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The Huntsman flew in from the mainland, failing in his landing and bouncing across the San Francisco beach. "Ow." He tried to lift himself, but lacked the will to do it just yet. Flying clear across the country could really take it out of you. Incapable of raising his head, he simply relocated an eye to the side of his head. Through it he saw the sun, still not quite a quarter of the way to the horizon behind Alcatraz. He still had a couple of hours before it was too late.

He spread his wings to push himself to his feet, stumbled for a second, and flew up to get a better look at the island. Even from the shore, he could see a buzzing barrier around the island, a glowing bubble just beneath the range of human vision in frequency. The Swallower of Worlds didn't make those. It seemed his cult had survived their encounter with the Huntsman. Likely they had pulled a few strings to get themselves some time alone. Why though? They could have hid out somewhere more remote, perhaps over the arctic circle where it was always night. Why Alcatraz? He was shaken out of his thoughts by the odd fact that the island seemed to be moving. He doubled the size of his eyes in an attempt to correct his vision. It seemed to be shaking harder. "What the-"

The blast hurtled him back and tore him from the sky like a downed bird. He could vaguely hear screaming, but it seemed so far away he hardly knew if it was real. Odd that Alcatraz seemed unharmed with so many buildings falling around him. He crashed back down on the sand, learning three things. 1. The Swallower had begun to transform into his true self. 2. He was going to find a way in and stop this madness. 3. He was going to dieeeeeeeee.

Within the darkened prison, darkness took solid form. A swirling cocoon of shadow hovered over a cloaked figure, whispers and growls coming from within. "My priestess. They will try to stop us. How does our work go?" The voice was deeper than the core of the planet and darker than the darkness it crept from. "Almost finished, my lord. I only need another minute." The response was subdued and careful, as was appropriate when talking to one's god. "Take your time. I have other defenses in mind." In the billions of years of his true lifespan, he had never lost. He could afford to be patient.

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An exchange of fists faster than the humane ye, all in a very precarious position, were the fighters were forced into in-fighting even if they didn’t like it, sounds exciting? Well it sure is for a spectator, but the fighters involved in the action were starting to doubt the sanity of the idea. Let’s go back for a couple of hours into the past to explain this situation a bit more. Gen Shishioh came to San Francisco summoned by a Spirit Boxer that went by the name Pitch. This was the first time somebody in a lower rank than Gen challenged him and it was quite unusual, as normally the challenger had to travel to the upper ranker home turf, but seemingly Pitch was unable to travel and sent several challenges to different Boxers, Gen, not a man of tradition and rules, lover of any good fight, decided to take the challenge and got tickets to SF.

It didn’t take a long time to find Pitch, who was waiting on the Airport with his vehicle, a Kawazaki ZX-14R almost brand new. Gen whistled in admiration, his years as a delinquent included a crush of motorcycles and he was still on the loop about the newer models. But as much as he was surprised by the bike he didn’t seemed as impressed by Pitch, a short fellow with his body completely covered in a black biking suit and his face obscured by a helmet with a skull painted on. The Hot-Blooded Boxer looked at him without much expectations of a fight. –So where are we fightin’? I don’t have all fuckin’ day to spend here…- Gen rudely asked to Pitch, who replied. –Are you sure you desire to fight right away, don’t you have Jet-Lag? I am not in a rush, so I can wait. - The Black Clothed Boxer asked showcasing good manners with a voice that sounded a bit forced.

-Jet-Lag is for pussies…- That was the Japanese Boxer response. Gen smiled as he noticed something thanks to his uncanny hearing trained by Reiji Fukuma in Sakurajima. –So girl, where the fuck are we going to be brawlin’, I don’t like this fuckin’ country and I don’t want to stay for another moment. - Even if he said that his English was pretty good, mostly because of his upbringing. Pitch gasped in surprise and asked with a much more feminine voice. –Is so noticeable? I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, I was told Japanese people is very well mannered and I was in doubt if you would fight me considering my gender. - Gen frowned for a second and without notice he launched a fast right jab at her face stopping less than an inch away from her helmet and then he flicked it, breaking the tinted visor.

-That’s my fuckin’ answer, now shut up and tells me where I need to go to punch ya until you surrender.- Gen was getting a bit pissed at her for all the lying, he came to fight, not to get his ass licked. –Ok…Well the Taxi driver will follow me until we reach the battlefield.- Pitch was a bit nervous, maybe all the costume and the visor were a way not to show her nerves on her first Official Spirit Boxing Bout. She was recommend a couple of fighters by his brother who was in the 50’s in the Ranking, Gen wasn’t in his list so Pitch didn’t knew what to expect, did the Japanese Boxer meteoric ascent was because he was truly skilled or by means less honorable. The motorcycle leads the way until they reached the Golden Gate Bridge. Pitch parked the Motorcycle and tied a chain around the wheel. –Follow me.-

Both Spirit Boxers reached one of the two supports and Pitch started climbing. Gen sighed and followed her lead until both reach the top. A very small ring, only good for in-fighting was set for them. –Ring-out means you lose, are you okay with the terms?- Pitch asked while checking her padded gloves. –Yeah, Yeah, whatever, let’s just fuckin’ begin…- Gen also placed padded gloves over his already bandaged hands and prepared to fight. Both Boxers advanced the first moment they could and started a high-level exchange of jabs, feints, straights, counters and many more movements. Barely shifting their feet from their place waving their bodies and heads to avoid any attack they couldn’t block or parry. Pitch was a right handed slugger, always trying to keep the fight in her limited range, but she packed a lot of power in each blow, as she fought her Fighting Spirit surfaced around her like magenta colored wind, making evident she was a Strength Boxer.

Gen knew that receiving one attack wasn’t a viable strategy as even if she didn’t pack enough force to crush his defense, the humid metallic surface added to her mighty blows could easily push him off limits. –Clever *****, makin’ me come to yer turf.- The Hot-Blooded Boxer insulted and praised his opponent at the same time. –This wasn’t a strategy, it was a necessity, my parents don’t let me travel to other countries.- For a split second the desire of face-palming himself was too great, but Gen managed to overcome his need to make snarky comments about it and keep fighting. She may not be at the same technical level as him, but her immense strength balanced the battle. They kept this high-level exchange of offense and defense until Pitch stopped with her big brown eyes opening with shock. Gen almost gave the finishing blow taking advantage of the hole in her defense, but when she said –Is that guy flying?- The Boxer curiosity beat his focus and he turned around. She was telling the truth, a man was flying, or trying to. But without noticing he was in the air as well. Pitch used the distraction and punched him off the bridge with a powerful uppercut she called –UPDRAFT SHOT!!!-

Pitch looked at Gen, who was higher than her but with a good 30 mts away. She took out her tongue and lowering her eyelid (Akanbe) –You should have put more attention to the fight Mr. Shishioh!- Pitch thought herself the victor, but she didn’t considered how pissed Gen would get. –FUCKIN’ *****, This ain’t over until I touch the ground.- With that roar he summoned his Fighting Spirit, that from blue turned into gold and focused on his fist, slowly shining brighter until it took the shape of a golden lion head with its fangs wide open. –Shishi Gaoh Hou!!! (Lion Roar Cannon)- A blast of Golden Fighting Spirit shoot from Gen’s hand and impacted the unsuspecting Pitch, that was K.O in the act, falling flat on the scorched metallic floor. –FUCK YA BITCH! IT’S My wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin. - The Japanese Boxer failed to calculate that using that attack without traction would propel him backwards and towards the water. He reached the Bay at great speed and started skipping as if he was a stone, a very pissed and badmouthed rock, which after 5 long skips stopped nearby an island.

-Fuck, that felt good. That little bitch needs to learn manners. - Gen looked around and noticed the island. –Well, I need to go back home, I better get me a boat. I hope I can get to the bridge before her, I’m going to fuckin’ her bike. - With that said he started swimming towards Alcatraz.

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Huntsman dove fist first at the island. His body spiraled and grew out bone blades to resemble a giant drill. He clashed against the barrier, making sparks that outshone the sun as it dipped ever closer to the horizon. He unfolded wings from his blunt end and spun them, whirling ever harder against the impenetrable shield. The energy crackling off boiled the ocean. His body cracked. He would have screamed in agony if he hadn't sealed up his mouth. Just when he thought he was about to disappear, the barrier vanished and he plummeted, smashing into the island below. There was a moment of silence before many long, spindly, spiny legs stretched from the hole he had made.

Claws like grappling hooks tightened into the rock and he was pulled free. He looked up at the prison. It couldn't be this easy. He was let in. The Swallower of Worlds had a plan. He wasn't going to play along. He rose to his full, inhuman height and looked back offshore. It seemed he was now in the unpleasant position of waiting for somebody else to notice the chaos and come out here themselves.

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"To a place full of people and the like" Rex declared as he pointed toward Alcatraz.

The Man in the boat said "Ok I can give you a ride there for a decent price."

Rex payed the man and than they were off to Alcatraz Island. Why is he going to Alcatraz? It's was one of the places on a list of places to visit to hasten the awakening of Sephiroth Graal, it's awakening can be hastened by visiting a place that's known to be kind of haunted or similar. Rex noticed a black barrier in front of him as they were approaching and didn't like the looks of it. The boat hit slowed down a considerable amount because they were approaching the island, Rex guessed the driver couldn't really see the barrier. Just when the boat was about to hit the barrier it vanished revealing a shore and a large man on it.

"I'm good from here, turn around and go" Rex told the man.

"Ok, have a nice visit." the man said before he turned around to check the way back. Rex used that as an opportunity to leap from the boat onto somewhere out of sight on the island. Rex walked out when the boat was out of seeing distance and up to the large man and said "Ummmm something is going on here right?"

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Gen kept swimming towards the island, in the past he would have sunk like a rock, but part of the impressive training regime he was put through by Reiji included swimming lessons, after he almost drowned trying to get to the island originally. The Hot-Blooded Boxer perceived and shift in the air, as if something important was happening, like the clash of two enormous powers. Yet it was just a faint feeling, more instinct that reasoning. –The fuckin’ hell was that? - He asked to himself as he closed in through the spiked waves of the bay.

For a second another feeling hit him, almost as if something didn’t want him to pass through, yet he kept swimming forward, backing down ain’t Gen’s style. He reached the barrier around the island, but he didn’t seem to have trouble, in fact he didn’t even perceived it, as the Gainen Medal on his lapel pierced through the barrier. This powerful artifact was linked to the Concept of Battle and as such it wouldn’t allow its user to fail to attend to a fight, this wasn’t voluntary or even known by Gen, who just reached the coast and stripped to his boxers while trying to dry his clothing with Fighting Spirit.

As he waited for a bit, sitting against a rock, while emanating bluish flames from his body, he looked around. –Where the hell am I? What the fuck is this place?- His eyes scanned the surroundings without finding anything of notice only grey buildings with humidity stains and a general atmosphere of dread. Before Gen wouldn’t have been able to perceive such things, but thanks to his training and encounters with several individuals of the Hidden World, the Spirit Boxer perception had matured, maybe even more than his strength.

Slowly his delinquent persona started to recede allowing new personality traits to replace his older personality. But this doesn’t means he won’t punch people who annoys him, but he developed a begrudging respect for other fighters and also appreciation for certain aspects of live he gave for granted and almost lost recently, like the freedom to choose one’s own path. Maybe Gen was in the brink of the path to adulthood, or it was just a fad. Either way, as he put his clothes back on (His old and battle worn student uniform) he decided to explore the island looking for a boat or at least a person.

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @SekiryuuteiDxD: From his vantage point on the shore, Huntsman was surprised to see a boat approaching. Who would be sailing after what the locals would have thought was an earthquake? He was even more surprised by a figure lunging from it, hurtling over the vast distance from the boat to the shore. As they came down just upshore, he realized his current form would frighten off what appeared to be be help. His multitudinous limbs folded in on each other to become the usual four, and he shrunk down to a more average size, using the extra mass to fake the folds of clothing.

When he was done, he was exactly how he imagined a monster hunter should look. Graying blond hair kissed his neck under a black fedora, the rest of his body covered by a black trenchcoat and other black clothes. Only his sadistic grin remained the same on his tanned face. That feature never changed. He turned to see a young man coming down from his landing point. "Ummmm something is going on here right?" They asked, hopefully not noticing his quick change. "Indeed there is. How about we see who that is-" He jerked his head in the direction of a blue light he had just noticed flickering up farther down the shore "And I'll explain it to both of you."

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@Kuma_From_Argentina: @Justalittlegirl: "Yeah sure, may help with my original objectives." Rex said. By original objectives he was referring to awakening one of his gears, hopefully Sephiroth Graal for that would prove most useful to Simon. Rex turned to see a blue light in the distance and he knew this feeling from hanging around Senjutsu users and other such fighters. He was sensing a form of ki and it was pretty hot. Whoever is down there must be a battle maniac. One thing Rex has come to dislike are battle maniac who fight for the sake of fighting. He began his trot down the shore to the blue light.

He called out "Hey blue light guy, could you come here? This guy over here has something to tell us."

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-Huh!?- Gen popped the bones of his neck putting pressure on his chin with his fist. Suddenly somebody moved towards him and told him about somebody wanting to tell him something. The Spirit Boxer was still happy from his victory so he didn’t question the sudden request. Yet it bugged him, he didn’t liked to be ordered around. –And why the fuckin’ hell should I?- Gen moved towards Rex and looked him right into the eyes. –I just swam into this fuckin’ island and I already have some nobody tellin’ me that another fuckin’ nobody want to talk to me.- The Spirit Boxer’s face clearly showed he was getting pissed. –But you don’t need to worry… I’m goin’ to talk to that guy and if I don’t like it…. It won’t be pretty.- With that said Gen walked towards the Huntsman.

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As the brutal-looking youth stomped up the shore, Huntsman quickly decided what to tell them. He doubted either of them would like his true motivations, and the more streetwise one would likely waste his time with a fight. "My name is Ed Morton." Crap. That name was awful. Boring as hell. Totally unsuitable. "I'm a local wizard who's been doing research into the demonic forces that lie parallel to our own world. You both must have felt that earthquake that devastated the city just a half hour ago. I'm afraid it was far more than just that." He decided to leave out any info on avatars. That would lead to unfortunate questions.

"It was the beginning of the awakening of a greater demon. A god among them. As we speak, he's being born into this world in the deepest depths of that prison. He is a being of darkness, formed of solid shadow. He awaits the setting of the sun, and what he'll do then is just awe- awful. However, that's not for another few hours. He's currently vulnerable, so we'll just have worry about the possibility of a cult working for him and a guardian who's only purpose is to keep us from killing him. Of course, that's not going to stop me." He walked towards the main prison building, erecting an illusory sign. "World in danger. I'll explain inside. Hurry, before the sun falls."

He turned from this message to anybody who showed up later to the doorway, finding it to be a gaping maw leading into a ever-darkening tunnel, complete with jagged teeth and scuttling noises coming from just beyond his sight. He snapped his fingers and a fourth line appeared on the sign. "Don't fear his jaws." And he stepped within, hopefully followed by the others.

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@Justalittlegirl: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Rex's reaction to Gen wasn't really nice at all. Rex instantly became irritated, who was this creep to speak to me in such a way.

Rex responded "Look here you bootlegged version of Popeye the Sailor, know your limits creep. Your fuckin dry faced self looking more wrinkly than yo mom's laundry."

Rex turned his attention to the man apparently with the terrible name. What truly caught his attention was that the man said he was researching demonic forces.......... could that mean Simon and the others............ he thought to himself. Rex then watched him create a sign and couldn't help but laugh at it because he oddly found it funny. He proceeded to follow the man into the building or something.

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The Spirit Boxer ignored Rex rude answer to his rude questions and advanced towards the Huntsman. -Punchin’ demons!? I’m so fuckin’ in.- Gen followed the man who called himself Morton while stretching his limbs and doing a bit of shadow boxing to remove the stiffness of his limbs after swimming in cold water. As he did he realized something. –Yo, Wizard dude, should you be tellin’ people ya are a fuckin’ magic man and stuff? That ain’t smart.- Gen realized the Huntsman or at least the character Hunstman was playing revealed his nature without a second thought, something he was thought by Reiji never to do.

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Sid Renen was laying on top of one of the support wires that held up the Golden Gate Bridge, taking his third nap of the day. The reason why he was even in San Francisco in the first place was to sight-see, and more importantly be able to say that he climbed up the infamous bridge. Little did he know that soon a certain Hot-Blooded Boxer and his opponent would be taking the top of the bridge for their fight, though he didn't notice them for the most part. That mentality soon changed when Gen was sent flying, and shot his Lion Roar Cannon at the female fighter. The shaking caused by the impact rattled the bridge, and caused Sid to wake up. "Who the FUCK has the balls-WHAT THE HELL?!" The shaking had moved Sid far to the right of his support rope, and made him fall off the side of the bridge...into the water below. As he fell, he notices a swearing boxer rocketing away from the bridge toward an island, and Sid deduces that he was the bastard behind the shaking. " ass-kicking, COMING RIGHT UP!"

The leg martial artist takes a deep breath, and begins to swim after Gen in a furious rampage. Not only had he disturbed his nap, but now he was soaking wet thanks to the boxer's attack. Sid's specialty was attacking opponents with his legs, so he had more than enough stamina to keep up with Gen and pass through the barrier, noticing that two other people were on the island as well. Gen and some other person appeared to be fighting, though Sid couldn't shake the feeling that he knew that other person from somewhere before. Shrugging, he steps out of the water and casually walks up to Gen. "Hey, boxing asshat! What's the hell's the deal with fighting on the bridge?! Explain yourself, or my feet will do the talking for me." Sid puts his right foot back, ready to counter if Gen tried to attack.

Looking over to his right, he notices Rex again, still can't remember where they have met before. Sid wasn't great with remembering people's names unless they made some sort of lasting impression on him, so it's understandable that he didn't remember someone he's never fought or conversed with extensively. Huntsman was also on his radar, but Sid just put him aside as something he would talk to once he got some answers out of Gen.

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Hearing a chuckle, 'Ed' turned to find the others hadn't set foot in the the building's new mouth. Not that surprising now that he thought about it. Before he could think of say anything encouraging, the taller one interrupted him. "Yo, Wizard dude, should you be tellin’ people ya are a fuckin’ magic man and stuff? That ain’t smart." "And you two were lighting fires on your bodies and jumping hundreds of feet. I doubted you'd find a wizard out of your usual range of experience. I also expect most of us to die horribly, so there's also that." He glanced back out of the mouth down the beach. "Ah, another incoming. How about now that we have another member to our party, I'd like you to introduce yourselves. I don't care if you give me real names or not. I just need something to identify you with."

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@Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Kuma_From_Argentina: Rex was hating the boxer more and more by the minute and Ed was over there keeping secrets. The boxer has a fucking problem and then a song with that name "Fuckin Problem" began playing is his mind. Then he saw Sid who he remembered from the Water Park some time ago. Then Ed said something about dying and introducing ourselves. Rex decided to go first as soon as Sid caught up. Rex said " My name is Rex Longinus the Longinus Hero."

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Gen first talked to the Huntsman. –Gen Shishioh is my name and asskickin’ my game. The soon to be strongest Spirit Boxer in the world.- The Hot-Blooded Boxer turned around and faced Sid. –What the fuck do ya want ya wet piece of shit?- Gen lifted his fist into half guard the moment he saw Sid’s stance. –I was fightin’ over the fuckin’ bridge, not my fuckin’ idea, but I had to do it. So stop fuckin’ with me or I’ll get yer readied foot inside yer ass. - He turned back to face the Huntsman. –This ain’t my first fuckin’ rodeo, I know how this fuckin’ things are, not leavin’ until this shit is done because is the end of the fuckin’ world and other crap, so, what the hell do ya want me to do? I need to go back to school…. Those fuckers of Inazuma are pretty fuckin’ stingy when it comes to skippin’ fuckin’ class- Gen’s words burst at great speed and intensity, he was ready for another fight already, he didn’t give two fucks about the world, but this kind of situation always brought kick-ass fights to him.

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Sid smirks as Gen challenged him, but cocks his head slightly as Gen mentions Inazuma. "...did your hyperactive-ass just say Inazuma? YOU managed to get in there? Jeez, they must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel these days." It was true that he too was ditching class again, but mostly because he couldn't afford another flight to Japan at the moment. Perhaps he could stowaway in the cargo hold of some plane headed the same direction?

Putting his foot back to normal standing position, Sid turns to the mysterious Huntsman and puts his hands on the back of his head as he spoke. "Name's Sid Renen. It seems like I am a bit late to the party, and I don't feel like swimming back to shore. What's going on here?" Looking over as Rex introduced himself, Sid silently remembers that he met this person at a waterpark not too long ago, recalling that he and some other guy were shouting stuff about boobs. Aint this a swell group; we have the perverted guy, the hyperactive idiot, the mysterious man who will probably show us something creepy, and my lazy ass. Oh well, it's not like I had anything else to do today.

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@Vapovile: @Kuma_From_Argentina: @SekiryuuteiDxD: This was going to go very, very poorly. Rex was humming a terrible song and staring blankly into the distance. Gen was this close to beating up an ally. He himself was wondering if how many of them he could absorb before they could strike back. He had decided the answer was two and was about to get started when the newbie interjected. "Name's Sid Renen. It seems like I am a bit late to the party, and I don't feel like swimming back to shore. What's going on here?" "We're short on time, so I'll explain on the way. He turned and began walking down the hallway. At this point he almost hoped they stayed back and let him suffer the sweet release of death. "I'm Ed. I'm a wizard. There's a giant demon lord coming into our world, and since he's made of darkness, sunset's gonna be interesting. Also, is it getting kind of... despairy in here?" The darkness seemed to be more oppressive here.

"Oh, right that reminds me. The Swallower of Worlds of course has his cult, although the herd was quite thinned when we last met. However, as far as I know, his head priestess lived. She happens to be an elemental manipulator of a unique type- emotional. Fortunately, I am immune to magic due to my inherent superiority, so if you start feeling soul-crushing sorrow or mind-numbing rage, don't complain to me." He enjoyed his smug pleasure for only a moment before being tackled by something thats light annihilated the darkness around him. It was a thing of burning red, vaguely humanoid if not for its insistence on running on all fours. In the brief moments it wasn't tearing at his throat, he saw pitch black eyes, a burning mane, and a mouth twisted in hate. The rage that poured off of it seemed to be magical, unaffective on him. However, that wasn't the case for his team mates, so hopefully it would make them a little more incited to help him.

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Rex noticed the boxer and newcomer going at it.Rex wondered if he should place a bet on this. Then he heard "Ed" speak and was relieved to find out he wasn't referring to Simon's group. But fighting a Demon Lord and someone that controls emotions sounded interesting. He then came to a conclusion they may end up killing the boxer sincer by far he's the most emotional of them and his most dominant emotion expressed in anger. Just when Rex was thinking about that a beat blitzed Ed.

Rex felt his rage spike for some reason. He summoned his spear [True Longinus] and took a stance. He just charged angrily at the beast. Since he was thinking about it earlier, it hit him the beast is influencing him by boosting his rage. So all he has to do is channel that rage at the real enemy. Then only thoughts of rage filled his head, as he leapt into the air at a hypersonic speed. He would stab his spear into it's face if he hits good enough.

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The creature moved its head just in time to take the spear in its shoulder. With an enraged roar, it lunged back, the wound smouldering. It charged again, this time aiming for Rex. As it lunged for his throat, it slammed into a barrier that suddenly popped up, glowing a dull red to counterbalance its burning rage. Huntsman rose to his feet, wounds already healing. "It's mine." He hissed. The barrier dropped and he tackled the beast. Distracted by this, the others may not have noticed the three forming behind them. One glowed yellow, brighter than the sun, a crazed grin stretching ear to ear. The second was a dimmer blue, weeping pitifully. The third immediately gave away its presence with a terrified scream, flaring up green.

As if on cue, they each chose a target. Debilitating joy for Sid, crippling sorrow for Gen, and paralyzing fear for Rex, the three charged, manes and horns glowing.

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Gen was about to move towards the new enemy, but suddenly a wave of emotion reached him. Sadness, sorrow and pain were absorbed by him as if he was an emotional sponge. The Spirit Boxer fell on his knees, his head almost touching the ground as he tried to contain his tears and sobbing. All the physical and verbal abuse he suffered when he was young, the memories he kept locked away with chains of insults and battle hunger, resurfaced, like old wounds opening again. –I….I….can’t…….the…pain….ugh.- Gen clenched his fists, not out of anger, but from the pain caused by such unbearable sadness.

He tried to stand up, staggering with his face completely covered in tears and snot, almost like a lost child. Gen fell down again, but he kept trying, dragging his body that felt very heavy, almost as if he was underwater. The Spirit Boxer kept making efforts to stand up, as the rush of emotion took its toll not only on his body, but also in his mind as if all his thoughts were being submerged in a vast ocean of blue tears. The heaviness was followed by drowsiness, making any of his efforts useless as the strength was being zapped out of his muscles; still he kept trying, crawling on the dirt, gathering the small crumbs that remained from his focus to search the source of this attack.

He rolled on the ground and ended up facing the cloudy sky, he managed to catch a glimpse of the bluish silhouette weeping near him. –Blue…..Blue…..I know that……I know blue…….that blue…..I choose that blue…- Gen muttered as he rolled again and looked at it, as he tried once again to stand up. This time it was easier, as if the weight pinning him down started to vanish, as a sudden realization of a great truth, commonly known as an Epiphany, struck him. He knew that shade of blue, he had known it since his childhood, and it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t his enemy, neither an ally. He staggered up as his tears started stopping flowing freely from his eyes, which slowly began to shine with their usual blue light, the same tone of blue as the enemy in front of him.

-YOU ARE NOTHIN’ BUT FUCKIN’ FUEL!!!!!!- With that shout Gen dispelled what remained of the influence over him by consuming it. His Fighting Spirit feed on it, relishing the exquisite flavor of such sorrow. If Gen’s source of Spirit were his anger, the flames he summoned would take a reddish coloration, yet his blue flames were feed by his sadness, or better put, his Spirit, his will to fight, consumed the Spirit Boxer’s sadness and turned it into power. This was Gen’s defense mechanism, maybe that’s the reason his nature changed from an extremely violent delinquent to an almost as violent fighter with some honor. Maybe his Fighting Spirit was finally burning away the emotional scars of his youth.

But right now he was more focused on burning the enemy in front of him. With his Fighting Spirit at full charge, a veritable bonfire of blue flames surrounded the Spirit Boxer and those flames started to spiral around his fist. No fancy technique, no elegant footwork, just a haymaker and roar of pure emotion were Gen’s pick to attack the creature that tried to sink him in a swamp of sadness. –BURN YOU MOTHERFUCKIN’ MONSTER!!! BURN!!-

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