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Rex watched as Gen and Sid ripped apart the Knight. But the knight reformed and Gen was up to something. He turned his attention back towards the witch as she summoned a Behemoth. Rex said "I'd be careful about emotions their Priestess. You may not know this sacred gears respond to the the thoughs, feelings, and emotions of the possessor. So you may end up granting me a power. So Huntsman i got your back".

Rex stepped forward and felt the rush of emotions. He felt another feeling, the kind he used to get when he unlocked a longinus. It was happening and that witch was causing it. Rex summoned True Longinus and dashed forward at hypersonic speeds. He blasted off energy blasts to bombard the monster. He then jumped up and attempted to stab the creature's head or top. His intent was to fire off powerful blast within it's skull and destroy it's head. He would then retreat back to the Huntsman.

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The miniature Black Knights struck at Gen and Sid en mass, the largest narrowly missing Gen as he jumped, launched into the air by Sid. The knights ignored him and surrounded Sid. With one kicked out of the way, a massive chunk of concrete came crashing down. Eyes staring up in despair, they lost track of their target. The tile was smashed along with them, and a large part of the floor collapsed. The concrete shuffled for a moment as they struggled and then was still.

Less lucky were Rex and Huntsman. The beast's skin was impenetrable to the blasts fired from the Longinus, and when Rex lunged to strike its head, his spear was deflected by its horns. It lunged ferociously, bringing down a mighty fist at its assailants. Huntsman just barely managed to throw up his barrier before the blow landed, sending him scraping across the floor but doing no other damage. This clearly wasn't going to work. However, he could see the high priestess standing behind the massive monster, moving like a puppeteer. "Rex. Get her. I'll distract her pet." He lashed out, smashing at the creature's legs until it stomped furiously, ignoring all but the irritation he caused.

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-Meet my fuckin’ fist!- With that short introduction Gen punched the beast The Huntsman was fighting after crossing the room with a silent dash, courtesy of the Fukuma Style Shukuchi, a very specialized footwork technique, the user created a layer of Ki (in this case Fighting Spirit) over his soles and used it to slide over the floor, reducing the friction and using one’s leg strength to push downward and forward, speeding up to speed over sound. The second part of this technique was to create a bullet like barrier of Ki that absorbed the shock and the Sonic Boom and added it to the first impact of the attack. This technique required finesse and control, two concepts Reiji had to punch into Gen’s thick skull before the Spirit Boxer could use it.

The attack wasn’t anything strange, just a plain old left straight; the only difference is that Gen was doing it coming silently from the side at the Speed of Sound, packing enough force behind to punch a literal hole through a foot of solid steel.

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Huntsman ducked away from the giant's stomp, his movements devolving into an inhuman scuttle as he weaved back and forth around the angry beast. His eyes relocated to watch Gen charge by. The creature brought its fist down, but Gen's speed boost rocketed him past its attacks. In a moment, the absent sonic boom manifested itself in the form of the creature's leg cracking as Gen shattered it, literally. Shards scattered across the floor, smoking like dry ice. It howled and slouched to the side, taking weight off of its injured stump. Before it could reform, Huntsman flicked his arms out like lassos, wrapping around its good leg and pulling it until it fell, opening the path to the High Priestess. "Rex! Sid! Now!"

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@Justalittlegirl: @Kuma_From_Argentina: :"Yeah i'm going" Rex said as he dashed hypersonically at Priestess. If the beast couldn't deal with Gen's speed than this Priestess is toast, Rex thought to himself. Rex jumped in the air and twirled his spear around to his back. He extended it so it would spear the Priestess straight through the head. If he missed or something, he'd jump back and cover Sid with energy blast from his longinus.The he'd extend his spear so Sid can jump on it like a hover board and go for a collaboration attack. If Sid took to long or something he'd retract his spear and play some defence.

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Everything seemed to slow down as Rex lunged. He sailed over the fallen beast, spear spinning like the baton of a parade leader. The Priestess was like a statue, too slow to even blink in the time the strike took. Rex fell towards her, spear aiming directly at her high forehead. Gravity and muscles worked together to plunge the spear down, but neither were enough to pierce the mighty arm that lashed out. A fist larger than the entire group put together clenched around the spear, lifting Rex like a feather.

In horror, Huntsman watched the source of the arm fully form, changing from an egg like shape to an enormous humanoid body. Upwards it grew, drawing in all the darkness of the room. With no more than a shrug, the roof was shattered, the walls quickly following when three more arms expanded from a massive chest, exposing the bright orange of the sky. After a horrible growth, four eyes burned down at them like volcanic spotlights from a massive canine head, bigger than a semi truck and topped with dozens of horns. The Swallower of Worlds spoke, and the very pressure of his words pushed the Huntsman to his knees and shook the earth. "I cannot allow you to destroy both my loyal servants. Do not fear that this will be painful. I will honor your bravery by using all the power available to me in this world. This..." He stomped, collapsing a good chunk of the island into the sea. "Will be quick."

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Watching the giant beast rise out of the egg and tower over them, Sid only smirks as part of the island crumbles into the sea. This whole scenario was one of the few times that Sid was able to witness supernatural entities like this, as most of his jobs involved taking out a bunch of normal humans that had weapons. Seeing a gigantic god like this was both terrifying, but also extremely entertaining for the martial artist to be a part of. One might call it madness, but he honestly didn't care if he was horribly outmatched here.

"Nice transformation fat-ass! Why don't you give a call to your brother Godzilla while you're at it!" With his insults out of the way, Sid turns towards Huntsman and points toward the creature's head. "You seem to know what the hell this thing is, so how do we kill it? I have a strange feeling that my attacks at this point will be useless if I can't find a weak point." As he said 'weak point', he subtly points toward his right eyeball. He was trying to ask if the Swallower's weak point was his four monstrous eyes there were currently peering over them.

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@Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Rex was surprised to see a giant hand stop him and lift him like a feather. It was weird, until he noticed the egg was gone and this giant must be the Swallower of Worlds. He tankthe pieces of roof he came into contact with. He then coated him self in True Longinus's aura to lessen the effect of the God's words. Then it came to him, this was his chance to take the Swallower's eye for good.He jumped up to the lower right eye and released an energy blast from his spear. He put all the power he could into his last blast from his spear which ragdolled him down to the others. As per the God Slaying attribute the Swallower would lose his eye completely or atleast experience an inability to open them. Meanwhile, Rex collasped he was still conscious but barely. He whispeed "Go one of his eyes won't be a problem."

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Gen saw the whole thing and just proclaimed. –I have seen better fuckin’ transformations in Kamen fuckin’ Rider, ya damned fuckin’ monster!- The Spirit Boxer could feel his blood boiling as if a furnace from hell was hidden deep within him. He breathed deeply as the Fighting Spirit surged around him like an azure blaze. Gen’s anger, sadness and fury feeding the flame turning him into a beacon of ghostly like, almost like the visage of a denizen of the Underworld. –Now….I’m goin’ to fuck ya up!- The Hot-Blooded Boxer started gathering his Fighting Spirit around his fist, slowly changing from blue to golden as it took the shape of a lion with its jaws wide open. –OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! LION ROAR CANNON!!!!- Using the same technique he used to defeat Pitch at the Bridge, Gen shot a stream of Fighting Spirit from his fist, which was surrounded by the effigy of a Lion baring its fangs. The attack was a blast of golden energy directed towards the monster in general. It packed enough punch to demolish a small building and it was hot enough to melt layers of steel plating

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The earth was shaking, and from what seemed like miles away Sid was talking, but the Huntsman just stared up. He hadn't been ready for this. Was this what his own god would look like in this world? He was shaken from his stunned state by a massive explosion overhead and the earsplitting roar that followed. His eyes focused on the right side of the Swallower's head, reduced to a cloud of smoke by Rex's blast. "Uh, yes, eyes. Seems to be working for him." He responded to Sid.

The Swallower of Worlds thrashed its arms, creating tornado-force winds that whipped up waves that towered as high as the shattered walls of the prison. He glared down with his remaining eyes, showing the insanity-inducing darkness within his body and seeing Gen preparing to strike. As the leonine blast flew upwards, the Swallower became one with darkness, a shadow through which the blast past, its light damaging the god's form but the force going ineffectively through it. The fist in which he was trapped now intangible, Rex fell directly through. The shadow slipped out of sight before Huntsman could attack, but he wasn't gone for long.

In a mere moment, the shadows reformed high above. The Swallower of Worlds dropped from the sky, hundreds of feet of gravity added to his own mass. He plumeted like the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs, an atomic bomb with fists. The Huntsman reacted instantly, throwing up his arms and stripping himself of false humanity. His coat became wings, his head a massive mouth. He was now operating at his peak, with power to flatten entire skylines, but it wouldn't last long. He could already feel his muscles straining, the energy leaving his body. Silver armor exploded onto his body, defending him from anything less than a nuke. Extending his wings, he launched himself into the sky and slammed into the Swallower, slowing him down but not stopping his fall entirely. Unless he was helped, they would all be crushed.

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Gen put a knee on the ground panting heavily. Even after recharging using the Sorrowful Demon as fuel for his Fighting Spirit, doing two Lion Roar Cannons so close to each other had a toll on his body. –Ha…ha….ha…. Fuck this….I can’t give the fuck up….ha…ha….I just can’t…I can’t feel my legs…- The Spirit Boxer tried to stand up. –Maybe if I put some fuckin’ weight on them….- He fell with both knees. –No…that ain’t fuckin’ working…- Gen forced himself up again, staggering but managing to do it. The Hot-Blooded boxer looked up and his survival instinct kicked in, whatever was that monster doing it would kill them all.

Before he could even react The Huntsman shed his human visage to reveal his true nature and charger upwards, trying to stop the incoming drop. Even as powerful as The Huntsman was, he seemed only able to slow down the incoming doom, rather than stopping it all together. The Spirit Boxer knew that he wouldn’t be able to punch that out, but he could help the Huntsman. Mustering all his Fighting Spirit he roared. –HERE YA GO FUCKIN’ WIZARD! USE IT WELL!!!!- And with that shout he projected his Fighting Spirit as a stream of blue flames.

Gen threw his all and the medal on his lapel woke up thanks to that. The azure flames turned bright orange, shining in the dark the power of the Concept of Battle flooded the air surrounding The Huntsman, empowering him. The Spirit Boxer fell on his back, depleted of strength. –KICK HIS ASS FUCKIN’ WIZARD!!!!-

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: Rex looked up and fell into utter despair. There's no way the Huntsman will be able to beat that monster even with the power of that boxer. They were going to die and the world they so desperately defending will be eaten by the Swallower of Worlds. Rex thoughts turned to his time before losing use of his powers and falling ill; the Rex from before would probably have beaten the Swallower of Worlds by now and wouldn't be this empty pile of weakness.

Rex's thoughts; I need power, must have power. Why must I be so weak yet before I was so strong. I want power, no I don't want it, I need it. Before I only wanted power and I didn't need it. It was unnecessary and I became too cocky and careless. It's why I failed to notice that Regulus wasn't supposed to have a consciousness. Why I lost contact with Ddraig and Albion. All I need is power , the power to stop this monstrosity of shadows. I must win.

[Well boy it's been a while, but we are finally in contact again. So I guess you actually need us now.] came a familiar voice that's been etched into Rex's memory.

"Ddraig is that you? Is Albion there too? I 'm so glad that you're here. You're back and I finally understand what I did wrong. I will do my best not to repeat that mistake. I take things in a new direction and won't repeat the mistakes of the past." Rex said aloud.

[Well that's the best we'll get out of the boy so how about we lend him a hand Ddraig.]

[Sure let's do it Albion]

[Boosted Gear,Dragon Boost]

[Divine Dividing]

Wings of light sprouted from Rex's back and a red gaunlet covered his arm. Rex's energy came back and he stood. He said "Let's do it!" The gem on top of the gaunlet flashed.


Rex's power was doubled and he flew up, then tapped one of the shadows of the Swallower. He got some distance and turned to face the colliding beast.


Just like that the Swallower of Worlds power was halved. Rex took a position on the ground. He would sit there and boost as much as he can. He was readying a powerful attack.


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Sid only stared up at the beast, completely at a loss as to what he could do in this situation. Huntsman and Rex appeared to be readying their final explosive attacks, while Gen simply gave all of his energy to Huntsman. Shrugging his shoulders, Sid simply pulls out a dagger from his pocket. "I really don't like doing this shit." Strangely, instead of using the dagger for any sort of battle purposes, Sid instead takes it and slashes himself diagonally across the chest. Wincing in pain, a strange new look of bloodlust overcame the martial artist's face as he stared at the beast approaching him.

"I gotta admit, this fight is really fucking fun. It's rare that I have to use this monster." Reaching behind his back, Sid pulls out a large katana-shaped sword with various runes carved into it's blade. As soon as he took his stance, the blade erupted into a shower of electricity that produced a menacing white glow to the sword.

Looking over at Rex and his powerful attack, Sid begins to channel the electricity into his own body, causing precise damage to it but also keeping all of his necessary portions damage-free. The unique property of this blade was it's horrible trade-off; the more damage the wielder's body endured, the more powerful the lightening that emitted from it became. Hence why he used the dagger earlier. Using the electricity on his body only served to amplify the already monstrous blade, which was now twice the size of Sid's body. It was now that Sid calls over to Rex.

"Hey Rex! Let's take this bastard down!" At this point Sid was concentrating all the electricity into the blade, making it glow a dark shade of orange...then turning red. There was now enough electricity in this blade to power an entire city for weeks, and once the Swollower got close enough, Sid would unleash it all upon the Swallower in one brilliant strike.

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His muscles strained, barely slowing his fall. Thousands of tons bared down on him, about a hundred feet lay below, and The Swallower's horns clattered against his armor. 95. 80. As much as he flapped his wings, nothing changed, and he could literally see his exposed muscle snap and shatter. But the humans below were stronger than he.

"HERE YA GO FUCKIN’ WIZARD! USE IT WELL!!!!" The yell came with a wave of power. Gen's power, he realized. So this is what that fighting spirit felt like, or at least Gen's. His muscles bulked up with aggression, confidence, and... sorrow? Before he could analyze it, the power was his own, a fiery aura that surrounded him.

Rex's light joined his in the air as his armor changed to gold. He could feel the Swallower weaken, but that didn't stop the mighty horns of the Swallower from punching straight through his armor and him. Even with ten feet of bone through his body, his strength was tripled, maybe more. His newly rebuilt muscles flexed to their fullest, enhanced by divine armor and fighting spirit. He spun his massive foe until he was above him and flapped his wings with the force of a hurricane. Redirected, the two hurtled down off-target, slamming into the surf hundreds of feet from the original landing point.

The earth once again shook, and the sheer force of their landing reshaped the coast, cliffs collapsing, hundreds of gallons of ocean repelled into waves that towered like skyscrapers, and a massive crater began to turn into a small bay. A burning light cut through the smoke as the Swallower attempted to melt into the shadows, suffering under the power of the Godfist. Huntsman coughed up blood on the Swallower's horn, realizing it was only thing that kept him from escaping. He saw the sun's last sliver slipping beyond the horizon and made a final decision.

"You aren't going anywhere." He snarled. "Don't worry about me!! Hit us with everything you've got! This is our last chance!" He screamed upshore as the last light seeped from the sky and a golden claw was dropped right into the jaw of the Swallower of Worlds.

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@Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Rex wasn't all that surprised when the Huntsman and Swallower came crashing down causing quite the collateral. Then he heard the Huntsman orders and decided there was no time to argue. Rex was now resolved to end this.

Rex said "Ok hope you don't die though. Just in case in there anyone we should informs of your passing, if so i'll do my best."



Rex was now ready as he compressed all of his energy into his spear. He jumped up like rocket on take off and continue to fly up until he was just within the troposphere. He was going over one thing he kept leaving out this whole fight. He never used his speed to strengthen his attacks which is a pretty dumb mistake and can be blamed on how sick he was a month ago.



He aimed his spear right at one of the two remaining eyes of the Swallower of Worlds. He spear hummed with energy as he descended at mach 10 in a direct line toward the eye. He yelled "I'm going to shove the long pole in your!" and whispered "Man did that sound wrong." Rex's thoughts were focused on maximizing the Divine Slayer attribute in his spear so it would atleast obliterate the eye.

[It really didn't, Boost]

[I agree red one, Divide]

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Sid stared at the destruction caused by Huntsman and the Swallower crashing into the ground, amazed by just how much this fight escalated. Pointing his sword at the Swallower, he begins channeling the final bits of electricity into the bright red blade. "Alright monster dude, this is all I got. Don't you fucking die on us!" With that said, Sid unleashes all the electricity stored in his blade into one huge blast of red energy that was the size of a medium-sized building. What the blast lacked in size though, it made up for in potency. This blast was the fullest charge Sid could make without killing himself, and had enough electricity in it to power a city for weeks. The blast barreled at the Swallower, hopefully only hitting him and blocking Huntsman from taking much of the blast's energy.

Immediately after Sid fired the blast, all of the self-inflicted damage finally caught up to him and caused his body to fall limp to the ground. "Choke on it, bastard..." After couching up a surprising amount of blood, the martial artist falls unconscious. If his blast proved ineffective, it was up to Huntsman and Rex to finish the job.

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Golden light surrounded the Huntsman as the Godfist struck the Swallower's jaws and was destroyed by its own power. At first the force was contained within his foe's body, but soon the darkness began the dissolve away. Light like a thousand suns exploded from a hundred holes in the giant demon's body. The darkness of the night was banished, but it still wasn't enough. As soon as the light faded, he would recover and the world would die. However, reinforcement came in the form of Rex striking down right beside him, adding his own force to the Godfist.

The Swallower's head disapeared and was replaced by a crater as the Longinus struck through it, weakening it enough to let more golden light through in a massive beam. The last boost to the final strike came with a massive bolt of energy from Sid, ripping the dark body into tiny pieces. The power of the Godfist erupted forth and dissolved the remaining pieces, and Huntsman grinned. It was over. But the power didn't feel that way, swiftly spreading. He had no idea how much damage it would do-he had never unleashed its full power.

He waved a hand and put barrier around the blast, trapping himself but hopefully not Rex. He was pushed against the roof of his shield as the golden armor began to tear from his body. He screamed as it ripped away, leaving him as bare flesh. Even that began to burn away as he tried to summon his silver divine armor, but with no skin to cling to, it fell away just as fast. The barrier behind him cracked and finally shattered. He found the strength to reinforce the walls as his muscles flew to pieces and the blast screamed upwards into space, a beacon that would be viewed by all in the world, half directly and the other the next morning on the news. He wondered what that cover would be thought up before his body was lost in light.

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@Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Rex was thrown away by the force of his own attacks and landed on his back. He stood and was walking towards the huntsman when a gold light and barrier showed. He jumped back and watched as the Huntsman was turned to nothing.

[Boost Reset]

That moment all of Rex's power faded away and he collapsed. He managed to say "You dumb wizard why, did you have to go and die like that. I haven't known you long but you'll always be a comrade to me. So die with a smile and in peace." He watched as a golden tower of energy made it's way into space and the shockwave from it threw Rex into the water. He managed to position himself in a way he'd float on his back. His consciousness faded away and Rex fell into a dream. It was of an underground area and he was 14, he saw kids he thought he didn't know. They looked really sick and he saw a shadow approaching. Then there was a light and Rex awoke.

Rex must've washed up on the beach and walked to the nearest bar. He saw everyone watching the news and they were saying something about a solar flare. Then one of the guards asked for an ID and he showed them it. He was quickly thrown out for being under 21 and said "Stupid guards you have to be 21 to drink not enter a bar."

Rex walked off to continue his journey for Sephiroth Graal.

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The light of the blast dimmed and faded and the dust settled eventually. Still, it would be hours before another conscious soul would set foot on the island of Alcatraz, so nobody saw the thread of flesh fall under cover of night. It lay still on the stone like Sid did nearby for an unknown time. Finally it moved, a hungry worm seeking a lifesaving meal. The cells were dying. They needed to feed to rebuild. But nothing lay in the cold cracks in the stone, no grass, no life, nothing but darkness. The thread paused and slipped down the cliffs to the shore.

Once again the cracks were probed. The thread died a little more every time it found nothing. Each wave took its own tole, robbing the little string of cells of strength when they attempted to carry it away. The thread was worn down until only a few cells clung uselessly to life at the bottom the deepest crack in a massive crater. There was no living thing here, nothing to regenerate by. Unless it was deeper still. With all the strength a few dying cells could muster, they smashed into the ground below them. The damage they made would not have been noticeable to the naked eye, but it was enough.

Below they found darkness again, but this time it was different. It moved. It was hiding. It was very surprised to see them. The cells fed on the darkness and divided. By the time the last eye of the Swallower of Worlds had any real idea of what was happening, the Huntsman was hundreds of cells, a thin blanket that spread over the red glare and enveloped it. It dissolved inside, no longer just material to build more cells but completely unmade and integrated. Still, small, but not as much as before, the thread of flesh leaped into the ocean, a tiny, sadistic little grin on its face.

The End

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