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Basic Information

  • Name: Samael
  • Age: Unknown
  • Height: 6"7
  • Weight: 176lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Dark Red
  • Parents Names: Death & Angelina Baptiste
  • Family: War, Famine & Pestilence (Uncles)
  • Species: Natural Phenomenon/Human
  • Occupation: Balance keeper


 The Four  Horsemen
 The Four Horsemen
Many believe that the four horsemen make their home in the deepest pits of hell, waiting for the day that Lucifer will call them into battle, that will show signs of the apocalypse at hand. This is true but only on some levels. The four horsemen will play their parts in the apocalypse, called by the first child of evil, but they will not serve Lucifer, they only serve themselves. They fight for neither good or evel, but fight to keep balance. Each of the 4 only reveal themselves when the worlds of the universe are in a stae of extreme misbalance. The oldest of these 4 brothers is Death, a being so old he was born light years beyind out universe, and has seen many grow. To him our universe is but a baby. He is as old as god, if not older. He is feared by all living things, even God respects Death's powers.
The Prophecy
 Angelina  Baptiste
 Angelina Baptiste
No one knows when it was written, or how it came to be. It is a prophecy known only to heaven, hell and a select few holy men and women. It is a prophecy that tells of a child, a young boy born of Lucifer himself, to a woman who will not know she will give birth to the son of satan. The boy will carry on his fathers work upon earth, a boy of innocent evil. One prophecy, that's what is written, but this is a lie. There was not just one child of prophecy but two. A child born of death and pure of heart. A child destined to keep balance, a child destined to keep the child of Lucifer in check. Damian was born 100 years before the crusades would start, in fact it was his birth that trigures one of the holiest wars in existence, but the child of death was not born. Many angel's asked God if they could kill Damian but he forbid it, instead he banished the child into a dimension, only the locks would come undone once the child of death was born.
 Samael  during rhe crusades
 Samael during rhe crusades
Angelina Baptiste was a girl of the lord, a young nun of pure heart. She was one of the rare and special few not tempted by Lucifer's silent whispers. It was her that was destined to give birth to a keeper of the balance. On the eve of the crusades Death came in the dead of night and mated with Angelina. For day's she wept and begged god for Forgiveness, but the angel Gabriel assured her that she was destined to bear this child and that God will always love her. 9 Months later she give birth to a child, whom she named Samael, but just as she wrapped him in cloth, he was snatched from her very hands, and taken away never to be seen again. Samael was taken by The Order Of Dawn. A group of humans trained to keep balance, assassins who worked for no one yet worled for everyone. Samael was raised in magic and combat. Quickly he grew into the order's finest assassin. During the crusade he killed many, to keep balance, as that war was one of the few that could bring about the end. He was told this, but never told of what he truly was. After many years the war would end. After this Samael left the order, and left to find his mother.
Vlad The Impaler
 Samael during his battle with Vlad The Impaler
 Samael during his battle with Vlad The Impaler
He came like a storm in the night. Vlad was once a man, who was seduced by a demon and turned into a servant of Lucifer, turned into a male succubus, that got his power by drinking the bloof of his victims. Vlad The Impaler began a war, an uprising, built an army just so he could drain his victims dry, in order to achieve a power of a god. Vlad began to call himself Count Dracula. Many call him the first vampire, but it is not know if this is true, it's more like he is the first known and most famous. During his slaughter, Samael could sense Vlad's evil deeds and what he was. The more he drank, the more it upset the balance of the world. One night Vlad sat alone in his castle, with just a single candle lighting the room, his lips were treakled with blood. Samel arrived and began a fight with Vlad, a fight that lasted for hours, but Samel proved to strong, he tortured Vlad's mind untill it forget. Samael left Dracula alive, but as a shell of his former self. He then massacared Vlad's army. 
After that Samel was visited by a young girl, dressed in rags. In appearance she was 13, with long bonde hair, that stretched to her lower back, with piercing big blue eyes. The young girl stood and stared with the slightest of smiles. She did not say a word to Samael and he did not speak back. Merely she skipped away and began to hum a tune. 
Lilith, Lucifer And The War Of The World 
Many years had passed since Samael layed his eyes on that young girl, but every day he thought of her. Another great war had descended upon earth, and it was the first war since the crusades that truly threatened the balance of the world. Multiple tyrants threatened to change the world in there twisted image. Samael constantly worked to change the world, killing people to make it look like suicide, or other people killed then. It was Samael who killed Hitler. In the middle of battle, Samael had just finished killing a secret Nazi weapon, a werewolf. As he did, a girl appeared before him, she had long green hair and dark wings. Samael noticed it was the girl from all those years ago. The girl explained that her name was Lilith, the first demon Lucifer created. Lilith attacked Samael. Her power proved to great and she easily defeated Samael.
When Samael awoke, he was sitting surounded by the coldest of ice, behind him stood a large door, slightly open revealing the fire and screams. Surrounding him were many demons, their power resonating. As he looked forward he noticed Lilith standing by a large throne encased in ice. Sitting on the throne was Lucifer. He sat with a cunning smirk, the darkest of wings perched upon his back. Lucifer began to talk, his words were like poetry, each one could easily sway the holiest of men. He explained Samael's past, that he was the son of death, of his destiny and what happened to his mother. Lucifer would give Samael the key's to death's palace, so long as he joined Lucifer's army. Samael refused, and began to leave. Lilith wanted to attack, but Lucifer told her not to.
Dinner With The Four Horsemen


Dark Arts
As the son of death, Samel was born with a natural talent for magic. At the age of 10 he was already classed as a high level mage. Though he has recieved training in all forms of magic and has grand knowledge in it all. As a child of death his true talents lay in the dark arts. Dark, blood, voodoo magic. He is a master in it all. Samel has defeated even the strongest of angels and demons.
Samel can not kill a person outright like his father, but he can sap the lifeforce of any living thing and even non living things. This causes them to wear away into nothingness. Depending on their strength and age depends on how long it takes for Samel to drain them. Once he does he gains all there memories, and becomes stronger. Samael has used this to gain knowledge on combat and magic.
Superhuman Strength
Samel is incredibly strong, he has toppled giant's with his punches, defeated powerful demons and even forced the hound of hell Cerberus to it's knee's. Samael can boost his strength with magic.
Superhuman Speed
Samel can move at amazing speeds, moving faster than the shadows. He can take out an army before there mind processes what's happening.
Dimension Travel
Samael can open portals, which allows him to travel to different worlds.
Grand Sense
Samael has what can be called a sixth sense, but it goes beyond that. Samel can feel not just this world but all worlds. As a balance keeper he knows when the world is in a state of misbalance, and knows of those involed. Illusions and tricks will not work on him. If the world around him became a dream, he would know. 
Vast Spirit Power
Samael was born with an incredible spiritual power. It's power is said to be potentially on the same level as his fathers if not higher, but he has yet to tap into that power. His power has caused total blackouts in entire cities, made even the most powerful enemies faint, and caused mountains to tremor.
Weather manipulation
Samael can control the weather at his command.
Death Immunity
Samael for unknown reasons is immune to his father's powers. Though his body can be destroyed and killed his soul cannot. Most beings die because their soul cant take the damage their bodies go through. Samael's soul is virtually indestructable, though his body will go, his soul will remain and regenerate all wounds in time.
Wings Of Pandora
Pandora was once a powerful angel, who was a pupil of Lucifer, she was next in line to become an archangel. Her beauty was unrivaled in heaven, and she had 4 large wings. Once Lucifer defected and went rogue, she followed her master. Samael met Pandora in hell just after his first meeting with Death. Samael killed Pandora and stole her wings, which were now black and more metallic. Samael can shoot his feathers, and cut with them. These wings seperate molecules, meaning they can through anything. Samael can also create poweful gusts and shockwaves with his winds. He can retract them into his body.


Samel is over 900 years old, and in that time he has required a vast knowledge of combat experience. He is a master of many forms of combat, ranging from martial arts, swordplay to modern day weaponry. Even if his powers should desert him, he is still an formidable opponent.  


Soul Reaper
The soul reaper is a powerful sword, forged by joined the shards of every reapers knife. It is a blade that takes on the appearance of a black handles katana. In the blade, faces of the dead can be seen. The blade can be changed into a scythe. It's is a powerful weapon, and considered the most powerful reaper weapon under Death's own Scythe. 
Unholy Colts
Two dark , and large weapons, forged in the deepest pits of hell, by a demon blacksmith. These guns grow in power, and change appearance as their owner grows. They were made in the same fire that gave birth to his father's weapon. These guns do not shoot bullets but instead magic.


Samael is a lonely being. Abandoned by his father, because he was a child of prophecy, and taken away from his mother. Samael was raised to keep balance, and that's all he knew. never getting close to any human, though deep down he wanted to. His instincts and his human heart often clashed, making it difficult for him to choose what was right and what was wrong. Samael has wandered the earth, never feeling love, never feeling a woman's touch. Even towards his mother he felt only a sadness. Samael has never slept which shows in his eyes, which reveal hia tortured soul. He is angry, he likes neither heaven nor hell yet knows he is destined to fight for them both. Samael is neither good nor evil, but his heart lies more towards the good, he has helped innocent people, but does not know why. Deep down when the time comes Samael may choose his heart and not the destiny he was born to.


(Coming Soon)

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I must admit that this is one great bio. I like the aspect about Death, it was always one of my favorite mythological figures. Good luck, I see potential in your character.
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Post by Samael (123 posts) See mini bio Level 3
Updates in bio and powers
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@Samael: Cool character Acer :P 
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@Newdeath:  Thanks
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@Samael: Your welcome. 
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Nice character. I think I want to fight with you once.

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@paladin: Thanks :D We may at some point
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