[RPG] The Vice Christmas PARTY!!!!

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It is a beautiful moonlit night, and a perfect night for a Christmas party within the castle of the gem knights. Even though Damian wasn't a knight yet, he was still welcome to live within the castle and do what he pleased. Damian would wonder around the castle making sure everything ready for when his guests arrive, there would be missile toe hang from the main door way and going into the kitchen, there would be several tables with an assortment of food such as cheese platters, vegetable platters, meat platters, etc. etc. There would be a DJ booth in the living room where everyone could request their favorite song and just let the music do it's thing, next would be an open bar with an assortment of liquor from Beer to everclear. Damian would be wearing something casual like a pair of black pumas which are covered slightly by a pair of large dark grey jeans and a baggy navy blue v-neck t-shirt over top of a white long sleeve shirt. His hair long black hair would by tied back into a pony tail while his swords were all tucked away neatly out of the way.
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She steps out of her home in her mother's formal dress and sets out to an infamous castle where a party of fiends awaits her. Knowing this is the time of peace she has no intention of making the villains repent but rather to join them in a festive manner. She sees the night is clear and the moon is mesmerizing just as expected from a post lunar eclipse night. She makes sure her clothes are well closed before spreading her wings and reaching for the sky. She flies off hoping she would arrive in time. 
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The ruler of the Underworld was getting ready for the up coming ceremony, his minions gathering around him as they tried to create a perfect suit for the Ruler Of The Underworld. His primary objective was to go to the party to meet everyone and of course celebrate. The ruler of the underworld had also prepared some gifts for some fellow friends, enemies, and folks he had known, having his minions gather all the gifts next to his throne he impatiently tried to hurry him self to be ready. quickly suiting him self with a nice set of his outfits, having a red neck tie and a black business man suit with a nice pair of shoes with metal hilts at the end. He gave the impression of a businessman, as if he was going out to work however this suit was just for appearance, so that way they can see that he was coming in a calm and good approach. The ruler of the Underworld was ready to leave his alternate universe, preparing his chariot to ride the male to the destination he was heading.  
He said to himself "Ahhhh! Dammit, You've all forgot about my coffee!" He said to one of his servants, the servant quickly paced off before coming back with his cappuccino. Frighten by Hades Wrath he tried not to screw up but when Hades took a little sip from his drink, he screamed " Nuts!!!" He said before he bashed a single fist against the servants head. And within that punch was a barrage of power that would rip the moon in half, and after the hit was delivered there was nothing left of the demon but pieces. He threw the drink across the marble tinted floors, forgetting about his drink he carried off from the Underworld with his chariot and in mints he appeared in Earths atmosphere. Setting forth upon a giant castle, he parked his chariot to the surface before leaving a pack of demons to guard it. Quickly making his way to the front door of the building, the Lord Of Dead gazed up to find a tall castle with many balconies and perches that where at top. However the castle size was in nothing in comparison to Hades Castle. After finishing observing the top of the castle he returned to his arrival, lifting a bold fist as he knocked against the large hollow door. It oh most seemed that the entire castle was empty however Hades had known that this was a part of course so this place sooner or later was going to be packed. 
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The young knight in training would be seen walking back and forth through a stain glass window. He would quickly walk to the chicken as the smell of a perfectly cooked turkey was just about finished, A grin would appear on his face as he had a feeling that someone would be showing up anytime now. Damian would open the oven grabbing a pair of oven mits he would carry the pot with the turkey inside that could feed atleast several people at a time, he'd carry the turnkey into the living quarters to a table that had food laid out around where the turkey was going to be. He would reach into his pocket and pull out a small rectangular box of aluminum foil that he soon ripped a large sheet from the box and covered the turkey so it would stay hot. Damian would head back to the kitchen with the box of aluminum foil in his right hand, he would quickly place it on the counter and head back into the living room to take a seat on a jet black leather reclining couch as he waited for his guests to arrive.
Damian would hear someone knock on the door, so he got up from his comfy couch and walked over to the front door passing a large decorated Christmas tree standing tall with a golden star on the very tip. He would open the door with a smile upon his face as he noticed a business man standing on the other side. "Well your early" He said in a calm tone letting the man inside. "There's food laid out in the living room Sir." he continued.

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Jack appeared right behind the knight, "Hello," he said passing him the alcohol gun, "I brought this, knock yourself out I'm heading to the arcade room."
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Bladering strolls into the party and this time, had dressed up in the clothes he normally wears back at The Beatrice Kingdom. After eating some of the food, he wanders around to talk to him...
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" Greetings, It is I Hades! " He stated before coming in, he slowly entered to gaze around to only see that he wasn't the only one here. Finding to other visitors, he slowly took a seat to somewhere else waiting patiently for others to arrive.
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After hours of flying in the cold she finally sees the castle and the demon lord entering the doorway. Thinking she might still make it so she wont have to knock, she flies straight at it at mach 1. Sadly enough the Lord of Hell closed the door so fast that Tsuki could not stop. She hits the door like a fly hits the window of a fast driving truck coming from another direction and falls face down in the snow.
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