[RPG] The Conqueror VS The Beast Knight

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Valentine Manor
Valentine Manor

It was a gloomy day, like no other. The dark grey clouds were passing over the Valentine manor slowly. The sun completely hidden, while the thunder roared loudly and the lightning came in bright flashes. But however, deep within the manor basement was a room, an empty room, or so it seemed. In the room was a single throne on the back wall, the throne was outfitted with wireless buttons which just about controlled everything in the mansion. Sitting in this throne was none other than the nefarious Zombieluck himself. Sitting casually in his specialty made throne with a calm and composed facial expression on display. The Conqueror wore an assortment of leather, a short crimson red cloak the collar was neck-high, just high enough where it just covered the bottom of his chin. Holstered on his right hip was the notorious triple barrel assault pistol, The Cerberus. Outfitted with specialty made rounds. With both his arms resting on the armrests of his throne, the notorious conqueror raised his right index finger and pressed down on a single button, this button would set off an alarm that was only meant for two people.

The wooden door creaked softly as it was opened, a fairly tall fellow entered through the doorway of the throne room. He was a strange fellow. He wore a silver Mako suit, with straight jacket arms. Over his mouth he had an assortment of metal covering his mouth and wrapped around his head. Another interesting feature was the metal apparatus, that hung from his back like a pair of wings, at the joints of these wings were a set of claws which were made for the fellows customized dual assault pistols, but right now the pistols were holstered at each of his thighs. Following behind the mechanical angel was yet another tall individual who smelt of graveyard dirt and decaying flesh, this was normal for this man, since he was brought back to life thanks to Zombieluck. He wore his usual attire which consisted of a black onyx black cloak and at the bottom was a red cloud pattern, the interior was red, about the same shade as the clouds.The collar was about neck high, but it was open to the cloak was revealing his muscular chest, and stitches. His wore red and green, monstrous. Is what the people called them. Quickly the two would kneel before their creator, in a delicate manner.

"Nero.. Umbra.. I called you both here today.. Well because, I feel that we will have a visitor.. Shortly. I'd like it if the two of you brought him before me.. Alive for questioning." The Devil ordered calmly, lifting up his right arm without removing his elbow from the armrest, but instead placed his chin in the center of his palm. "What does this.. Visitor.. Look like?" Umbra asked curiously. "It shouldn't be to hard to spot this man.. or woman. Since it's my clone army that is roaming the halls of the manor. he he." Nero replied telepathically. "Whoever this man.. or woman is, I want them brought to me alive.. If you have too.. Ruff him up a bit." Zombieluck murmured under his breath, just loud enough so his two experiments could hear him. "As you wish.. My Brother.. I will not fail you." The mechanical angel stated telepathically coolly, while Umbra had a relaxed facial expression on display. "Whatever you say.. My lord." He bowed once more after he stood to his feet and walked over to the door. Nero would quickly follow behind, closing the wooden door behind him. Zombieluck would sit back in his throne, removing his chin from his palm as he pressed down on yet another button with his right index finger. A medium sized monitor would lower itself as it revealed the entire manor from the outside, but yet another monitor was lowered and showed everything from the inside. This way The Mastermind could see everything the was going on with just the push of a button.

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The streets of London were deserted. The sky was cloaked in dark clouds, that warned about the next rain. Not even a single star shined its light over the sinister alleyways of old London, a cold wind, prophet of the coming storm, chilled the bones of any lonely man, walking in drunken stupor, as they left a sleazy pub. In this opressing darkness, were every corner you turn could be the last, as criminals wait and lurk in the shadows, taking any chance they got. Under this grim atmosphere, were hope seems to be only a fleeting light, a pair of eyes manage to find their way throught this darkness, shining with an unnatural bluish light. His movemtns were flawless, and the only sound produced by them was a soft whisper of his cloak waving with the chilling gusts of wind. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop Callis Nomene, member of the Ebisu organization, is on a mission, as he searchs for a mystical item, stolen from a Japanese Museum and smuggled into Great Britain, or at least that was what he thought. Unknown to him, his reputation in the underworld had growed to the point were some of the top dogs started to place surveillance over him. This reputation was more likely product of his constant missions, fighting against criminals specialized in supernatural powers or thefts. His fame as the Beast Knight, dispensing justice and punishment to all evildoers was a little bit exaggerated, as most of the feats they criminals said about him were false or just crude versions of a much less spectacular truth. Either way, Callis didnt cared about it, and now he was in-route to the house of the man that would be his contact here.

The Maestus Knight jumped with feline grace from the rooftop he was running on and landed in the balcony of the house of his informant. His cloak waved with the strong wind as he landed. A man, in his 40's, with ginger hair and freckles. He sported a white wifebeater and green camo trousers. He was smoking a joint and drinking a beer. Yo wanker! he said with a familiarity the Knight felt excesive, come and sit, He grabbed a beer from the fridge right next to his chair and threw it to Callis grab a cold one. This man was Tobias Mccullen, one of Mr. Smith, the airline tycoon Callis saved a long time ago, relatives. He was an irishman and shamefully a badly stereotypical irish man. Thank you very much, but I must decline your invitation Callis tried to act politely, making an effort not to puke out of the horrible smell Tobias had, a proof that the Drunken Irish didnt bathed in weeks. Can we go down to business? Asked Callis, with his face shadowed by the cloak cowl, hiding his feral traits from the general public. He wanted to use a spell of ocultation to help, but his lacks on magical skills almost caused it to backfire on him. Okay, okay, you need to visit this adress, only four blocks from here there is a abandoned factory, Mcculen stood up and pointed to an old and omnious building not far away. The Knight nodded and jumped from the balcony to the next rooftop, climbing part of the wall before getting to the top and rushing again steeping over the tiles, that were starting to get wet since the black clouds were releasing their charge.

Mcculen counted the paymen he got for sending Callis towards the building, the perfect place for an ambush. The Beast Knight crashed throught the upper windows, leaving a trail of broken glass and water after he landed. He unsheathed the Gull Blade, a gift from Raseri, his comrade on Ebisu and looked around for enemies, only to find the building strangely empty. Something was going very very wrong.

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Over head the sky was beginning to go dark, not because the sun was setting, but the clouds were getting darker, as it begun to pour down marble sized raindrops. The rain was beginning to wash away just about everything, even the scent of the person that they were supposed to capture alive. Umbra, the corpse that was brought back from the dead from a series of experiments, particularly hated the rain. But, when he was given an order he must do as his lord says. Any signs of betrayal and the Trion-mites that were injected into his so-called-blood-stream, and be detonated into oblivion. His partner who was quite quiet as they were on the way to an empty factory, given the coordinates from their leader and creator. Nero has a much different relationship with Zombieluck, it as more like a brother-like-bond, and Nero stated countless times that he would never in a thousand years betray his big brother. His arms were bound in a straight jacket top, and his mouth was covered with an assortment of metal wrapping around his head."Umbra.. When we reach the factory, You will remain on the roof incase this guy tries to make a run for it. Your tendrils would be the perfect weapon to capturing this guy alive.. You understand?" Nero explained telepathically. Then quickly with a nod the monstrous beast of Britain answered. "I agree, let's go get this guy.. Shall we? The sooner the better." Umbra replied calmly as the black stitching in his arms began to come apart, but his forearm was still attached. The tendril threads flailed around wildly while the two men leaped from rooftop to rooftop.

Several hours have went by, while Nero and Umbra had finally made it to the roof of the factory. Standing and looking down through a window and inside, they saw a feline, carrying a blade. the man sensed that something was about to go wrong and he was absolutely right, quickly the mechanical angel hopped down breaking through the glass, landing safely, while he used the chaos energy to float down to the ground, meeting the feline warrior eye to eye. Nero's metal apparatus hanging hanging behind his back, attached just between his shoulder blades, but, they slowly made their way to the dual assault pistols located at his thighs. "Your coming with me.. Cat." Nero said telepathically cutting straight to the point. While Umbra stayed on the roof and looked down inside the factory, keeping his eyes on all the exits. It was his job to capture the beast if he tried to get away. "He gets straight to the point, doesn't he? haha." He joked to himself quietly, but any type of thinking Nero was able to hear it all. The tendrils continued to wave around wildly.

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The sound of breaked glasses was the only warning Callis got to avoiding Nero as he landed on the warehouse floor, that quickly started to get wet from the raindrops pouring throught the hole in the ceiling caused by Zombieluck's right hand man entrance. The Beast Knight rolled away from the mixed rain of water and glasses and took a defensive stance, as he placed the Gull Blade in guard. Callis was shocked upon Nero appearance, as he was too similar to the people of one of the kingdoms back in his homeland. Nero was extremely similar to a Gine, a race of technical prowess and skills far beyond the rest of Centris. They were weakened by a plague and hided under the mountains, bonding their diseased bodies with technology to survive, moving and interacting throught mechanical limbs. The stranger landed softly thanks to his mechanical wings and talked with a cold and metallic voice, too similar to the Gine Callis knew and despised."Your coming with me.. Cat." Nero's voice went directly to the Knight mind, revealing that his enemy wasnt a Gine, or at least a Gine he knew. Callis, as we said before, despised the Gine, since they destroyed nature, in an overrreaction to the plague that destroyed their ancestors the Caledo Kingdom. The Maestus Warrior could also detect the different scent of Nero and a Gine, and the fact that he didnt found anyway to conect him to his homeland, even with the help of the best mages of this world, so any suspiction of Nero being a Gine was dispelled. Nero sudden entrance was also an indicator, summed up to the fact that the warehouse was empty, that this lead wasnt correct, and he was taken to a trap.

I think I wont follow you sir, said the Knight without losing his cool or his manners. I'm on a mission and I plan to finish it, and since this place isnt the one I'm looking for I'll leave in peace Callis hoped that he could get out of this with words. But he kept his sword and senses ready

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