "Is it really that bad? The smile disappeared from Slinger's face. The admiral responded only by looking him straight in the eye and then shaking his head. It was not a good sign.
   Distraught the admiral went on, "Unfortunately due to the war in far-space our resources are pretty thin. We've got you a new ship though, it should be just like the last one. Also you get your standard equipment, Laz-blade, Zap-gun, et cetera. Nothing special this time around." Slinger was a little bummed he didn't have a new toy to play with.
   "We want you to go to Terra and rendezvous with a man known as Winchester, he's probably one of the known universe's top minds, he should be able to aid you in the hunt." The admiral slid a data-pad across his desk and a hologram of Winchester materialized from it.
   "That's one of the universe's top minds? Doesn't look very special to me." Slinger looked at the hologram dubiously, scrutinizing the image, but then pressed a button and slipped the pad into his shirt pocket.
   "Needless to say, we're counting on you, but this time, please, try not to cause an intergalactic incident?"
   Slinger blushed and scratched the back of his head, "Oh, uh, yeah. Will do! I, uh, that is, wont do, um, sir."
   Without any other information for Slinger, Admiral Franklin spun in his chair and realigned it with the window, "Good. There's nothing else then. Get to it."
   "Aye-aye sir!" Slinger snapped to his feet and fired off a salute.
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A shadow swept across the dim light, as dark figure could be distinguished. This figure was none other then the walking legend known as Kado. He stood sternly with a long samurai sword in one hand and in the other had been a all silver desert eagle, in which he kept his grip on both weapons firm. To some he had been a knight to others a warrior, but to all he was a Champion and that was the one thing no one could obtain from him. His real name was at the moment obsolete, not even he knew what it was. To many of his close acquaintances, he is Kado. However, to the myths and the stories he is known as “SS” an abbreviation for Sadistic Saint. Yet the stories never seemed to get his description right, probably because few had fought him and lived to see another day.Kado planted his boots in the scorching sand, as he analyzed the upcoming sandstorm across the desert. He could hear faint footsteps behind him, far in the distance there were two cowboys riding their horses across the desert. With his enhanced abilities he could make out some words from their conversation.


 “The…Search….Twilight Stone…Returned.” The Sadistic Saint thrust his blade into the deep sands, trying to decipher what he just heard. Twenty-Two years ago, he had been on a voyage for a powerful artifact of ancient times. A relic in which a normal man can be given the powers of god. However, he had given up on the search of the stone. It crossed his mind many times that there might had been a chance that such a story was just a tale. Had the search now continued? If so society was in grave danger. He never wanted the power of the stone for himself, he just wanted to keep out of the wrong hands. Now he would have to once again fulfill that objective. He could hear the horsemen now coming closer to him, so close that he could fell the steed breathing down his neck. Ruin holstered his gun slowly, making sure not to panic the riders. “Are you supposed to be out in these parts boy?” Still since his blade was planted directly in front of him, they were not aware that he had been armed. Kado slowly rapped both of his hands around the hilt of the sword as he gently pulled it from the roots of the ground.


He could then feel a gun being pressed against his neck, from the feel of it was a 44 magnum in that case if it was fired he would be well out of luck. “Boy don’t you hear me!” At that precise moment he bent his knees down closer to the ground and pushed up as he propelled himself into the air, while coming down he did 90 degree turn strike several times rapidly with the blade. As he landed he extended his foot across the sand as he did a sweep kick knocking the horse off their feet. The blood slowly dripped from his bladed and was soon evaporated as it contacted the sand. Ruin let out an ear-piercing whistle as a black stallion began marching towards. It didn’t even slow down, instead it sped up. As hit came closer he jumped up as it seemed to go right between his legs as he landed on the mount. As he incased his sword in the scabbard, he began to ride his way into the big city.  The long ride, gave him time to have a train of thought. Was his talent of ambition paying off, or was it just something else that would rustle its way through him. Had he shown himself too much as a man of quality? Being just as vile as he was courteous. Or was this a new start, was it time to once again make a name for himself. To once again reek havoc upon good and evil.


He could hear the ringing sound of the train track therefore he knew he was closing on the city. Yet, he needed to keep a low-profile in such a high populated society. For if his identity had been discovered, then he would have to the last resort. Kill. You know what they say live by the die by the sword. Many mutants, magicians, gods, all used magic. However it was different for him, they used magic…he was part of it. His species were not yet classified, but obviously he was different. Much different then other, he was discovering a new power of his nearly every passing day. Ruin hopped off of the stallion as he close din a on one of the city buildings. He body slowly began to change to variety of vibrant colors. Then instantly he went invisible, but his foot step could still be seen on the ground. What happened next only furthered his reason for learning how to control his powers, as he crossed the street hoping to dodge cars his invisibility came to halt, and he was clearly visible. The horn from the car went off in an instant as the car smashed against Kado’s body. Wait! He was still one piece, he hadn’t even been moved. He began to stroll into a nearby alley, to avoid publicity. As he did he tried to wrap his mind around what just happened. The he figured it all out...Phasing. He could be getting shot at and the bullets would drift right though him. He decided it was time to lay-low until the heat was cleared. He knew the city would be head over heels for a story like this. He came to what seemed to be a church building, as he leaned on it gently and his body phased its way through. He straightened himself up as he took a seat in the empty church. For now he just needed to rest. He slowly let his mind drift away into sleep.

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Biting her lower lip, Pepper stared down at the chaotic mess of papers strewn about her.  The sound of sirens, yelling, traffic, and people could be hard outside her small flat in the inner city. It was a bad neighborhood, the loving touch of caring homeowners had long since been gone, but it was Pepper’s domain.  Lately, she’d been spending more and more times in her flat, stressing over figures and old documents to get a breakthrough. Blaring clear and loud, the sound of her alarm clock went off.  Huffing she padded over to her small bathroom opening the cabinet and taking out a kit.  Her hands still had the shakes while doing this.  Pulling out everything she needed and getting herself ready she, tied the compressor around her arm and tried to find her vein.  Eventually after several failed attempts, she found her vein sticking the needle in slowly as the hot liquid coursed through her vein and dispersing through her body. She hated taking this medicine, one of its side effects was to get lost deep in the mind for a while after it entered her.  If there was anything she didn’t like it was memories, with memories came accepting what you don’t want to, and feeling what you wish you never did have to. 

Fighting if off she tried not to enter into her mind, as she felt her brain subsuming to the darkness enveloping her. Before she could shake it, she was already too late, she found herself in her room quietly playing with her mother and father.  Her dad crawling on his legs and making animal sounds while her mother did the same.  Reaching out Pepper tried to touch the little girl, tell her to stop having fun, stop enjoying the moment, it’ll only make it harder, but nothing happens.  The little girl giggles chasing the parents.  Pepper immediately identifies the little girls as her older sister, Isabelle. Looking at her mother, Pepper noticed her stomach due of child soon, due with pepper.  Pepper had seen this scene a millions times yet each time, it still hit home.   Pepper was born with many abilities one being able to go into the mind of anyone who is emotionally attached to her.  The medicine sets her chemical balance off, causing her to randomly sink into the thoughts of someone she was attached to.  The happy scene had run its course, as the tall barbaric people burst through the doors. Their armor and weapons strong.  The leader looked at Pepper’s father, pulling out his crested gun and sending a single bullet through his head.  His body collapsing to the ground.  Pepper’s Sister Isabelle, was a sick child and never as strong as other’s. The sight of her father dying in front of her was too much as her small body fell to the ground next to her fathers.  Pepper’s mother looked up, her arms circling around her small bump to protect the unborn Pepper.    

At that moment, Pepper felt herself thrown back into reality as she gripped the sides of the sink, splashing water into her face.  She already knew the rest of the story, but she hated every part of it.  It only reiterated how she was dealt the short end of the stick so many times in her life.  Her low white blood cell count was the reason she took medicine everyday to keep her immune system in tip top condition.  Going back into her small office, she plopped down sighing.  After graduating college with three degree’s, Pepper took a trip to Jerusalem, what is said to be the Holy Land.  There she learned about herself and about things that only experience brought.  But, one thing stuck with her.  During her last week there she heard the story about the Twilight stones, its abilities, its danger, its power, and its greatness.  Since then, Pepper had delegated a lot of her time to finding the Twilight Stone, for if not just for the safety of people, she also had some demons in her past that only something like the twilight stone could help with.  Many people called her crazy for thinking that such a thing existed, but over the last couple of years growing interest among many became well known, as people searched for one of the world’s mysteries.  But, lately she had hit a brick wall, and nothing seemed to be making ay sense.  Her head came to her hands as she looked down at her desk.

  The corner of her eye caught sight of familiar picture.  Picking it up, she saw herself smiling.  Just as she looked at the picture she got an epiphany.  If something doesn’t want to be found or isn’t meant to it wont, but if it is then it will leave a code, a clue, a trace so someone can find it, the question is who is the right person to find it.  Jumping up, she picked up her phone making a call to one of her friends. “Yes, how soon do you think you can be here?, no don’t worry ill foot the bill, bring Everything  in quite the older times, all the sacrilegious and important text was held in Jerusalem, Muslim , Buddhist, Confucianists, and Christian scholars all printing copies of histories, studies, encounters.  Jerusalem being a holy land for so many different cultures was full of all this old and sacred knowledge.  Pepper believed that through reading these texts, she might find something recorded someone that might have known something of the twilight stone.  That’s where her friend came into play, Fariha, was an anthropologist and held many of the world’s ancient works not to mention held high connections.  All the serious works and artifacts were kept among the black market, not in museums but in secret.  Well Fariha had these connections, and these texts just might lead to the Twilight Stone or at least in the direction of it.  Sitting down, Pepper began to organize herself setting up a plan and possible ways that a code could be found or places it could be hidden. 

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Tsunade’s office in Konoha.

Shunsuke and Kakashi walk in through the office door. Tsunade the Hokage of the leaf village has a glance of both Shinobi while they walk in the room, sighing the top ninja of the village looks at them and in a low tone she says. “Is about time you two showed up, good to se you both” Kakashi scratch his head and he apologize for the delay. “Hum, sorry for keep you waiting, we got a little.. caught up in our training” Tsunade sighing she replies.

“I’m not surprise Kakashi, is always a excuse with you. But never mind that. We received a messenger from the Tea country requesting a group of Jonin to help them with a crisis. Ever since the Wasabi clan took control of the place there have been constant attacks and they appeared to be connected to the Wagarashi clan. At first they thought they could handle it but then the attacks got worse and worse and now is almost daily. Now they are requesting a group of Jonin from the leaf village to go in their aid.”

Kakashi nods in understanding and he replies “we are ready for the task lady hokage, how ever I am curious- who will be the third ninja coming along? Is it Guy? Azuma?” Tsunade tilts her head down while she leans back on her chair “No” she says while she opens her eyes then she adds “Shunsuke will be going on this mission alone…” Kakashi interrupts “But lady Hokage-” Tsunade never stopped speaking “..It will test his skills to the max and if you trained him as I asked you he will accomplish his mission and return to Konoha safe and sound”  Kakashi didn’t understand what was happening, nether did Shunsuke. Why send a single ninja into such mission, even if Shunsuke is a excellent Shinobi it just might be too much for him to handle. Something is not right, there is something remaining untold and I’m going to find out. Thought Kakashi. Shunsuke then ask the Hokage “So, where can I meet with the messenger?” Tsunade replied “you will meet with him at the gate he should be waiting for you since you were late now go you have a long way, good luck Shunsuke.”

Both ninja leave the room and tsunade grabs a cup and serves herself some tea. I’m sorry for turning you out Kakashi, but the boy have been chosen, he will finally feel needed since the world will rest on his hands after today. Tsunade raise up the cup and drinks the tea then exhale. I just hope you taught him well.   

At the gate

Kakashi and Shunsuke meet with the messenger from the Tea country in the gate. The messenger was a samurai having a sword on his hip and umbrella at hands “Hello my name is Kio Matsumoto, I come from Tea country, is this the Jonin the Hokage sent fto solve our problem?” Kakashi narrow his eye and thought about the man’s words. He is not concern that the hokage sent just one, in fact he practically expected just one Jonin. Yet the hokage said they wanted a squad. Hum what is going on here. Kakashi then replied to the man “Yes, sorry for the delay we were training and lost motion of time” Kakashi then place his hand on Shunsuke’s back and push him forth. “This is Shunsuke Morita one of our most gifted ninja in the leaf village chosen by the hokage personally to attend to your needs.” The messenger lowers his head and smiles “Oh, trust me he was chosen all right, well my boy time to head out the faster we walk the closer we get to end this crisis.” The messenger turns around and starts walking away.

Shunsuke also seem to find the situation awkward “Did you notice the change on his vital signs and the base of his voice.. There is something wrong with this Kakashi sensei, is there anything I should know about?” but Kakashi was as clueless and suspicious as him. “No.. I am as clueless as you are, but not for long.” Kakashi then bites the surface of his thumb and spills some blood on his palm then performs a hands sign  and then squatting wile pressing both hands against the ground he shouts, “Summoning jutsu!” a steam emerges from by the effect of the jutsu and when it clears out and Pakkun one of Kakashi’s ninja dogs emerges. Kakashi looks up at Shunsuke and Shunsuke with narrow eyes he smiles. Kakashi then gives him directions “You play along and go after the messenger, when you are distant Pakkun and I will trace the smell and be right behind you.. I will know if you are in any trouble since Pakkun’s nose can detect the mildest of sent”

Just as he was order after bowing to his sensei Shunsuke chases after the messenger just as Kakashi instructed they will get to the bottom of this one way or the other.

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