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Name: Dégel V. Grêler

Age: 30 (does not age, his true age is unknown but is estimated to be over 2 centuries)

Height: 6'2" (armored is 6'5)

Weight: 190 Lb

Eye Colors: Variable

Species: Human/Cyborg

Nationality: French/Japanese

Date of Birth: January the 27th

Place of Birth: Unknown

Martial Status: Celibacy

Alignment: Evil/Neutral

Aliases: So Cold, SC, Mister Cold, Winter

Group Affiliation: None

Occupation: Cryogenics, Scientist, Cryomancer


As you've all probably guessed from his appearance, SC is a cold, callous, and dispassionate figure, perhaps evil yet a reasonable person. As a child he was described as an exhibitionist, livelier, exuberant and frivolity kid with a bright personality. That was until he soon realized his fate in the reign of cyromancers, being destine to lead his clan out of poverty and to rule other great ninja clans as a king. Beside his destiny SC is an aloof, cynical, and menacing figure. He's lost all feelings for humanity, and for the most of his life, has look on human feelings with a mix of pity and compassion without being bound to them, with charity but not always with care. A cold shoulder seems to be SC's answer to the poignant questions raised by human life. His cold demeanor leaves him completely calm and composed as well as well-mannered. For the most part he is a genius when it comes to magic, cryogenics, and nearly anything that involves science. His obsession with freezing the world and depriving everyone from what they love, believing that if he can't have love then no one can't, oh most makes him a hollow person...

His intelligence is far beyond that of a human and has leaded him to go beyond the use of the supernatural, combining magic and bio together due to being a former cryomancer. He is a strategic and manipulative individual, his cool-head allows him to calculate any sort of event, adaptable to anything that he has either seen before or has had contact with, giving him an upper hand against his opponents. He is capable of quickly changing his strategies to acclimate to anyones approach, studying his enemies behaviors, reeactions, and weaknesses, making him indestructible. Having certain suits, devices, and armory for certain enemies. He is perhaps a genius to all criminals, coming up with tactical plans for every enemy he's encountered.

This is why he is feared among most rouge scientists, not just inventing weapons but weapons that only work for specific individuals. Becoming nearly a detective in the process. His vast knowledge in cryogenics puts him above many scientists, an innovative scientist with limitless knowledge, never showing exasperation to anything unless its above his grasp; making him highly perceptive, cunning, and analytical... He is never to be called a narcissist, he does not try to prove that he is smarter or more better than others, he is considerate to other people's ideas but stubborn about his own, never to accept that he is wrong unless he is proven by evidence. Love is perhaps the only human-like emotion left within him however, he does not seem to comprehend the Human trait of fighting against all odds or the very concept of the Human heart. Whatever he was before he is no longer that person, nearly robotic. His aloofness separates him from other villains, preferring to work alone unless granted a deal of some sort. His belief is that if the world is a cold place then it deserves to be frozen!


SC as a cryomancer
SC as a cryomancer

CS as a cryogenic
CS as a cryogenic

His lacking of human qualities gives him the appearance of a robotic part human cyborg. Being equip with a suit of alien technology he's stolen, having an ill condition that has him forced to live in below zero temperatures. Unlike his bloodline who can live in both hot and cold conditions, he was diseased with an illness that is not curable due to it being a curse, logical solutions prove useless to this curse. The Curse was a hex from the fire clan leader that only affected him, no one else can be affected by this curse and it is not passable. Because of this he was distinguished from everyone else and forced to hide from the sun. This eventually led to his creations and interest in cryogenics, creating his own ice spells and suits that were programed to block heat and project cold temperatures. Of course he wasn't always in a suit in his past life. He use to suit a blue-garbed ninja-like uniform which was part of his clan's dressing code. But during his times when he was not a cryomancer he was a explorer and scientist! Eventually leading him to create special methods to keep him alive or immune to the sun's heat! His clan is intolerable about the use of science so he kept this all hidden from his clan members! He also in situations will use a temporarily spell to keep him immune to heat for at least an hour or longer. Other than that at the moment he is nearly a cyborg, the suit is made of carbonized-diamonds that he hand crafted himself with the use of Alien technology, and diamond strength graphite! Being hook to several tubes and cables that connect to his body, immunity to electrical base attacks, hacking sequences, and explosions (grenades, bombs, mines!) Especially ice base attacks! He has a large number of suits, some that even operate by themselves and some that are made for specific operations. Some that are even functional in absolute zero temperatures and even carry absolute zero weaponry! The main suit he always wears can survive in temperatures such as  43 K (-230C), follow heat signatures and footsteps, and has every data on his documents in his super computer, the suit itself is program to record everything it scans or detects in order to stay on trail for enemies. The glass is bullet proof and can survive a near grenade or land mine explosion without a scratch. Also not to mention he wears glasses due to his horrible eye sights, glasses that are goggles connected to his super computers and can calculate anything he scans. Determining his opponents next move without his knowledge needed or seeing heat signatures in the area, the super computers are connected to all suits through a microchip and micro mechanisms. If his computers are to be vandalize, suffer serious hacking, or malfunction his chip will automatically shut off the transmission or computer wave, disconnecting his computers from any suit. Other than that when he doesn't have his suit he wear his normal Ninja-like attire entitled to his clan. 


When Dégel Grêler was a child he made a hobby of freezing animals in order to preserve them so they can continue to exist in the future. His parents adore his hobby yet at the same time banned him from it since it would lead the boy into the study of cryogenics hence science. So they banned him from this and forced him into religion which he resented. Beside that he had a quiet and peaceful child hood, Dégel had yet to know what was waiting ahead for him and as he grew older was sent to a strict training camp where Dégel felt outcast and became depressed. The camp was no ordinary camp but a camp controlled by his Clan reserved for all young members of his clan who were destine to join the imperial Cryomancing army. He was usually bullied and had the most coercion pressured on him and was severely punished when he stepped out of line. He eventually met and befriended a young girl named Wintar, the two fell in love. But their happiness was short-lived: Wintar was diagnosed with a fatal disease, and Dégel, sickened with sorrow, attempted to save her using cryomancing. However, he was stopped and separated from his lover, never to see her again. Becoming remote and even more depress now than ever. Through several years it was revealed that he was destine to rule his clan, being even more separated from everyone else due to being royalty. Now finally being shaped into a cold blooded killer who controlled his clan from regal power. His first year as the leader took a big toll of his teen life, always busy with decisions that would benefit the clan. Then when it came down to war or battles he used strategic moves hence checkmate. It was all good on the battlefield, no other mind could compare to his during the time and his cool head always led him to victory but, even though he always won he was never truly happy nor even proud, rather upset and suffering. His teen hood was taken from him and when it came to his adult hood he was given even more responsibility than before, overcrowding him and breaking his spirit. Sometimes he would have outbursts and tantrums out of nowhere, leading others to believe he had lost it.

The return of his village
The return of his village

Moving on he eventually came at war with the fire clan which ultimately led to his defeat. The war was going so smoothly until one night an assassin broke into his base and attempted to kill him. The attempt failed, capturing the assassin but the assassin cursed him with a irreversible spell from the Fire Lord which pushed him to isolate himself from everyone because he couldn't be anywhere but only around temperatures that were at sub zero, being kept inside a room of sub zero temperatures that his best cryomancers had conjured for him. The curse left him weaken and his village opened for an attack. Being overrun by the fire lord army he was kept alive by his allies and forcefully taken to the countryside, his clan wiped from the face of the earth. And so he was left in the freezing Tundras with no communication or supplement. He was the very definition of loneliness, regretting ever leaving and not staying with his people but he had no choice. Essentially he was stuck, finding a cave and making it his home as he could only survive in cold climates. The curse was intended to be used for cryo-preservation, his age progression has slowed drastically to the point he is virtually immortal, lengthening his aging rate. Gifted with a brain he went on and adapted to his surroundings, easily dominating the turf and all the animal critters in it as he was a hunter-gatherer. Leading to an advancement of agriculture. His chances of surviving advanced to the point where he could communicate with wolves and animals, encountering them and even sometimes hunting along with them and using them as a way to find food to feed his body. However his condition worsen over the decades, finding the nearest resources to treat his curse. And over the course of years as mankind advanced he secretly went out of the country he was in and gathered medicine and aid that would hopefully get rid of his curse/disease and make him a normal person. But it all inevitably failed and led him to rage, never again to walk on a summer's day with the hot wind in your face and a warm hand to hold. Oh yes, He'd kill for that. And sooner or later he had close encounters with extraterrestrials that abducted him for his illness so that they can perform tests and experiments on him, Oh! But they abducted the wrong person. The reason of his abduction was because of his sub-zero body, being impossible to be seen by heat trackers. And when he was abducted he overpowered the beings with his cryomancing and somehow crashed into the pacific ocean along with the ship. After subduing the monsters he stole nearly all of their technology and took it back to his base by forcing one alien that was alive to take him back. Using the being as a road to home he took it captive and dynamically over the years forced it to teach him their technology and how to use it, just like the pilgrims did to the native americans on Thanks Giving he did the same to the slave.

Over the years he modified the new computery so that it would be usable to his needs, and by then humans were already advancing. To him he looked at humans as primitive monkeys. The technology he stoled enhanced his powers and knowledge, creating suits powered by diamonds, made to protect him from the heat. The suit equipped with ice lasers, grenades, and weaponry that would all be in good use in the future. But that's not all he made, combing human technology with alien machinery that created a binary super computer connected to his suits and all of his creations and experiments. His base of operation is all in one big Tundra of Eastern Siberia. He spent most of his time looking for a cure for himself, sometimes creating antidotes for diseases that were incurable. He stubbornly kept the cures to himself, leaving the world to rot and millions to parish, at the moment he wields the answers to cell mutation growth or aids or to all sort of diseases. To this day he continues to search for a cure or spell that would rid him from his illness, he also plans on freezing the world along with himself so that everyone would die, believing that death is the only salvation to relieving everyone from there suffering.

Powers and Abilities

"Frozen alive..."
"Frozen alive..."

He is among the most powerful cryomancers of his clan descendants, being capable of creating cold air around his fist slowing the atomic motion of the air to form ice (manipulates the atoms of the air particles without destroying them, to stop them, its temperature drops quickly) which is manifested in the form of countless sharp snow crystals. While others in his clan require freezing the moisture in the air in order to form ice, making him the most potent member of his clan. He can form weapons and solid figures with ice as well as ice clones and such. His cryomancing has its limit as he cannot reach absolute zero due to it being impossible by magic so instead uses his subzero biological weapons, some functioned to reach absolute zero through magic and science. The fundamental resources of his magic were a spell book which was passed down by generations and generations by his clan, the book carrying spells that could summon bizarre blizzards to engulf cities with and create snowy days or heal the sick. He also has the ability to instantly conjure ice statues of himself to act as both a scapegoat and a 'landmine' of sorts as any who touch it instantly flash freeze. He is also of launching from his index finger ice rings that can capture opponents, the ice rings are formed from the wind around his target and encircle them stopping their movements. He has no special techniques as his abilities are all apart of his powers, having no real structure to his attacks.

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Amazing especially sub zero part

And if you want to "Here" you could find some usefull stuff

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Thank you for the link, very useful, and thank you for the compliment.
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@SoCold: Awesome its about time we got a new villain and I love the Mr.Freeze part because my character enigma is based off the Riddler. Also I just finished the boss fight with Mr. Freeze in Arkham City XD

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Nice  love both looks, and the bio great work:)
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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: That's a kick-ass boss battle

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@Kuro_San: lol glad you think so I was like this is so cool (pun intended) then I realize he changes so you have to use a different method every time XD

But you are right that was a bad ass battle I prefer the Riddles challenges though :D That is such a good game.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Same! xD I found Freeze to be a challenging Boss especially in the new game since you have to use all secret methods to beat him plus he blocks your bat heat sense thingy.

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Did some update on the history, any suggestions? I'm all ears!

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This bio is cold as ice! XD Nice to see another new face, we got both a new villain and a new hero (Phoenix Wright) I can give suggestions after re-reading it a few times but I'm sure it will come to you, just give it time.

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@Kurohige: Thank you xD and please tell me if I need to approve anything, I wouldn't mind, so thank you very much :D

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@haseo_yashimora: Just updated and thanks
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@SoCold: Sweet bio! Love the character depth and history behind him :) The red glowing eyes knida remind me of The Terminator :D

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