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SamJaz stepped underneath the Umbrella and sat down at the table outside the small restaurant. Pretty soon, a waiter-type person would come and ask him to buy something, preferably something expensive from the menu that he hadn't looked at yet.

Instead, SamJaz looked out at the passing crowd. It was a small city, no metropolis, but a place with more than one train station. He wasn't too sure sure what kind of individual he would be meeting today.

He did a lot of things for the sole reason that the Key that wasn't in his hand told him he should. A lot of these things involved waiting in obscure locations and talking to specific strangers. It was useful, although sometimes he wasn't too happy about the lack of control over his life.

He blinked as he looked up at the sky to scan for snipers. Everything looked clean in the bright sunlight. This seemed to be a nice town, not that many people out and about in the wide-open city square. Should things turn nasty, he reckoned the seventy-or-so people could easily escape from the many streets leading to this city square. It must be a quiet shopping day.

Realising he had some change in his pocket, he succumbed to the silent pressure of the person holding the notepad behind him. "I'll have a cinnamon roll." he ordered, deciding it couldn't hurt to eat something while he waited.

His opponent would be here soon. Maybe he could even make an ally out of this enounter.

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