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SamJaz is a 19 year old British Persona user. Brown hair, light build, short sighted with corrective lenses. Despite his natural shortcomings with having the Imagine Breaker in his right hand, SamJaz has managed to become an accomplished Wild Card, having just reached his full potential in creating his World Persona.  


A normally quiet person, SamJaz prefers to sit back and observe, analysing others before making his move. He plays chess the same way he battles; rarely looking at the board, constantly watching his opponent, prying into their minds and finding out their weakness. Once a flaw in his opponent has been found, he will strike mercilessly. If he can't find a gap, he will tear his opponent apart until they break under the pressure, and SamJaz will force this weakness until his enemy is a quivering mess on the floor.  

As well as his analytical and brutal nature, SamJaz is an odd mix of meek and prideful. He knows he is skilled and intelligent, and can run rings around other people, but years of getting his ass handed to him due to his pride has ground the fact that arrogance costs lives. Most of his bravado is a facade, as he has found that if people see him as a brash, underhanded loudmouth, that they fail to realise how he's analysing them, constantly calculating. 

Surprisingly, SamJaz is a religious man with a firm belief in God. Outside of battle or his business with Shadows, he is kind, considerate, willing to help and often goes out with members of his church to teach others. 
 Calm Storm
 Calm Storm
However, whether this is his real personality or just another facade is unknown due to the depths SamJaz is willing to descend to when forced. He is akin to a very focused explosive: He has a very stable fuse that only explodes with the bomber's permission, and when he lashes out, the carnage is accurate, deserving, and devastating. This has earned him the nickname of the "Calm Storm", as he enters a state of tranquil fury, where he forces himself beyond the heat of rage and into a calmness in his brutality, like a cold berserker that retains his sharp intellect, destroying his target physically, emotionally and intellectually. His Calm Storm state, while no obvious physical or psychological change occurs, is SamJaz without a care for consequences or his appearance to others. Some have theorised that this is a state where SamJaz's Shadow takes control over his body and actions, but this is unlikely as SamJaz recalls every action he makes in this state with detail and without regret or shame, unless someone was unintentionally hurt.

SamJaz is also incredibly curious and headstrong, but hides most of this behind his many 'faces'. As a Wild Card and a Fool, he acts several different roles constantly, changing personalities like ties, always becoming whoever or whatever he needs to be in order to get the job done. Should he need to be a rolemodel, a white knight to inspire others, he will fight honourably to the end and claim moral superiority, but in the dark when it's just him and his enemy, he is not above any low tactic or usage of foul play in order to meet his goals. If his enemy draws a knife, he will smash a brick into his face and stab him in the leg. If his opponent draws a gun, he will summon the demons of hell to crush them. Should the enemy refuse to talk, he finds pain combined with the right questions, a careful ear and a close eye on the enemy's face often speaks volumes.

SamJaz is also a fan of music. A competent guitarist with a good musical ear. SamJaz thinks and fights better when listening to music, although it could be argued that a good beat merely gets the blood flowing and distracts the enemy. Despite his usual calm and calculating demeanour, SamJaz is sometimes prone to genuine bouts of giddiness induced mania, acting like a hyper-active child on a sugar-high for seemingly no reason at all other than the fact that he's genuinely hyper. His abilities are less consistent when he is in this state, but so far SamJaz has never fought while in this state, and violence or a serious situation will calm him down immediately.
To explain him by comparing him to fictional characters, SamJaz is a blend of Keima Katsuragi, Kamijo Touma, Simon the Digger, Light Yagami, and The Doctor. 


SamJaz came from an alternate universe. Not much is known of this, other than he knew a person known only as Kumagawa to the Viceverse. Of Kumagawa, nothing is known other than that SamJaz considers him to be the epitome of malice, and the most evil human being possible. This person turned out to be Taylor Kumagawa, who has since attacked members of Kazi and Gekido.
What is known, however, was that this world was a dark place. SamJaz has confessed to having to level Scotland at one point in a battle. He makes references to events, such as The Troubles, the Islamo-Demonic War, and the Fall of Justice. He once led a battle against the Could've Been King and his Army of Neverwheres.
He also claims to have watched planet Earth burn.  
During his talk with Maximus after helping Sabine resolve Sekir into Gilgamesh, SamJaz revealed a lot about his past.
In fact, while providing therapy for Sonata, Sabine, Blindside, Lancer and Nerx, SamJaz revealed a lot of snippets about his history, but this all came together when speaking to Maximus. 
SamJaz was part of a city of schools to train children with superpowers, where he had the Imagine Breaker ability. Due to his nature and the power-mad mindset of the other children, SamJaz quickly became a skilled and experienced fighter. At one point, he awakened to his Persona abilities and gained access to the Velvet Room, and began to build Social Links with those around him.
He was part of a team, led by a girl named Saeko, who dealt with the dangerous teenagers with powers in this City. SamJaz had feelings for this girl, until she was killed by Taylor Kumagawa in a battle where he turned her power against her.
After Saeko's death, Taylor instigated a gang war, since he himself was unable to die, nor take any life due to his ability, Saeko being the only one who met the right conditions for him to be successful. Eventually, SamJaz quelled the violence, until Taylor destroyed the Dome of the Rock with his own Persona abilities, instigating a war between the power-users and the Islam faith, and eventually between the power-users and the rest of the human race, who labelled the power-users as Demons. Thus began the Islamo-Demonic war, and World War III.
The violence ended in 2010. The Power-users gained control of the American continents, and the rest of the human race lived in the rest of the world.
In 2011, during peace talks between the Power-users and the normals, Taylor opened up a demonic array and unleashed hell upon the Earth, in an event known as the Fall of Justice.
Humans and Power-users fought together against Taylor and his legion of true demons. SamJaz himself led soldiers against the Could've Been King and his army of Neverwheres, amongst other battles.
Eventually, SamJaz levelled Scotland in a final attack to destroy Taylor for good. This put him in a coma for seven days, but Taylor revived himself four days before SamJaz awoke, and when SamJaz returned, there were ten-thousand survivors, all were driven too insane to be considered human.
Enraged, SamJaz himself hunted down and killed every last person on the planet, eventually setting the world ablaze and leaving that universe, coming to the Viceverse for a new haven. 


During his final battle against Taylor, SamJaz found new strength and resolved to his final
Persona, Evangelion.
Despite sharing the name of the Eva series of NGE, his final Persona resembles nothing like the artificial humans, but rather a manifestation of Evangelion's true meaning: Gospel, or Speaking the Truth.
Having no eyes, but a mouth that shines light when opened, Evangelion is the power of SamJaz's resolve to fight for a world that has been completely and utterly destroyed. As such, Evangelion awakened SamJaz to the full potential of another ability he had neglected: Spiral Power. 
Now, SamJaz bears great control over his own Evolutionary Force made manifest, a leaving gift from Saeko, and he combines this with the contradictory power to limit human progression with Imagine Breaker to achieve new heights. He is currently locked in combat with Taylor, and it is unknown when he will return.

Quantum of Solace

Some time after Taylor's announcement and SamJaz's dissapearance, SamJaz turned up at the Company base carrying Taylor in a bodybag and a rescued hostage. SamJaz had managed to kill Taylor permanantly, but at a great cost to his power and psyche. As a result, SamJaz was reduced to the power levels and abilities of any standard human. No Personae, no Imagine Breaker, no Spiral Power above the norm, no supernatural abilities whatsoever. Should this situation change, then Taylor will return in full force. SamJaz quickly came to terms with these limitations, however, and returned to his usual confident self, ready to take on the world like only a human could.
It is theorised, however, that he did keep some of the more subtle abilities that he claims to have lost, despite the obvious risk this poses.
SamJaz rested from the battle for a few days before vanishing for several months in order to learn how to make the most of his present circumstances.

Former Skills

  • Imagine Breaker

 Imagine Breaker
 Imagine Breaker
As stated above, SamJaz has the Imagine Breaker. This means that his right hand has the power to negate any magical or celestial ability. Any godly power, any magic, alchemy, telekinesis, super powers, all of it becomes nothing when it comes into contact with his right hand and right hand only. If you fireball him in the back, he's a normal Persona user. The Imagine Breaker has the additional disadvantage of negating any and all of his good luck, forcing him to rely on skill and strategy.
 The Imagine Breaker can be used to cancel out active effects on his body, such as possession, debuffs, curses, etc, but it won't work to negate the natural consequences IE he can put himself out if he's on fire by magical means using his right hand, but the Imagine Breaker won't remove the burns.
After meeting Newdeath at a party, SamJaz's Imagine Breaker was extended into both hands, and he was given the power to deactivate his Imagine Breaker at will. On top of this, his luck has returned to standard everyday human level. This makes him even more dangerous than before, although this also makes him more ruthless and risk-taking than before.
  • Wild Card

 Persona Card- Break to summon your soul
 Persona Card- Break to summon your soul
SamJaz is a Fool Arcana with the Wild Card, having completed all social links from Fool to Judgement, and having achieved his World state. From this, he has a wide variety of Personae to use in his compendium, but he can hold up to twelve Personae at a time. Each of these will have different skills, strengths, resistances, and weaknesses. He can switch between these twelve at a moment's notice, but to swap any of these twelve for any others, he needs to go to the Velvet Room between battles to do this. 
He can only summon one Personae at a time. Switching Persona banishes any active Persona he has already summoned. As he switches Persona, his stats, IE Strength, magic, agility, toughness, etc changes accordingly, as well as any elemental resistances or weaknesses.  Once he has changed Persona, he cannot change again for a few seconds, but once he can change Persona again, he can do it instantaneously.
Having faced himself, he is capable of using screens of various types to enter the Hollow Forest, preferably Television Screens, and with his Velvet Key, he can access the Velvet Room in any convenient corridor or corner should he so require. 
SamJaz wears glasses due to his shortsightedness. As such, he wears them into battle. These glasses have also been adapted to allow easier vision within the Hollow Forest within the world inside human hearts. However, removing his glasses distorts SamJaz's vision and focus, allowing him to view his opponent's Psyche and intent more clearly. His insight into his opponents Psyche, with glasses or without, almost give off the effect of precognition, or mind reading. This is not the case, and it is more like a spider-sense in function. He is aware of souls and psyches around him, of their Arcana, and of their emotional intent. This usually allows him deeper insight into someone's behaviour, as well as a split-second prediction on attacks.
  • Human Resolve

As a Human Being, SamJaz is capable of using both Spiral Power and an AT-Field, though he is not proficient in the latter of these. It is worth noting, however, that as his completion of the Death Arcana Social Link, he is in possession of a Spiral Core, and is both aware of its abilities and has used them before. 
His Personae are manifestations of his psyche, and as such, his emotions fuel their power. Switching between Personae can also help SamJaz control his emotions, but SamJaz's emotional state affect his Personae much more.
 This is a face to run from
 This is a face to run from
If he is in a panic, it is difficult for him to gather the focus needed to create a Persona card to summon with. When angered, his Persona hit harder and faster. When he is overcome with fear, his power often halves.
 SamJaz in a rare state of desperation
 SamJaz in a rare state of desperation
However, when pushed too far and past the brink of terror, or becomes so overcome with rage that he is consumed be hate, his Personae go berserk and is capable of summoning more than one Persona at a time and, in extreme cases, creating a new Persona from his madness. Doing this, however, is not an intentional ability and emotionally drains him, rendering him powerless until rested.

  • Other skills

He is proficient in various martial arts blended together under Bruce Lee's philosophy, but his battle strategy focuses on physical combat, creative usage of his Persona's abilities, and using psychological profiling on his opponents to work out their strategies
 Even without his powers, he can kick your ass
 Even without his powers, he can kick your ass
and thought patterns to steer the battle and get into his enemy's heads. 


He carries a fire axe with a four ft handle as a weapon. The last twelve inches of the handle is the grip of a shortsword with a three ft blade, to which the axe is a scabbard. 
The handle/scabbard is made of rowan wood, which has weak but effective magic draining capabilities. The Titanium blades are also resistant to magnetism and magic, although these are not enough to act as complete nullifiers to magic, merely dampeners. Smacking an arcane magic user with rowan will do severe damage in most cases, however.
He carries his axe in a loose strap on his back, though he prefers to carry it.  
 SamJaz, with his Bolter, Persona at the ready
 SamJaz, with his Bolter, Persona at the ready
He also sometimes carries a Bolter, or a Boltgun, into battle. This is a rapid-fire grenade launcher that fires armour-piercing .75 calibre explosive rounds called Bolts. However, this gun is roughly the size of a small child, so he understandably rarely uses this weapon that exists only for killing something beyond the point of regeneration.

He wears a dark suit with a white shirt and a red tie usually, though he occasionally switches this up, but this is his preferred appearance. While this does not serve well as armour, SamJaz mostly relies on his Persona's abilities to defend him. He keeps the Spiral Core on his person, as well as a Leatherman Multitool, although that would rarely be used in battle. He has also acquired a piece of Psychic Paper, which fools whoever it is shown to into believing whatever Cover SamJaz claims to be under. This is not effective to those of strong mental strength or know of his true identity or of any previous identities. Any false identity created through the Psychic Paper will hold firm in the target's mind unless thoroughly disproven by someone not under the influence of the Psychic Paper.
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Damn your fast :P I'm impressed. 
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@Newdeath: To be fair, I need to expand a few details, but that's the jist of it. Most of it is clarifying subtext. Bit busy helping mum with her university paper right now, I'll finish it by the end of the night.
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@SamJaz: Sure thing. 
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@Newdeath: And done, let's roll.
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@SamJaz: Lol, I figure your character got all the Bad Luck coming with Imagine Breaker. Also you should organize your bio like others. It's a little hectic-looking.
Otherwise interesting character.
Can SamJaz resist telepathic attacks?
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@willyvereb: Well, he has a Persona, so he can to a degree. He's not immune, but on the other hand, he has two options concerning mental invasion
1) Touch his head, negate the attack
2) Trap you in your head with his Personae and screw you over. At the worst, making you a Persona for him to summon, or at least one with your powers.
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And organised my Bio. yay.
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@SamJaz: The later would be amusing a little.
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@willyvereb: Indeed, although Megamanning may overpower... me... slightly...
Overpowered? Here?
HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh, perish the thought. I love this place.
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Tis a haxor.  
Just kidding,. Interesting powers, man.
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@SamJaz: I would change four foot to four foot long or 4ft, because the way it is now makes it sound like your axe handle has 4 feet on it like the kind that goes in a shoe.
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AAAAND finished!
I'll add information on known Personae as I use them. Need to have some tricks up my sleeve.
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@SamJaz: And who are his Personas? (I played Persona 3 and 4, i'm curious)
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@Maximus: If I told you that, then you could prepare to beat me.
Besides, Velvet Room. The line up changes between battles.
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@SamJaz: Good point. That character is going to be veeeeery violent
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@Maximus: I will say, however, that fans of Fairly English Story can expect to see their favourites back in action.
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Images added, more detailed now.
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@SamJaz: Good.
LoL, MC of WGOK as the char appearance. Is your character like Keima in personality?
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@willyvereb: To an extent. The analytical nature is very close, but I don't think Keima takes pleasure in beating the crap out of people.
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