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Post by Creer (977 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Name: Creer Hernandez
Age: 30
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: The Peace Monarchs
Avatar Appearance: Thor (Marvel Comics)
Origin of Powers:  Mystical
Aliases: The Champion
Signature Moves: Lightning, Semidios
Grid Points
  • Ag: 6
  • Du: 7+++ (8 with force fields)
  • EP: 7++
  • FS: 9
  • In: 4++
  • MS: 7
  • SP: 8 in flight speed (9 in combat speed)
  • St:8
  • Sr: 8++
Mini Bio: Selected to by nigh-all-mighty divine beings known as Los Milagres to be the protector of mankind and to fight for good and against the forces of evil, Creer Hernandez was given incredible power known as The Soul Power, effectively turning him into a hero powerful enough to purge the world of evil.
Bio Link: Creer's Bio
Post by JackBbz (74 posts) See mini bio Level 12
  Name:  Shino Kabe
Age: 16
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation:  Kazi
Known Aliases: Jack
Origin of Power: Magic Chi
Signature Moves: Soul Burner (No other names have been given to other techniques)
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 2
  • Du: 3
  • EP: 5
  • FS: 5
  • In: 4
  • MS: 5
  • Sp: 2
  • St: 3
  • Sr: 1
Mini Bio:  Shino Kabe ( 死の壁) is a 16 year old boy with dark hair and green eyes. Though he appears scrawny, at closer examination he is a toned athelete and practiced traceur, with surprising physical and mental strength.  A quiet but extroverted character who prefers to be in the midst of the party, but never the center of attention, he is not easily provoked but quickly becomes scarily aggressive and violent when pushed.   Shino has the rare ability to create special barriers of any size or shape, but the bigger they are or the more detailed they are the more effort required to form them.
Bio Link:  http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/shinos-bio/321624/#22
Post by willyvereb (5,943 posts) See mini bio Level 17
I add him for battle and other purposes:
Name: Lancer
Age: N/A
Appearance Age:  30
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: Ceruleum Aeternis
Original Name: Cú Chunlainn
Known Aliases: Hero of Light, Hound of Ulster, The Irish Wolf-hound
Avatar Appearance: Lancer
Origin of Power: Magic/Divine
Signature Moves: Gae Bolg, Fragarach, Riastrad
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 6
  • Du: 5(6)
  • EP: 4(5)
  • FS: 7
  • In: 5
  • MS: 6
  • Sp: 5(7)
  • St: 6(9)
  • Sr: 6(8)
Mini Bio: TBA 
Post by mydeathlyways (2,389 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Name:  Hades 
Age: Millions Of Centuries Old 
Appearance Age: Usually 20 or 30
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation: None
Known Aliases: God Of The Underworld, King Of Hell, or God Of The Dead
Avatar Appearance: Hades From GOW3 or Saint Seyia 
Origin of Power: Magic/Science 

Signature Moves:   Vacuum Of Death, Pandora's Box, or Dark Star

Grid points:  
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 7
  • EP: 7
  • FS: 6
  • In: 6
  • MS: 6
  • Sp: 5(9)
  • St: 9 
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio: Hades is the ruler of the underworld also oldest brother of Zeus and Poseidon, Nearly stronger than any other gods he is granted to be ruler of the Underworld in which is located at the bottom of the universe. His goal is to pursue Earth and the Galaxy with the Titans and to cause eternal hell upon the universes banks.
Bio Link:  Here : )
Post by BattleHeiz (5,769 posts) See mini bio Level 15
  Name:  Battleheiz
Age: 19
Appearance Age: 19
Faction: Neutral(there is no difference between darkness and light)
Group Affiliation: Kazi (current)
Known Aliases: Zaza,  Zenith, Kaizen, Mirror of World.
Avatar Appearance: Grendel, Isolitionist, Kimihiro, Seishiro, Tobi(Only mekix thinks so) and so on...
Origin of Power: Unknown(probably same as Dreaming celestials)
Signature Moves: ZENITH, Overload Zrda, Reality hurts
Grid points:  (at 40% of power)(at 70% of power)(at 100% of power)(using SD)
  • Ag: 1| 4|8|9+++
  • Du: 1|9|9++|Unlimited|Unlimited++
  • EP: 3|8|9++|Unlimited|Unltimited+Instant+Deadly
  • FS: 2|9
  • In: 3|7|9|Multiversal Omniscience(i prefer to use cosmic awareness)
  • MP : 9|9+
  • Sp:  1|9(also teleporting)| potentially infinite, paradoxical speed(can move at any speed)
  • St: 1|9+ (theoretically unlimited )
  • Sr:  1|9|9++|Unlimited by all means and purposes
Mini Bio: Human.
Bio Link: Battleheiz's Bio
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14



Age: 28
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: The Company
Original Name: Batsu Kumashi
Known Aliases: Torasenshi, Shinkuuken, God Slasher
Avatar Appearance: Kanbei Kuroda
Origin of Power: Training+Ki
Signature Moves: Shinkuu Kokoro Ryu, Jishou Blade and Saki feints
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 5 
  • Du: 5 
  • EP: 5 
  • FS: 8
  • In: 3
  • MS:  9
  • Sp: 6
  • St: 6 
  • Sr: 6
Post by DemonEyesKyo (542 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Name:  Kyo
Age: Unknown
Appearance Age: 20
Faction: Neutral
Group Affiliation: None
Known Aliases: Devil's Child, Demon Eyes Kyo, The Thousand Man Slayer
Avatar Appearance: Onime no Kyo
Origin of Power: Demon Aura
Signature Moves: Mizuchi, Suzaku, Sekireigan
Grid points: 
  • Ag: 6
  • Du: 4(6)
  • EP: 4
  • FS: 8
  • In: 5
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 5(7)
  • St: 5
  • Sr: 5
Mini Bio: 
Lone wandering swordsman who aimlessly travels around the world. Thanks to his demonic inheritance and the mysterious Red Eyes Kyo possess powers beyond the human limits. He has an intense desire to be stronger and seeks powerful fighters to test his blade. Like a demon of fighting Kyo doesn't care about anything but battles. He cuts down and kills anyone daring to stand in his way. Kyo wields the demonic Muramasa blade which increases his already huge bloodlust.He fights whoever challenges him and never ever give up.
Bio Link: Kyo's Tale
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Name:  Aestus
Age: 24
Appearance Age: 24
Faction: Good
Group Affiliation: None
Known Aliases: Golden Fist, Phoenix Knight, Flame Vagabond
Avatar Appearance: Ikki of Phoenix
Origin of Power: Natural Magic Powers
Signature Moves: Flaming Axe, Bursting Spear, 7 Explosive Stars
Grid points:  
  • Ag: 5
  • Du: 4
  • EP: 7
  • FS: 6
  • In: 6
  • MS: 6
  • Sp: 6
  • St: 5
  • Sr: 5
Mini Bio:  
A knight of a mystical order, with a troubled past, Aestus was sent to the world to be the order scout, also sent to do several task for his kingdom, his loyalty is out of cuestion, but could it waver as he makes contact with other civilizations?
Bio Link:  http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/aestus-bio/321976/#13
Post by Joseph_Savant (113 posts) See mini bio Level 10
 Name:  Joseph Savant
Age: 1(Age was accelerated by Sonata then infused with knowledge from the Chaos Gene and Sonata herself)
Appearance Age:  35
Faction: Chaotic Evil
Group Affiliation: The True Gekido
Original Name: Wiped away by Sonata
Known Aliases: The Spectral Falcon, One of the legion, Child of the Nexus
Avatar Appearance: Edwin Black
Origin of Power: The Power Chaos, and The Mother of Darkness (Sonata) 
Signature Moves: Greed is a delight, Fear is my Shield, Hate is my sword,
Grid points: 
Note:  (These are his base stats Parentheses are his stats on a Chaotic Planet)
  • Ag: 7 (8++)
  • Du: 7 (8++)
  • EP: 7 (8++)
  • FS:  7
  • In: 7
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 7 (9) Instantaneous Movement
  • St: 7 (8++)
  • Sr: 7 (8++)
Mini Bio:  To be added soon
Post by Newdeath (18,555 posts) See mini bio Level 19
Name: Ray Tsukasa
Age: 28 (Physical Age) 4.54 billion (Chronological Age)
Faction: Villain 
Group Affiliation: None 
Avatar Appearance: Cable, Kenneth Irons 
Origin of Powers: Superhuman Race, Cybernetic Enhancements
Aliases: ND, The Emperor, The Boss, Big Poppa
Signature Moves: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Physical Power, True Trion
Grid Points
  • Ag: 7+
  • Du: 7++ (8 with his force fields)
  • EP: 0 (8++ with inventions)
  • FS: 9
  • In: 8
  • MS: 8 (9 with his Brain Burrowers)
  • SP: 9
  • St: 7 (9 with his inventions)
  • Sr: 8 (9 at full power)
Mini Bio: Newdeath is a cunning super-genius and ruthless emperor. Armed with a vast array of unique and deadly inventions he is a highly formidable foe. Along with his immense knowledge, intellect and high power he is a force to be reckoned with. His power makes him a galactic threat however it is high super-genius intellect that makes him a universal threat. Quite possibly the most feared villain in existence, The Boss is one of the most dangerous beings one can encounter. 
Bio Link: Newdeath's Bio
Post by segagiess (265 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Name: Segagiess
Age: 17 (Physical Age) 86 billion (Chronological Age)
Faction: hero
Group Affiliation: Kazi
Avatar Appearance: fan art
Origin of Powers: pain(naruto) and one i made up
Aliases: N/A
Signature Moves: Death Haven, Shinra Tensei
Grid Points
  • Ag: unknown
  • Du: unknown
  • EP: unknown
  • FS: unknown
  • In: unknown
  • MS: unknown
  • SP: unknown
  • St: unknown
  • Sr: unknown
 Bio Link:  Segagiess bio (Blog post)  »
Post by mydeathlyways (2,389 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Name: Hades
Age: Unknown
Appearance Age:  Teenage Appearance or Older
Faction: Villain 
Group Affiliation: None
Original Name: None
Known Aliases: The Devil, The Unseen, or The Lord Of Darkness
Avatar Appearance: Saint Seiya Hades, Janemba DBZ Movie 12, or GOW 3 Hades
Origin of Power: Cosmic Powers 
Signature Moves:  
 - Divine Curse   
- Galactic Illusion  
- The Sun Of The Underworld

Grid points:  
  • Ag: 8
  • Du: 6++ (With his Godly Armor it's 9) 
  • EP: 8
  • FS: 6
  • In: 6
  • MS: 8
  • Sp: 9++ (Teleportation)
  • St: 8++
  • Sr: 8++
Mini Bio: Hades is the eldest brother of Zeus and Poseidon and is the Ruler Of The Underworld in which he relocated into another zone in the universe. He has created his own universe and has goals of reclaiming his throne in Olympia. Newdeath along is his associate, having Newdeath's back and cursing him with immortality. 
Bio Link:    Here : ) 

Post by Clara (21 posts) See mini bio Level 10
 Real Name: Clara Tsukasa
 Age: 20 
Faction: Villain      
Group Affiliation:   Abismo    
 Aliases:  The Boss' Daughter,  Miss Menace, Successor     
Origin of Power: Superhuman Hybrid/Mutant      
Signature Moves:   Medo Manipulation, Telepathy, Tsukasa Clones, Kagutsuchi Flames      
 Power Grid Points:      
 Ag (8),   
 Du (7++)  
 EP (8++)  
 FS (6+)     
 In (8) 
 MS (8)     
SP (9)     
St (9)    
Sr (9)        
 Mini Bio:    The daughter of the super-genious villain Newdeath, and the extra-dimensional being Isabella. By having both Tsukasa and Sunrise blood running through her veins, Clara possesses      remarkable power of both superhuman races. Clara's coolheaded and calm personality mirrors her father's; which allows her  to conduct thorough analysis, tactics and strategies during tight     situations.       
   Bio link:  Here    
 (Keep an eye out for updates :P)
Post by Masako_Hihashi (594 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Real Name: Masako Hihashi
Age: 20
Height: 1.81 m
Weight:  110 kg  (seems 80, his tissues are extremely dense) 
Gender: Male
Aliases: The Wolf of Matsumoto
Place of Birth: Matsumoto, Japan
Group Afilation: Abismo 
Faction: Villain  
Origin of Power: Accidental Mutation  
Signatures moves: The Spark, The Overdrive, Cheap tactics, taunting.

Power Grid Points:   
AGI: 7 
DUR: 5 
ENE: 3 
FIG: 5 
INT: 5 
MPW: 7 
SPD: 4 
STA: 7 
STR: 5 
(All of this values can level up in mid fight)

Description: Once a petty delinquent, Masako was the most influential gang leader in all the city, but after the terrible disasters in Japan, caused by the Sunrise. As he rised from the ashes of his town something snapped, and his mind was cutted loose from all of it's limits, as well did his body, thus making Masako an ammoral beast, a predator to men, since his new self was born from a monstruosity, he became a monster. Now his body is in constant evolution, making him stronger, faster and more cunning. His powers are in constant upgrade, so if you fight him once, the next time he will surely be more powerful, that added to his intelligence and his low tactics he can get the upper hand on fights against much more powerful enemies. Now he is getting training from Newdeath, and with each day that passes Masako grows more and more cunning and predatory, slowly increasing his resources and his influence network, gaining power step by step. 
Bio link:  http://www.animevice.com/forums/rpg/34/path-to-power-bio/323008/
Post by Dr_Paradox (382 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Name: Unknown (Is called Paradox)
Age: Eternal (Apparently)
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: The Order
Avatar Appearance: Phantom Stranger
Origin of Powers: Unknown (His natural powers)
Aliases: Mr. Enigma, The Master Of Mysteries, The Wanderer, Doctor Paradox, Walker Of The Cosmos, Guardian Of Realities
Signature Moves: Creativity, Cunningness, Mysterious Power
Grid Points
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 9 (when at full power)
  • EP: 9
  • FS: 9
  • In: 9
  • MS: 9
  • SP: 9
  • St:9
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio: Paradox is a mysterious, wise and highly knowledgeable entity of unknown origins. Not much is known about the enigma except for the fact that he is a Guardian Of Realities, is quite old (not physically) and is a member of the powerful Order. A free-going and shadowy being who's objectives are the pursuit of knowledge, protecting and watching over the Omniverse.  
Bio Link: Paradox's Bio
Post by Sonata (36,389 posts) See mini bio Level 20
 Name:  Yin Sonata
Age: Unknown due to having Razar's body currently
Appearance Age:  Late 20's
Faction:  Chaotic Evil
Group Affiliation: The True Gekido
Original Name: Sonata Hinamura
Known Aliases: The Mother of Darkness, The Destroyer of all Existence,  Hope's Executor
Avatar Appearance: Lady Death (Living), Darkchylde, Selene, Satana, Zera
Origin of Power:  The Power Chaos, The Darkness itself
Signature Moves: Big Bang Diamond Driver, Sub-Atomic Chaos Rush, Trinity Dragon Cannon
Grid points:  
Sonata at only 5% of her power
  • Ag: 9
  • Du: 9
  • EP: 9
  • FS: 9
  • In: 9
  • MS: 9
  • Sp: 9 (Moves Instantaneously)
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 9
Mini Bio:  Sonata has now accepted her purpose, casting away what little love she had for her ex-husband Newdeath and her son Damien. Her quest to eradicate all life and bring existence back to the age of Darkness were The Shadows only reign supreme is close at hand.Sonata currently is at the Massive gates of the Shadow Nexus, at the border of light and Darkness. Her Multiversal army ever growing in number and power. The cycle of life in Sonata's eyes has come to an end.
Bio Link:
Post by Daianosuke_Amoi (68 posts) See mini bio Level 8
 Name:  Daianosuke Amoi
Age: 11
Appearance Age: same as real age
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: Soon to be Kazi
Original Name: Uses real name in public
Known Aliases: None currently
Avatar Appearance: A boy with red hair(Normal Daianosuke), Simon Belmont(Transformed Daianosuke)
Origin of Power: Holy Energies passed down from lineage  
Signature Moves: Amoi Whiplash Barrage, Holy Tsunami, Criss-Cross Edge
Grid points:  
Stats in Parenthesis are Transformed Daianosuke
    * Ag: 1 (4)
    * Du: 1 (5)
    * EP: 2 (6)
    * FS: 1 (6)
    * In: 3 (4)
    * MS: 2 (5)
    * Sp: 1 (2)
    * St: 1 (3)
    * Sr: 1 (2)

Mini Bio: Daianosuke is a typical middle school kid on the outside with shyness, but there is a strong warrior presence within him. A descendant of the famous Amoi Exorcism Guild, a tribe who was known to put their lives on the line against the forces of Darkness. Daianosuke soon accepts his destiny and wields his family whip......after he finishes his homework of course.
Bio Link: Daianosuke's Bio
Post by Lobos_Del_Rayo (2,918 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Name: Crow Cementerio 
Appearance Age:

Faction: Hero 
Group Affiliation:
None yet he is a Vaquero (Bounty Hunter for Hire) so his allegiance vary 
Known Aliases: The Last (of the) Gunslingers, The Smiling Wolf (not used often anymore), The Jack of Spades 
Avatar Appearance: Train Heartnet (Black Cat)  
Origin of Power: Born with them (unknown otherwise)
Signature Moves: Relámpago, B alas de Explosión, Resonance (Lobos Del Rayo)  
Grid Points (Boosts from his Resonance):  
Du: 3 (5) 
Ep: 4 (6) 
Fs: 6  
In: 4 (5)
MS: 4/5 
Sp: 5 (7) 
St: 4 (5) 
Sr: 3 (5)  
Mini Bio: Crow is 23 year old Vaquero who works for the Devil Never Cries Guild and one of the last if not the only person who is classified as a Gunslinger today because he took the Gunslinger test when he was 14. At 17 Crow entire town was destroyed in an incident that he is very secretive about along with his time in the black ops organization known as Shadow Corps. Crow is very careful and cheerful usually seen wearing his trademark smile and laughing he wields dual desert eagles and has the ability to control electrons. He along with his girlfriend Toni and other Vaquero take on a wide variety enemies from bounties to demons all the while hoping the end reigns of some evil masterminds like Sengoku the Enlighten, The mysterious Walkin Dude, and the Red King of Chaos.


Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,291 posts) See mini bio Level 14
@Lobos_Del_Rayo:  Another mercenary? Is this mercenary month?
Post by Raseri (2,534 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Name: Raseri Ruud
Age: 26
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: None
Avatar Appearance: Kenshiro
Origin of Powers:  Demigod
Aliases: Mr. Ruud, Rage, Nordic Tiger, Son of Thunder
Signature Moves: Lightning, Raw Strength, Tilstand av Brann, Kinetiske Stil
Grid Points
  • Ag: 5
  • Du: 7+++
  • EP: 6++++
  • FS: 9
  • In: 2
  • MS: 7
  • SP: 8 (when using Vinger av Lys)
  • St: 9
  • Sr: 8 (9 when enraged)
Mini Bio: The son of the legendary Thunder God Thor and a mortal woman, Raseri is an incredibly powerful being of great physical power and much more. Having spent most of his life training to become the ultimate fighter, the Nordic Tiger has now set his sights on becoming one of the greatest heroes the Earth will ever know. 
Bio Link: Raseri's Bio
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