Runaway RP (Tier 4)

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The Story of the Unstoppable Runaway.

During the late 18 century/ early 19 century when trains began to really become popular and started being build all around the world one engineer by the name of Marcus Campbell made it his life work to spread trains across the world. Marcus loved trains and had a great desire to connect people using trains he helped design and build trains all across the world. Marcus trains were not just ordinary machines they were specifically designed for the terrain of the county and were always pushing innovative technology advances this built Marcus’s reputation and the reputation of his trains. They were no longer looked at as machines but as true works of art technological masterpieces of their time, this would Marcus Campbell the nickname, Marcus of the Locomotives. Marcus had build train in almost every country when he went after a new goal to build a train in the desert that would cross across the entire desert it would be a luxury ride where passengers would enjoy fine living as the traveled across the beautiful desert landscape. This idea would unfortunately lead to Marcus’s down fall.

As the construction for the train which was named Ver Voler (Flying Worm), a major problem arose from the beginning the loose and unstable nature of the sand would not allow tracks to be laid down. Marcus being the master of his craft at the time quickly came up with a solution wanting this train to be the latest innovation in locomotive technology he took inspiration form the name and decided that Ver Voler would be the world’s first trackless train and would move though the Sahara like a worm riding up and down sand dunes with ease. Soon word began to spread of the great Worm of the Desert, the trackless train, the world wanted to be apart of this great masterpiece and experience as construction continued on the train and the path it would take though the desert but again another problem arose because of the barren desert landscape fueling the train though the long trip would be problematic. The equipment that ran the in and outs of the innovative machine require a lot of fuel and power; the train could not carry the large amount of fuel it would need and with no supplies in the desert this nearly derailed the train. Marcus worked endlessly though several days and nights straight trying to found a scientific way to solve this dilemma unfortunately though was no way to solve it though science or rational. His desire to finish the great Worm of the Desert pushed the great engineer to think nationally and rely on the supernatural and semi-magical elements to help him. Marcus stumbled upon a semi-magical/semi-scientific device that would solve his fuel and energy dilemma, the device was known as “Eternal Flow” it was a mysterious artifact that was created by an alchemist and supernatural engineer. Eternal Flow was a device that defied the laws of physics by creating an endless amount of energy to power the train forever this worked by recycling the some of the energy that it put out thus creating and infinite circle of creating, reusing, and recycling energy just like rain water Is recycled into the atmosphere to be re used. Eternal Flow would allow the train to run nonstop would the need of refueling or stopping to resupply.

Finally Ver Voler was completed the train was the headlines of all the news and all the world’s greatest people wanted to ride the track less train secretly powered by supernaturally device. Marcus became famous for this latest innovative creation and the Great Desert Worm became his prized creation. Marcus valued Ver Voler over all his other trains and eventually became the conductor of his most famous creation just so he can hide the secrets of its glory from competition. The train fame lasted a few years but as more trains began to be build across the world that were faster, better, and more innovative the fame of the Worm of the Desert began to slip and the glory it once held now faded away. Marcus who had put his life work on the line for Ver Voler would not allow his prized creation to fade in the slightest the man went to train itself and began adjusting the “Eternal Flow” device, that allowed the train to power itself infinitely, so that the train would go even faster this made the Desert Worm the front page of the news for a while but better trains continued to be built. Marcus was constantly force to make improvements to Ver Voler and the “Eternal Flow” so much so that it became an obsession and he was never satisfied with his improvements no matter what unfortunately this would causes a disaster. During one of the train’s journey though the desert after Marcus had claimed that the Ver Voler was now “better than ever” the train had a full capacity, Marcus was conducting the train making even more improvements still not satisfied with the train unfortunately an accident caused “Eternal Flow” to overload speeding the train up to over 300mphs and it was unable to be stopped in any form. The Great Desert Worm became an unstoppable runaway trapping most on board and since that unfortunate day of destiny Ver Voler has continued it journey throughout the . This leads us to our story in the current time.

Present Day.

A figure stood on one of the dunes of the endless desert under the blazing sun, it was a hot day in the desert especially for this time of year the year heated the sand to 80 degrees and in some spots even hotter. The figure stood next to silver and chrome motorcycle that reflected the sunlight in all direction making it a shiny beacon to those around; the mysterious figure was wearing a old looking cowboy hat and had on a light tan cloak that shielded his skin from the strong rays of the sun his face was covered by a blue and light bandana to keep sand out of his nose and mouth. To most this mysterious figure would have seen like a western cowboy and that was for the most part correct, the figure look around with cobalt blue eyes his highly trained eye sight allowed him to see miles out and make out the smallest of details unfortunately in a desert all there is to see is sand. The figure removed the bandana pushing it down to his neck revealing a slight smile it seemed like mysterious person was going to speak and reveal an epic message about an ominous storm coming. The person opens his mouth, “Dios Mio! It’s hot out here and I live in ! I should know a thing or two about being hot!” The figure was now a dark stranger planning a dark move in the desert or a mysterious stranger bringing an ominous storm it was the Last Gunslinger the gun-toting hero, Crow Cementerio. Crow was there on Vaquero business in the desert searching for the Great Desert Worm Ver Voler to find and destroy the device known as “Eternal Flow”, a device that could create infinite energy would extremely beneficial to the world but in the wrong hands it would be a disaster of biblical proportion. It was a situation where the wrong out weighed the good and the ends justified the means at least that is how the Rail-gun saw it. The chrome motorcycle was Crow’s “love” Silver the motorcycle he had outfitted with several new pieces of technology including a special brand of tires that would it allow to drive on sand without any difficulties. A swift wind blew causing sand to spin around the gunslinger and his motorcycle a little; the cowboy pulled the bandana up until the wind calmed and leaned down to his bike. “Damn this sand is horrible on you baby, it scratching up your chrome so bad. Why did I take this job in the it is killer on my bike?”

The gunslinger used the end of the cloak he was wearing to wipe some sand off the head lights and side of Silver where “Hi-Ho” was written; the cloak was made of a light weight thin material that would protect him from the ultra-strong UV rays of the sun but it would be light enough for him to move it and not get overheated. Crow stood up at his look around the great desert worm should be coming any minute; the train made the same trip in it’s not stop journey and according to the directions and information given to Crow the train would be passing him any minute. The gunslinger hopped on his bike and slide down a sand dune where the train would appear but something felt off to him; strange this Eternal Flow thing is suppose to be really powerful but no one has ever tried to take it but yet the Vaqueros want me to suddenly destroy this thing. I wonder what the sudden hurry Is all about? Whatever I am getting paid a good amount for this job, unfortunately most of that is probably going to go to re-detailing Silver. The Last of the Gunslinger sighed frowning a little as he thought about the sand scratching his “true love”, ironically Crow showed the same type of devotion to his bike that Marcus showed towards Ver Voler. Crow pushed his hat up as he came waiting for his train to arrive signaling the beginning of his mission off in the distance he smirked as he stopped a bit of black smoke off in the distant, the train was coming, so that is the Desert Worm I use to hear stories about when I was a little kid. I use to think it would be cool to see it in person it’s kinda weird knowing I will be the one to stop it permanently. Hmm I think I remember how that old rhythm went; the great desert worm it wiggles and squirms though the sands. All the lands came to see the train that never stopped unfortunately kept it going and going and all the passengers dropped….dead. The Thunderbolt Gunslinger grimaced at the old morbid story.

Crow lean against his motorcycle as the pillar of smoke in the distance got bigger he did the quick math in his head realizing the train was only a couple miles away and the speed the “Eternal Flow” granted it would bring the train to the gunslinger in a few minutes. Once the train arrived the gunslinger would have to move fast to get on the train and make his way to the front to destroy the device one and for all. Usually Crow really didn’t care either way about his Vaquero jobs as long as he got paid but this one was the exception he had to agree with the Vaquero; something that creates endless energy could power the world make it a better place fossil fuels would be eliminated and the need to rely on solutions like solar power and wind power would be a thing of the past. Hospital and medical centers could run even during blackouts and disasters. If a hero could have that kind of device he could rid the world of villainy and I could probably use it with Silver make her run without fuel. Even with all these positives things it only takes one psycho to turn that power to evil; armies, tanks, guns, jets, bombs all powered by this device the world has seen 2 Newdeaths already and that is two too many. I will be damned if I let a third one appear I swear on my word as a Gunslinger. This was not a matter of 1 life over millions it was a matter of not letting something fall into the wrong hands ever again nobody was going to get this device; good, evil, neutral I will destroy “Eternal Flow”. The Lightning Revolver smiled confidently as revved his bike a little the pillar of black smoke drawing closer; Crow had a train to catch but unbeknownst to the Last Gunslinger he was not the only one after the device located inside the Great Worm of the Desert.

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Tokyo, National Museum, Honkan Building

A fundraiser gala was being held by Garyuu Zaibatsu, to gather money for the families of 432 victims of a train crash in Ueno Station. The event was located in the museum, as Ueno Station was the main public acess for getting there. The host was the owner and CEO of Garyuu Zaibatsu, the famous Usso Namae, a world recknowed businessman, known for his charity work and his incredible fortune, as he was ranked by Forbes Magazine as the richest man in Japan, and the 6 richest man in the world. The fundraiser was progressing smoothly, as hundreds of guest, from famous movie stars to influential political figures were there leaving donations. The party was held on the second floor, in the tenth room, "The Flow of Japanese Art". This particular room had been expanded months before the event, thanks to an amazing donation from the host himself, seemingly Usso enjoyed Japanese Art, and funded several archeology groups that were searching for pre-sengoku era art, the favourite of the wealthy businessman. How lovely, this fan is just flawless, dont you think Domon? a very energetic voice sounded over the others. A young lady, of no more than 20 years old, sporting a black dress, with extremely complex design sewn with golden threads. A young man in a black suit and white shirt, seemingly her bodyguard nodded and repplied with calm, Yes Ms. Nakamura, you're right. He seemed uncomfortable, maybe as he disliked working on the open. His employer was Miss Ame Nakamura, daugther of Dr. Goichiro Nakamura, the owner of Nakamura Heavy Machinery. The fan was part of Shingen Takeda personal collection, I have three or four in my private collection. a very calm and friendly voice spoke explained from behind. Ame face had a sudden change from curiosity to a shining smile, as she turned around and hugged the host of the event. Usso-ojisan! I'm so glad I could meet you here! The calm and composed bodyguard had a sudden moment of discomfort, easily noticeable by Usso, that had the amazing skill of reading people emotions as an open book. The CEO of Garyuu Zaibatsu, smiled as he loosened Ame arms from his waist. I'm also delighted of meeting you Nakamura-sama, if he was mad of not getting the proper honorific added to his name he didnt even showed signs of it. I hope you are enjoying yourself this evening, With a wider smile Ame repplied Yes, I've never thought that coming to a museum could be so fun, and this exposition is pretty interesting, the only thing I'll change is the music, I dislike folk music. She spoke without any dishonesty, speaking from her heart. Usso smiled, thinking what could have happened if he accepted her hand in marriage as her father wanted. His smile was gentle and warm, something that used to make women melt under his charm, Ame included, but thinking of him like a relative more than a love interest. Usso made a gesture to one of the attendants and spoked in soft voice as Ame started commenting something else to her bodyguards. The musis stopped and everyone in the room looked at the stage and clapped with dignity, more out a formality than real interest. A group of musicians dressed in traditional japanese attire got over the stage, but in a curious fact, some of them carried western instruments. Walking towards, Ame, Usso kept his charming smile, It was a pleasure to meet you Nakamura-sama, but I need to attend to other business. You said you disliked the folk music, so as a parting gift I'll let you discover your taste for it.

The group started playing, and their energetic music got everybody listening to them, including Ame and Domon. That let Kuro-san slip away from the room without being noticed. He walked throught a hallway until he reached an open scroll from the Heian era, the painting inside was a vivid representation of the Night Attack on Sanjo Castle. The Yakuza Emperor, know with his real face, a lifeless mask that seemed empty of any feeling or emotion, barely pressed the wooden frame around the scroll, and multiple blue lines, that started multiplying and expanding to the floor and the ceiling, formed a door, that slided to the side with a faint whisper. Inside there was a room with multiple high tech equipment, mostly satelital surveilance and communication. Kuro-san built the secret room when he gave the donation and brought his own architects from Mangetsu. He liked coming to the museum, as he always thought that learning from the mistakes of the past can get you a better future, so he decided to built a room here so he wouldnt need to leave the building if he needed to check on his shadowy business of the Kage No Zaibatsu, Mangetsu. Falken-dono can you hear me? asked throught the commlink, that was untraceable and had a voice changer function, so Kuro-san identity would stay as a secret. I hear you boss, should I start the operation? Kuro-san smiled, the ideas his mind brewed when he heared about an infinite power source were amazing and Falken would be the one to bring that fabled price to him. Start the operation, and bring me the Eternal Flow. 500 mts over the rampaging train, Falken was sitting over his hand-built vehicle, as mixture between a motorcycle and a jet plane he named Pilger Rocket. For this mission he had his hyper space arsenal ready, as he would fight against Crow Cementerio, that was nearby, at least according to Mangetsu intel. Falken moved lower towards the last wagon roof, but his instincts warned him on time, and he jumped from the Pilger just seconds before it was blown up by an orange meteor like object, that landed behind the train, and was left behind as the Sand Worm kept pressing foward throught the Dunes. What the hell was that? Asked Falken to hte commlink, hoping that the Mangetsu hotline was still on, but seemingly, as the commlink sucked power from the Pilger it didnt had enough power to get into the nearest Mangetsu outpost. He was cutted from any communication but he still had his hyper space arsenal, and he would need it, as he activated his bionic eye telescopic function and noticed that whatever tried to kill him before was running towards the train, and it didnt seemed happy. With the dust he could only notice the silouthe of a young man running in the desert, gaining terrain with each second. Falken was ready, whatever tried to get into this train and take his objective will die by a lead indigestion. Without even thinking it twice he summoned Ray Vulcan Handgun and the Aznable Particle Handgun, ready to shoot his way to the locomotive.

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A meal worth killing for

Since his evolution into a next phase of Reitter, Masako couldnt still describe what was happening inside him. His body functions and powers had changed and the mysterious shade of scarlet in everything he watched was getting him pissed. He could detect energy and life from afar, and when he was moving throught the Sahara Desert, after having a rough encounter with the Reitter Program new recruits, with powers he didnt understood, and even worse he couldnt take, maybe they made them inumne to his Reitter Skill, and that was troublesome. He was still more powerful with telekinesis, but his new powers, that concentrated his PK energy and reduced his range, so he was at disadvantage, even facing inferior Reitters as them. This new group had powers unknown to him, and even if his impulse was to rip and tear their guts and then track their handlers, the enhacement also affected his brain, and this new perception was allowing him to mantain his impulses on hold until he wanted to release them. This evolution seemed more complex that what his mind, even empowered by thousands of others, could understand. The Black Reitter was using a full body tunic he took from his meal, a man travelling on a camel. He filled the almost empty gourd this traveller was carrying with the man blood and started moving, following the second reason he came to such a secluded place. A massive energy signature was detected by him, and such energy, that seemed limitless couldnt be ignored. This kind of power could allow him to evolve into the next stage, as his intuition let him think. Tsk, this is troublesome, uninvited guests come to spoil my feast he said with a cold voice, as he moved closer, several others energy signatures were near the big one. He couldnt say how many as the interferecne caused his next meal was interfering. The Evolved Reitter decided to rush his pace towards the energy signature, and with a orange light he dashed in the air, cutting throught the scorching desert wind with a loud whistling. The sand was repelled by his TT barrier as he pushed towards his destination. His enhaced senses detected the origin of the energy, a train running in the middle of the desert. What the f%&$!?, that were Masako's thought for a second, but his increased brain capacity allowed him to understand the physical and mechanical requirements for something like this. His inner thoughts were interrupted when he managed to locate one of the lifeforms that wanted to make his banquet a tad difficult to eat. A dark haired man in a strange mix between a jet and a motorcycle was descending towards the train, without thinking it twice he charged toward it with killing intent. The dark clothed man, that upon a closer inspection had combat gear that seemed advanced to Masako, jumped from the vehicle and landed on top of the last wagon. Masako landed in the sands, and after kicking the scrap metal that hindered his movements away, he started charging towards the train, without noticing that somebody was moving alongisde him in a black motorcycle, and was aiming a strange gun towards him.

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Saitire's Mansion & Robotics Lab Nagano, Japan

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. A quote said by a famous basketball coach many years ago that still resonates with people today. Young Saitire was not an exception, following this simple truth has lead her to become a champion, and a face of the ever popular sport of Robo battling. Finally stepping out of her father impressive shadow, but it was all just the beginning. She knew in order for her to stay on top she would have to take things to the next level. 
"The device known as Eternal is genius in its simplicity." Saitire thought while looking at holographic designs of The Great Desert Worm though her state of the art super computer. While sitting in her black leather lounge chair she reached over and took a small sip of her ice cold strawberry lemonade. "Oh this is simply divine, computer I need a quick status report on Leaf and Blossom" The computer quickly responded in an automated male voice " Sword battle robo Leaf currently at 100% ionic charge, weapons fully charged, combat protocols set to yellow. Fighter Robo Blossom currently at 100% Ionic charge, Blazer Knuckles fully charged, combat protocols set to yellow". Saitire was pleased with the report, but was irritated that she had a setback in giving Leaf and Blossom magnetic attachments. A planned night time grab of the Eternal Flow device, had to now be in broad daylight in blistering heat. Rolling her hands across the holographic keyboard Saitire double checked the pre-programmed sub routines of both Leaf and Blossom to see if they were in order. "Seems everything is up to par, now activate Leaf and Blossom and seen them off to the Sahara". "Affirmative" the computer replied. Saitire rose from her chair  her white lab coat still buttoned up all the way, looked out towards the launch pad of her robotics labs. There the ivory colored battle robot Leaf and the neon purple and pink fighter robot Blossom were ready to be deployed. With slight human features such as artificial skin and muscle tissue, they were pure robots devoid of emotion. The rooftop of Saitires lab began to open leading towards the outside world. Both Leaf and Blossoms thrusters engaged and they quickly launched themselves out of the building and headed fr the Sahara. 
Several hours have passed and Leaf and Blossom have finally reached their destination. The unstoppable train was moving at incredible speeds along the desert sands. Back at Saitire's lab Saitire herself was watching what was happening through Leafs eyes. noticing that there were strangers moving along with the train. It was obvious they have come for the device as well, Saitire did not want these people, but she wanted the Eternal Flow device for her own personal reasons. Both Leaf and Blossom landed on top of the back Train car, Saitire then spoke through Leaf via microphone "The Eternal Flow device belongs to us, stand down this is your one and only warning".
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The roar of the Great Desert Worm grew louder as the unstoppable train grew closer; the Last Gunslinger smiled as he hopped on to his bike revving the engine ready to execute his plan. Okay once the train begins to past me I will ride along side it I get towards the middle of the train then just like a scene out of a western train robbery I grab onto a cart and get in making my way towards the conductor train. Sounds pretty easy….too easy. Crow laughed a knowing this was probably going to be harder than what he thought after all that is what always happens. The engine of Silver roared though the desert the back wheel began spinning causing it to kick up a large sand cloud behind Crow. The train grew closer to Crow; unbeknownst to him the mercenary Falken, and the cannibalistic Reiter Masako as well as a third individual on a black bike were also on or right behind the train. Crow smiled he had made several modifications to his bike for this desert terrain; including a new set of tries that will allow him to have better traction in the sand, a new turbo like device, and a remote control system. The Rail-gun began to speed up riding over dunes trying to get a certain distance ahead of the train; sand kicked up all around him not only obscuring his view but the view of him from others, as Ver Voler got closer and closer to Crow the train would rocked and shaking violently as it hit hard pockets of sand. Crow pulled the bandana over his mouth and pulled down a pair of goggles to protect his eyes from the sand, he could feel the vibrations of the train and as he looked in the beige colored cloud he saw the jet black of the Desert Worm. The unstoppable locomotive began to slowly past the Last of the Gunslinger one car at a time despite Crow begin at his top speed, Crow began to move towards the train waiting for his moment to grab onto the railing and climb onto the train. Despite Crow’s best efforts to keep up with the train he was already several cars back and if he didn’t get on soon he would end up at the caboose or unable to catch the train at all; the gunslinger slowly began to move closer to the side of the train he reached out with one hand keeping the other on the clutch of Silver. His fingers tips got closer and closer to the railing then suddenly the train made a turn towards Crow that would knock into the gunslinger and probably kill him.

Crow at the last second put both hands back on the handlebars and pulled away from the train, the gunslinger swerved and skidded in the sand trying to get balance on his bike so he didn’t crash. Damn! Damm! Damn! I knew this was a hell of a lot more dangerous than I thought it would be. Sand blew up all over the gunslinger blurring his view and throwing off his sense of direction he slowed down a bit to get out of the dust cloud. Despite the fact he still couldn’t see from the beige colored cloud that bathed well he was no longer in danger of wiping out unfortunately he was further back then he wanted. Damn it seems I’m a little more than halfway back I just wanted to go though the carts but this is going to make it longer. I need to get on soon or the train will past me. Still not aware of the people on the back end of the train Crow began to move back along side the train pushing the bike to its top speed he had a small window gap and a tiny margin of error he had messed up it would been disastrous and probably cost the young gunslinger his life. Crow began to reach to his side with one hand for the rusted railing; Silver rocked and swayed dangerously the gunslinger quickly grabbed back on to his bike even at his top speed the Great Worm of the Desert was slowly beginning to past him again. Crow smirked he felt just like a train robber from his favorite western movies and despite the apparent danger he had a large smile on his face under his bandana; I only got a little more time to get on or I won’t be able too get on. I guess this next try will be my last I’m going ALL IN! The Last Gunslinger began to drift along side the Desert Worm, as the train bucked, shook, leaned and titled left to right, the Rail-gun stuck his hand out for the railing one more time. Here I go it all or nothing. All my chips are down on the table; his fingertips were just out of reach he had to lean in a little more but it would be even more dangerous leaning too much would cause him to tilt forward and crash. Throwing caution to the wind Crow leaned in the Hardley Davidson titled towards the train dangerously the gunslinger’s fingertips brushed the rusted railing he leaned in a little more putting on his chips in this last attempt.

SUCCESS! The Last Gunslinger’s hand closed around the railing he quickly leaned over and grabbed the railing with his other hand then pulled himself up off his bike a little hanging on to Ver Voler, Damn straight! I got it now I just need to pull myself up and quickly hit the remote locator I placed in Silver. Crow steadily pulled him self up on to the unstoppable train afraid to let go of Silver for fear of it would swerve and crash since he was longer long piloting it. Crow pulled himself over the railing and before his beloved bike could crash the gunslinger quickly hit a button on a watch that was on his wrist that activated the remote controlled locator in the motorcycle. In preparation for this job the Rail-gunner had placed in a device that would allow the bike to auto pilot itself to a safe destination instead of either crashing or just leaving it in random spot in the desert. Crow placed the receiver of the device in the bike and one the transmitters in the watch on his wrist and another in a safe spot located in the desert somewhere away from the train. Silver would travel to the second transmitter now and when Crow needed his bike again it would come to the transmitter in the watch. Crow smiled as he waved goodbye to his “true love” shouting after it; “Aidos mi amor I will see you later senorita. Don’t miss daddy too much.” The gunslinger smiled as he went to up the door that lead into the cart but suddenly realize that after years of never being used the door had literally rusted itself shut it would like trying to push open a dirty brick wall. Damn I am going to have to climb up top and move to another door. I really didn’t want to get on top of the train because of the risk but I guess I have no choice now. Crow turned around towards the latter that lead to Ver Voler’s rood he climbed up and got up carefully. He balances him self, as he left on the goggles to prevent his eyes from being damage from the wind and the helmet so his prized hat wasn’t blown away; The Thunderbolt Gunslinger used his electrical powers to magnetize his feet to the top of the Desert Worm the wind from the top of the train was monstrous if one wasn’t carefully they be blown off and thrown into the sand of the Sahara. His cloak blew up around him making large flapping noise it was then that Crow heard a voice coming from behind him; “The Eternal Flow device belongs to us, stand down this is your one and only woman.” The gunslinger turned to towards the back of the train and notices 3 people, a young man who look no older than him, and two heavily armored females, all standing on the roof of the back end of the train. Hmmm I don’t think any of them notice me because I just got on I could probably sneak to the next car and found an open door. Right before Crow turned around he suddenly remembered the young man it was a certain black hair, falcon eyed mercenary that he recognized from his battle with the Numbers. The Last Gunslinger clenched his fist angrily these two mercenaries had a score to settle and especially for Crow.

BANG! Suddenly a single bullet flew past Falken’s face the wind of which blowing the Falcon Eye Killer’s hair a little the bullet was more than enough to get someone attention but that was not its attention. Crow stood a few carts away from the 2 robots and Falken; his cloak blowing up around him and Quicksilver drawn, he was the one who fired the bullet but not to get attention from the 3 but to kill Falken unfortunately just as the Lightning Shooter shot the train turned to the right and leaned to towards the left plus the dirty goggles hindered Crow’s normally deadly precision causing the bullet to be off its mark by a few inches. Crow face was one of determination and anger his cobalt blue eyes were locked on the mercenary but strangely he had a slight smile, he had put all thoughts of Eternal Flow out of his mind he didn’t even care for the two heavily armored females, he only wanted Falken. “Damn. Next time I’ll compensate for the train movements and goggles.”

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Tokyo, Japan

After contacting Falken, Kuro-san left the hidden comm room, and returned to party, just when the musical number ended. Between the applause and standing ovation, Kuro-san managed to slip inside the room without rising any attention. It's a shame I couldnt tell Falken about the back-up I send to him, as Mangetsu Satellital Network caught several others trying to get hold of the train. The Underworld Emperor thought of that as he clapped like the others. The man that he sent as back-up for his hired gunman was a old aquintance of him, from his years as a Yakuza. This man, at least 10 years younger than Kuro-san was a school delinquent in Osaka, also a friend of Aoki, the God of Gambling. His name was Juro Fuuma, and as a teen was a strange case, he was a delinquent with a heart of gold, he helped whoever he could and in more than once ocassion fought against the Yakuza, and a lot of times he beated the hell out of Kuro-san in his younger years. Juro was the only thing that stopped the Tsubasa Clan, the one that Usso used to be in, from taking over Osaka. An urban legend was formed around him, saying that he could beat anybody with his trusty switchblade, even martial artists. The truth about him, something that Kuro-san learned only years ago, was much bigger than that. Juro was part of the legendary Fuuma Clan, a group of shinobi that acted since the Sengoku era. While a comedy duo was acting on the stage, the Yakuza Emperor remembered the past, on how the kind hearted teen turned into the cold blooded killer he is now. He sympathized with Juro, since both of them went throught a similar situation, but while Kuro lost all emotion in the hands of tragedy, Juro demeanor changed to worse. After getting too much attention from the three rival Clans in Osaka, his threat was so great that the head of the Clans made a temporary truce to kill him. All his school, his friends, his family and everybody he knew and loved was taken from him. The rage that boiled inside him was too much too withstand for his mind, and he just broke. Kuro-san knew that becouse he was there the day every Yakuza in West Japan remembers and shivers in fear. He stood up, under a shower of the blood of his parents, his brothers and her little sister. He shouted more like a monster than a human being and rushed towards the execution squad, he took several bullets but kept running, with his bare hands he removed the jawbone from the first guy he caugh, and from that it got worse. He was fluent with Tiger Kung Fu, and soon all the Yakuza there were taught how to speak it, as he asked a question with his hand cutting chunks and removing bones and in exchange the criminals repplied with screams and grunts while the blood of the wicked mixed with the innocent. Most of the Yakuza were dead, and the others badly injured, he only moved inside the house and left with an ancient chest in his hands. For 20 years he vanished, and when he came back, he lacked any memories of the incidents, but the hate generated by them was still burning, maybe even more brightly, as he dint have any objective for it. Before he could start remembering about what happened when he met him again, Ame, that snekaed up to him while he was flashbacking, asked him for a dance, as now western music was playing. It'll be my pleasure Nakamura-dono. It'll be my pleasure... As he rocked back and forth the dance floor with a vals, he hoped that Juro didnt used the relic that he took from his home the day of the tragedy, he didnt had any control while using it.

Somewhere in the Sahara Desert, Over the last wagon of the Desert Worm

Falken was a man that liked a good challenge. He would laugh at danger, chuckle at risk and mock death. But in some cases that over-confident attitude, maybe even prideful, gained after facing dire situations in battlefields all around the world, played against him. This was one of those situations. After taking two steps foward a pair of robots fell in front of him. As he was knowledge of mechanics and robotics he instantly recoignized both battle droids, designs of Saitire Lefleur, a genius in robotic engineering. Falken sighed at the sight, as both of them were already more than a match, without counting the guy running behind the train. But when things are bad they only tend to get worse. Two wagons foward, a cloaked figure jumped over the roof with spark on his shoes. The cloacked gunslinger used a familiar gun and shot Falken from afar. The bullet was skillfully aimed towards him, passing under Blossom arm and slashed the Falcon Eyed Killer in the right cheek as he barely dodged it. Without any doubt there was only one man skillfull enough to make a shot so precise in the top of a supernatural train with two objects blocking his vision. The only man Falken considered his equal in terms of sharp-shooting and as a gunslinger. Cementerio, The Dual Wield Expert angry growl identified the shooter, as he cleaned the bloody wound in his cheek with his thumb. Falken wouldnt forgive Crow for dissassembling the Numbers, even if he didnt wanted to admit it, the Falcon eyed Mercenary liked that group of gun-wielding freaks, and Wolf was the best drink buddy in the whole world, his stories of Stalingrad and a bottle of vodka were two of Falken favourite things in the world. Even a heartless bastard like him, that would sell his own mother, could feel some comradeship for the guys in the same line of work than him. He was even offered Devil or Fairy position, as Western or Northern Falcon, but he dismissed it as he worked better alone than in a team or in a group of killers that competed to see how many they could kill in one night. Falken was pissed, but he knew that he needed to keep his head cool, specially in this situation, since his surveilance bots caught another guy behind the train, this one in a black and red suit, with bright scarlet eyes, was aiming the other guy that was running, while mounting in a black motorcycle. As grim the situation was, Falken excitment grew even more, as he would not only get payed more for this job thanks to the interference, but he would prove to be the best once again if he left this place in one piece and with the Eternal Flow.

With an arrogant grin in his face he said to the bots, Let's dance soon-to-be scrap metal, and threw the Ray Vulcan Hand Gun and the Aznable Particle Revolver up and foward, towards a bunch of meters behind the bots, just over them. Thanks to his bionic enhacements he had the exact ammount of force to send the guns with cyrurgical precision. As the guns left his hands, you could say in the same instant, three grenades appeared from the thin air, just in front of Falken summoned from his Hyper Space Arsenal. The grenades were ammuniton of the Cehack Grenade Launcher, one a smoke screen, that would only last a second with this wind, and would mostly hide his movements rather than obscuring the bots, and the other a radar scrambler, hoping to at least stop the sensors of the Lefleur crafted robotics to make his plan work. He kicked the first two, that were activated by his thought and placed the third in his jacket pocket. As the grenades were moving and the pistols were half way to their intended destination, Falken charged, just as the smoke started cloaking his movements, and the radar scrambler inhabilitated any type of sonar effect. The Hyper Space Arsenal Opened again, and outfitted him with the Seiei Twin Gunblades, he started shooting towards the weak spot he could detect in the bots, hoping that his mechanical knowledge and his enhanced eyesight allowed him to really detect real ones. With agility that exceeded the grace of a olympic level athlete, Falken jumped and shooted towards the ground, using the overpowered recoil of his weapons, that would break the bones of a regular man, to gain height, and as he vaulted over the bots, and send them back to the arsenal. Then the shooted from above with the same pair of handguns he flinged at the start of this attack. The highly heated bullets from the Ray Vulcan Handgun rained over Blossom, while the Aznable Particle Beams targeted Leaf. As he landed behind the bots without doubting for a second or turning back to check his sucess or failure he flinged the third grenade a potent corrosive acid, and then runned towards Crow, ignoring if the bots were destroyed or fine, as he trusted his own skill and luck. As he runned foward he reloaded both guns, only fractions of second slower than Crow's Trick...

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Making an Extra Couple of Bucks

The lone redhead traveller wasn’t quite sure what brought her to the southernmost city of Egypt, but that’s where her lack-of-a-definite-destination travel style led her. Akahana walked along the outskirts of the city of Aswan, admiring the bands of palm trees that outlined the Nile river. However, her dazed and daydreaming were interrupted by a loud growl, which she realized was emerging from her empty stomach. When was the last time I ate? Wondered the wandering traveller, checking whether or not she had some kind of snack in her pouch. Without luck, the woman then decided to search for any immediate job she can get to earn a couple of bucks. She considered playing her harmonica, but judging from the busy-looking people in the city, no one will have the time to sit and listen.

“Have you heard about that possessed train?” said a man, who looked like some kind of farmer. Akahana recognized the Arabic words that escaped his lips, for she’d learned it when she briefly lived with some Bedouins at one point in her travels.

“Yes, I have. It’s such a bother; that thing keeps scaring away the camels that live in the desert. I can’t even catch them anymore, and now my camel sales are down.” replied the man that was being spoken to. From the conversation that she’d overheard, Akahana drew the conclusion that the man was some kind of camel trader; and that phantom train-thing was threatening his sales. “If only we had more information about it….we’d know how to avoid it.” continued the man. The redhead’s ears perked up, realizing that that was her chance to get some kind of job. She confidently walked up to conversing men, and joined in their chat.

“Would you like me to investigate for you?” she offered, her jade eyes fixed and serious. The men were somewhat surprised with her sudden interruption. “I’m a traveller, and I’ve lived in the deserts for some time, so I know how to deal with its harsh conditions.” she continued, trying to sell herself. The camel-trader considered her words, but his expression looked doubting. After taking long moments in ponder, the man broke the silence and agreed to her offer.

“I have nothing to lose,” began the man, “although I highly doubt you’ll be able to do it, but I’ll trust you for now.” said the man. A faint smile appeared on the woman’s face; got ‘em!

“Glad to be of service,” lied the redhead, since she wasn’t doing this out of good will, but for purely selfish reasons, ”however, since I’m not from here, I don’t have anything to pursue this train; or any supplies to last in the desert.” The man eyed her, his expression now somewhat angry. He probably thought she was some scammer. Noticing the fact that the job she was about to get was slipping out of her grasps, she quickly added, “I’ll give you this gold necklace as a deposit. Can you loan me one of your camels and some food and water? I’ll get the information for you and bring back the camel.” The woman displayed the gold necklace that she wore around her neck. The man now assured that she will return with his camel and the information agreed to her offer.

Into the Sahara

“The ship of the Desert” is a phrase that well describes camels, since they are the best natural method to travel the arid and sea of sand features of the desert. Akahana received a strong male camel from the camel-trader, and he also had given her some Baladi bread, meaning ‘peasant’ bread in the Egyptian Arabic dialect. Despite its misleading name, the bread is quite a delicacy which, in her opinion, surpassed any other baked goods.

Akahana was well-into the Sahara, and far from people’s eyes. I guess it’s now safe to use these cursed eyes of mine, she thought while closing her bright green eyes. When she flashed them open again, the once green irises were now replaced by its complimentary color – blood red. Akahana, also known as the Red Demon, focused on the sand dunes ahead of her. The inherited Profitis Eyes allowed her to see into the future, and so, she managed to see where the train would be in the next few minutes. Seeing its brief future course, the redhead positioned the camel and herself where the train would be passing by; making sure she was the right distance from the man-made machine to be able to grab onto its handlebars. Now all she had to do is wait for the train to appear as in her vision. Her green irises returned, stinging Akahana’s eyes and she glanced at her right palm, noticing how her lifeline shortened due to the use of her power.

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Behind the Desert Worm, Sahara Desert

The blazing sun almost lighted in fire the desert itself, as the sound of locomotive breaked the silence of the Sahara. The Desert Worm continued it's infinte journey throught the evershifting golden sand. In this landscape, that seemed to have escaped from a dream, a brutal battle for supremacy was being held. The Award was the locomotive engine powersource, a unlimited power that almost everybody in this battle wanted to get their hands on, for their own personal gain. Without knowing any about the engine, nor the locomotive history, Masako Hihashi, the Black Reitter, a superhuman with amazing telekinetical and telepatic powers, was chasing behind it, as the Eternal Flow, emmited a distintive and powerful energy, something he wanted to consume. Masako's lust for power had a clear goal, gain enough to power to destroy the men that created him in the first place, and now wanted to destroy him, as if he was a mistake. The Renegade Reitter had been under attack from newly created superhumans, with the same abilities he used to have before evolving into a more close combat outfited body. This increase in his close combat abilities, and sensorial skills also marked a disminution of his ranged powers, thus forcing him to start thinking before jumping into battle, as he lacked any ranged alterantives except flinging things, and he was too acustomed to using Telekinesis to crush his enemies and see them driven before him, without forgetting to hear the lamentations of their women. Masako noticed the opponents he had to beat to get his hands on whatever was generating that energy signature he was sensing. Two gunslingers, that thankfully to his PK signture reading he could tell they werent simple humans, and consuming them would be perfect for a quick increase of his powers. The other two were robots, he recoignezed them from somebody memories as Battle robots, but he didnt worried about them Piles of junk that fight, were his thoughts. He could feel another prescence but he couldnt determinate where it was coming from. Masako didnt take a lot of worry in that either, the Renegade Reitter thought himself superior to any living thing in the planet, thus thinking that the best course of action would be to kill them all to cleanse the Earth from imperfect creatures, as he disliked humans, even if he was created by them. His brilliant mind, enhanced by the memories and knowledge of military, scientific and fighting geniuses, gave him a thousand of strategies of tactics to follow and take advantage of the terrain, or the weaknesses he detected on the opponents. But most of the time Masako charged foward without taking in account this strategies thought by his brilliant mind. This ocassion wouldnt be an exception. The Schwarz Reitter was thinking too jump up the wagon, and the kill, maim and destroy anything in his way with extreme prejudice. Using the PK Dash, he moved foward, without realizing that just besides him, cloaked by the sand clouds formed by the speeding train, the man in the black bike followed him.

In a blur Masako reached the last wagon railing and grabbed it Tsk, piece of cake, were his words as he started climbing. As he was about to reach the roof of the wagon his instincts kicked in, warning the Reitter from incoming danger. From his right side several bullets flied towards him. Thanks to his enhanced reflexes, senses and speed, he managed to jump backwards, using a PK dash as first movement and landed in the trail of the Desert Worm. In a normal situation Masako wouldnt dodge the bullets, as the ammunition from regular handguns bounced off his skin, that as a Reitter, was enhanced beyond any human. but in this case, he dodged it out of a hunch, as his PK Senses, that allowed to see the emotional auras of living beings, finally notice that fifth prescence that was lurking around. The Renegade Reitter didnt trained a lot with his PK sensing or telepatic abilities, as he prefered more straight foward and offensive attacks, than illusions and mental attacks. This preference was the thing that stopped him from noticing why he couldnt pinpoint the location of the attacker. Trying to find the source of the emotional signature of this man, was trying to search for a single drop of water in an ocean. The Emotional Aura of this man was black as the night, burned like the molten core of the earth and was as inmense as a galaxy. More than a human being, Masako could only call it a cluster of hate. The hidden shooter suddenly surfaced from the sand clouds, driving a jet black motorcycle looking vehicle, with wide wheels, and an array of high technology unknown to the Renegade Reitter, even after searching the information and memories from the ones he consumed before. The man used a white wifebeater and a black open shirt. He had black pants and combat boots and in each hand strange looking guns, made from some unknown material that looked like Obsidian. From his traits and general looks he seemed asian and between 30 and 40 years old, upon a closer inspection, Masako reached the conclussion that his opponent was Japanese, as he had a massive Yakuza Tatoo in his back, visible thanks to the wind moving the shirt. This man was Juro Fuuma, last living member of the Fuuma Shinobi Clan, and Guardian of the Crest of Hate, working as a hired gun for Kuro-san. With a simple press of a button, a pair of hooks flied from under the Motorcycle front lights, making the vehicle attach to the back of the last wagon. Without wasting a second Juro stood up and started shooting Masako. The bullets were heavily charged with the Emotion Aura he was creating, so a minor wound could infect anybody with the same hate that burned so brightly inside Juro's mind. Masako could handle that without going crazy as a normal human would, but surely his ability to focus to use his powers would decrease if he got infected by the Hate Crest, Moeru Kirai (Burning Hate) ability. The Renegade Reitter taunted Juro I dont know and dont care who you are old man! But you'll need more than fucking bullets to stop me!!! while he dodge the bullets using short and precise PK Dashes. He got the hang of this skill after having to dodge and enter the range of the Reitter sent to attack him, this experience added to the Shunraki taken from several martial arts experts (Technique to break throught the opponent range (Maai) to get into close combat without getting counter attacked) was more than enough to avoid Juro's almost flawless marksmanship.

Even as he could dodge every bullet, Masako wasnt able to press foward, as Juro kept him back using the minimum ammount of bullets needed. But soon, the Guardian of the Crest was out of bullets, and thus, allowed Masako to charge foward. The Reitter thought that the danger was already over, but as he dashed foward, pushing himself with the PK powers he had, he noticed that the Hate Aura only increased, and was now visible for the naked eye, as a black and red currents of wind, swirling around Juro from tip to toes. Masako couldnt shift directions or break in mid-dash, and when the medallion that Juro carrie around his neck suddenly erupted in red light, the most concentrated point in the massive Emotional Aura that surrounded the Kiraigo, he knew he was screwed. A blast of cutting wind impacted against the charging Reitter and essensiattly worked as counter-attack, taking advantage of the extreme speed and strenght Masako was using to break with wind caused by the train, and also took advantage of that same current, adding to his attack. A thousand small cuts were opened in Masako's chest, throwing him to the ground like a dead weight. If he didnt used his TT Barrier to shield himself, the Schwarz Reitter would be sliced in the ground, bleeding all over, but thanks to his quick reactions, he managed to block most of the damage and before the train moved too far away he was already chasing it again, as the minor wounds in his chest started to close. Juro, that had released the power of his relic, Kamaitachi, had some traits, that could only be described as demonic, his hair got suddenly spiky and got some red reflections, his factions got sharper and more sinister and his eyes glowed with a devilish red light. The ammount of time that took Masako to stand up and regain the lost ground was more than enough for the Kiraigo, to reload his guns and getting inside the wagon, instead of facing the robots, he would bypass them from below and then cut the wagon. Masako tried to jump inside, but he barely managed to get out unharmed as he couldnt dodge Juro bullets inside the train. Get back here you fucking old fart and face me!! Masako growled like a beast, frustrated by his much more cunning and resourceful adversary, that didnt even bothered with repplying to that challenge as he moved foward the wagon. Without any other choice he jumped up the roof, getting face to face with the robots built by Ms. Lefleur. Great, moving pieces of junk, the Reitter spitted and the wind blew his spit backwards, I fucking hate robots. Masako, placed his hands on the roofplates, and used Tactile Telekinesis, trying to dissassemble the roof, this was something he didnt used much, as he prefered to beat down any opposition with his own hands, but after being outsmarted by the silent Guardian of Hate, he decided to listed to his head and try to make the battlebots fell of the train.

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"You two will be okay without us?"

"Don't worry Jack," Lan Fan replied over the phone. "Sarah and I can take care of ourselves."

"Your supposed to promise that you'll stay out of trouble," Carmilla pointed out.

"You know we can't do that Miss," Sarah said, "Don't worry we'll be alright."

"Enjoy Cairo you two," Jack said before hanging up. "Should I be worried?"

"Nah, they'll be fine. Besides I told Sarah to transform Lan Fan if she died." Carmilla assured. Jack decided to ignore that, he looked at what his companion was wearing. She was dressed for combat with military fatigues patterned after the desert uniforms of the US army Rangers. The practicality of the outfit was lessened somewhat by the dark green camouflage pattern. "What?"

"There are too many vampires in my life." Jack complained. "Anyway our train should be here in a minute." He took out his bow. "You ready?"

Carmilla put on some goggles and raised a bandana over her mouth. "Yeah, but why are you only going for this device now, this trains been running for more than a century."

"The last time there was a fight over the eternal flow everyone involved ended up dead. No one made a move for it after that, no one until now." Jack explained. He checked his phone, it was almost time.

"You think history will repeat itself?"

"You and I both know that it always does." Jack heard the rumble of the train. "Ready?" He noticed that Carmilla was gone. He didn't have time to worry about where she went, the train was right in front of him. He fired his arrow, Jack had intended to hit the front car but the arrow embedded itself into the fifth one. Practice hitting highspeed targets, Jack thought as a note to himself. Then the rope which connected the arrow to his waist carried him away. Jack had done this maneuver with zeppelins and airplanes but this was his first attempt with a train.

Meanwhile Carmilla was trying to stop the train. She stood in front of the multi-ton monster and braced herself. That was when she learned a very important lesson, not even she could stop a 1000 ton train. She disintegrated on impact.

Jack was making decent progress considering the fact that he was being dragged along the sand at 300 miles an hour. He pulled himself forward along the rope, just ten feet of rope left. He reached forward and lost his grip, taking him back to square one. He readied himself to start again when something pulled on the rope. He flew toward the roof of the train where Carmilla caught him. "Next time stick to the plan," he said, shaking sand off his cape. "I see several people a few cars behind us, one of them is Crow."

"He wants to destroy the thingy right?"

"Yeah he'd be the type to do that, lets see if I can beat him too it."

Carmilla stabbed her sword into the roof of the train. An ordinary sword would have never penetrated the roof as easily but Carmilla's jewel encrusted sword was anything but ordinary. "Why do you want to see this thing anyway, isn't that crystal the demigod gave you much more powerful?" she asked while working on making an entrance

"The zeo crystal is powerful but I can't replicate that. I probably can't replicate this either but it can't hurt to have a look." Carmilla finished cutting a square of material, Jack helped her rip it off and they were inside. It turned out that they had found the dining cart, the wooden furniture was in remarkably good shape aside from the layer of dust over everything. That was not however the most striking thing about the room, that honor went to the Greek woman sitting on one of the tables.

Medea and Carmilla both pulled out their weapons at the same time. Medea had a shotgun pointed at her head, Carmilla had a bow aimed at hers. "Hi," Carmilla greeted.

"Hey, I'm not here to fight."

"Then why do you have your sun-bow pointed at my head?"

"Because you have a shotgun pointed at mine. Look I've got a message from his newly risen count, if I put down my bow will you let me say it?" Carmilla nodded, Medea put down her bow, Carmilla fired her gun, Medea blocked it with the golden cape she was wearing, better known as the Golden Fleece.

"See you don't trust me," Carmilla pointed out, "or you wouldn't have been prepared for that shot. Why should we trust you?"

"Look Carmy, I think you'll like this message, it goes as follows," she took out a paper and began reading in an uncanny impression of the count. "'My dearest Carmilla, You have avoided Europe since the day I rose back to life. I know you love the continent, especially the French so I must assume that your doing so out of fear of me. I have no interest in getting revenge upon you, your servant or your lover. You may go as you please, I will not harm you. And remember there is a place in my court should you desire it. Regards -Count Draculat.'"

Medea waited for some sort of reaction, the one she got was not the one she expected, Carmilla hugged her with such violence that she managed to break several ribs. "Thank you," she said over and over, crying in relief.

"Your welcome Carmy now will you let me go," Carmilla let her go with an apology. Medea noticed that somehow her dark green clothing had turned much lighter, "Anyway I can stay with you two for a few days, if that is alright with you."

"It's alright with me," Jack replied, "You know what where after right now?"

"Yeah your after the eternal- okay what is that energy signature. And why is some of it like your energy?"

Jack thought about that for a second, his energy was distinctive so why was there something with simular energy. Then he remembered his loss at the NHK building in Tokyo. "That energy, does it feel like a crowd of people?"

"Yeah, its strange."

"Not good, Masako." Jack brought out a briefcase from magical storage. "I've met him before, his psychic powers are strong enough that they nearly tore me in half, I built this suit to prevent that from hapening."

"It looks like a power-rangers Halloween costume."

"It inflates with highpreseure gas, it'll take me a bit but after i inflate his I should be immune to pressure based attacks." Medea snorted at the idea of an inflatable suit. Then both of them noticed something, Carmilla had vanished, "Crap, she knows that I lost to the guy and she can get really protective."

"That is not good, you want me to help her?" Jack nodded and Medea jumped out the window. On her feet where the winged sandals, she was able to keep up with the train easily. She saw Carmilla reforming, and disturbingly she was wearing a black trenchcoat. In her hand was an AK-47 aimed directly at Masako. Carmillla laughed madly, seemingly unaware of the buffeting winds, she started firing.

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he Last Gunslinger now had tunnel vision he did not care about the robot or others around him, nor did he care for his actual mission of destroying the Eternal Flow device, the only person that the Gunslinger cared for was Falken. Falken was the only person that Crow viewed as his equal but even though the Rail-gun respected the Falcon Eye Killer did not mean he like him in fact Crow hated the mercenary; Falken was everything that Crow stood against. His fighting style, his weapons, his motives, his morals they were the exact opposites and the gunslinger was sure the Dual Wielding Angel of Death felt the same way about him. The two mercenaries were two sides of the same coin even their the morals and methods were different at their very core they were the same and now the two sides were face to face as the Great Desert Worm tore though the desert. Falken began his series of moves on the two robots that were in front of him Crow decided to close the distance as fast as possible he sprinted towards Falken jumping from his current train car to the next his only desire was beating Falken; What the hell is that Falcon Eye doing here? The only thing it could be is for Eternal Flow why is this thing getting so much attention now? Why does the person who hired Degraiz want that device? This is my chance to finally learn who hired the Numbers to go after me and end them for good! The gunslinger ran towards the end of train car number 15 then jumped towards car 16 as the Worm of the Desert rocked side to side violently; Crow landed on the train car and roll quickly using his powers to keep him on the train so he didn’t roll off and crashed into the desert. Crow stood up on top of Ver Volver him and Falken were now only a train car apart, the Rail-gun shouted over the roar of the unstoppable train at the Bionic Mercenary. “What’s wrong Falken without your drinking buddy Wolf to keep you company you are stuck doing boring missions like this?” The gunslinger smirks a little as he tried to get under the Falcon’s skin knowing that Falken had a connection the Numbers especially Wolf but remembering what happened in his battle with them especially the battle with Wolf is something that pains Crow. The events of the fight were still fuzzy and blacked out in spots but the one thing the Last Gunslinger did know he was not himself in that fight instead something darker within him emerged. Crow kept his smile as the wing blew his cloak up around him standing across from the Dual Wield Specialist; “Tell you the truth Degraiz I been looking forward to facing you again we never did finish our fight not that it matters we both know I’m the best in the world. How about we make a little wager amigo the first one to the front of the train wins? If I win I want to know who hired you and the Numbers.” The Last of the Gunslinger smirked as he made the deal with the Falcon Eye Killer then wasted no time in going on the attack.

Suddenly the Rail-gunslinger reached behind him and grabbed the hilt of a knife as he ran forward and jumped towards Falken. Crow drew the knife, which was about a little under a foot long and hade to edges that were separated by a 3 inch gap in the middle so that the gunslinger could trap things and snap them, he sliced horizontally at Falken conducting electricity down his arm and knife to possibly shock and add more damage to the attack. Crow landed in the crotch between smiling, the knife was attached to a thin steel cord that could be used as a grappling hook, increase the range of the knife, and conduct his powers though. Crow smirked as he took aim at the Bionic Mercenary firing a 3 more shots one of them, aimed at the mercenary’s head, was a Flash Bullet that would blind and disoriented its victim if effective. The Last of the Gunslinger carefully analyzes the situation; Ver Volver is mostly made of metal that plays to my advantage I need to be careful fighting on this train and bring the battle into the train’s cars so that I can get betters shots. Just as Crow was thinking of the Great Worm of the Desert erratic movements the train hit another hard sand pocket causing it to rock and shake violently nearly throwing the gunslinger off the train; at the last second Crow caught his balance and threw his knife at Falken. The knife was not only aimed at just the Falcon by just at his fit Crow followed this up by charging his hand with metallic blue electricity, “La Hoja!” The Thunderbolt Gunslinger ran at the Falcon Eyed Killer slicing with the blade of lightning that would not only shock but slice the mercenary if case the attack hit or miss Crow had a plan he leaped off the side of the train getting enough length with the steel wire attached to the knife at his the Bionic Mercenary’s feet so that he flew off far the side of the train. Crow spun in air bracing himself with his feet in front he swung forward smashing though the window of the train cart. Crow then retracted the wire and knife back into the small device attached to his left wrist as he unhooked the knife and put in back in its sheath then the gunslinger decided one more offensive movement against the Falcon Eye Mercenary and fired at the ceiling of the dining cart with a explosive Burst Bullet blowing a large hole into the roof.

The explosion rocked the entire train as its thunderous noise pretty much altered everyone who already didn’t know of the fight between to the two mercenaries now knew. A large pillar of smoke flew up from the hole and was blown back by the wind of the Desert Worm’s speed; pieces of scarp metal as rain down like shrapnel rain. Crow got up look around unsure if his volley of attacks worked against Falken but having a deep feeling in his gut that this fight was not over and had only just begun; the Last Gunslinger finally took notice of the car he was now in. The inside of train was similar to the outside being a ghost and shell of its former glory; it appeared to be old dining cart in its glory day by not the polished wooden tables were now cracked and nearly rotten, the once polished metal was rusted a dark maroon, the whole cart was not only filled with sand but the remaining bones of the unfortunate souls who were trapped. Crow looked around as he reloads Quicksilver with the “Trick” waiting for Falken’s counter attack; if I knew Degraiz he isn’t done yet this fight is just started but where he is going to attack from? I guess I got more important things to worry about now like how many more people are on this runaway train like those two chicks that Falken was fighting against. Why is Eternal Flow so important Vaqueros, Falken, two armored girls, who else is after this thing? Just as Crow was thinking about whom else was on Ver Volver he noticed someone else just inside the train behind him unlike before the gunslinger did not recognize the man Crow just smirked as he raised his gun at the new challenger. “Hola amigo I hate to ask but do you have your train ticket?” As the battle for Eternal Flow raged on throughout the train was heading towards a large sand dune that would send the train flying into the air and crashing down hard.

Post by Falken (220 posts) See mini bio Level 9

Falken Degiraz was ready to rumble, he had some scars that were still fresh from the last fight against Cementerio. Even if that battle ended in a draw, it was the Falcon defeat, as he didnt fullfilled his contract. The Eternal Flow mission was the second chance given to him by Kuro-san, to redeem his failure in Mexico. Falken was Kuro-san only choice for this, as the Numbers were still reforming after the disater that fell upon them fighting against Ebisu. The Falcon Eyed Killer was armed with his favourite pair of guns he had, both of them made by him and constantly enhanced the performance of every weapon in his arsenal, but lately he discovered, upon some difficult situations, almost life threatening, that he centered his attention too much in improving his weapons and not his skills. Discovering that painful thruth forced him to take measures, as he deep down, was a perfecionist. Since he fought against Crow, he trained three times more, using the bionic enhancements setting to under the human body. He also took on the task of enhancing those bionics, into a better, more efficient and more important than anything, capable of evolution, Biomech enhacements. And more importantly he polished his skills, increasing his close combat prowess, after facing Daisuke and discovering that he lacked in that department, and his ranged abilities, that were starting to depend too much on his machinery and weapons and not in his skill. His shooting was only 0,001 less acurate than Crow, not that he knew this piece of information. Falken had just avoided the robots and rushed foward, noticing that the Lighting Gunslinger did the same. The Falcon jumped one junction, rushed throught the roof and then jumped another junction, landing in the same wagon Crow just landed on in his own charge. I dont have to let my emotions or personal issues get the better out of me, my contract is for the Eternal Flow, not killing Cementerio, I'll pass him and take the engine. Falken rushed towards Crow, and managed to hear the banter from him “What’s wrong Falken without your drinking buddy Wolf to keep you company you are stuck doing boring missions like this?” The gunslinger smirked after talking, trying to get The Dual Wielder angry, yet Falken kept his cool, only showing a small frown in his face, evidence of his contained anger. “Tell you the truth Degraiz I been looking forward to facing you again we never did finish our fight not that it matters we both know I’m the best in the world. How about we make a little wager amigo the first one to the front of the train wins? If I win I want to know who hired you and the Numbers.” Falken spitted to the side, while he stood a 5-6 mts from Crow I dont make bets with idiots Cementerio, and I dont bet on my mission or my hirer. The Cold Blooded Mercenary took a stance with both guns placed to deflect either bullets or close range attacks You could say I'm a man of doubtful morality, but asking me to break my contract, is plainly stupid, Falken eyes suddenly got severe, glaring at Crow with intensity. I thought you were a mercenary, gunslinger, but if you want me to break my mercenary honor, I just overestimated you Cementerio.

Crow unsheated a knife, with a wide serrated edge, that would allow to block blades, and even broke them. Crow moved foward and tried to slash Falken, while having his arm charged with electricity. The enhanced electronic senses of the mercenary allowed him to notice the energy spike surging from the Last Gunslinger, and thanks to that information and his inhuman reflexes he sidestepped out of dnager with a Jujitsu movement, originally developed to avoid sword and slip into the blind spot of the enemy. From that position Falken shoot three bullets, one for each of Crow's. The ammunition collided in mid-air, having a small detonation of light when the Flash Bullet crashed against Falken shot. The sudden change of light couldnt affect the Herald of Death, since his electronic eyes readjusted to any variation in the illumination, rendering him inmune to sense-targeting attacks. Crow sent his knife towards Falken, and a small slice appeared in his face, just before it falled into the ground and pierced the roof plate. The Dual Barrel Grim Reaper took the chance to charge, so he could reduce Crow's next attack momentum. I need to cut this strings of attacks or I'll be done for. Thought the Mercenary while, the Lighting Cowboy used his sword-like skill, creating a blade of lighting that he tried to use to slash down Falken. The Falcon used both the bayonets to block the attack, and thanks to their special properties they managed to block the attack, rising a shower of sparks that fell into the wagon roof. Crow rethinked his strategy and jumped to the side, using the knife, that had a string that supported his weight, to jump down to the inside of the wagon. Falken thought of this as a lucky break, as he didnt wanted to spend his time with Crow, thus he rushed foward, ignoring the Last Gunslinger. A detonation surged from behind him, just as he jumped from roof to roof, landing with a roll and standing up in a blur while he kept moving foward. The Bots started releasing caltrops and mines over the rooftops, mines that were activated by nearby discharges, and magnetized caltrops that would follow Crow if he was energized, aiming for the place with bigger concentration of energy. Sorry Cementerio, but I have an engine to steal, Falken whispered as he kept running at full speed and changed from the dual pistols to the Neate Divider Rifle, and set it into armor piercing mode, as his eye perceived the Hero called Jack, that was near the locomotive, and was clothed with a strange suit, knowing about him out of data, and his hobbie to thinker new weapons, Falken thought that the suit was an armor, and thus summoned one of his best armor piercing weapons, only a couple of wagons more and he would be in range to shoot the Masked Mage...

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