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Conquerer - Pretender - Locksmith - King

Name: SamJaz Shinoda
Age: 82

Appearance age: 23

Faction: The Emperium, Sketchinoda, 3C

Original Name: Samson Joshua Creed

Avatar Appearance: Medium build, slightly taller than the average man. caucasian, brown hair.

The Keyblade is a mystical weapon that chooses its wielder. It changes form and abilities according to the emotional bonds the user has made with others. It's core abilities, however, function like an omni-potent key- It can lock anything. It can unlock anything.
More complex, enchanted, abstract and straight-up difficult locks take more time, but SamJaz can open most doors simply by tapping the Keyblade against the frame.
Due to the Keyblade, SamJaz also has some basic magic skills, although these are mostly limited to elemental attacks in their nature.

As SamJaz gains allies and the bonds with them grow, SamJaz obtains keychains that allow him to change the apearance of the Keyblade, increasing it's battle strength and giving it additional abilities depending on the nature of the bond and the abilities of the ally the keychain represents. So far he has obtained Shufflecast from Phantom and Undying Soul from Gen, as well as a collection of other, weaker keyblades available for general use, such as Follow The Wind, Sweet Memories, and Velvet Key.

SamJaz also commissioned a weaponsmith to build him a fake keyblade- identical in appearance to the standard form of the Keyblade, the Kingdom Key, as shown above. This replica weapon has no magical abilities, but is still an effective bludgeon. This weapon cannot be summoned, like a real keyblade, so when he does carry it into battle, it must be carried. It will not lead him in Flowmotion, nor can he cast magic through it, but it is an effective decoy when fighting magic cancellers, and ensures that SamJaz's own fighting abilities are not totally reliant on Keyblade tutelage.

SamJaz's Persona skills are difficult to control. He can carry a number of Personae at a time, and shift between them with a moment of concentration. A Persona is a facet of his soul made manifest, literally a facade of his collective personality he summons by shooting himself in the head. Each Persona takes the form of a mythical creature of being, from Jack Frost to Thor. As SamJaz's skill with Personae increase, so will the level of pantheon he can carry and wield. SamJaz can never carry a Persona representing a being more powerful than his mind can contain. SamJaz's preferred method of summoning Persona is through the use of his Evoker- A weapon that looks identical to a handgun without a muzzle, it causes severe mental distress upon the target when the trigger is pulled, often causing a nervous breakdown on the spot. Using this method requires the Evoker to be shot at point-blank range to the targets head. When SamJaz uses the Evoker on himself, the trauma causes a Persona to be unleashed at a stronger power than other methods of summoning would provide.


Personae are summoned in a number of other ways, usually through the use of cards. SamJaz can cause these cards to materialise around his person and, upon breaking them, summons the Persona the card represents. The persona usually fades away after a single attack. Each card glows and has a similar molecular structure to glass. Another method he uses is by being shot in the head for a more powerful summon. Using a place called the Velvet Room, accessed by one of his Keyblades, the Velvet Key, here SamJaz can fuse his personae, creating stronger ones and passing skills on from the fused personae to the new ones. He can also buy back previously used personae, but at a very costly rate.

SamJaz also has a somewhat distorted view on battles, somewhat evolved from his battles on psychic planes. SamJaz will only view something as his victory if his opponent will declare defeat. On this principle, SamJaz refuses to kill- not for morality, but because dead people are incapable of admitting their loss, so in SamJaz's eyes, the battle will be a stalemate- one where he failed to conquer. As such, SamJaz is one who fights to the pain- His objective in every battle is to ensure his opponent's defeat. He cares little for physical fighting prowess on either side, or for the advantages of training or weaponry. To him, every battle is one of wills, and he will emotionally manipulate his opponent into backing down, winning the battle by causing his foe to surrender.

In battle, SamJaz is neither the strongest, or the quickest, or the smartest fighter. Is strength lies in the sheer interchangeability of his skills. Within ten minutes and sufficient funds he can create a completely different pantheon of Personae to use in battle, and with the variety of keyblade forms at his disposal, SamJaz can fight the same foe a hundred times and use a different arsenal each time. SamJaz's other strength lies in his sheer combat experience, as he has been battling with the Keyblade and with Personae since he was in his early teens. This experience can come across as domineering, however, as will often slip into a leadership role when it suits him without actually accepting the role of leader, simply because his level of experience and the formidable foes he has already faced in the past.


In wielding the keyblade, SamJaz has gained access to a number of magic spells. SamJaz has a limited amount of Magic available to him, and each casting of a spell drains the amount of Magic he has. Once he is empty, he enters a state called MP Haste, where his magic will recharge, and he will have quickened reflexes and strength until the magic is restored back to full strength.
Available to him are
Fire, which launches a ball of flame from the tip of the Keyblade
Blizzard, which launches a ball of freezing wind from the tip of the Keyblade
Thunder, which, raising the keyblade to the air, summons lightning from above
Cure, Which, raising the keyblade to point above the target, straight upward when healing oneself, creates a green ball of light that sheds leaf-like light onto the target below, curing illnesses and healing wounds. It is possible to knock the target aside from these healing effects.
Magnet, Which creates a ball of spinning attractive energy at a location the Keyblade is pointing to. This ball attracts objects, people, energy and more and spins them around at high speeds until the Magnet spell dissapates at the end of its short life, usually five to ten seconds. Note that this is not magnetic energy as such, but rather attractive energy that works differently to gravity.
Reflect, which creates a barrier around SamJaz that reflects all incoming attacks at double power, velocity and force back at the source.
Gravity, Which creates a sphere of dark light at a location the keyblade is pointing to, which increases the effects of gravity to pull towards the sphere.
Zero Gravity, Which creates an anti-gravity field around SamJaz, sending things into the air.
Stop, Which stops the target's perception of time, essentially freezing them in time for up to a few seconds.
Aero, which creates a spherical whirlwind around the target, protecting them and lifting them into the air.
Sleep, may dull the target's reflexes and awareness of their surroundings, like a suppressant. Effect rate and potency increase with spell level.
Poison, which magically implants an unidentified venom into the target from the point the keyblade was targeting, or the point of impact if used in a physical attack. Though the poison is very potent and lethal within 24- hours, it is easily cured by ingesting fresh fruit.
Bind, which attracts two objects together. Requires two keyblades to cast.
Confuse, which intoxicates the target in a manner similar to alcohol.
Balloon, which creates a number of large floating spheres, around 1ft in diameter, which seek out and home in on targets, exploding on contact. Explosions are water-based, non-incendiary, but do carry enough force in explosion to knock a large man into the air.
Shard, Which launches a shard of darkness out of the tip of his keyblade, like a bullet from a gun. Range, penetration, and explosion increases with level.
Spark, which encompasses SamJaz in a ring of light that spins around him to cause damage to enemies. Number of rings increases with level.
Meteor, which summons multiple meteorites from the sky to bombard the area around SamJaz.
Collision, Which encases the target in a sphere of magno-gravitational energy attached to the Keyblade by a spear of light. SamJaz can hurl target catapult-style or use them as leverage for his own jump, like a pole-vaulter.

All of which can be increased in strength as needed, by adding the suffixes of -ra, -aga, and -agun. SamJaz has lately been able to manipulate the execution of his attacks using Flowmotion- For example, surrounding himself with a ring of flame when using the keyblade to block an attack horizontally, or slamming his keyblade into the ground and creating large spikes of ice, charging forward and slashing while surrounded by lightning, or trapping a target in a ball of magnetic force and throwing it like a catapult. Samjaz is incapable of using these combos from his replica keyblade.

When under severe duress, SamJaz can slip into one of four Drive forms. Each form changes his eye colour and abilities. With every transformation into each form, SamJaz gains a skill from that form to use in normal combat, which grows stronger with each transformation into that specific form. However, following his experience i Hellscraper, he is no longer able to access these forms. This information is here only for historical purposes.



Thanatos Mode is destructive, wild, and beastly. In this mode, SamJaz loses all reason, and attacks barehanded, no Keyblade, no Magic, no Personae. However, his hands are now capable of tearing through concrete. His skin nullifies all magic, and his reaction time is phenomenally quick. Without his sense of reason, SamJaz becomes little more than an animal, a force of nature with only one intent, destruction. Defeating SamJaz in Thanatos Mode is very difficult if relying on strength alone, but like any animal, can easily be led into a trap.
Growth Skill- Quick Run- allows SamJaz to move at incredible speeds over short distances with a single step.


Superego Mode is terrified and panicky. Using barriers and magic, SamJaz keeps himself at a distance, outsmarting the enemy and using mental assaults. During this state, SamJaz is very prone to attacks on his self-worth or justification, and is easily baited into administering justice to wrongdoers, even if that includes himself. SamJaz' barrier strength are determined by his fear, the distance he wants to keep between himself and his enemy, and his enemies willpower. In this state, SamJaz is very afraid but very intelligent. He can still reason and come up with complex and effective strategies and arguments despite his terror, but will lash out emotionally and irrationally if pressured.
Growth Skill- Stand- allows SamJaz to stand on air or walls for short periods of time, treating them as solid ground.


Similar to the Thanatos Mode, the Eros Mode is less restricted by reason thnt SamJaz usually is. However, he is still sentient. Eros Mode has the ability to create matter, and has a very hot-blooded personality. Eros Mode will easily rush into things without thinking, and is less likely to plan ahead on how to use these amazing abilities. SamJaz himself is aware of countless methods of using Eros' creative abilities, but always forgets to use them in battle, due to the excitable personality never stopping long enough to think about it.
Growth Skill- High Jump- allows SamJaz to jump high.


Psyche mode is very powerful, but also very risky. In this state, SamJaz has access to an unlimited amount of Personae, but his personality is dormant, and he is controlled by an entity called Psyche, a creation formed by every Persona he currently carries. In this state, SamJaz could easily raise an army of mythological beings, but would quickly lose himself long term if he were to do so. He is also capable of entering into the minds of those around him at will, and creating new Personae to keep later on by devouring his foes. His telepathic skills are completely untapped, easily hearing the thoughts of those around him and accessing their memories. Using this skill also increases SamJaz's upper limit to the amount of Personae he can carry at a time.
Growth Skill- Mind Shift- transforms into a humanoid incarnation of one of his Personae for a short period of time, allowing them to access the power of their demonic nature, while handing full control over to them for the duration of the transformation.


In order: Stacy. Rachael. Samson (SamJaz). Sven. Nikky.
SamJaz was originally part of a team of ability users, called the DragonBells, as shown above, all of whom except himself and the leader, Rachael, fell in combat. SamJaz does not speak about them much, but it is believed that one of them, perhaps Sven or SamJaz himself, was involved in a relationship with two of the girls on the team, leading to the team collapsing during a crucial battle. Rachael was paralysed and driven insane by the experience, and currently lives in a Care home.

SamJaz visits her as often as he dares.

Since then, SamJaz has had difficulty fully trusting teammates or allowing himself to get too attached, preferring light, superficial relationships to deep, potentially painful, ones. However, SamJaz will allow others to get deep with him, feigning a level of intimacy to get others to let their emotonal barriers down to allow a sincere friendship to occur, albiet SamJaz will keep his own barriers up behind the facade. He quickly gets to know you, but you can never quite get to know him.

SamJaz speaks of the DragonBells as little as he can, trying to keep his mind off what happened. We do know that internal strife was a major factor that resulted in their eventual downfall, and has given him a trauma that causes him to try and force internal strife out of any team he's in, and will have to force himself to allow people to actually argue to resolve their conflicts on their own. This difficulty in accepting the fact that people can solve their own problems without his interference can cause problems for himself.

SamJaz tries to make a living as a travelling hero, but has to supplement his living with roadside psychological treatment, locksmithing, and odd jobs for money. He is a pleasant person, if a little competitive, but loves a good scrap. With the shifting of his Personae, SamJaz can slide between arrogance. humility, vindictive and forgiving, but his pleasant, responsible core personality remains relatively constant.

Current Personae

Upon getting into a $50,000 debt to Phantom, SamJaz can no longer fuse personae of a more powerful level than the ones he currently uses until the debt is paid.

Black Frost - Repels Dark, drains Ice, Null Fire. Skills for those elements, plus weak lightning attacks.

Cu Chulainn - Null Pierce, Resist all other physical skill. Null Lightning, Null Wind. Uses lightning, wind, and piercing skills.

Undine - Drains Water, Wk Fire. uses water and mad healing skills.

Grimehkala - Repels all physical attacks, but is weak light, holy, dark and death attacks. It uses physical and poison skills, and has innate survival to revive SamJaz in case of death.

Ose - Immune to dark and fire, but weak to light. Uses Physical skills, and can create barriers of elemental defence for allies. Automatically re-energizes team somewhat after a successful battle. Can put a human target in a state of insanity, where they are convinced their identity has changed, for up to an hour, at great cost to SamJaz's spiritual power. Can deny his opponent healing.

Dominion - Immune to light and electricity. Weak to dark. Uses Holy, lightning, healing and time skills. Has skills to regenerate the spiritual power of SamJaz and allies, as well as reviving fallen allies.

Loa - Immune to Darkness and electricity, weak to light. Uses death, wind, support and scanning skills.

Nike - Uses wind and ice, resists piercing attacks. Has some time manipulation and minor teleportation skills.

Ubelluris - uses stone and healing. Resistant to electricity and physical damage, but weak to wind.

Kumbhanda - a parasite, poison and fire user. Weak to fire, strong against wind.

Kamaitachi - A wind casting weasel with a scythe. Weak to electricity.

Trumpeter - Casts support magic and light and darkness. Resists magic, no weakness.

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@SamJaz: I like the character and I like that his powers come from his various sides of his personality. Does this mean that the more character development he gains the more personas he can use.

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: yep, but also more madness.

EDIT- Added info on SamJaz's perception on victory into the bio.

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@SamJaz: Very nice idea using the personas as powers.
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@Dahlia_Magenta: cheers.

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@SamJaz: Wow this is pretty original, and I love how each ability or power is accompanied by hindrances so as to not make him seem overpowered. Very well thought out, SamJaz. Kudos to you :3

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More Personae.

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More backstory, better explanation of Persona.

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very nice bio there

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@haseo_yashimora: Why thank you.

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Heyo bestest bro!

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