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 Neo-Calendar Year 0067

Earth, birthplace of humanity. It's been almost 70 years ago when the Great War plunged the entire civilization to ruin. People were expecting the return of humanity's dark ages.  Yet the impossible did occur. An unidentified spaceship crashed into the sea. Thanks to its highly advanced technology and a mysterious organization called the Wisemen, humanity rose like phoenix from the ashes. They rebuilt society on new pillars and banded humanity under a single banner, the Earth Sphere Union (ESU). A new age had begun. The beginning of the Neo-Calendar. With the planet's ecosystem just recovering from a heavy blow, humanity began colonizing space. Within the first decade millions of people migrated to the Moon. And after three decades the Lagrange points were filled with man thousands of space colonies, each with the size of a large city or even beyond. Looking back those years could be considered the golden ages. 
Nothing could be everlasting. The Wisemen had disappeared almost as fast as they came, making them seem more like a legend in the commoner's eyes. Meanwhile subtly but each of the former countries were continuing their own agenda. War of any kind was strictly forbidden within the Earth Sphere Union. But the country leaders found other means to fight out their differences. Corruption and strife was growing within the Union. At the same time the Earth was gradually healing, recovering its former beauty. Returning to the planet suddenly became a charming idea for the colonist. But the Union government had other plans. By then the political elite of the former countries completely did took over the ESU. They put heav taxes on the returning colonists and  otherwise limiting people to set foot on Earth. Slowly but surely people on colonies became secondary citizen with increasingly worse conditions. This eventually had resulted in Space War One, a clash between Earth Sphere Federation and the freshly formed United Confederacy of Colonies in NC0062. The war raged on for 2 years and nearly approached the Great War in intensity. Eventually it resulted in a draw with both sides suggesting a peace treaty. It's been 3 years since then. Now the divided and weakened human race must fend off the emerging alien threat. Abductors, mysterious attackers kidnapping any person they find. Their motivations are unclear. So does nearly everything else about them. One thing is certain. Humanity is losing. The internal wars combined with the external threat brought the Union near its collapse. Desperate times we're writing. The world calls for a miracle once again. A miracle brought by heroes. 

Vice's Mecha Heroes!  


 Mission 00 - Aliens at the Gates 

 20th of September, NC0067

Admiral Blanc Legrand, commander of the 4th United L1 Fleet, is a man with countless problems. Increase of Abductor attacks in his sector, shortage of military supplies, loss of manpower, incompetence of the replacement crew, attending funerals, estranged family, cheating wife and a balding head. Hell, somebody even stole his mini golf set just yesterday! Bastards!  
But even with all his little problems the admiral was concentrating at something else. He was hung at the emergency phone, visibly red from anger. 
"What did you say!!? WHEN!? HOW!?" 
"Just 15 minutes ago, Sir. We received a transmission from the 11th Lunar Defense Fleet that they sensed multiple gravitational fluctuations from behind  the dark side of the Moon. It's an Abductor attack."  
Reported Ensign Kai Takamura. The Abductors use wormhole technology to reach the Solar System which thanks to the new sensors can be spotted ahead of time. Their presence so close to the Moon should mean they are going to attack the lunar cities.
"Yeah, I heard that too! The whole fleet is on standby now, you know! That wasn't the point! WHERE. IS. HIM!?"   
Admiral Legrand's furry is focused on one person. That overgrown brat who constantly ignore the regulations. Looking at him, his stance, his face, his rule-breaking casual attire is enough to make his blood boil in anger. THAT guy. If he wouldn't be under that big-name company's protection Admiral Legrand would had sent him to the brig forever after their first meeting. 
"Gone! Sp. Leon Weltall launched without permission. According to witnesses he said: 'something isn't right'. Then blasted off without saying anything else."
"That's enough, Ensign. " 
 Admiral Legrand put down the phone. His expression suddenly changes. 
"HAHAHAHAHA! Now you've done it, brat! This is no longer just insubordination! Desertion! See you in a lifetime of prison. HAHAHAHA -!" 
His gloating gets interrupted by the electric doorbell. Someone came to visit him. 
"Ah, Nova-Tech? Let them in! This time not even that precious company of yours will save you, Leon Weltall!"

L4 United Forward Defense Fleet, 2 hours later 
 Command Bridge of the ESV1479 Fleet Flagship called "Greek Bastion". The bridge crew is busy as the mighty behemoth's systems fire up one after another. 
"Status report!" 
Sounded the coarse voice of Marshall Jacob Schwartz, supreme commander of the forces patrolling the 4th Lagrange point, a place often referred to as the "Greek Camp".  
The aging but still physically fit Marshall turns to his tactical officer, Eleanor Douglas, for answer. 
"Nothing promising, Sir. We've got ambushed! Massive number of Abductor forces are heading towards us! Distance is...700,000! "
"Impossible! What about the lunar metropolis? Anything from the other fleets?"  
"No sir! No sightings of Abductors anywhere else!" 
"Damn, we've got fooled good! Perfect timing, even!"  
 The Marshall curses at their misfortune. It's the day of the L4 Fleet's yearly maintenance. Over 60% of the warships, including this vessel, were moments ago just idling space while awaiting the routine procedure.  To cover up this weakness, both the Union and Confederacy dispatched their own teams of "specialists". Elite Mobile Frame pilots with high-spec machines, enough to make up for the fleet's sudden decrease in fighting power. But they're already several hours late! And without them this situation turned into a massive liability.
"Deploy all Mobile Frame squadrons immediately! Hold them off! How's the ship's start-up sequence going?"  
"Just passed 20%, Sir."
Answered the engineering officer, Tony Burton. 
"Most vessels are even worse off. At average all warships are at 12% readiness."
Added Eleanor. 
"Curses! Our odds are horrible. We might just barely make it in time if even that. Our defense line is?" 
"Effectiveness is down to 55%. Without the warships' long-range fire support, the point defenses and Mobile Frame forces alone won't be enough to stop the enemy's advance." 
"No kiddin'. If that happens order the Mobile Frame squadrons to fall back in front of our fleet! We might be seeing close combat soon!"
"Understood, Sir."
"Sir, enemy sighted from NW88. Distance is 78,000! No...76,000! 73,000! Raiders are close and heading straight towards us!" 
Reported Samuel Davis, chief radar officer. 
Raiders are special class of Abductors, specializing at speed and stealth. They have a reported tendency to sneak through the front lines and target warships, especially if it's the command vessel. 
They just pulled the worst card. 
"How many?"
"three to seven, Sir." 
A small skirmishing party. 
That'd explain how did they manage to get so close. 
Normally, this amount would be nothing for the Greek Bastion, much less against the entire fleet. 
But currently none of the warships are at the capacity to use their point defenses. 
"So they plan to assassinate me, eh? Just try!" 
"Engineering Officer, redirect all energy to the shields!"
"Roger that, routing all power to the Tesla Barrier" 
"Tactical Officer, relay my orders to the ESV3425, ESV3441 and ESV3412. Abandon the cannons, focus all energy on the point defenses. Don't care about friendly fire, shoot down the targets!" 
Eleanor noted and she opens communications with the 3 nearest warships.
"Heh, stupid aliens thinking they can outsmart me. Try this little old fashioned trap!" 
The Marshall's idea is simple yet nothing less than brilliant. Knowing that time is the key for both of them he ceased the start-up process and instead focused on the ship's mighty defenses. Even if not fully operational that should protect them against a few dozen shots. Meanwhile the nearby ships put all their energy to restart their point defenses, turning the area into a death field for Raiders. With its shields up the Greek Bastion can shrug off any accidental hit her allies score in the process while the reckless skirmishers would get eliminated. 
" Enemy is accelerating rapidly!!"
"Distance is 30,500. 24,300. 18,100..." 
"Quickly! Concentrate all the field's power on the bridge!" 

Indeed. Speed is the key for this encounter. And these Raiders have a hidden trump card. Whatever the actual method is they can suddenly double their acceleration, reaching their target sooner than either the Tesla Barrier or the others' point defenses can go fully online. The Marshall have lost the game. So the only thing he can do is just trying to buy some time and hope he can still turn the tables around. But even if the shields are potent enough to deflect the Raiders' firepower there's one weapon against which no armor or shield is enough. 
The Raiders are getting extremely close. 
"Don't tell me..." 
Yes, the capture ray. The weapon which gave the Abductors their name. The exotic beam of the transporter ray can effortlessly pass through the Tesla Barrier, Hypercarbon armor and the impact resistant Super Glass to kidnap the whole crew in a few seconds. Taking them to God knows where.
At this range the bridge crew can even see their attackers. 4 Raider Class alien machines. While looking familiar there are certain features that make it obvious that they are an upgraded model. 
The green crystals on the Raiders emit an emerald glow. 
It's coming! 
And then... 


Blinding withe light passes in front of the bridge, vaporizing the Raiders without a trace.
A moment later a huge shadow flies past the window. 
"IFF Code L1SJ66F11NT000-Alpha-7! Sir, it's the Starhawk!" 
Eleanor says after regaining her composure. 
"The Starhawk...?" 
The Marshall expresses his flat surprise. 
As far as he's aware Starhawk is stationed at the L1 Defense Fleet.  
What is he doing here? 
More importantly how did he even get here?
The distance between Lagrange points 1 and 4 is roughly 300,000 kilometers at average. 
The Marshall heard that the Starhawk has acceleration surpassing even the fastest Racing Pod but getting there under two hours is still something hard to digest.  
And that timing. 
Who is that man anyways?  
"Starhawk, this is Greek Bastion. What are you doing here? Report your status!"
Eleanor calls the pilot . 
"Starhawk, Leon Weltall is here. I just saved your asses, what else? Permission to engage the enemy." 
 Eleanor was obviously not impressed by the youth's response. She looked at the Marshall's direction. 
While the old man didn't like Leon's attitude he did welcome the change.
"Granted. I don't know what's going on but you're now temporally under my command. Welcome aboard! For further instructions call Field Commander Jean LeBlau. Over." 
Said the Marshall. 
"Roger that. Over."
 Their conversation ended and Eleanor notices a smirk drawn over the Marshall's face. 
"How long until the specialists arrive?" 
"10 to 30 minutes, Sir." 
"Good, this day might not be so bad, afterall."
Said the supreme commander of the L4 Fleet as he lit a cigar.
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Master Chief Petty Officer John Jameson of Her Majesties Royal Navy was escorted to the docks.

This was it.

Growing up on the moon was hard for a werewolf. Special lenses were developed back when the first migrants moved to the moon, in order to protect the Werewolves eyes from the moons silver rays. Even then, he and his family had to be careful. They lived on the dark side of the moon, continuously suppressing that primal need to hunt on a daily basis, as there was no woodland, nor prey, for the Jameson clan.

That was why he joined the Navy. It was his best chance to hunt.

And for his skills, he had been designated the pilot of the Royal navy's new ship.

It was meant as a mockery of the other nations machines, who built great warriors of metal, engraved in their own image. The HMS Warstrider made no such attempt. The legs were stubby and short, but the lower centre of gravity made the Warstrider near impossible to topple. It had no head, only a raw force of torso encased in several tonnes of armour.

Its arms were interchangeable for additional weaponry, but even with its mechanical hands, it was designed to hold the same weapons as the other robots.

It looked more bulldog than human, but had that not been the symbol of British Grit since the days of Churchill, back when that lone island stood alone against the Nazi onslaught.

Of course, the Americans will always point out their role in that allied victory, but Britan would never have surrendered.

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.

And that was what the Warstrider represented. Even in development, the techies called it the Churchill Project, due to the design demand of endurance, firepower, and functionality. They had direct orders for the machine to be ugly. It was not to be beautiful, it was to be a machine of war. A warship, to stand against all those that would once more threaten those under the crown, that had stood strong, even in the collapse before and after the Wisemen.

As MCPO Jameson sat in the control seat, taking the controls of the Warstrider as the exits were sealed behind him, he stated the activation password boldly.

"Rule Britannia." Jameson declared to the universe. "Britannia rules the waves. Britons never will be slaves."

The lights inside the cockpit flared up, and the Warstrider growled.

These two dogs of war are ready to hunt.

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PIP- PIP- PIP- PIP- PIP- PIP- PIP- PIP PIP- PIP­….- Ugh… Somebody stop that.- In a dusty bar in the middle of nowhere an alarm pierced the ears of anybody near it, a cracked voice, the voice of a man with a helluva hangover started insulting the thing as he moved. The inside of the bar looked even worse than the rundown outside, with the tables broken, people with bones shattered lying on the ground weeping and moaning. The dirty light bulbs barely illuminated the room as a black haired man stood up from a throne made of a pile of unconscious or possibly dead people. He rubbed his eyes and stretched then he started looking for the source of the sound. A communication device was ringing; he found it under the body of a fat and bald member of a gang.

This man wasn’t from around, he came from a distant galaxy were his race, the Chojin, fought a bitter war against their ancestral enemies, the Gine Empire, a bunch of sissies that worried to protect other planets. Batsu got stranded in this backwater rock after his Warp Drive was destroyed in a skirmish against a squad of the Gine Space Armors. He ended up in this world waiting for another Warp-level civilization arrived to try to conquer this ball of mud and water. –Fuck! This planet maybe a fucking wasteland but at least their booze is more than okay- In a short amount of time the Lone Wolf of the Chojin managed to learn the language and peculiarities of the world. And now he knew that the world was under attack. –Fuck! I hope these guys have a Warp Drive, one more moment with these fucking apes and I would destroy a city or two-

He took his coat from a hanger, took a bottle from the counter and left the room, with the light of the sun stinging his eyes. Alongside the bar his machine, the Mondat 1G-SDDE-1991, better known as the Black Wolf by his comrades, was standing. With little to no effort the Chojin Warrior jumped several times bouncing from the Mecha to the building and back again to the Mecha until he reached the Cabin. –Batsu in the Black Wolf! Going out!- He took that name to interact with humans, he didn’t knew why but it seemed right. He took flight towards the source of the reaction his communicator was picking up, as the cloak that served as a flying device waved behind him. A double detonation indicated he broke the sound barrier, making the glasses and windows in the bar shatter violently as he vanished towards the horizon

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@willyvereb: @SamJaz: @Kuro_San:

Eren warping out of spiral space asked "don't shoot i don't know what's going on someone called me to this location please state which side is the good side. I was supposed to join the good alliance as per my letter." Eren was quite puzzeled cause he knew there was a battle but not anymore than that. " I am a free lancer" he added to the fleet infront of him.

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Genevive was surprised by the sudden alert. She was in the cantine of the "Greek Bastion" when it sounded. She endured hand-to-hand training, followed by cardio and finally a hundred laps around the huge training hall, for last three and a half hours, and needless to say she was exhausted, planing on eating something and then going to bed. Unfortunately for her, an Abductor attack was not something you could sleep through. She hurried to the hangar, where Hawken was kept, alongside all the other mechas. There she changed from her standard black dress into her black and blue, skintight pilot suit.

She joined the rest of the Cobalt Squad, consisting of seven members, Genevive being the fourth best, and entered her mecha.

"You ready for this gentlemen?" The voice came from her speakers, an easily recognisable voice, belonging to the squad leader, reffered to as Cobalt king. He calles everyone gentleman, something Genevive objected to in the beginning, but now she considers it to be a compliment of some sort. Everyone reported engins ready and they set of into the battle. What waited not too far from the hangar was a lot of destruction. Explosions everywhere, mecha parts floating around, belonging to both Abductor and Earhling alike, small red mist floating in certains parts.

Cobalt King ordered the squad to split up. Genevive fired her guns at enemy mechas, managing to dodge return fire, destroying one, two, three, before getting a message on the intercom. Apperantly, warships were ordered to open fire on the batlefield. The guns were still charging, but it was mere minutes before all hell brakes loose.

What could be the reason for an order that could potentially kill more friendlies then enemies, Genevive didn't know and she didn't care. What was important was for them to wrap up this battle before the cannons are warmed up, and the carnage starts.

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Eren said " Incase you are wondering i am the general of my own personal army which i am not bringing out here. I would like in return some interesting technology specs. Yeah, i am here to advance my research. Please respond flagship of humans"

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A dark blur shot through the atmosphere and reached space, the vast void populated by the stars and planets. The sensors of the Black Wolf picked up a fight and without a hint of hesitation its bold pilot turned the myriad of levers that hanged from the sides of the cockpit with incredible speed and skill, he was born to do this, son of soldiers with the blood ancestral blood of the Mighty Chojin Race. His face turned into a wolfish grin as he dashed forward towards the battlefield, as beams lighted the dark void of space with a shower of colors. Some could find it beautiful or even awe-inspiring, but the man that called himself Batsu ignored the incredible moment as any warrior tempered in steel, fire and blood would and pushed towards the fray with a roar.

-GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY YOU BACKWATER HICKS! I’M GOING TO BREAK THE LINE OF THAT PITUFUL ENEMY IN FRONT OF YA- The Black Terror guided his machine, a Custom Mondat of the Chojin designed especially for close combat and it shows as the nanoforge in his chest created a couple of axes that the robot pulled from its chest and charged towards the attacking force. With savage enthusiasm and glee the Black Wolf started to rampage, hacking and slashing anything near him, while using his incredible speed and maneuverability, mostly thanks to Batsu expert piloting, a talent built from experience, rather than a god given gift, to avoid incoming attacks, or positioning to take them in the most fortified zones of the Mondat.

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@willyvereb: @Kuro_San: @ChronoWolf: @SamJaz:

Eren says" Uh how barbaric. But he would prove to be a good test dummy for one of my experiments"

Eren decided to watch a little longer till things were more clearer and the Admiral decided to answer him.

Eren decides to now take action he aims at the abductor mechas and unleashes a Giga DRill Storm aimed at the Abductors. He scored hits on after the other. Too easy he thought. He then piloted his Pendragon into the fray drawing his vibro blades and slashing the abductor mechas mercilessly then warping in front of another slashing it. He destroys multiple ships then sees something on his map and warps to it.

He sees the Seven Cobalt mechas and calls over the comm " Hey you guys need help here i am not an abductor but a human"

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